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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Oct 11, 2003.

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  1. Blue_10

    Blue_10 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 13, 2001
    Near Dantooine

    The Vong are coming! This time in battle strength... We'll see how they fair in a real naval engagement. Thought Ensis then ordered "Form a defensive screen and launch all attack craft. Target the largest of their ships for torpedoe salvoes and bomber attack runs with the scatter weapon fighters covering the bombers."

    Marius sat in his gunship underneath the belly of the Invariable with his TIE/rc fighters and himself protecting the Star Destroyer's sheild generators and other vital components. He watched the Vong throw themselves closer at an almost reckless speed. Bright flashes dotted the area around the Vong ships as the Imperial torpedoes and bombs intercepted the ships. Marius prayed that if they couldn't win, his ship would be able to go into hyperspace at least. Take the mud ball for all I care. he thought. Just as long as we make you pay for it dearly and you don't take me with it.

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  2. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    Sith Lord Jean LeBlanc

    Unknown Regions, onboard the Spider's Web

    [blockquote]"Hold your fire!" roared the Royal Guard from across the hanger bay.

    Jean still did not yield his lightsaber, but his stance relaxed slightly. He was aware that this Royal Guard was up to something, and was not going to give up his prize so easily. As to what the man was going to say to him, Jean did not care. The conversation alone would at least allow Maximillian to go unnoticed long enough to sneak his way onboard his ship. Staring directly at the Royal Guard, Jean spoke. "What is it that you want?"[/blockquote]

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    Grand Admiral Randal Duflin


    [blockquote]On the inside, Randal would have normally chuckled at Iaius' presentation over the view screen, but this was not a normal situation. There was far too much importance and sorrow to be told today to have this normally amusing sight cheer him as it does. With a very serious and sad tone, Randal greeted Iaius.

    "Greetings my Emperor, I bring you dire news from else where in the core. The alien occupation of Abregeado-Rae has resulted in an almost entire extermination of the planet's population. While in the process of negotiating with the Yevethians, their leader ordered a Base Delta-Zero of all the planets population that had been rounded up into multiple containment camps. Admiral LeMond was however able to destroy a portion of the enemy fleet before the every containment campt was able to be targeted. The Yevethians fled back on a previously unknown hyperspace route towards what we believe to be N'Zoth, their homeworld." Giving time for the Emperor to give his feelings, Randal breathed heavily knowing that this conversation had far more to be said.[/blockquote]

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  3. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Maximilian Veers

    [blockquote]You know where...

    "Hold your fire!" shouted the Royal Guardsman. It startled the Field Marshal as much as it startled the six stormtroopers and officers that had been attack him and Jean. But unlike the armored soldiers, he recovered quickly to notice that the fire fight had stopped. The beaten prisoner raised his blaster to take an oppurtunity shot at the two stormtroopers that had been after him, but he hesistated.

    Should he fire the blaster again, the firefight would resume and he would continue to be pinned behind the labor droid. Veers glanced over to the starfighter to see how far he was from it. He estimated he could make it if the stormtroopers held their fire long enough for him to reach it. Slowly he crept out from behind the labor droid, his blaster and attention on the immediate threat near him while he made his way toward the Reaper.

    The Field Marshal kept his aim on the nearest of the two stormtroopers, his trigger finger ready to open fire on them should the fight resume again. He was certain his own marksmanship skills could take them both out before the second shot was fired by them. However, he wasn't going to take any chances in case these stormtroopers were actually better than average. Veers made sure his path would take him to the starfighter but with cover along the way in case he had to dive for it.[/blockquote]

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  4. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarrior Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 8, 2001
    IC: Draug Layor

    Unknown Regions
    He did not appreciate Jean's tone. Since initiating his plan, Layor encountered nothing but trouble. The increasing show of resistance from the Field Marshal was becoming both a bother and an annoyance, despite the Guardsman's training and supressed emotion.

    "I want the same thing you do: Veers' freedom, restoration of the Galactic Empire and Intelligence," Layor said, as he responded to Jean, his tone calm.

    "Take him with you, he does not trust me despite my effort to prove myself worthy of that trust. Go to Bastion, leave this place." His tone grew dark and Layor repressed his next thought. See that Veers learns to cooperate before he is killed by those trying to serve his best interests. "I tire of service to ignorant and hasty beings," Layor growled, gesturing sharply with his free hand. "Do whatever you please."

    He gestured to the stormtroopers ordering them to stand at ease, as he turned and stalked back into the vessel, brooding. Layor had done his duty. It was the last favour he would fulfill.[/blockquote]

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  5. GrandAdmiralJello

    GrandAdmiralJello Comms Admin ❉ Moderator Communitatis Litterarumque star 10 Staff Member Administrator

    Nov 28, 2000
    Imperial Center[blockquote]
    Galactic Emperor Iaius I

    He had been deeply concerned about this invasion so close to the heart of the Empire. He had wanted to personally intervene, but the Deep Core was nightmarish and pressing concerns kept him from investigating more thoroughly. It was that which caused him to ask Grand Admiral Duflin to send his forces to engage the enemy. He knew now that they were unable to mount an efficient enough response, and that lack had resulted in millions of slain civilians. Their deaths weighed heavily on their Emperor.

    He closed a fist and squeezed it so tightly that sparks flew. The purpose of sending such a highly decorated armada was to save everyone, not simply to force the enemy to simply kill a few million less. The expedition was a failure. Something would have to be done to bring those monsters to justice.

    "N'zoth, you say? That's deep in the Koornacht cluster: my predecessors maintained some forward bases there. It's possible that they may have been overrun. We cannot see into that cluster, and it's something that we should rectify. Deploy sentries and scouts, it'll give us time to learn if they have any more deployments: and if we find a suitable route in, we should destroy them. Is there anything further to report?"[/blockquote]

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  6. LightSide_Apprentice

    LightSide_Apprentice Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 22, 2001
    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo, AdmiralNick22

    Near Myrkr

    Commodore Martz's entire strike force jumped into the system, entering the unknown. The group of vessels had only been in system for a few minutes, if not less, when they fell prey to attack from a number of sources.

    Hundreds of seemingly random bolts of laser fire rained down upon the task force, targeting no single vessel but rather any given opportunity.

    The lasers were not powerful enough to destroy a capital ship, but given the great number of them and their relentless assault, they served well in weakening the shields of many of the vessels that fell under attack.

    "Sensors," barked Martz, "find out where the hell these blasts are coming from!"

    Turning towards his tactical officer, Martz said, "Fire three volleys from every trubolaser and ion cannon in the fleet. Each is to be programmed to fire at a random spot. You will coordinate all fire from the fleet. If there is something out there that is cloaked and firing, I want to hit it."

    The Corusca's captain approached Martz from the side. "Sir, I have diverted power from all non-essential systems to the shields. That should begin to reduce the affect of this low powered laser storm."

    Martz nodded. "Good. Send a priority message to the entire fleet. Have them cut power to non-essential systems and reroute it to their shields. We need a bit of time to examine what the hell is going on before we just pack up and run back to Coruscant with our tails between our legs."

    Minutes passed, the Empire's forces returned fire in a random counter attack intended to ward off its unseen attackers. A few bolts struck the unseen targets, initiating something totally unexpected.

    While laser fire continued to strike at the vessels from seemingly scattered positions, that splintered assault now included concussion missiles, which caused considerably greater damage to the ships' shields, though only enough to weaken them. The shields would hold strong for a quite some time.

    Sensors reported a decrease in the number of lasers hitting the Empire's forces, with confirmation of what it was that had them under attack. Martz had fallen into a web filled with Imperial Type 5 Mines. It had been the first line of defence around Myrkr.

    New_York_Jedi, Blue_10

    Near Dantooine, Outer Rim Territories

    Captain Ensis Ecthelion and Lt. Commander Marius Ardan arrived at Dantooine without incident. Among the first things they noticed upon arrival was that scores of transports were heading to and from the planet, freighters and larger cruisers among them. It seemed as though an evacuation had been underway even before the world was reinforced with capital ships. In any case, it was a very large operation for a planet that was not known to be heavily populated.

    They spent three full days at Dantooine with no sign of combat. Scouts had been sent out to evaluate the nearby regions, many of which returned with news of an increased Yuuzhan Vong presence further out along the Rim, particularly near Dubrillion. The enemy seemed to be massing for an attack, and, before long, the attack came to Dantooine.

    Several large asteroid-like warships were detected coming in from the system's edges, with many more arriving with each moment that passed. All such craft seemed to be heading rapidly toward Dantooine and were obviously keen on battle.

    Ensis ordered, "Form a defensive screen and launch all attack craft. Target the largest of their ships for torpedo salvos and bomber attack runs with the scatter weapon fighters covering the bombers."

    Marius sat in his gunship underneath the belly of the, Invariable with his TIE/rc fighters and himself protecting the Star Destroyer's sheild generators and other vital components. He watched the Yuuzhan Vong throw themselves closer at an almost reckless speed. Bright flashes dotted the area around the Yuuzhan Vong ships as the Imperial t
  7. slumvillage

    slumvillage Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 16, 2005
    Character Name - Neran Jollua
    Gender - Male
    Age - 19
    Species - Zabrak
    Division - Imperial Army
    Force sensitive - No
  8. AdmiralNick22

    AdmiralNick22 Fleet Admiral of Literature star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 28, 2003
    IC: Commodore Lysander Martz

    Near Myrkr

    "All ships, this is Commodore Martz. Initiate fire from point defense weapons systems. Deploy countermeasures to ward off the missile attack. Stay in formation until we clear the mine field."

    Flanking the massive Super Star Destroyer Corusca, the warships of the Imperial strike force continued to push through the mine field, using turbolasers and ion cannons to disable mines while point defense guns targeted incoming missiles. The force surged forward, intent on breaching the field.

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  9. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Maximilian Veers

    [blockquote]Almost there...

    He had reached the ship. He had finally reached a ship. Finally. Field Marshal Maximilian Veers was almost ready to celebrate his triumph over his captors, but he held back from shouting in glee at having his hand grasp the support handle and hulling himself inside. Quickly he ducked inside and turned around to peek back out with his blaster. Although he had made it into the ship, he still was not free until Jean came aboard and piloted the vessel out of the hanger and into hyperspace. In the meantime, Isard's men could choose to resume the attack despite the Royal Guardsman's orders. Though he did not doubt they would disobey the crimson soldier, it never hurt to be paranoid.

    And right now he was paranoid of anybody and everything on board the cruiser. No one could blame him. After spending nearly three months in captivity; beaten, starved, taunted, humiliated, threatened and witness to his son's murder, it would be a surprise if he had come out of the ordeal mentally unscathed. He would admit, though not in front of others, that he had become fearful of his captors and afraid of dying despite his display of bravado earlier and telling himself he was willing to die fighting for his freedom. This last month certainly was not his shining moment in the courage department.

    He closed his eyes, knowing that he had been a coward. He had surrendered to the other Royal Guardsmen when the stormtroopers had ceased firing stun blasts at him. That moment he certainly had proven he was a coward. He had a damn blaster in his hands and he surrendered the moment they set their weapons to kill. He did not want to die then as he does not wish to die now. Some Krieger I turned out to be, he thought bitterly and slumped back against the wall.

    All this reminiscing the past and his cowardice was making his head hurt. Veers raised a hand to his temple and tried to massage the stinging pain away. He pulled his fingers away to glance at the sticky, opaque fluid that stuck to them. The infection had grown worse in the last few days, he knew he was ill from it. He could feel his own body temperature rise as his weakened immune system tried to fight the bacteria in his temple. The only symptoms he noticed besides the rise in temperature were his frequent naps, the headaches and continued exhaustion.

    Veers knew that if he did not get medical help soon, he was going to die from the infection. He closed his eyes to try and shut out the latest stab of pain when he heard someone enter the ship. Immediately he opened them again and raised the blaster pistol only too relax again when he recognized the Grand Inquisitor. "I am not going to Bastion," he told the Sith, his voice was hoarse. "I am not going to walk right into her trap. I am tired and dying, I need medical aid and soon and I will not find it on that world."

    He paused to consider something else. Where would he get medical aid from? He had been forced to make a message denouncing the Empire and his loyalty to the Emperor. There was a good chance that message had been broadcasted throughout the galaxy and that meant he could not seek help or sanctuary on any Imperial world. It meant he could not go to any one of his numerous garrisons because he would not know to whom the commander was loyal to. It also gave his captors a chance to recapture him and give reason for his other enemies to kill him.

    "I... cannot go to any Imperial world either," he said regretfully and as a man who lost all hope.[/blockquote]

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  10. Blue_10

    Blue_10 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 13, 2001
    Near Dantooine, Outer Rim Territories

    So far, the momentum of the Vong attack had not been slowed at all. This was not good at all. The Vong didn't seem to even take notice of the fire they were taking as it seemed to be almost magically absorbed. Ensis began to feel a slight dampness on the back of his neck as he ordered "Do not break formation! Continue attack!"

    Marius watched the monitor to his gunship's sensor array as it recorded the energy dispersion of the shots being fired at the Vong ships. "Most interesting, wouldn't you agree, ensign?"

    "Sir?" the pilot asked puzzled.

    "Watch how certain parts of the Xenos craft grow brighter on the energy meter as our shots hit like our own shield generators." observed Marius. "Call it a hunch but let's see what happens when we directly target those spots. Streaker Squad, target the following coordinates on the closest big one. Follow my lead then let loose everything you have on them!"

    The gunship and Tie/rc fighters zipped away from the Invariable and to the closest Vong capital ship. "Lt. Commander Ardan, are you trying to committ suicide?" voxed Ensis "You're leaving my ship vulnerable to enemy fighters, return at once or face a court martial!"

    "First, allow me to test a theory, sir." replied Marius "I'll be back in a moment."

    Fire from the capital ship was being drawn by other craft but there still seemed to be enough to be a serious threat to Marius's group as they desperately tried to evade and come into range of the Dovin Basals. "Release ordnance and pull up!" ordered Marius.

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  11. nsper7

    nsper7 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 24, 2004

    Name: Paul Grant
    Age: 25
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Homeplanet: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Galactic Empire
    --Division: Navy/ Military Intelligence
    ----Rank: Lieutenant

    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark blue


    Personal History: Born on the planet of Coruscant to family with very strong Imperial ties. Paul's father, Victor, is a Captain in the Coruscant Planetary Force and his mother is the personal secretary of an mid-level Imperial bureaucrat.

    Paul grew up with little parental intervention and, when he wasn't in school, he was watching holovids about the glories of the Imperial military (about the only legal action flicks you could find on Coruscant).

    It was from the watching of these holos, his parents love and dedication to the Empire, and the constant propaganda taught in the Imperial public school system that made young Paul Grant want to join the Imperial Navy.

    -BS in Spaceship Engineering from the Imperial Engineering Academy
    -BA in Naval History from the Imperial Naval College
  12. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    Sith Lord Jean LeBlanc

    Unknown Regions, docking bay of the Spider?s Web

    [blockquote]The Sith Lord knew when it was the correct time to leave and proceeded quickly to his ship?s loading ramp. As he approached the top of the ramp, he felt the anxiety rise in his companion. Soon he found himself with a blaster pointed directly at him. Jean did not halt his advance, knowing the Field Marshal would soon realize who was approaching him. Quickly, he closed the door behind him, sealing it shut from any outsiders that would attempt to gain access. "I am not going to walk right into her trap. I am tired and dying, I need medical aid and soon and I will not find it on that world." spoke Maxel.

    ?I will not bring you there now, you have elsewhere to be at first. I know of plenty of people out there that are questioning to your whereabouts as of recently that would like this situation cleared up,? responded the Inquisitor. He quickly looked over his guests wounds, seeing if there was anything he could do to help with.

    ?"I... cannot go to any Imperial world either," Maxel responded regretfully and as a man who lost all hope.

    The Grand Inquisitor halted with his pre launch preparation as the Field Marshal spoke to him. An illogical response. he thought to himself. What reasons would the Field Marshal have against going back to an Imperial World? He felt a sense of uneasiness about Maxel, so the answer was bound to be something very important. He would have to know before taxing the Field Marshal across the galaxy. ?Why can you not return to an Imperial world Maximillian?? asked Jean.

    With a sigh, the Field Marshal relayed the actions that had taken place since he was held captured here, including that he was forced to make a message denouncing the Empire and Emperor and moving for new leadership in the form of himself and that he doesn?t know whether that message has been broadcasted or not, but suspects it most likely was.

    The Khass-Starfigher quickly left the hanger bay of the Spider?s Web, and moved away at top speed, putting plenty of distance between the prison ship and their own. Turning back to the field marshal, Jean gave him a nod as he began to plot new coordinates into his navicomputer. ?Very Well Maximillian, I shall bring you to somewhere else to tend to your wounds. But whether or not the message was received, you owe it to many people to go back to Coruscant, and at least justify what has happened. Whether or not they believe it, you are still bound to answer to what has happened.? The Sith remained quiet for a moment, allowing the Field Marshal to think about what he had said. ?The least I can do for you now is to make sure you are in top health. That infection on your temple is something that needs to be looked at soon.?[/blockquote]

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  13. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Maximilian Veers

    [blockquote]Khass-starfighter, Unknown Regions

    The Sith remained quiet for a moment, allowing the Field Marshal to think about what he had said. ?The least I can do for you now is to make sure you are in top health. That infection on your temple is something that needs to be looked at soon.?

    The Field Marshal raised a hand to his temple subconsciously after being reminded again that it was there. "I do not know where to go to find sanctuary. I have a few loyal colleagues who might be able to help me out, however... Once she learns I am gone, she'll try and recapture me again and that means she may be watching my friends."

    He sighed heavily and slumped into the copilots seat to relax. As he continued to speak, he placed his hand tenderly over the infected area; "Before... before I can do anything to correct what she has wronged, I need to... to learn what has recently transpired since my abduction." Veers glanced over at the Sith Lord as he paused. Even if he did learn what has happened and returned to Coruscant to correct it, there had been enough time since he made that message to destroy any influence he may have had left. "I cannot guarantee that anything I say will stop whatever rift she tore into the Empire. It may come down to where I have to fight the Empire to save it. Though I hope not."

    The Field Marshal paused again and massaged his fingers into his temple. The pain was getting worse with each passing minute and was starting to become unbareable. He winced when he pressed too hard and then lowered his hand to the armrest again. "For now... just take me somewhere where I won't be discovered and arrested easily."[/blockquote]

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  14. LightSide_Apprentice

    LightSide_Apprentice Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 22, 2001
    slumvillage, CmdrMitthrawnuruodo, AdmiralJello

    Imperial Barracks, Planetary Surface, Agamar

    He woke to the sound of blaring alarms, shouts filling the corridor and orders yelled above the sound of the sirens. Neran Jollua had not even completed his basic training as a stormtrooper. At the age of nineteen, the Zabrak male, looked down upon as an inferior by many of his human 'comrades', had only just entered into the Imperial Army as a trainee. Initial training set him along the path to become a stormtrooper, serving the Empire's front line. Now, he was in a battle he was not prepared for.

    An explosion tore through the barracks, its sound as loud as thunder. Screams of terror shot through the hall as loyal men and sons of the Empire ran about in confusion. Some were aflame, others a smouldering corpse.

    Neran entered the corridor and stood face-to-face with one of his superiors. "Move out soldier!" the officer ordered, without explanation. Several other rookies were running down the corridor already, headed toward the tunnel exits.

    Training snapped him to attention as Neran Jollua realised the barracks was under evacuation. The enemy had struck, and the main exit was blocked. Any hope for survival came from the tunnels that had been constructed as a secret escape from the complex. The only question was: Which enemy were they up against now?

    AdmiralNick22, CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    Near Myrkr

    Commodore Lysander Martz was a soldier's soldier, quick with his orders and decisive in his actions. Point defense weapons systems were utilised to maximum effect and all available countermeasures were deployed in an effort to ward off the concussion missiles striking at the Imperial task force.

    They had entered a minefield just outside of Myrkr. Remaining within formation and knowing that this was only the first line of defence around the mystery world, the taskforce pushed onward.

    Flanking the massive Super Star Destroyer, Corusca, the warships of the Imperial strike force continued to push through the mine field, using turbolasers and ion cannons to disable mines while point defense guns targeted incoming missiles. The force surged forward, intent on breaching the field.

    It was a net of traps and triggers. An assortmnt of remote weapons and defences, from homing mines and gun emplacements to asteroid laser batteries, warhead launchers and derillium mines, brought no small amount of trouble and annoyance to the strike force and its attempt to reach Myrkr.

    Before too long, however, the group managed to pass through the bulk of the minefield, with Myrkr within sight. There were several Imperial vessels surrounding the world, but none had moved out to engage the newcomers thus far.

    New_York_Jedi, Blue_10

    Near Dantooine, Outer Rim Territories

    Ensis' strength and solid command kept his forces within battle formation, meeting the enemy in a battle there was no hope of winning. There were far too many Yuuzhan Vong for his meager force to overcome and yet he held strong, providing resistance against the would-be conquerers.

    From aboard his gunship, Marius wondered what would happen if the enemy dovin basals were targeted directly. He ordered for all available weapons systems to fire on the one specific point of the enemy craft.

    Several missiles were sucked inside the gravitic singularities created by the dovin basals, but certainly not all. There were far too many warheads and laser blasts concentrated in a single position for the dovin basals to absorb them all. The alien creature was overwhelmed and several missiles impacted against the vessel's shell with brilliant flame.

    Yorick coral broke apart and sprayed in several directions as the enemy vessel suffered hull damage. While it was not yet destroyed, it had certainly taken a beating.

    Before a follow up strike could be organised, a message came through to the Imperial commanders, ordering
  15. Blue_10

    Blue_10 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 13, 2001
    Near Dantooine, Outer Rim Territories


    The mere mention of the word saw several ships fly into hyperspace in an instant as if they were waiting for the order before the battle could even begin. His fleet quickly disapearing, Ensis ordered for Generis and the Invariable was gone. Marius blinked in disbelief but the Star Destroyer failed to reappear. So this is the thanks I get? he thought, looking at all of the Vong craft closing in Sure there are only a few TIE/RCs left but...

    Marius let it go. There was no sense in him staying when his gunship had hyperdrive. "Are you a Nerf-brain, pilot? Let's get out of here!" he said, slamming the hyperdrive controls himself.

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  16. AdmiralNick22

    AdmiralNick22 Fleet Admiral of Literature star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 28, 2003
    IC: Commodore Lysander Martz

    Near Myrkr

    Clearing the mine field intact, the Imperial strike force plotted adirect course for Myrkr. Several Imperial warships were spotted in orbit above the world, though their types and allegiance had yet to be determined.

    Lysander Martz turned to his first officer. "Order all ships to concentrate of bringing their shield back up to full strength. Odds are that we may face a few more suprises yet. Also, get sensor readings of those Imperial warships. I want to know what types and classes they are. Run their transponder codes through the Fleet database to see who their commanders are and if they are loyal to the Emperor or not."

    Returning to his command chair, Martz tried to relax away some of the stress that had been forming in his shoulders since he arrived at Myrkr. With the way things had gone thus far, things were likely to get worse before they got better.

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  17. nsper7

    nsper7 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 24, 2004
    IC: Lieutenant Paul Grant

    Naval Intelligence Outpost, Planetary Surface, Obroa-Skai

    When Lieutenant Paul Grant received the information, he almost fell backwards out of his chair. He was fairly new to Military Intelligence and he had never seen this happen before. It appeared the Vong were approaching Obroa-skai, then onto the Coruscant. For some reason, his superiors had never received this crucial piece of information; some fool in processing must have pidgeonholed this.

    Without thinking about it, he activated his commlink, knowing he had very little time. The enemy could be en route right now, or they might have already begun infiltration. He shuddered at that thought.

    He spoke into the commlink, knowing if he was wrong about all this, it could mean his job, "Sound an orange alert, there is evidence that the Yuuzhan Vong are preparing to hit Obroa-skai. Amount of time until enemy arrival is unknown."

    An orange alert was one step below red, but one couldn't call a red alert unless enemy forces were spotted or they were of high enough rank.

    Paul activated his datacomm and began typing a letter that would be forwarded to Imperial High Command:




    As he sent the priority message, he sighed to himself, hoping he hadn't overstepped his authority in moving the base to orange alert and personally notifiying High Command. Part of him sincerely hoped he was off-target. However, if he was right (which he was sure he was), a bad mark on his record would be the absolute least of his concerns.

    Already, alarms were sounding and a broadcast regarding the orange alerts was being made over the PA system. Grant stood up, sliding his chair backwards, and pulled open a drawer in his desk, pulling out his standard-issue BlasTech DL-56 and hip-holster and strapped it across his waist. He prayed he wouldn't need it.

    TAG: LS_A, any member of Imperial High Command, anyone else involved/interested...
  18. NaboosPrincess

    NaboosPrincess Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 14, 2001
    OOC: Another combine, brought to you by the brilliant minds of GrandAdmiralJello and NaboosPrincess!
    Crown Prince Tybalt Napoleon Jello, Princess Arya Padme Jello
    Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    Tybalt Napoleon Jello, Crown Prince and future ruler of the Galactic Empire, stared at the family holos in consternation. It seemed like Mother and Father were always discovering new relatives. He did not even know who they all were anymore. He poked a small finger into the middle of one, obscuring a pretty lady's face. He remembered his parents going to something called a wedding where the pretty lady joined their family. He had been sad that he was not allowed to attend. But it might've been for the best, because he could not even remember her name. But his sister was smart. His sister would know!

    "ARYA!" the little boy called. "I have question!"

    Princess Arya Padmé Jello was unable to hear because she was wearing earphones. Her eyes were closed as she silently listened to the stimulating music from the galaxy's best composers. She always listened to music while enjoying her new hobby, reading the HoloNet. Father had told her that she was still much too young for it, but he had been amazed at her precociety or however it was spelled. She sometimes couldn't read all the words, but Father had been impressed with her ability to read so much of them so easily. Reading about her parents and their exploits was always so exciting, and it made her shiver with excitement to realize SHE was their daughter!

    Ty became frustrated when his sister did not immediately respond. She was usually such a nice big sister. He turned and looked around for her. He finally located her across the room, doing something she probably wasn't supposed to be doing. But their parents would never yell at least not Father. He did not yell at Arya, not ever. Ty picked his way through the toys to his sister and poked her several times in the back, all the while crying her name.

    Arya jumped in surprise. She turned around, with a look of childish outrage on her face, but her expression softened when she saw her little brother. She took off the 'phones, and put them down on the console. Somewhat embarassed, she managed a "Hello Ty."

    "Arya!" Ty squealed and hugged her happily. "Tell me who lady is, I don't know name." As an afterthought, he added, "PLEASE!"

    Arya good naturedly accepted the hug from her little brother. He was a little weird sometimes but she assumed he would grow out of it.

    "What lady?" she asked, puzzled. She didn't recall anyone visiting recently.

    "Come with," the boy said, taking her hand and pulling her back across the room to the holos. He pointed proudly at the pretty lady. "Tell me her. Tell me all, please." He hoped that maybe Mother would come in and see him being "polite." She always got excited about stuff like politeness.

    She reluctantly let herself be dragged away from the engrossing console. Father would be home soon, and then she wouldn't get a chance to use the HoloNet anymore. As her brother pointed at the picture, Arya covered her mouth with her two hands and giggled softly. "That? Ty, that's Aunt Lucrecia! Don't you remember? She used to visit when you were a baby."

    "How could I remember? I was SMALL!" he explained to his sister, putting his hands on his tiny hips. "I am big now. I know some." He pointed out Mother and Father in the holo, to demonstrate his knowledge. "But I want to learn more."

    "Well..." she wondered how best to explain this to someone so young. She felt that Mother sometimes spoiled him, because he never had the tough tutor or etiquette ladies that Arya had to deal with. "You remember Uncle Randal, right?"

    "I love Uncle Randal!" Ty said happily, trying to grasp the tiny holo Randal between his fingers.

    She laughed. "Careful, you might break him." Giggling some more, she tried to find the right words. "Well, Uncle Randal and Aunt Lucrecia are, um, married. Do you know what that is?"

    "It means we have more family?" Ty guessed.

    "Well, i
  19. Protege-of-Thrawn

    Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 14, 2001
    Intelligence Directorate, Imperial Palace

    Hargroves stared back defiantly at the grizzly piece of work from Army Intel that had the audacity to come into his office to "interview" him on what he knew of his being assaulted in this very space over a month ago. He'd only just walked out of hospital this morning, and had a decimated department to put back together.

    "You'll understand, Director, of the concern Military Intelligence has that your department is now far too leaky to be trusted with the efficent safeguarding of the Empire. Not only do we have the problem of these rogue agents popping up everywhere, but you've consistently failed to pursue the rumours abounding about the Madame Director still being out there - apparently exercising more power than you are - and your failure to help track down Veers."

    The contempt the fellow - Hargroves only knew his surname; Benaud - was throwing at him would just not do. Hargroves was a different man to what he had been upon assuming the Directorate. Everyone had assumed they could trample over him. But his having been a target proved that he had gotten ever so close to a truth powerful people didn't want exposed.
    He had become as powerful in a sense as they. Now if only he could bloody remember what had happened better, he would have them.

    "Listen here, Colonel, and listen well and good, before I authorise your assignment to some rim territory in the Yuuzhan Vong invasion corridor."
    He overrode the fire of protest in the mans eye by pushing on. "You and your department has been meddling in the affairs of Intelligence for too long. You sequested Agent Vogel before he was properly debriefed, and if our investigators are correct it was the double agents rife in YOUR agency who failed to properly protect Veers. The concern of the Lucifer network is something the WHOLE Empire must shoulder lest we are consumed by the fires of his infernal works."

    Benaud stood up, attempting to tower over Hargroves. "There is no evidence to suggest this Lucifer character even exists let alone is responsible for the death of your General Lavos, so to go as far as painting this mythic figure as to blame for the terrorist uprisings only goes to show how far gone your department is, and how incompetant you as Director have become, or perhaps always been!"

    Hargroves leapt up with a look of pure disgust on his face, connecting with the surprised colonel with as solid a right hook as he had ever thrown. The military man rebounded back into the wall, bouncing back to hit the deck; hard. He didn't look like getting up.

    The frustrations in his gut seemed to ebb away as he considered the prone morass of limbs that had once been the vexxing colonel. He looked out his door into the antechamber and called for Peiters, one of the new analysts Miss Naydinka Semenova had assigned to his office, during her current project to reassemble the events of a month ago and ascertain what had happened.

    "Peiters my boy, have two guards carry the Colonel out and to a waiting intelligence ferret. His punishment for sleeping on the job will be to fly - bound if neccessary - in the drone ferret into the Yuuzhan Vong invasion corridor. Assemble a route for him to take that will give us maximum data on disposition of forces and their rate of advance into the New Republic. Then contact military intelligence and inform them that the Colonel has been attached to an Intelligence mission of my authorisation. If they ask anything else they can come to me."

    The sharply attired agent nodded with no trace of humour in his counternance, despite the fact he enjoyed his work immensely. No one raised an eyebrow at the expressively un-Hargroves like order. He'd been doing so all day, and those who had watched him at work saw not the Hargroves who first assumed command of Intelligence, nor the Hargroves who'd determinedly locked out all others during his hermitically investigation of the black project financing of an enemy network within Intelligence. This was some new beast, born of the assassina
  20. Thok

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    May 24, 2002
    Grand Inquisitor Jean LeBlanc

    Pesktda, Garqi

    blockquote]Though Jean was very opposed to the idea of coming to an imperial held world such as this, Maximillian was very insistant that he was better off here than going to Korriban or hiding on Coruscant. Knowing that he did not have the final say, Jean reluctantly landed his ship on the surface of Garqi, trusting the Field Marshal's wishes. Knowing that protecting him on a planet such as this would not be too difficult, Jean still did not wish to have more chances for anything to go wrong.

    Landing far outside of the city under the darkness of night, the Khass - Starfighter landed undetected by anyone of consiquence. On the off chance, a nerf herder was convinced that one of his animals was flattened by the foot of the gods, but could find no trace of what the cause was. Jean admitted to his error of a landing site to the field marshal before moving onward to somewhere else. Quickly, the Sith touched down the ship within close distance of the city, awaiting further word from the field marshal.

    "You are my responsibility at this time, therefore i do suggest you allow me to stay near you incase of anything that may happen. If you insist, i will remain out of sight from everyone."[/blockquote]

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  21. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Maximilian Veers

    [blockquote]Martz Farm - Pesktda, Garqi

    The Field Marshal made no real response to Jean landing ontop of a nerf, by the time they had reached Garqi he was half aware of his surroundings. He gave the Sith Lord instructions on where to go on the planet. He made sure Jean did not land on the farm itself, but just outside of it and away from the main roadway. Veers borrowed one of the Sith Lord's spare travelling cloaks and disembarked with the man. "I doubt you'll leave if I tell you to," he told the Sith Lord. "Just make sure no one gets too curious about the guest staying here. But do nothing drastic that will attract authority."

    They walked along a path he and Orisino Martz had walked along the last time he had visited this place. It would take them through the choholl vineyards and to the back of the farm house. Which was perfect in keeping his presence unknown to others. Veers wished his second visit to this place was under better circumstances and he was not exactly sure that the Martz will take him in. Olivia Martz was more and likely to take in a sickly man while her husband may be a little more reserved in letting future trouble into household. Especially after his scuffle with Governor Tadrin the previous spring.

    That man, Veers knew, would be the greatest threat to him while on Garqi. If he ever learned that he was here, there was no doubt that Tadrin would either personally come to arrest him or send a squad of stormtroopers. To capture a traitor would certainly help the womprat gain a great deal of favor among the Imperial Court and from the Emperor. At least that is how Tadrin would see it.

    Once or twice, the Field Marshal required the help of the Sith Lord as a wave of pain nearly overtook him on the pathway. His whole body was hurting and he could feel some of the wounds he received splitting open from the exertion of walking far too much than he normally had done in the last three months. But at least he could now take a break on the back steps of the house.

    Veers sat down and leaned against the railing while he had Jean go to the door and knock. He caught his breath and forced himself back to his feet before the occupants inside answered. Neither Martz would recognize Jean or himself beneath the hooded cloak. So he stepped forward and pulled it back slightly to reassure them that the strangers calling in the middle of the night at the back door were not a threat.[/blockquote]

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  22. AdmiralNick22

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    May 28, 2003
    IC: Orsino and Olivia Martz

    Martz family farm, outskirts of Pesktda, Garqi

    ?Did you here something Orsino??

    Orsino Martz, father of Captain Lysander Martz, stirred in his armchair by the fireplace. He had dozed off watching a late night holonews program.

    ?What was that Olivia?? asked Orsino somewhat wearily.

    ?I said did you hear something? I swore that I just heard a knock at the door.?

    In the distance, another polite tapping was heard at the door. Orsino suddenly perked up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Glancing at the chrono, he noticed that it was nearly 2400 hours.

    ?Stay here Olivia, I will see who it is.?

    Olivia shook her head. ?Out of the question. No one decent would call this time of night. I am coming with you.?

    The couple made their way towards the front door of their comfortable farmhouse. Flicking the front porch light on, Orsino opened the door. As the wooden door slowly opened, it revealed the cloaked forms of two men.

    Olivia grasped her husbands arm, but suddenly relaxed as she recognized the face of one of the two men.

    ?Field Marshal Veers??

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  23. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Maximilian Veers

    [blockquote]Martz family farm, outskirts of Pesktda, Garqi

    "I'm sorry for calling at an odd hour of the night," he apologized, his voice hoarse and filled with pain. "But I am in need of both medical aid and a safe sanctuary. There are people who will want me dead or recaptured. I have no where else to turn to and no one else to trust. I need your help..." He gasped softly and closed his eyes for a second before continuing. "I cannot go to a hospital and my presence here must not be known to..."

    The orange glow of the porch light suddenly began to fade and blacken as a stab of pain shot through his skull. He reached out with one hand to lean against the doorframe while the other clamped flat over his infected eyesocket and temple. The pain was overwhelming and he was doing all he could from crying out in response. The darkness was closing in and he thought that he was too late in escaping after all. His thoughts wandered back to his experience and to his son. If he was going to perish, at least he had the satisfaction of knowing that he'll be rejoining his son soon.

    "Zevulon," he gasped between breaths before dropping to his knees as the pain became too much to bare.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Nick, Thok
  24. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001

    Near Generis, Outer Rim Territories

    Since the retreat from Dantooine, in the days after the engagement with the fierce and relentless wave of aliens, Lt. Commander Marius Ardan developed a new and profound distaste for report writing and repair work. He was involved in overseeing repair work not only for the vessel under his direct command, but assisting Captain Ensis Ecthelion, too. Needless to say, the pair had not been in the highest of spirits after the defeat at Dantooine; having to watch crippled vessels undergo repair only served to further sour their moods.

    Word came to them from the grand admiral concerning their efforts. The two were to be reassigned once more. Marius knew not what became of his friend and comrade, Ensis after their parting at Generis. Granted the title of Commodore himself, Marius Ardan was provided with a new taskforce from the shipyards at Bilbringi, Corellia and Yaga Minor consisting of an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, two Victory II-class Star Destroyers, a Nebulon-B Frigate, a Strike Cruiser, a Dreadnaught and two Corellian Gunships.

    Along with his new commission and command, Marius was charged with the defense of Garqi, which had already experienced probes from the alien invaders. His orders required that he hold off the enemy for as long as possible, but the grand admiral specifically noted that needless sacrifice would only be detrimental to the long-term war effort. He was expected at Garqi before the day was out, replacing the present force assigned to the world's defence, which was to be recalled to Yaga Minor.


    Myrkr, Inner Rim

    He was not pleased to see the visitors clear the minefield. Given their size and composition, however, such was to be expected. Fortunately, Captain Jeekair Nud had been prepared for such an eventuality. Word had been sent of the incursion and orders returned as to how the captain should proceed. Nothing further remained other than action. And so it was that the captain took what actions were necessary to protect Myrkr from the enemy.

    His present force, a Victory II-class Star Destroyer, two Strike Cruisers and two Nebulon-B Frigates moved at full speed to engage the recently arrived warhips under the leadership of Commodore Lysander Martz. For all Jeekair knew, this unwelcome force had been sent by Gregory Thane, or worse, his father, Field Marshal Veers, in an effort to reclaim and restore their ghastly legacy. The captain would die before surrendering the world to them.


    Naval Intelligence Outpost, Planetary Surface, Obroa-skai

    Orders from the offices of High Command came that same day, along with several warships that were reassigned from nearby systems to aid in the defence of Obroa-skai in anticipation of an assault upon the world. The young Lieutenant was instructed to hold strong, cautioned to monitor any further intelligence reports, no matter how trivial, with a very keen eye.

    Six days passed without incident and Lieutenant Paul Grant, confident that he had made the right decision, knew only too well that certain others within his sphere doubted him. He kept his blaster with him at all times in the event that he would be forced to use it to save his life.

    On the seventh day, chaos enveloped the entire system. A Yuuzhan Vong force of unprecidented size and ferocity struck quickly and relentlessly, spearing straight toward the library world. Men and women were filled with terror and fear, civilians and soldiers the same.

    Just when he thought things could not prossibly get any worse, the lieutenant learned that portions of the world had erupted in riot, with others already suffering from alien troop landings. Then his blood ran cold as he felt a blaster's barrel pointed into his lower back. "Come with me," the voice of a stranger said. "You've done well here and we have need of a man with yo
  25. AdmiralNick22

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    May 28, 2003
    IC: Orsino and Olivia Martz

    Martz family farm, outskirts of Pesktda, Garqi

    Orsino and his wife quickly moved to aid the Supreme Commander of Imperial forces, helping move him into the house. Getting the man upstairs into the same guest bedroom that he had occupied during his previous visit to the farm, Orsino and Olivia made sure to make the man comfortable.

    ?Orsino, I am going to call Dr. Nervel. He is trusting and should keep this secret for us.?

    The man nodded. ?Good idea my dear. If word got out that we are housing a fugitive of the Empire??

    The pair left the rest unsaid. While Garqi was a remote and fairly unremarkable agricultural world, the news that Field Marshal Veers had apparently betrayed the Empire was common knowledge. With news coming in of various planet?s experiencing riots, terrorist attacks, and invasion at the hands of a new alien force, the times were very troubling.

    Still, the Martz family had never turned down aid to a person in need. The Field Marshal had been good to their son, Lysander, and they were committed to returning the favor.

    TAG: Mitthy, Thok

    IC: Commodore Lysander Martz

    Myrkr, Inner Rim

    Watching the battle analysis screens, Commodore Martz watched as the numerically and militarily inferior force charged towards his fleet. Spearheaded by a single Victory Star Destroyer, the force stood no chance of defeating a fleet that included a Super Star Destroyer.

    Still, Martz was no fool. While the battle appeared to be in its final stages, he knew that reinforcements could arrive to aid the Myrkr defenders at any moment. That meant that Martz had to neutralize the forces arrayed against him as soon as possible. His objective was straightforward- capture as many ships as possible and leave the system.

    ?Helm, bring us about and engage the oncoming fleet. Tactical, I want as many of those ships disabled as possible. Concentrate on the VicStar with ion cannons only.?

    The ion cannons alone outnumbered all the weapons on the oncoming fleet. With any luck, the ships would be disabled after a few earthshaking salvos from the Super Star Destroyers large ion weapons.

    ?Order the other ships of the fleet to concentrate on the other defenders. Try to use ion cannons, but don?t hesitate to destroy any ship that becomes to dangerous.?

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