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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Oct 11, 2003.

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    May 14, 2001
    OOC: The following is a combine between GrandAdmiralJello and NaboosPrincess.
    [b]Galactic Emperor Iaius Jello[/b], [b]Empress Kiera Callaghan Jello[/b]
    [i]Imperial Palace, Coruscant[/i]

    "Iaius," Kiera said one evening, a few days after Julyet's presentation ceremony, "We need to talk."

    "Alright," he replied, putting down whatever it was he had been reading. "What is it?"

    "I know this may seem random, but having the new baby around has made me start thinking about these things again," she explained, handing him a steaming cup of hot chocolate. "I am worried for the children?s' safety."

    This was not entirely unexpected. It was a normal behavior for mothers, especially after the birth of other children. Previously, Kiera had been very reasonable about it, and it was a credit to her. He graciously accepted the mug, and took a sip. "Ow! Hot." He shook his head and sipped more gingerly. "They're in the safest place in the galaxy, Kiera."

    "You only say that because [i]you're[/i] here with them, dear," she teased. "You have to admit it's not always as safe as we would like it to be .And the fact that everyone knows just where we are makes it dangerous."

    He nodded slowly. "Right, but that's our jobs as galactic leaders. Everyone knows where we are, because we're the ones that protect and govern everyone--it's our job." He paused, then continued. "I admit there have been situations recently, but certainly nothing panic-worthy."

    Kiera pressed on patiently. "Iaius, consider that we now have three children. Arya is old enough to listen and follow instructions. Ty still needs help in that department. And Julyet, well, she is basically helpless right now. What if we had to leave suddenly? How could we even be ready in enough time? And suppose one of us was off someplace else, attending to business or visiting friends-- the children might as well be sitting ducks."

    "What would that make us?" Iaius countered, "If the kids are sent away, one of us goes with them. What happens to the other, then?"

    "Well I'm not sure about you, but I'm pretty sure I could manage an escape on my own. It's having to manage an escape with three small children clinging to you and possibly screaming in terror that I'm worried about."

    He didn't like it. He didn't like it at all: it would be cowardly and disasterous to do as a leader, but he knew that if she felt that she was right, then there was a valid concern. It was a horrible decision to have to make.

    "Suppose you did escape with the children," Iaius allowed, "where do you intend to go? I can't really think of a place more secure than the Imperial Palace, off hand."

    "I still have family on Corulag," she reminded him. "I've been in communication with some of my mother's sisters since before our wedding. It's worth considering, at least. And the kids could meet their family."

    The Galactic Emperor frowned, and leaned back into his chair. "I'm unsure if it'll be very secure there. It's going from the most fortified place in the galaxy to a completely unfortified one: it could be disguised as a visit so as not to worry the children, but it's still dangerous."

    He added, "When I had to go into exile, I considered my ship the safest place for me to go. It'd have the benefit of being mobile--and could stay here until a danger did become imminent, and then could take you to Corulag or where-ever."

    "I suppose it's a good compromise," his wife admitted. "What do we say to the children, though? You have to admit that's a bit odd."

    He frowned. "Julyet wouldn't care. Ty may ask questions, but he might just get easily distracted. Arya is the one who is old enough to ask questions, and she'd definately want leaving the luxury of the Palace."

    "Thankfully, she loves ships," Kiera pointed out. "If you have a talk with her, she might be convinced to leave."

    He nodded. "But she's no fool, she knows we don't send most of the family on field trips. Do you think it's safe to reason with her and tell her why?"

    "I don't want to scare her, and that surely will."

    "I'll >
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Warehouse district, Coruscant

    Juhani had done her job. She took pictures of all the activity that suddenly sprang to life around the warehouse. She also tagged numerious ships. That information, anlong with tracking info and other important bits of data, she left on datadisk.

    She left it to be picked up by antoher. And delivered to Dyer. No one else. She had watched the warehouse. She needed to do more now. She had not heard from Dyer. He couldnt help her anymore. She needed to know more. Her own code of honor demanded it.

    She dissapeared from her perch.

    Hours later...

    There was a knock at General Dyer's door. Two gentlemen, handed him the datadisk without a word, and quickly dissapeared back to their duties. The datadisk had on the cover, the symbol for the Praetorian guard painted on it. In red nailpolish.

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Admiral Thax Varioun

    [blockquote]Endor, Moddell Sector, Outer Rim

    "Yes," Varioun answered with a pleased smile, "you can board a shuttle for my flagship where you can explain your actions here and as well as among other things of concern to me personally. I expect to see you in my briefing room in the next twenty minutes, Captain. Varioun out."

    A simple gesture of his hand and his communications officer cut the channel. The Imperial Admiral sat down in his command chair and brooded for several seconds on what had recently transpired. Something had been going on here prior to his arrival. Something that did not cause the captain to be concerned about the Republic presence.

    "Captain, find out for me what it is precisely that the Empire has here. Start your search around Vullorn's assets and records."

    "Aye, Admiral."

    Even if they found nothing, which would be further cause for concern, he had other ways to obtain that information. "Keep the fleet at battle ready status and ComScan, observe all channels and the surrounding space. Inform me at once if you find anything. Also let me know when Captain Annakoh arrives. I will be in my quarters. Captain you have the bridge." Varioun stood and strode down the security foyer and out of the bridge.[/blockquote]

    TAG: LSA

    Agent-in-Charge Mitth Nuruodo

    [blockquote]Trade Federation Battleship, Toydaria

    "Good work on the droids, sir," Arison complimented and Mitth merely nodded in response.

    "Let's get to the ship and quickly. We only have five minutes left before the satchels detonate" He said and the four commandos emerged from their hiding spot and ran for the Dark Spirit. Reasley opened the main hatch and Heinz and Arison went in first with weapons raised. Even though the droids guarding the place had been sucked out into space, it did not hurt to be cautious boarding their own vessel.

    When they were certain there were no droids on board, Mitth ordered for Reasley to get the ship started while he and the others searched the ship for any sabotague or planting of any unwanted devices such as homing beacons or explosives. Once the ship was ready to fly, they departed from the hanger and headed outward at full speed.

    Mitth sat in the cockpit and looked at his wristchrono, in one minute the battleship would soon become nothing more than space debrie over an alien world.[/blockquote]

    TAG: LSA

    General Aren Dyer

    [blockquote]Dyer's Office, Military Headquarters - Imperial City, Coruscant

    Two gentlemen entered his office upon permission and without a word, quickly gave him a datadisk and left his office. Dyer did not even get a chance to ask them who it was from or who they were. But they did not need to give him the answers to those questions. The bright, red nailpolish painted in the Praetorian emblem told him everything. "What is it you have discovered this time?" he murmured to himself and viewed the data.

    After an hour of scimming through the information, mostly holopics of men massively leaving a warehouse in several speeders and hovertrucks, and a list of frequencies. The General magnified sections of the holopics to take a closer look at the men leaving. They were caring weapons and other equipment, some of them looked even armored. It appeared they were trying to quickly evacuate the warehouse and were taking everything with them.

    But to where?

    He looked at the list of frequencies and decided to follow a hunch. Dyer wrote down one of the frequencies on a flimisheet and made a second copy of the datadisk. He placed the spare copy in his personal safe and pocketed the original as he left his office for another part of the building. Even if his suspicion was correct about the frequencies, what would he do with this information?

    Only a few days ago he had heard from Commodore Martz about his success at Myrkr and word on his friend and superior, Maximilian Veers. The message Martz passed along from Veers was surprising. So his mentor had c
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    May 28, 2003
    IC: Commodore Lysander Martz

    Planetary Orbit, Myrkr

    With the space faring defenses gone to hyperspace, the planet Myrkr was ripe for the conquest. Despite the fact that the ships he had been tasked to capture made it to hyperspace, Commodore Martz decided that his best course of action would be to secure Myrkr and gather any intel from people and installations on the surface.

    Fortunately, a Super Star Destroyer carried numerous assault troops, stormtrooper regiments, AT-AT battalions, and other army units. Upon recieving orders to take the world, the army commander began his preparations to take the world.

    While the forces prepared themselves for battle, Martz recieved a message from his family on Garqi. The message was brief, but it made clear what was going on.

    Dear Lysander,

    Your father and I are leaving Garqi. The recent attacks have shown that our peaceful farm community is no longer safe. Our dearly regarded mutual friend has taken upon himself to see that your father and I are evacuated. We are abandoning the family farm. I have gathered a few momentos, but most of our possessions are going to be left behind.

    Know that we are safe my son. You father and I send our love.


    Knowing that his parents were in the safe care of Field Marshal Veers warmed Martz considerably. It was one less thing to worry about. Martz only hoped that his invasion of Myrkr would be resolved quickly. It was becoming apparent that the alien invaders had made great gains since he was assigned to the Corusca.

    TAG: LS_A

    Mitthy, if you can find the old post, you will see the man who I placed as commander of the facility. He is loyal to Martz, and as a result to Veers as well. If you contact him, I am certain that he would give you any information you require. Unfortunately, I forget his name. :p But, since that facility was set up by Martz, consider the current commander loyal to you as well.
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    This is part of a larger post I just did in the NR thread, following the New Republic victory at the Battle of Mon Calamari. This is a speech from Chief of State Jencia Belami following the battle. It is broadcast to all worlds in the known galaxy. Enjoy!

    Word continued to flood in of the victory over Yuuzhan Vong forces. The commanders of the various other New Republic fleets stationed at Sullust, Corellia, Bothawui, M?haeli, and others all reported the same- victory. The New Republic and her allies were victorious.

    News quickly traveled along the HoloNet, to worlds across the galaxy. Exhausted crews and damaged ships returned to heroes welcomes, as New Republic citizens across the galaxy honored their brave defenders. The losses sustained in some areas were high. It would be months until the New Republic could replenish the losses in manpower and warships. But, despite it all, the heir to the Rebel Alliance preserved.

    Over Mon Calamari, Admiral Arboga gathered his ships in a close orbit over the capital, beginning the long process of repairs and the recovery of bodies. Universal Alliance and Hapan warships and squadrons augmented their tired forces, mopping up the last of the Yuuzhan Vong warships.

    Down on the surface, the New Republic government reconvened in a special session of the Senate. Chief of State Jenica Belami walked up to the podium in the rooms center, waiting for the crowd to quiet as she prepared for her address. Since taking over the reigns of the government several months before, the new Chief of State had worked tirelessly to expand and strengthen the New Republic, with a special effort to help worlds that had suffered greatly due to war or poverty. This speech was going to be broadcast across the galaxy, so she quietly prayed the Force would give her the wisdom to speak with clarity and purpose.

    ?Citizens of the New Republic, I come to you tonight from our capital, Mon Calamari. The darkness that was falling upon us has finally lifted. We now stand in the radiant light of the dawn, warmed by its touch and thankful that we survived the night. I am standing here before you today thanks to the tireless efforts of our brave men and women in uniform. The New Republic Defense Force has once again shown us what it means to give the last full measure. Against incredible odds and facing almost certain defeat, they held the line and protected this world from the horrors of war.?

    She paused for a moment, trying to steady her shaking voice.

    ?Yet, our own defenders were not alone. Brave and noble allies from across the galaxy came to our aid. We are once again reminded that a helping hand in a time of need is life?s blessing, one that I firmly believe was aided by the Force. But it was not these allies alone who contributed forces who aided us to victory. The Force had been with us, often literally as at Dellalt. The Jedi Order has done this government a tremendous service, one that I intend to repay in any way we can.?

    Finding her center, the Chief of State finished her speech.

    ?The New Republic is safe again. Yet, if we have learned anything, it is that wars can not be won alone. Therefore, I commit publicly tonight to share any and all information on combating the Yuuzhan Vong with the Galactic Empire and any other peoples or governments fighting the vile depredations of the Yuuzhan Vong. It is my hope that this knowledge and tactical information will give them an edge over these invaders. Tonight, as we thank the Force that we have come through this trial, let us remain committed to the ideals of our founding. We must never forget that our goal is freedom and liberty for all the galaxy. The New Republic?s greatest strength lay in its people. Ships and armies will not restore the galaxy to freedom. It is your faith and commitment to the ideals with this day many gave their lives to defend.

    Thank you, and may the Force always be with you all.?

    Jello, Mitthy, this is my gi
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    Up. You dont belong on page two! This is not the YVI!!
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    Tru Dat Yo. Don't mean to sound impatient but doesn't LSA owe us an update?
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    He has been working hard at finishing up the factions one by one. Our time will come eventually. We're one of the last threads left.
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    Sith Lord Jean LeBlanc

    Near by Field Marshal Veers

    [blockquote]Days had past, and it had seemed that the field marshal was Nearly ready to be on his way. His recovery had been a long one, but Maxel looked healthier to Jean moreso than he could ever remember. He had not forgotten what the Field Marshal had told him, but he was still unsure as to his motives behind the trip. To go into the lioness' den was an act of suicidal nature. The only thing that might save his life was that he was being escorted by an man friendly with Isard's Intelligence group. Perhaps that would work to their advantage, due to the fact he told the Royal Guard back on the Spider's Web he was going to be doing so in the first place. He would have to go discuss this with the field marshal, at least to get his reaction on this possible senario before they left for Bastion.[/blockquote]

    Tag: Mitthy
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    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Maximilian Veers

    [blockquote]Martz family farm, outskirts of Pesktda, Garqi

    Field Marshal Veers was easily found in his room, brushing back his hair and making sure his clothing looked decent. The old soldier placed the brush down and turned to grab a walking cane that Orsino carved for him. It was an interesting cane with choholl vines weaved and perserved into the stem. Veers twisted the handle and barely heard the click inside as it was locked in place. He did not want to use such an item to move around, but the stiffness in his leg caused by injuries sustained during his captivity forced him to use it occasionally. So he made it a habit to keep it with him in case he needed it.

    "Something wrong?" he inquired after getting a sense that the inquisitor was concerned about something. He turned to face the Sith Lord he now owed his life to.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Thok, LSA
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    Blue_10, CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    Garqi, Outer Rim Territories

    "All ships, have fighters intercept enemy ordnance," Marius ordered, preparing his pilots for battle even as coralskippers began to spew forth to form a loose screen in front of their larger capital vessels. "Target the Xenos gravitic singularity emmiters. Have the 604th bomber squadron go for the biggest one's emmitters and we'll support."

    Commodore Marius Ardan watched then as his forces rallied to his command. Fighters spread out ahead of his main formation, as an opening slavo from his available turbolaser batteries unleashed one blast after another, into the largest of the enemy warships. The 604th formed up for a run on that same vessel, knowing that they would be swarmed by the screening coralskippers before they even drew within range of their primary target.

    Thus far all damage to the warship was greedily consumed by its dovin basals. Marius watched with distaste as he wondered just how much damage the giant was capable of shrugging off.

    Though there were more TIEs than coralskippers, Marius knew that the enemy were stronger and it would come down to skill and training if the Imperials were to win here. His past experiences fighting against the aliens served in his favour as he directed his pilots to hold off the coralskippers.

    They could not hold off indefinitely, but they didn't have to. Fighters engaged the enemy and offered escort to Bomber groups, which launched a salvo of missiles into the enemy warship.

    Already weakened and occupied, the warship's dovin basals struggled to neutralise this new threat. Missiles impacted against the vessel's rocky surface while turbolasers kept a strong focus on keeping the alien defenses busy. It was not long after that when the Miid Ro'ik Warship broke apart and the Yuuzhan Vong line began to fail.

    A message reached Marius from Pesktda with compliments from the Empire's Alpha Omega Team. It revealed a host of information concerning the Yuuzhan Vong, including the role and function of their yammosk war coordinators. That particular piece left no doubt as to what, exactly, Marius had disrupted aboard the alien warship.

    Additional to that information was indication and confirmation that the enemy suffered most profoundly when attacked not from brute force, but rather a series of varied attacks and angles. Marius had recently discovered success in such tactics himself, though this recent news gave him reassurance.

    Commodore Marius Ardan [Galactic Empire]

    1 Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Emperor's Benediction
    [Squadrons available: 3 TIE/ln, 2 TIE Interceptor, 1 TIE Bomber]
    2 Victory II-class Star Destroyers
    [Squadrons available: 4 TIE/ln squadrons]
    1 Nebulon-B Frigate
    [Squadrons available: 2 TIE/ln squadrons]
    1 Strike Cruiser
    [Squadrons available: 2 TIE/ln squadrons]
    1 Dreadnaught
    [Squadrons available: 1 TIE/ln squadrons]
    2 Corellian Gunships

    Yuuzhan Vong

    2 Suuv Ban D'Krid Cruisers
    [Coralskippers Launched: 6 Squadrons]
    2 Uumufalh Gunships
    6 Coralskipper Squadrons


    Endor, Moddell Sector, Outer Rim

    What assets were held at Endor remained largely unknown, just like the majority of the operations conducted and directed by Vullorn. Other than the single VSD II, Strike Cruiser and pair of Frigates held by Captain Annakoh, there appeared to be very little around Endor.

    In the time that it took for the suspected traitors to cooperate, the investigations ordered by Varioun were extended to encompass nearby systems. Among the more interesting was Firrerre, which had some history with the Empire during Darth Vader's reign as the Emperor's proxy. Unfortunately, where Vullorns secrets were near inaccessible, those of Lord Vader and the Emperor seemed all but erased, even to memory. What little they new of Firrerre indicated that the planet was rendered toxic and i
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    Oct 13, 2001
    Garqi, Outer Rim Territories

    Aplause broke out across the bridge of the Emperor's Benediction as the largest Vong warship exploded. Marius breathed out a long sigh of relief and relaxed his muscles a bit but he knew that the fight was not over yet. He quickly scanned the incoming report from Alpha Omega. Admittedly, the Xenos craft did not function exactly as Marius had theorized but he was onto something after all. "Relay this report to all Imperial fighters and warships. Change tactics accordingly, we'll win this day yet!" declared Marius.

    TAG: LSA, Mitt
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    Jul 1, 2000
    GeneralFeldmarschall Maximilian Veers und Reichsführer Jean LeBlanc

    [blockquote]Martz Family farm, outskirts of Pesktda, Garqi

    The sith lord looked at his would be companion with a gaze of unscertanty. Was the Field Marshal really planning on doing what he wanted to do? Jean was not for certain, but he knew he must ask. "Maximillian, are you serious about our choice of destination?"

    "Yes. Very much so." He replied after picking up a fedora and placing it on his groomed head. "If this Empire is to survive, I have to persuade those who are trying to change it that their course of action will only destroy it. Even if I cannot persuade her from trying to change the Empire, I can at least alter the path she's chosen for it."

    The sith gave the Field Marshal a quick nod. His words were true no doubt, but was he the right man to do so? "Are you sure that it is still wise to do this in person? Walking back into her domain would not be the most wise course of action."

    "I do not intend to walk into her web again," Veers reassured. "I intend to meet her at a neutral location where neither of us have the advantage. That is where you come in, Jean. I will need you to contact her."

    "I will be able to do as such" replied the Sith. "But when you first spoke of traveling to Bastion, i could not fathom why you'd choose that location. Nowhere on that planet is there anywhere that could be considered Neutral. Do you have a different place in mind?"

    "When it concerns Isard, there are no neutral places in the galaxy." Veers walked over to the bedroom door and glanced over toward the Sith Lord. "But the best places to have a meeting with your enemy is out in an open and quiet place where they cannot set a trap easily or quickly."

    He opened the door and motioned the Sith Lord to follow him out into the hallway. "Besides. I am well aware of your ability to mask a person's presence from observing eyes. You did it at Randal's wedding for her. As long as I have you at my side, I will be fine."

    "You knew?"

    "I saw her with you and then I didn't. You and the Force are the only explainations as to how she could have gotten into the Palace undetected."

    "Very well, but don't underestimate her. She may very well plan on this exact idea of yours."

    "Yes. All the more reason why we must choose the location and time on Bastion." The tic tic sound of his cane tapping against the wooden floor of the Martz home was the only sound heard for several long seconds as they traveled through the house. "She will either bring her own Force-user or ysalamiri to counter you. All the more reason why the meeting should be out in the open. Little cover and a large area. A spacious park perhaps."

    "Another force user, i had not thought of that aspect of her preperation." said Jean with a somewhat uptone in his voice. "If that is the case, it should be not much of a problem. How soon will you be ready to leave?"

    "Now is a good time as any," he answered. "I do not know how much longer the commander up there can keep the Invaders at bay and I do not want to end up getting stuck here if he fails." The house was devoid of the Martz family. Earlier he had seen to it that they safely got off of the planet and out of the system for Chandrilla. Now it was his turn to leave.

    "Tell me... why was Isard at Randal's wedding?" Veers looked at the Grand Inquisitor expectantly.

    "You didn't know? Madam Isard and Lucrecia's mother were the best of friends when they were younger, almost inseperable. After her mother disapeared, Ysanne looked after Lucrecia's well being from afar, since her mother could not be there for her. She feels as if She's almost her daughter now."

    The Field Marshal stopped abruptly at hearing this and stared at the Sith Lord in disbelief. "You can't be serious?"

    Its not as if she told me, but deep down in side, i felt these feelings arising out of here when she isisted so much in attending." replied the sith with a confident tone.

    "I find it diffcult to believe that she can
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    OOC: A combine!
    [b]Emperor Iaius Jello[/b], [b]Empress Kiera Callaghan Jello[/b], [b]Crown Prince Tybalt Napoleon Jello[/b], [b]Princess Arya Padme Jello[/b], [b]Princess Julyet Estella Jello[/b]
    [i]Imperial Palace, Coruscant[/i]

    Well, he knew the time would come. He'd been watching their movements for months now, and such an eventuality was predictable. But it was unfortunate nonetheless.

    The Galactic Emperor tapped the button on his throne and the holographic display page shut down. With a little more celerity than usual, Iaius Jello strode towards his quarters and activated defense routines at the meantime.

    The Palace was locked down, the Guards were on full alert, and martial law was declared. All shields were activated over the planet and key buildings, and all traffic was ordered to cease on the planet and in orbit. The military took full use of the holonet. Hyperspace mines were activated in orbit and all Starfleet vessels in the galaxy were put on alert. All hyperlanes led to Coruscant, as the saying went, and the very center of galactic civilization was under attack. Coruscant had never fallen to outside invaders since the dawn of the Republic--even the Rebellion still claimed allegiance to the millennial government--and Iaius would not allow the gates of civilization to fall to barbarism.

    But he had one thing to do first. He had to see his family.

    "DADDY!" Princess Arya Padme Jello squealed as her father walked into the room. Prince Tybalt, though more subdued than his sister, also hurried to greet his father.

    "Hush, Arya, this is not a time for screeching," Kiera called from the baby's bedroom. "You're going to wake Julyet."

    "Hi there, little one," Iaius greeted. "Honey, are the kids doing anything exciting? I think it's time for a little field trip."

    "We were about to cook something for you, but we didn't expect you back so soon," his wife explained, coming to see what all the commotion was about. "Here, would you try to calm Julyet? She's sleeping, but look at her, it's like she's in the middle of some nightmare, poor darling. She usually looks so peaceful when she's resting."

    He frowned. There was a lot of fear in the air, as the populace was unused to invasion. Iaius tried to comfort her with the Force, and shunted away the negativity and focused it on the defiant confidence and hope of the citizenry. It would be impossible to block the fear from reaching someone so sensitive, but choosing the good instead of the bad ought to help.

    "Thanks, dear," Kiera grinned and kissed him as she noticed Julyet settling down. "I'll put her back to bed...or did you say we were going somewhere?"

    "Well, we have some time. I was thinking that you and the children could take an inspection tour of one of the ships. I'll be exciting, I don't think Ty's old enough to remember the last time he's been on one."

    ?Would you like to visit a ship, guys?" she asked the children. Arya was predictably excited and grinned happily. "Iaius," Kiera asked, "Can we talk? In the other room?"

    "Most certainly. Kids, go gather your favorite toys and books for the visit."

    "I thought we weren't going to be leaving yet. Is the situation really that bad?" Kiera asked as soon as they were out of earshoot of the children.

    "No one's leaving quite yet--but the Yuuzhan Vong have arrived in-system."

    The news came as such a shock that, had she been holding anything, Kiera probably would have dropped it. She took a few deep breaths and steadied herself. "Then you're right, we have to get the children out of here."

    He nodded. "We'll also have to speak to the populace and calm them down, too. We don't want a panic, we need everyone organized and ready for defensive measures."

    "Fine, but we worry about that [i]after[/i] the children are safe."

    He stopped, frowning. "What are you talking about?"

    "You go ahead and work on a speech if that's what you want to do, but I'm taking the children to the ship first," she explained.

    He narrowed his eyes. "We have plenty of time to do that. I'll need >
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    Good thing she wasn't holding the baby when she heard the news...
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    As the Darkness falls, and the light battles to shine despite the suffocating All; all those whose hearts brook the seed of evil gather to snuff out the bravery of those who would fight it, relenting only, eventually, when the true battle begins, but those without hearts at all...

    In Character and Out of Character, of a Character who is more than two Characters yet less than one, Ki An Robesu, Intendant on mission to Coruscant

    Almost timidly, the whining drone began to fill his universe. Rising in thunderous urgency, the cacophony of buzzing leapt from the surreal to the audible, the actual, acquainting itself to his ears.
    Or more correctly, his tizowyrm parasitic boyl implants, that now served him as auditory vessels since his impure, imperfect, unscarred, unworthy ears had been obliterated by the explosive decompression arising during his Day of Yun Yuuzhan?s Eternal Embrace.

    The day he had been freed and died and been born and been nothing before eventually, through the works of that cloaked temptress Yun Harla, something.

    The buzz continued urgently. He knew he should open his eyes. Knew he should smile.

    The buzz was good news. It as a symphony of triumph, singing of his great betrayal and the failure of a once proud and promising potential to blossom. It was the whir of a shapers hand, coming down to snip this tendon or that nerve. It was the chrysalis sac of suffocating gelatinous ichor, the moaning fear of viscous, alien sap flowing first all over him and then through him, bringing him from the desperate dark in which he had stood frozen, where the pinprick of light had been?.

    A flash. A dawn. Daylight beckoned.

    ?They come to life. Today we shall comprehend the will of the Gods!?

    A voice not his own. An alien and comforting voice. He would look up, but he can feel the other being nearby. He has a faint, diffuse impression of the being standing amongst other more mute forms of life, in a way he has begun to unconsciously associate with what the Jeedai refer to as the ?Force?.

    Just one more of Yun Yammka?s many gifts. He owed much to the work of Domain?s Yim and Vil for bringing him such blessings so he could do such work in the infidel lands.

    Oh how he hated THEM.

    The daylight subsided, and he saw where he was. In the fields of a planet both alien and familiar to him. Ahead, she laughed and beckoned to him. He knew her but felt no spark of warmth or joy at the memory. Just a distant sadness. He knew of love, but like other meaningless abstractions, no longer had access to love, and that?that was, in a way of thinking, quite sad.

    ?You know who I am?? she asked inquisitively as he approached.

    ?I know that I loved you once.? He replied, looking down at hands both his own and not his own.

    ?Love?? she replied, a smile blossoming on her face. ?Do you make a habit, my love, of killing those similarly blessed in your eyes??

    That stung. He looked up at her again, the sadness blossoming into pain, into despair. He felt so lost form everything. ?I didn?t want to. You made me. You went bad. You joined the enemy. How could you do such a thing? How could you put me in that position??

    She shrugged. ?I didn?t know I was doing such a thing. But then again, I didn?t know you had it in you to betray me like that. I wonder if Iaius, the infidel Emperor, would think much the same. Does he look to his Kiera and wonder ? would she choose her beliefs over me? For to be sure, they differ as much as you or I did?yet have found love.?

    He snarled at the last, allowing the anger that smothered the hate and loneliness he felt and made him feel strong once more.
    ?What good will it do them? I am about to triumph, my people are about the triumph, and our way of life will triumph over THEM. I hate THEM, don?t you understand? They DID this to me. Made me less than I could be. Made me less than worthy to the Gods. If not for the gifts of cruel Yun Harla, I?d of received the third gift long ago. But they deny me even THAT. I h
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    Field Marshal Maximilian Veers

    [blockquote]Enroute to Bastion, Hyperspace

    The Field Marshal's eyelids were closed, blinding him from the mottled blue sight in front of him as he and Jean travelled through the depths of hyperspace once more. Leaving Garqi had proven to less difficult than expected. The Imperial commander in charge of the defense of the system seemed to have taken the intiative of the battlefield. From what the two men was able tell from their position in space, the Invaders had suddenly grown disorganized as if they just had their head cut off.

    But even as he thought about a possible victory above the skies of Garqi, his mind turned to more important matters. Matters that concerned Ysanne Isard and the stablity of the Galactic Empire. He needed to find an ideal location on Bastion that Isard would feel safe enough to come to and yet confident enough that she could entrap him easily enough should he attempt to trap her. Veers grumbled under his breath at how difficult choosing such a location was going to be. He disliked all of this cloak and dagger business. It was not his profession. Certainly he can be deceptive, he has done it before on numerous occasions, most recently against Imperial Intelligence themselves.

    A deception that cost him dearly.

    A twang of regret coursed through him as he was reminded of that cost. The Field Marshal tightened his closed eyes, trying to will the images and feelings away. He did not need to dwell on the past right now. He needed to focus on the future and arranging a meeting with Isard so they could save the Empire together. He hoped that she would bring the agents who had murdered his eldest child. Veers wanted to desperately wrap his hands around the men's throats and throttle them to death. No. He wanted to torture the men first before he paid them in kind.

    Anger swelled up inside his chest as he focused his energies on the face of the agents that had killed his son. The Royal Guardsman would probably be present, but which one among the many she had would be the one who had brought his son to his execution? It did not matter. He would find out which one was responsible and later kill the son of a Hutt.

    After the Empire was saved.

    "How long until we arrive?" he inquired of his Sithly companion.[/blockquote]

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    Imperial Palace - Throne Room[blockquote]
    Galactic Emperor Iaius I

    With his imperial purple cloak swirling behind him, the Galactic Emperor stalked back and forth between the throne room, composing his thoughts for what needed to be done. The Yuuzhan Vong had arrived at Coruscant, and en masse. ((OOC: This is very weird, the Imperial March has just begun playing on my playlist... and it's only one of 500 songs on there, so the timing is creepy))

    It would be necessary for a brief public address in order to allay their fears on the subject and assure them that the Jewel of the Emp--Galaxy was well defended. Indeed, it would be necessary to inspire them to courageously help defend their planet from the barbarian invaders who would most assuredly not grant any measure of safety to their defeated enemies, for it was widely known that they had made such promises before and had merely broken them and utterly destroyed their opposition. Clearly, capitulation would never work. Coruscant, at any rate, never capitulates.

    So it fell to him to rouse his people to action and ensure that the planet did not fell. And if, by the most disasterous turn of events it did, then he would ask his wife to supervise the preparations for an orderly evacuation on the far side of the planet whilst Iaius was in battle. He could not fail, though, because the fall of Coruscant would entail doom for the entire galaxy--if the Yuuzhan Vong could not be conquered, they would at least have to be repulsed. It was the only way.

    Now to go over the speech he had been running through his head once more...[/blockquote]

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    Garqi, Outer Rim Territories

    Failing against the continued assault of the Empire, the Yuuzhan Vong struggled to assemble any true sense of order. Their forces were in utter disarray upon the fall of the yammosk, and without the war coordinator, all was lost to them.

    Where Marius brought inspiration and hope to his men for having led them to the destruction of the alien warship, the Yuuzhan Vong felt fury and outrage. The feeling reigned among the already confused and leaderless ranks of warriors. Coralskippers began to fall prey in greater number to TIE attacks, the events of which only served to boost the morale of the Imperial forces.

    Several minutes passed. Commodore Marius Ardan saw the battle through. In the face of a mighty enemy, he stood firm, and the Galactic Empire rose to secure victory. Reports reached the commodore of the last of the enemy skips being mopped up. The successful defence of Garqi was promised to its people.


    Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    She could not believe the recent turn of events. Her heart was heavy and her mind filled with disbelief, both were consumed with a profound sense of sorrow and fear. As she ran through the lower levels of the palace and entered the turbolift, she prayed that she had not come too late. Lucrecia Giovanni headed directly toward the quarters of her friend and her Empress, Kiera. If anyone could change the course of the war, it would be her. With a little luck and some hard work, Lucrecia hoped she could provide the tools necessary to aid not only the Empire, but the wider galaxy.

    Her efforts, though she did not realise at the time, were watched with curious eyes. There were certain beings who held a vested interest in her work. Their intent, whether good or evil, remained as secretive as they, non-existent to all but the most keen of observers.

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    Grand Inquisitor Jean LeBlanc

    Outside the Bastion System

    [blockquote]Jean had been quiet for almost all of the journey to Bastion, for he was thinking to himself about what had transpired over the past few weeks. He had lost his only friend the last time he was to visit Madam Isard, and here again he was looking to meet with her. Shaking his head of the images in his mind, Jean looked over to the copilot's seat only to find that Python was still not sitting next to him. Instead, Field Marshal Veers was accompanying him to his destination. He hoped that this time his partner would make it back to the ship, alive.

    Soon, the ship exited from hyperspace into the Bastion system. Immediately, Jean engaged the cloaking device, disapearing from sight and radar. Giving a nod to the Field Marshal, he quickly turned to the comm station. Bringing up the codes for her personal fequency, Jean set out a hail to the Madam Director. Hopefully she would talk to him on good terms.[/blockquote]

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