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    Site Title & Link: Galaxy of the Force
    Administrator(s): Emperor Matas and Grandmaster Urwen
    General Description: This is a Starwars Roleplaying site with three major factions to join. The Jedi, the Sith or the Bounty Hunters. The Jedi are allied with the New Republic and the Sith are with the Galactic Empire. The Bounty Hunters have their own guild. It is a major roleplaying site with lots to do. It has Out of Character discussions as well as games, Star wars discussions, fanart and fanfictions. Join and help shape the galaxy.
    Genre: Roleplaying
    Keywords: Roleplaying, Star Wars
    Star Wars

    Galaxy of the Force is a RP website created on August of 2006. It is a Star Wars role-playing site with random discussions and a Star Wars information place, both canon and fanon. It was started as a Sith, Jedi and Bounty Hunter forum and has now overcame all of its early obsticals. The Site Leaders are:

    Dark Galactic Empire

    Emperor Matas
    New Republic

    Grand Master Jaden

    N/A Right Now
    The Galaxy
    Set in 70 ABY, the Sith Empire is climbing to control the galaxy while the New Republic defends planets from the Imperial forces. With the help of the Jedi Order, the New Republic is now evenly matched with the Sith Empire. The Sith work with Imperials to destroy the New Republic and control the galaxy. The Sith follow the Rule of One, One being one Order. The Sith Empire has become a Democratical Empire shown when the Empire voted for a new Emperor. The Jedi, pleantiful, work to fight the Sith and stop their galactic conquest. The Bounty Hunters stationed on unknown planets work for criminals and are even hired by either faction during war times. The Sith capital of Dol Glorath stands far away from New Republic hands and during the famous Chiss War, was attacked. The Galaxy is in constant attack. Will you choose to conquer the galaxy, or save it, or maybe work as a Bounty Hunter as the lowest of scum in the galaxy and be rich? It's all up to you.

    Dark Galactic Empire
    These are the Sith and Sith Orders in the Dark Galactic Empire

    Sith Hierarchy


    Emperor Matas

    Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith and Ruler of Sith empire
    Sith Council

    Supreme Prohpet Praxeum

    Leader of the Prophets- seers and force advisors of the Dark Side.
    Grand Inquisitor Tarna

    Leader of the Inquisitors- agents deditacted to protecting the Empire
    Commander Validus

    Leader of the Sith Imperial Armed Forces- the forces of the Sith Empire that lead the battles and take charge.
    Soverign Knight Splinter

    Leader of the Blades- an order created by its former Grandmaster Validus, the Blades are the public protecters of the Emperor while in secret are the assassins of the Empire.
    Chief Alchemist Mathandal

    Leader of the Alchemis
    Sent Into Exile on a Remote World Never To Return
    [edit] The New Republic/Jedi Order
    Grand Master Jaden

    Grand Master of the Jedi Order
    Jedi Representative in the Senate
    Leader of the Army of Light
    High Commander Vander

    Jedi High Councilmen
    Leader of the New Republic Forces
    Master Director Aimira

    Leader of Republic Intelligence
    Jedi High Councilwomen
    Jedi Master Urwen

    Jedi High Councilmen
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    Welcome! Nice colors/graphics and easy-to-read fonts give your site a lot of appeal - hope it continues to do well! :)
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    Thank you very much. Yes it is doing well, and I hope it will stay that way
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    Well, there has been a new addition to the site, we now are offering the Mandalorians as a faction.
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