Galaxy's Reflection (An Earth Meets Star Wars, AU, Updated 06\16\02 )

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    Disclaimer: This story is an AU, though most of the events I changed are those of Earth and a certain inhabitant... :D

    Galaxy's Reflection
    By: Padawan Lunetta

    Betaed\edited by Rebelmom (many thanks to her!)

    And don't worry, all my other stories are still being written on, this one I owe a lot too, it helped me climb over my burnout. :)

    Anywho, I hope you like it!!!
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    Galaxy's Reflection

    **"The best way to cover up a huge secret is to make a movie about it and label it ?Fiction'." Dan Johnson- EGR (Extra Galaxial Relations)**


    About Three Years after Balance Point

    Near the end of the galaxy, the long white starcruiser Liberty floated silently amidst the sea of diamond stars. Inside the command room Luke Skywalker squeezed his wife, Mara's hand. Her stomach slightly bulged with the promise of a new child, while they waited for their firstborn to return. Like Leia and Han had done with Jacen and Jaina, Luke and Mara had had to send their son, Mark, off into hiding with Anthony Hamill. There had been too many attempts on young Mark's life, and Luke had finally been able to convince Mara to send him away for awhile. He was gone only six months when both Luke and Mara agreed it was time to take him back. Yavin IV had adequate protection now, and Luke was tired of worrying.

    When Luke met Anthony a year ago, the young man was barely learning how to fly a starfighter. Hamill proved to be an excellent shot with a blaster, and had fought at Luke and Mara's back countless times before they stuffed him into the cockpit of a starfighter. Mark also liked him quite a bit, which wasn't saying much, since Mark liked *everybody*. Their son was friendly to the point of scaring Luke and Mara, for fear of kidnapping. But Anthony was trustworthy and Luke had *felt* that he should leave Mark in his care, though he hadn't figured out *why* yet. Luke glanced at Mara's stomach and a small smile played on his lips. This time Mara was positive it was a little girl, and Luke hoped she looked just like her mother. He took in his wife's long fiery red hair and sparkling emerald eyes and frowned. Their daughter would certainly be beautiful. His frown deepened; he couldn't stand the thought of *any* guy eyeing his daughter like that. Not to mention if she took after her parents, she'd need all the protection she could get. Luke didn't think the Republic Navy was enough.

    "You're going to drive her crazy, Luke," Mara smirked, running her free hand over her stomach.

    Luke didn't even blink; he was used to Mara picking up on his thoughts like that. "Someone has to."

    Mara shook her head. "She'll be fine. And," her lips grew tight. "We'll never send her away."

    "Agreed," Luke said. The Yuuzhan Vong were losing; it was only a matter of time before they retreated back to their own galaxy. But they hadn't lost yet. Soon, he noticed a star that kept getting brighter by the minute, and moving across the celestial plain.

    "There's Mark," whispered Mara vaguely, pointing at the approaching ship.

    Luke nodded and opened himself to the Force, reaching out to his son's bright presence in the Force. At two years old, he showed as much as, if not more potential than Anakin Solo and learned alarmingly fast. Luke and Mara had to be careful what they did around their son when he was paying attention. He'd already picked up on Telekinesis, though he only could lift small things. Or only tried to. Luke Force-caressed his young son, and grinned at Mark's excited return touch. He had missed his parents, perhaps as much as Luke missed him. Suddenly, a tingle ran up Luke's spine and his joy ran cold. "Move back!" he shouted.

    Without asking why, the main pilots flipped levers and buttons, making Luke stumble at the sudden lurch. Mara's nails dug into Luke's arm just as a fleet of apparent asteroids came out of Hyperspace, cutting off the Liberty from the Corvette carrying his son.

    Aryian Reder, the Liberty's captain, ran around shouting orders, just barely getting the shields up in time to fight off the plasma bolts raining on the ship from the Vong's brigade.

    Anthony pulled hard on the yoke, turning the ship away from the Vong ships and evading plasma bolts coming at him from all sides. With tears running down his cheeks, Mark was strapped in his small seat, softly calling for his mommy and daddy. Anthony's stomach tightened like a rock as he realiz
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    OMG! Mark becomes... Mark Hamill. I just realized that! That is SO FREAKY! But cool! Hehe.
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    Freaky Becca? Hehehee ;) Thanks you and Rumsmuggler, here's about half of Chapter One! :)

    Chapter One:

    Fourteen Years Later
    Provo, Utah, USA, Earth Milkyway
    April 3, 1999

    "What do you suppose the people in *that* solar system look like?" Kathleen Dorsey asked, pointing up at a particularly bright star. She, Mark Hamill and Charlotte Randle all laid on a blanket in her back yard, staring up at the sky and fighting off carnivorous mosquitoes.

    Mark followed the line her finger made and bit his lip in thought. His blue green eyes glittered mischievously in the starlight. "They're probably about 5'3' , 115 pounds, with dark brown eyes-"

    Kathleen hit him with her pillow, muffling out the rest of his words. "Ha, ha."

    "They'd all be drop dead beautiful, of course." Mark said, grabbing her pillow and stuffing it behind his head.

    "Of course, if they look like me." Kathleen joked, rolling onto her stomach and propping her head up one hand.

    Mark rolled over, imitating her position. "Did I say they did?"

    Kathleen poked out her tongue. "You implied it."

    Mark grinned. "Of course, you and Charlotte," he gestured to Charlotte who lay on the other side of Kathleen, "are both very beautiful."

    Charlotte snorted. "In your eyes, are there any girls who aren't?"

    Mark pursed his lips thoughtfully, but didn't respond.

    Kathleen nudged his arm. "Come on Mark, say something."


    "Why?" Charlotte asked, turning her light brown eyes toward him.

    "Because no matter what I say, I am either a jerk or a liar, and so," he paused as he rolled back onto his back and rested his head on his hands. "I say nothing."

    "Makes sense." Kathleen laughed, settling down onto her back once more. Contemplative silence followed, and Kathleen found herself getting lost in the sea of endless stars. She'd always wondered about whether or not there really *was* life on other planets, and if there was, had they visited Earth? And if they had, what did they think about it?

    "Is that Orion?" Charlotte's voice broke into her thoughts, as she pointed up to a box like constellation in the sky.

    "No way," Kathleen responded. "Orion only comes out in the winter, or early summer mornings."

    "I swear it's Orion." Charlotte insisted.

    "Does he have a belt?" Kathleen asked.

    "The_galaxy_is_on_Orion's_b-_b-b-" Mark added, in a low, gruff voice.

    Charlotte laughed, then furrowed her brow. "I don't see any belt, or," she grinned at Mark. "Galaxy."

    "Then it's Hercules," Kathleen stated. "Pegasus should be around him somewhere."

    "I don't think it's light enough to see Pegasus," Mark said thoughtfully. "I'm going to miss this, you know."

    "You better," Kathleen teased. "Do you *have* to go?"

    "Yes, and it's only a few months of taping, you'll barely notice I'm gone." Mark patted her arm.

    "You'll come home a celebrity," Charlotte said softly.

    "You mean I'm not already?" Mark gaped, winking at Kathleen.

    "Not until you've played, Luke Skyhawker," Kathleen replied.


    "Do you know what Luke Skywalker sounds like to me?" Kathleen asked, turning her head to look at him.

    "I'm afraid to ask," Mark responded, turning his head towards hers.

    Kathleen stuck out her tongue. "Some sort of Robin Hoodish fairytale type person."

    Charlotte laughed. "That's quite the role, Mark!"

    Mark grinned. "I'll say, it's the hardest job of my life!"

    Silence followed once more, as it tended to do whenever he and his friends stargazed. There was something about the billions of twinkling little diamonds that swallowed up the outside world and spit out the deepest and weirdest thoughts into even the most serious person. The stars held a different meaning for him though; they reminded him of his parents, his *real* parents. The only thing he could remember about them was how they felt, and the stars, millions of stars, going suddenly blurry and then there were the Hamills. His adoptive family consisted of two older brothers; Matthew who was 21 with a wife and a
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    That was cute. But is SW being made in 1999 instead of 1977, then?
  8. padawan lunetta Jedi Grand Master

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    Yep that's what makes this stoy AU (Alternate Universe) The altering of Earth time, hehe

    Here's the rest of chapter one, TH anks Becca

    Jedi Headquarters, Imperial City, Coruscant, Andromeda
    15 years after Balance Point

    "In the cold dreary night, *George* Washington, who was only a general at the time, led his army off into the night to ambush the Hessians. The fog was *so* thick that some soldiers couldn't even see their toes! But they crossed that Icy River, and why?" Gandolf spread his arms wide, as if delivering this speech for the first time.

    Sapphia Skywalker smiled politely. "Why?"

    They were in her living room, which was plain with dark blue couches and a cream colored carpet. A coffee table sat in the middle of the floor and end tables accompanied the couches. A holocube flashed holos of her parents wedding, her brother Mark before he died, and all of her pictures from age zero to fifteen. The son of Tionne and Kam Solusar, Gandolf was her best friend. He was just a *little* too obsessed with the Earth War holovids for her liking.

    "So they can have a victory! They would follow George Washington to the depths of Heck if he'd let them!" Gandolf shook his head in wonder. "He's my hero."

    "Gandolf, he's a fictional character-" Sapphia began gently.

    "Yes, but he more than that! He is a symbol to all those who are struggling for freedom." Gandolf paced in front of her.

    "And who is that?" Sapphia cocked an eyebrow.

    "Umm, guess what?" Gandolf's dark brown eyes brightened.

    "What?" Sappia smirked and ran her fingers through her long, strawberry blonde hair. She had her mother's green eyes and nose, and her father's smile.

    "There's this website called that has a fanfiction section. I was *thinking* about writing a What if Story."

    "What kind?" Sapphia asked, slyly checking her wrist chronometer. Her friend, Marian Terrance was coming over in a few minutes, and she couldn't *wait*. There was only so much of Gandolf and his Earth Wars that she could take alone.

    "What if George Washington met Woodrow Wilson." Gandolfs eyes sparkled. "What do you think he would say to him?"

    "I don't know, maybe, God bless America?" Sapphia waved her hand dismissively.

    "He comes to the future to tell him *that*?" Gandolf shook his head.

    "Gandolf, I'm sorry, I just don't share your same passion for those vids." Sapphia rubbed her hand on her knee. "And aren't we *supposed* to be studying our Jedi History?"

    "Sapphia, haven't you *ever* wondered where humans came from? There's no proof of evolution on any planet in this Galaxy. Just out of nowhere about ten thousand years ago, humans appeared."

    "Of course I have." Sapphia nodded. "But I don't think Earth is a logical place."

    "And why not?"

    "Did you pay attention to the vids?" Gandolfs eyes widened and Sapphia pursed her lips. "Sorry, stupid question. But honestly, there are over a hundred different nations and like 50 languages being spoken at the *same* time, isn't that just a little surreal? Not to mention that the vids insult humankind. The people were excited for *electricity* and hadn't even traveled to their moon."

    Gandolf sighed and sat down beside her on the couch. "I know this, Sapphy. It's just fun to pretend it's real, you know?"

    "Yeah." Sapphia patted his knee, just as she heard the door announcer ring. "I'll get it." She rose gracefully to her feet and glided across the floor to the door.

    A girl of almost sixteen stood behind it, with short curly hair and sparkling hazel eyes.
    "Hello Marian," She nodded graciously. "Come in." She waved Marian in.

    "Thanks, Sapphia" Marian stepped in and Sapphia closed the door behind her. "Hey Gandolf!" She said, plopping on the couch beside him.

    Sapphia sat next to her, crossing her legs. "How are you doing?"

    "Ok," Marian rubbed her temples. "This Jedi stuff is a lot harder than I thought it would be."

    "You joined us late." Gandolf smiled gently. "It'll get easier as it gets harder."

    "*That's* comforting.
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    You posted! Yeah. Another twisted tale by Luney. This should be very interesting.
  10. SkySaber Jedi Youngling

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    That was cool, seriously cool! Eagerly waiting for more!
  11. padawan lunetta Jedi Grand Master

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    THanks Mommy and Sky!! I am haveing tons of fun writing this, Earth Meets SW fics are always fun to explore, and the possibiltiites are endless. Hehehe
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    One point: if Gandolf (is he named after the writer of Dark Mirror?) has eyes like Tionne, aren't they opal-colored or something? Sorry, I just needed to find something about the story. Other than that, I love it.
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    Yay! A post! :D Good work!
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    Cooool. :) One of the better Earth/SW fics so far and one of the more original ones that I've read.
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    interesting, very interesting
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    Opal... that's what I meant! ;) (Thanks, that's what I get for relying on my memory, Ihaven't read a book describing Tionen in like a year!!! I'll remember Opal for future references of Gandolf) Thanks Melne,and Becca and Lt Cmdr (Originality is what I try for, if my story is like anyone elses, I don't feel it worth writing :D)
    And Morpheus (awesome name!) Here is part of Chapter Two

    Chapter Two:

    Provo, Utah, USA, Earth, Milkyway
    June 10th, 2001

    Kathleen hugged her knees to her chest, watching Charlotte and Dan out of the corner of her eye. They weren't usually the type of couple to show PDA, (Public Display of Affection), but they were still disgusting. Dan laid his hand ever so casually on Charlotte's arm and every so often their eyes would meet in that "special way". They were in love, and Kathleen thought they might not be so annoying if *she* had that special someone. She tried, honestly she did! But every guy whom she'd come close to- in that way, she found his arms strangely uncomfortable, and their lips miles apart, if she could help it.
    They were watching "Frequency" in her family room; Charlotte and Dan sat on the couch, Maren was on the Lazyboy, and Kathleen leaned against the couch. Maren had short, tightly curled hair, with green eyes and a face like an old English Lady. Charlotte had messy brown hair, with sparkling brown eyes that nearly screamed trouble. Dan, had a mushroom haircut, with brown eyes and was shy and quiet.

    "Wouldn't it be cool if that could really happen?" Kathleen murmured as on the TV, John talked to his dad for the first time over the old radio.

    "Shhhh!" Maren hissed. "I haven't seen this yet."

    "You haven't?" Charlotte asked incredulously.

    "I've been busy." Maren shifted her weight on the chair.

    "Who hasn't?" Dan asked quietly.

    "No kidding!" Kathleen groaned. "Stupid future planning."

    "I don't even know what I want to do," Maren stated, resting her head in her hands.

    "Me either," Kathleen admitted, twiddling her thumbs.

    Someone knocked on the front door and Kathleen jumped up. "I'll get it!" She cried, running up the stairs.

    "I know what I'm gonna be," Charlotte said snottily, and Dan socked her shoulder.

    "You're so rude!"

    She stuck her tongue out at him. "It's my only form of humor and you know it. Sarcasm and snideness are part of my soul." Charlotte sighed dramatically and placed a hand on her chest. "Sometimes it's hard, you know, to have a stinging wit." Dan rolled his eyes as Kathleen and Mark entered the room.

    Charlotte pounced.

    "Hi Mark," She said, batting her eyelashes at him. "Don't you think I'm just absolutely brilliant?"

    "Oh yes." Mark grinned. "How can you stand such a brilliant woman, Dan?" He clapped Dan's shoulder.

    "Woman?" Dan guffawed, and was immediately pinned to the ground by a fuming Charlotte.

    "Yes, woman," she replied quite haughtily, leaning on his chest.

    Kathleen scratched her head and looked at Mark. "I always thought the guy was supposed to be stronger."

    "Then there's no match for Charlotte." Dan grunted as she smacked his shoulder.

    Maren cleared her throat. "How did the movie promoting go, Mark?"

    "Long." Mark groaned, hopping over Charlotte and Dan to sit on the couch. "Did you see it?"

    "Yeah, Charlotte watched it five times," Kathleen said, plopping down next to him.

    "I'm flattered, Charlotte." Mark winked at her.

    "Only because lightsabers are cool, and Wedge is hot." Charlotte grinned and climbed off of Dan.

    "You like Scottish men?" Mark asked in a thick Scottish accent.

    "He's Scottish?" Maren gaped. "That just makes him even hotter."

    "Hm," Mark said. "What are we watching?"

    "Frequency." Kathleen replied. "You're back early."

    "I know. Mom and Dad obviously weren't expecting me."

    "Why do say that?" Kathleen asked, cocking an eyebrow.

    "They're not even home." Mark shrugged his shoulders.

    "Maybe they *were* expecting you, and that's why they're not there!" Charlotte winked at him.

    "Probably." Mark fro
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    (Sith I am impatient ;))
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    LOL, that was hilarious! Well, at least until the end.... :(
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    I know you're impatient.
  20. padawan lunetta Jedi Grand Master

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    :) THanks Becca :D I'm afraid my characters have to carry out my crazy sense of humor ;) (OR who I am basing them off of :D)

    *looks suspiciously at Mommy* Who told?
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    hnn...Fischer. Coincidence? :)

    ooh, an accident!!! I know this is going to sound selfish, but... M :eek: RE!
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    VEEERY INTERESTING viewpoint. Keep up the good work. Nice Touch that having a Hamill adopt Luke and Mara's son Mark for safe keeping. Wouldn't the kid flip when he learns that his last name is Skywalker. :cool:
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    Hey, Lunettasnarkybong!!!! Borme was telling me about this story you had planned and it sounded AWESOME, I'm so glad you started posting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

    Hmm..... the name "Kathleen Dorsey" sounds very familiar, not to mention her sister's name! ;) I love all the interaction you have between the characters!!! I have a feeling that if Matt's "red eyes" are any indication, the accident wasn't very good at all....

    Can't wait for more, babe! :D
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    Not selfish at all Liz :) Thanks, and I thought it would be great Luke... (I thrive on irony and cool coincidences ;) )
    GIMPADOODILY DOO!!!! What makes you think it was a bad one? *Wide eyed innocent look*

    And Becca... if you thought the first post was freaky... hehehe (This is one of those posts attacked by the feirce Iffypostmonster! He jumped sites Gimpy!)(i put in part of the last post, cuz I kinda cut out part of the convo :D)

    Here is the rest of Chapter Two:

    "Hey Kat," He managed a small smile. "Is Mark over here?"

    "Yeah," Kathleen frowned at him. "What's wrong?"

    "Our parents were in an accident."
    Kathleen paled at the news. "Come on in, I'll get him."

    Matt nodded and entered the living room, standing just inside the threshold. Kathleen ran down the stairs and threw open the door. "Mark, it's your brother."

    "Matt?" He asked, hopping to his feet. "What's up?"

    "It's your parents," Kathleen cringed, dreading to be the bearer of bad tidings. "They've been in an accident."

    Mark's bright blue green eyes widened in realization of the severity of her words. "There isn't much time," he murmured, brushing past Kathleen and taking the stairs two at a time.

    "Much time for what?" Kathleen demanded, following him up.

    "To see them." Mark threaded his way past the kitchen table and counter, with Kathleen close on his heels.

    "What do you mean?"

    "They're dying." Mark responded distantly, as if seeing something Kathleen could not.

    "You don't know that," Kathleen began, but they were already in the living room.
    Mark turned to her, his eyes bright with unshed tears. "I do."

    Kathleen nodded and grabbed his hand, gently squeezing it. "I'm sorry."

    "Thanks." Mark said, squeezing her hand back then releasing it.

    "I take it you heard already?" Matt asked, pressing a heavy hand on his younger brother's shoulder.

    "Yes, let's go." Mark answered, heading towards the door.

    Her chest heavy and tears threatening, Kathleen was speechless. She lifted her trembling hand in farewell to the brothers, and closed the door behind them. She loved Roseane and Anthony as if they were her Aunt or Uncle, and even called them "mom" and "dad." She had spent nearly as much time at their house next door as she did in her own. And they were dying, or at least, Mark thought they were. A cold hand gripped her chest, chilling her heart. What made him think such a thing? Kathleen closed her eyes, clenching her fists. His premonitions had been right before.
    With Matt just behind him, Mark dashed into his father's room. He had felt his mother's death on the way up, and wasn't about to let his father die without saying goodbye. Beeping instruments and dangling tubes surrounded his father's bed. Anthony looked gray, on the edge of death. He stirred at Mark's approach and gasped out, "Come over here, Mark."

    Mark was immediately by his father's bedside, grasping his limp hand. "You're in pain." Mark said softly, tracing his fingers along his father's ribcage, which were cracked in four different places. He willed the pain away with his touch, willing it to go away, away-

    Anthony gasped, knowing Mark was using the Force on him, unknowingly. He would have made such a good Jedi, no, he *will.* be one. Mark's fingers were cool and drew the pain away wherever they touched. Anthony was grateful for it, but knew his adopted son could not heal him. It was his time to go. "Mark," he whispered.

    "Yes?" Mark asked, not breaking his concentration.

    "I love you," he said, not wanting to let that go. He had loved him as his son, but he was not his. He shouldn't have been the one to raise him, to enjoy him, to love him.

    "I love you too." Tears threatened his young son's eyes, and made his voice raspy.

    "But you were not mine to have as my son." Anthony caught his son's eyes.

    Mark shook his head. "I am yours, father."

    "No!" Anthony squeezed Mark's hand, then stated, "You *must* return to your real parents,."

    Mark blinked, ke
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