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Unclassifiable Gamorrean Pork

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by The Loyal Imperial, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. The Loyal Imperial

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    Nov 19, 2007
    The Rough Sketch
    Seventeen years have passed since the ascension of Emperor Palpatine. Refer to a historian or the nearest databank for the highlights.​
    The Imperial Star Destroyer Odeon is the personal flagship of the Tharin sector's notoriously corrupt governor and self-proclaimed “High Beeser”, Moff Babery Querl. In exchange for (many) lavish gifts from his (many) associates in the Hutt kajidics, the Moff ensures that a copy of all Imperial patrol schedules in his sector makes its way into Hutt hands every month. Occasionally, he has also been known to have the “fortune” of intercepting ships belonging to rivals or enemies of the Hutts (or, for that matter, anyone else who has the misfortune of crossing them).​
    Due to the Tharin sector's close proximity to Hutt Space and Moff Querl's preferred business model for extracting a little extra revenue from the local interstellar traffic, many individuals on business of both dubious and legitimate natures frequently find themselves spending a spell in the Odeon's brig. At least until they can either bribe their way out or are deposited at the sector capital for long-term confinement. As per Imperial regulations, those guilty of particularly severe crimes (and strapped for credits) are, of course, executed on the spot.​
    A few enterprising guests have recently decided to cut their stay short, however, and forcibly commandeered a small freighter (the Bunky Dunko) from the Star Destroyer's hangar that had been seized during routine interdiction duties only days earlier. TIE Fighters have been dispatched to deliver a particularly pernicious punishment upon these miscreants and rogues, but they seem to possess a peculiar reluctance to actually inflict damage upon the fleeing craft...​
    The Bunky Dunko
    Measuring forty-four Imperial standard meters in length, the Corellian Engineering Corporation's YU-410 Light Freighter is the ideal spacecraft for the independent trader. Capable of carrying up to two hundred and fifty metric tons of cargo and requiring a crew of only four to operate it, you won't find a better deal this side of the Hydian Way.​
    But don't jump in the pilot's seat just yet, it gets better! This particular YU-410 has been equipped with all of the latest technology for avoiding awkward encounters with Imperial Customs. Electro-Photo Receptors, Dedicated Energy Receptors, and Life-Form Indicators all ensure that you'll never find the port authority knocking on your hull without warning again.​
    With its Corellian Engineer Corporation Evader-GT Ion Drive powering your thrusters, you'll always be able to keep ahead of the latest in Imperial interdiction craft, and even if you find yourself damaged and limping along like a three-legged sand panther, our Trickster Drones will confuse their sensors long enough for you to make a swift exit.​
    But don't think that running away is all you can do with the YU-410, I assure you that it's more than capable of holding its own in a fight. More assertively-minded purchasers of this fine freighter will no doubt be pleased to discover that it comes armed with not one, two, or three, but four Arakyd Tomral Dual Laser Turrets fully ready to repel any attempts to violate your individual sovereignty.​
    In the event of an unfortunate accident, the Corellian Engineering Corporation's Lifesaver Emergency Battery will keep your life support systems running long after any other ship's crew would have asphyxiated. Furthermore, for our more privacy-oriented customers, we've even thrown in four additional transponder codes (for the low, low price of absolutely nothing), ensuring your anonymity no matter where in the galaxy you find yourself.​
    The Corellian Engineering Corporation's YU-410 Light Freighter will soon be on sale at a starship dealer near you for the bargain price of only 200,000 Imperial credits. Order now and receive a LesTech S19 Astromech entirely free!​
    The Pre-Order Bonus
    The LesTech S19 Astromech Droid, both the latest and finest in starship maintenance, navigation, and repair assistance automatons, is now available for the stunningly low price of only 8,625 Imperial credits. With six tool appendages and another claw appendage for unprecedented manipulative abilities, this little mechanic is capable of keeping your ship running virtually septuple-handedly.​
    Fully capable of understanding Basic and boasting his own diagnostics package, you'll never need to tell this little droid what to do twice. Measuring up at only a meter in height, you'll barely notice the space he takes up, and his tracked locomotive system means that you can even take him outside on unstable terrain, unlike Industrial Automaton's wheeled R-series.​
    Furthermore, the S19 Astromech Droid's abilities aren't limited solely to the mechanical – he's also a fully functional mobile shield generator, extending protection against energy and projectile weapons for up to nearly four meters in every direction. Further modification options for this platform are available upon request. Prices will vary according to the specifications of the request.​
    The Abbreviated Autobiography
    Known Associates:
    The Study of Law
    You may not play a Jedi. You may not play a Force-sensitive. You may not possess a lightsaber.​
    There is an absolute limit of ten players.​
    Character sheets using the above format must be submitted to the GM via PM and approved before posting. Character sheets not using the above format will be forever lost to the void between the stars.​
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