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Lou, KY Gateway SciFiCon 3 == St. Louis == July 6-8

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by jedigal, May 24, 2001.

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  1. jedigal

    jedigal Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 21, 2000
    Gateway SciFiCon 3 == St. Louis == July 6-8

    Hello, FanForce friends from fair Louisville.
    Just thought I'd put out an invite to a convention that is taking place not far from home.
    Gateway SciFiCon 3 will be at the St. Louis Airport Hilton from July 6 to July 8 this year.

    I've been told the guest list is pretty good, but since my interests are pretty specific the important guests IMO are:
    Timothy Zahn (author of lots of excellent Star Wars EU material among other works)
    James Doohan (Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott ("Scotty") from the original Star Trek series).

    Travel time from Louisville to St. Louis is only about 4 hours. Pretty darn short!

    My apologies for not posting about this much earlier in the year. Registration prices are $50 through June 1st, after which they go up to $60. They do have arrangements for phone registration with credit card, though, so it is still possible to get the $50 rate.

    We in St. Louis are still trying to get our FanForce Chapter off the ground. We hope to have our first event in conjunction with this convention. It would be great to celebrate with some folks from out-of-town.

    If you decide to come, please post a note to that effect over on the St. Louis forum page. And feel free to contact me directly via PM or email if you have any questions about traveling or sightseeing or anything else that I can help you with. I live super close to Lambert Airport and the Hilton, and I've lived around St. Louis all my life, so I can give directions, make suggestions, whatever. I'd be happy to pick folks up at the airport, or whatever, just let me know. I've had a great time partying with the Chicago Force in their digs on two occasions, and I'd love to able to pass on their hospitality to me.

    Here's the link to the convention website: [link=]Gateway SciFiCon 3[/link]
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