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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Kai_Halicon, May 7, 2003.

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  1. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: ReallyBoringGuy - my bad, forget to check that far back. I suggest that Kaylen has already made his way to Cargul, possibly with some of Mephet'ran's Sith Minions when they spot an astromech droid (see a few posts back) that he decides to take to his master (Kai's K4 droid has all the mission details including files on all of the characters in his internal databse - information the Sith might find useful.)

    BTW, there is some God-Modding in this post but I believe it's all behind the scenes and no one should have any problems with the positions I've stated. If you do, then apologies in advance.

    IC: (Lia) The Gallant Quest touched Carugl's atmosphere with no trouble at all and Lia sent a recall message to the remaining fighters out in space, Jarrod and Mage. However, if they remained outside and landed manually, Lia had few problems with having an armed escort to the surface of Cargul.

    She made arrangements with the local Kiros spaceport, with the ship under the guise of a refitted freighter. Skywalker had arranged that story as a ruse to detract any attention and had even gone as far as to load a dozen or so crates of bantha skins and other trinkets onboard to futher collaborate their disguise.

    Lia dispatched a few service droids to clean up the mess that Cam and Sedryn had made in the hanger and clear away the bodies, dumping them in space before they hit orbit. It seemed somewhat barbaric, but under the circumstances Lia found herself having little sympathy.

    Serin had contacted her and informed her of Cam's 'slip' in control, but the empathic Twi'lek had sensed his anger spike earlier on. Evidently, the Blade still had some form of hold over him and right now, the safest thing for him was to be lightly sedated in the infirmary, a 21B unit keeping a close eye on him.

    Perhaps I should have Serin get Terow, Leina and Sedryn to watch him for a while. I'll ask her when she comes to the bridge.

    The spaceport came into view as dig the landscape of Cargul. It was somewhat cold and foreboding place, a vast majority of the planet taken up by snowy peaks, swamps and endless forrestry. However, the settlements like this were fairly self sufficient and Kiros was well renowed as a great trading post for travellers across the cosmos.

    Lia addressed the crew over the comm.

    ["Attention everyone. The ship is about to dock. We'll be on the surface in about six minutes. Serin, is everyone still meeing on the bridge to discuss our next move - in Kai's wake, you and Mage are probably our closest things to his first mates now..."]

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  2. A-WingsRule

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    Oct 9, 2002

    Denin awoke, and through his groggy vision saw the face of Leina. Struggling to speak through his frail self, Denin instead projected an image through the Force.

    Take the medical centre...

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  3. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003

    "Gallant Quest, this is Dark Revenge. I'll be maintaining escort, if that's okay with you. Over and out."

    TAG: Kai

    OOC: That 'over and out' is probably going to be for the whole summer, so I'm going to leave my character here as an NPC. If his death is necessary for the continuation of the plot, I ask that it be a warrior's death. Have a great summer, and may the Force be with all of you.
  4. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    Leina breathed a sigh of relief as Denin woke up, but she could tell he was feeling very weak

    Take the medical centre...

    She helped the exausted man down the ladder, and began to lead him towards the medical centre. Looking at him, she sensed that he had probably had another one of those visions. When they arrived, the 2-1B droid was moving about, Checking on Camden?s signs from time to time and making sure the sleeping apprentice was Ok. When it saw Leina entering, holding up the bearly conscious young man, it came over to her

    ?Hmm, the medical escapee?Has he got a registered medical condition wich makes him black out like this??

    It said as he beckoned Leina to help him to a free bed

    ?I don?t think it?s a medical condition. Its?something else. But I don?t think I can explain it?

    ?I see??

    He broke off as he saw Leina gingerly supporting her hand. The adrenaline from the battle before had made her oblivious to the pain, but now it felt like it was on fire.

    ?And while your helping others, you don?t consider your own health??

    It scolded her

    ?Let me take a look at that??

    ["Attention everyone. The ship is about to dock. We'll be on the surface in about six minutes. Serin, is everyone still meeting on the bridge to discuss our next move - in Kai's wake, you and Mage are probably our closest things to his first mates now..."]

    Lia?s Voice came over the comm system

    ?Look?Ive got to go?

    ?You will do no such thing young Jedi?

    ?I?ll come straight back! A couple of blaster burns to my hand are the least of my problems right now!

    She said quietly. Trying not to disturb the two ailed young men

    After a brief pause, The droid spoke up

    ?Fine. You may go. But if you do not return, I?ll come and find you. And He won?t be the only one who?s sedated"

    The droid said as he pointed to Camden

    ?Your point is well seen?

    She said as she turned to leave

    ?2-1Bs! Think the smallest scratch is a major catastrophe!?

    She said to herself as she made her way to the bridge.

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  5. Mistryl

    Mistryl Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 5, 2003
    Kes glanced out as they came out of hyperspace above the planet. "There it is."

    "Master, I can feel the blade, the power."

    Kes nodded as she heard Kelv behind her and contacted Mepha'tran. "Mepha'tran, we're ready to begin."

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  6. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    On a remote snow-ladden mountain, several hundred miles from the city of Kiros, shortly after the Jagged Knives boarded the Gallant Quest....

    Untouched and serene, the moutain peak that towered above the white-blanketed valley remained the same as it had for thousands of years. A gentle snowfall floated down from the heavens, covering the tall trees and coating the earth with paleness. From the trees, the carnivourous form of a vornskyr, emerged from the forrest, raising it's nose the air, hoping to catch scent of prey.

    Then, abruptly, the beast had to retreat to the dark cover of the trees as a flaming chunk of fury from the heavens hailed down into the side of the mountain, hitting with a force that the creatures of this forrest had never before seen. Snow and earth exploded into the air, the former turning to steam as the object from above splintered wood and leaf as it careened down the side of the peak, finally coming to rest at the foot of the valley. Behind it, it left a trail of strewn debris.

    Debris that was not unlike the external panels of an Incom T-65a X-Wing fighter.

    After what seemed an eternity, the steam and earth settled again, the snowfall still evaportatin as it touched the surface of the mysterious object, none of the terrified forrest-dwellers able to rouse the courage to investigate it any further.

    However, if they had had managed to forget their fear and stare inside the cockpit, they might of seen the unbreathing form of a human male in his mid-twenties in the remains of the nose section of the destroyed fighter......

    A human who opened his eyes and screamed out loud with such intensity that it shattered the frozen/charred plexiglass cockpit window, and sent birds and animals scattering for miles around. The man exhaled, coughing and he struggled against the restraints that held him in place and tore them asunder. With a determined strenght, he lifted the canopy aside and crawled from the fighter, tossing the dark fligh helmet from his head, a shaggy crop of dark hair falling free.

    At that point, he fell, his footing giving way and he collapsed to the ground, the shock of the crash knawing at his being. Coughing again, blood spat onto the snow, the ruby staining the white. The high-collared jersey he'd been wearing was in tatters, the grey coloured shirt beneath visible in the tears. He struggled to removed the constricting jersey and after a moment of fighting it gave way and the mystery figure pulled it off, collapsing again.

    It was at that point that Kai Halicon, Jedi Master of the New Republic realised that he was indeed alive, stranded here on the side of this mountain......

    At that same moment, a horrifying realisation hit him.

    I....can't feel....the Force. It's gone from me....

    To be continued.....
  7. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    Continued from last post...

    Kai lay back in the snow, blood streaking his face, his skin beginning to pale in the cool temperature. His hazy mind began to slip back in time to the moments before the crash and the Jedi was surprised it came back with crystal clarity.

    The debris hit my ship just after I got off the comm. It fireballed the engine, but the nosecone and the central section managed to split. I have no idea what became of K4 - I can only assume he burned up in the atmosphere, but perhaps the droid-socket's panels protected him.

    The cockpit section managed to survive and avoid the blast, but it cut off all my communications and sensors. Essentially, I was flying to my doom. The remains of the Shadow began to heat up and I had to try and use the Force as makeshift heatshield to protect myself from re-entry. However, such a stunt left me powerless to steer the ship using my telekinesis; I must of blacked out when I hit the atmosphere. Thankfully, my subconscious telekinetic skills must of kicked in and guided the ship down as best as they could.

    The immense strain of my TK powers must of temporarily severed my connection to the Force - what I did was pretty much akin to holding back hundreds of thousands of pounds of pure atmospheric pressure per square inch and fight off the crushing effects of oxygen starvation. It's probably why I passed out towards the end. The strain on my system would have been condiserable.

    I remember straining my Force skills to this degree when I fought Mephet'ran years ago - I was without the Force for days and it was a curious feeling. I can only hope I have burnt out my connectiont too much - without a radio or telepathy, I have no way of contacting anyone for help.

    The Jedi checked himself over. There appeared to be no breaks or major lacerations, but his head was throbbing and the cut on the right side of his forehead indicated he'd probably taken a knock that may of resulted in concussion. Wiping the blood aside, he sat up slowly, feeling his body ache. Although not seriously injured, he felt weak and intensely drained due to his enormous use of the Force just prior to the crash. Kai was well aware of the face that a Force-user with psionic abilities that were considred to be 'Alpha' level (the highest class, of which only a few, like Skywalker himself, had been recorded) could cause temporary or even permament damange to their nervous system with continual high-level use. It was why Kai was reserved about the use of his powers in that aspect.

    Kai stood, his footing shaky and headed over to the remains of his fighter, noting his balance was off. A quick check of his wrist comm and chronometer indicated both were still functioning but the comm was only short range and far too far away from the Quest to be of any use. He looked down at his belt to realise he'd left his pistol back on the ship but sighed in relief at the familiar sight of his lightsaber, still within the confines of the cylindrical leather holster he wore on the left side of his belt. It was a small miracle but a comforting one nonetheless.

    He foraged around the remains of the fighter, removing the small survival kit he'd found behind the chair that had managed to survive the crash. The first thing he noted was the padded navy blue flight jacket that he put on immediately as the cold was beginning to sap his strength. The pack also contained some medical supplies which he used to clean his cuts and tidy himself up, some rations, water and small electro compass designed to home in on energy sources. Kai activated the compass and the display indicated he head due east. It displayed a topographical map of the next two kilometres and despite the short range, Kai found it comforting to know his terrain.

    Eight minutes later, after salvaging everything he could from the crash, which was pretty much nothing more than what he already had, the Jedi decided to head in the direction of the power output, theorising that it could only be some form of man-made st
  8. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003
    OOC: Reading that, I was wondering if I could throw in a cameo before I make definite leave for the summer. Would that be okay?
  9. KissSpooky

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    Jun 2, 2002
    Serin sat in deep meditation in the same dark cubbyhole of the Gallant Quest. It likely took only 15 or 20 minutes for the ship to land on Cargul's planet surface, not long enough to get anything overly beneficial from the meditation, but she needed some time to herself.

    She had tried to get some sense of where into the Force Kai had disappeared into, but got nothing. She then mused how barely a day and a half earlier she'd been sitting in a tavern with him and Mage saying how she was just still a student, and now she was thrust with commanding the entire mission. She felt slightly overwhelmed and only hoped Mage wouldn't feel she had overstepped her bounds, given the years of seniority he had in these types of thing. She certainly didn't think she would be making any commands to him. She'd wanted to speak to him about it all, but hadn't had the opportunity yet.

    Moving onto other concerns, she thought of the others..."We're doing well..."she thought to herself, "One lost Jedi Master, and at least two in the med centre."

    As she felt the ship start going through it's landing cycle, Serin let out some calming breaths and let her concerns go for the time being, bringing herself out of her trance.

    Getting up, she made her way through the corridors of the ship, heading towards the bridge. When she was just outside the door, she heard Lia's announcment:

    ["Attention everyone. The ship is about to dock. We'll be on the surface in about six minutes. Serin, is everyone still meeing on the bridge to discuss our next move - in Kai's wake, you and Mage are probably our closest things to his first mates now..."]

    Smiling a little at the Twi'lek padawans timing, she let her face become a mask as the door to the bridge opened and she walked through, caught off guard a little by the bright lights of the new day on Cargul after the darkness of space and the dark corridors of the Gallent Quest.

    "Actually, Liana, I told Sedryn to gather everyone in the hangar. I guess the message hasn't reached the bridge yet. I want to have a chance to briefly address everyone."

    Taking a seat near the younger woman, looking into her eyes. "I know I'm not Kai, but we're going to have to keep moving. We don't really have the time to discuss the tunr of events. And with the state Camdens in, it's going to make things more difficult...I don't think we can use him to track the blade. Could you have Mage come see me when you get a chance? We need to coordinate things..."

    Laying a hand on Liana's shoulder, Serin gave it a small squeeze and a small smile, before turning and making for the exit again.

    TAG: Kai, Coota (even if Coota's been quiet for some time)

    OOC: Glad to see Kai's alive afterall. :)
  10. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003
    OOC: And for my last post in this RP before the summer absence officially kicks in, I'll take a momentary cameo appearance that should help Kai in that little fight. (A: I hope this works. B: Here goes nothing.)


    A hazy blue shadow formed in front of the blood-thirsty creatures, impeding their motion and view for a short while as it stepped forward. "Kai," it said in a friendly tone, "it's a pleasure to see you again. Some big mess you just got yourself into here, isn't it?" The Corellian accent was unmistakeable, and the ghost saying it suddenly took definite shape, eliminating all doubt. "Need any help?" Lance's ghost asked with a smile, melding itself into Kai, surging the Force into the battered Jedi. "If so, consider this the upgrade." A bright flash of lightning surged through the air, rejuvenating the old master to 100% and restoring to him all the powers of the Force. "Now go get them, old buddy!"

    TAG: Kai

    OOC: You should have known what you were getting warned about in that PM.
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    May 11, 2003
    Sedryn reached one of the ships comm units.

    "all personal report to the Hanger for a short briedfing"

    Sedryn spoke clearly and kept any anticipation out of his voice, he made his way down to the hanger and stood in the nearly assembled crew.

    He closed his eyes and steched himself into the fforce its cold binding spirt filled him, it calm more as he powered deeper into the force.

    Sedryn awoke to hear Serin adressing everyone.

    "I know I'm not Kai, but we're going to have to keep moving. We don't really have the time to discuss the tunr of events. And with the state Camdens in, it's going to make things more difficult...I don't think we can use him to track the blade. Could you have Mage come see me when you get a chance? We need to coordinate things...".

    He could feel the women's imese presence and he was happy to have such a second leader, althought he was worried about the others, but then shook his head and told himself everything would be ok.

    After the brief Sedryn grabed his Kit bag and made his way toward the Hanger doors, he sat by the side door awaiting the others.

    Before he left however he decided he would meditate on the upcoming quest to see if he could see anymore into the future.

    Sedryn's mind was blank as he reached into the heart of the force all his visions were clouded by darkness, he could hear screaming and the thrash of lightsaber blades hitting each other, Sedryn delved deeper into the force than he had done in a while, he saw flashes of each members of the team, he could feel the fear, he could see himself standing there the lure of the blade trying to pull him in but he didnt move. More pain he felt then he felt a power in the force he had never felt. Then nothing..........

    He woke to find himself sitting in the cargo bay his body shaking .

    " what does this mean" he said as his body trembled.

    He would sound find out, he thought.

    The power of the force told him that much.
  12. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    IC: The first of the beast came at Kai from the left, the Jedi swinging his lightsaber to intercept the attack. However, his timing was off and it missed, allowing the vornskyr's talons to rake his upper back. Kai fell, his saber clattering away from him.

    As he fell, Kai felt his vision blur. The growling increased, then suddenly stopped. Kai opened his eyes wider to see what looked like the faint blue form of man standing above him, devilish smile on his face. It spoke something, but Kai couldn't make out the worlds.

    However, the accent it bore was easily recognisable as Corellian and that hinted only one thing to Kai.

    "....McCallister...Lance....?" He muttered.

    The apparition grinned again, then in a flash of white, it was gone, remnants of it's psionic residue filtering into Kai. He felt it slowly at first, like a warm summer morning heating his skin. Then, suddenly, his wounds didn't seem to hurt as much anymore and the throbbing of his head was gone.

    Then, he suddenly became aware of every tree, bird, animal and insect in the woods. A comforting rapture filled his being and Kai suddenly found himself standing, his body rejuvenated. It was only as he realised he could sense the hostile thoguhts of the vornskyrs that he realised a single, clear thought.

    The Force has returned to me...

    With no time to ponder, the beast that had attacked him came forward, teeth bared. It dashed at Kai, but the nimble Jedi leapt up, sommersaulting bakwards and landing a few metres back. Kai was aware that though he was healed and his connection with the Force restored, it would take a while for all of his abilities to filter back to full strength and as such, he was fighting below par still. Regarldess, he reached out with his telekinesis, finding his blade and drawing it to his hand. It strained him slighlty but the weapon settled into his palm, the luminous green blade leaping to life.

    Thank you, Lance. It's good to know you're still watching out for some of us.

    The creature from behind him charged, but Kai spun around, dropping to one knee and slashing horizontally, the lightsaber blade tearing through the throat of the vornskyr, granting it an instant death. Spinning the blade, Kai turned to focus on the next attacker, which pounced from him. Cartwheeling sideways, the second beast missed him and landed on nothing but snow.

    Kai jumped at it, landing a solid boot to the jaw of the vornskyr. It made a movement to get up, but a driving downwards stabbing motion from the emerald saber tore straight through the creatures heart, killing it immediately. No sooner had he removed his blade, than the third animal was on top of him, teeth in his face. With no room to move, he was forced to jam his saber-arm down the vornskyr's gaping maw, the lightsaber ripping through the brain of the animal.

    Struggling to push the dead weigh of the beast off him, he never saw the final creature stomp his head into the snow, his temples pounding again and his nose releasing bloodflow. The saber was torn from his grasp and too far away for his reduced telekinesis to attain it. Disorientate, he rolled back, snapping over a wooden branch as he did.

    The vornskyr leapt high, bellowing as it dove at him from above. With no weapons other than the treebranch, Kai snapped the short branch in half and concentracted with all the psionic skill his tired frame could muster. He lofted a branch in each hand, the shots on target, but thrown with little power to do damage. Reaching out, he gave each branch a telekinetic 'boost'. They flew like twin spears, the first stabbing the forehead of the beast, the sophmore piercing the left eye. The creature howled in pain and fell immediately, sending snow across the forrest clearing.

    Kai got up coughed, steam released from his breath. Though he was in far better condition than before, his powers had still not returned fully and his telepathy was still inactive. Kai grabbed his discarded pack and light
  13. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: Hmmm....things are a bit dead....has everyone vanished for the Northern hemisphere summer or something?
  14. KissSpooky

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    Jun 2, 2002
    IC: Serin had addressed everyone. It had gone alright, she felt confident, mostly. Now she stood in the hangar, still surrounded by the group.

    Still, they hadn?t come up with a game plan yet. Serin felt they should go out in at least different groups. They had to be able to cover ground, and those with stealth and tracking and investigation experience could handle that the best, but that meant both Serin and Mage, they?re "leaders", among others.

    On top of that, their numbers had been cut down. With two in the med centre, they would need at least one person there to watch them, especially in the state Camden had been in lately. So they?d lost four already, including Kai.

    Looking over everyone, Serin tried to plan their first action. "Ok, everyone, I want you all reassembled here in 45 minutes. Get ready, eat, rest, whatever you need to do." And with that, she left the hangar.

    She made a stop at the infirmary to check on Denin and Camden, both of whom were still out. Probably for the best, in Cam?s case, she mused to herself. Going to sit in her little alcove, Serin checked the powercells on her lightsabers, and made sure all her other equipment was ready, and closed her eyes to focus her mind on the coming task.

    She found herself in a snowy forest, the wind blowing. It felt like she was walking, had been for hours. She was coming up behind someone, someone painfully familiar. Suddenly, he turned around and looked directly at her...

    "Serin? It?s Kai. I survived the crash..."

    The young Jedi?s eyes shot open and she was up in a flash. Running past a comm. Station in one of the small rooms, she skidded to a stop and turned back, darting into the room.

    "All hands, listen up. There?s a change in plans. Meet me back in the hangar, we?re on a rescue mission. Kai Halicon is alive!"

    TAG: Anyone still with us...?

    OOC: Sorry for my silence, I?ve been away a few days?hope this one isn?t dying...
  15. ReallyBoringGuy

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    Oct 14, 2002
    OOC: I'm still here, but I didn't post for a while due to bunnies in our wiring. Sorry about that.

    IC as Kaylen: Kaylen had just landed on Cargul, touching down well outside any settlement to avoid anyone tracking him. While that certainly made a quick getaway more difficult, he was more than confident that that wouldn't be needed.

    A moment later, an astromech droid, a K4 by the look of him, topped a nearby rise, beeping excitedly. When it took further stock of the situation, it attempted sneaking off, beeping in a fair approximation of a nonchalant whistle. "Huh?" Kaylen said, startled by the sudden appearance of the doid. Grabbing an astromech translation unit from the ship, he chased and caught up to the K4 in short order. Activating his lightsaber, he pointed it at the droid. "So, droid, who are you? What brings you out here?"

    TAG: Kai Feel free to toss out any of that if I'm mixed up as to the circumstances here...
  16. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003
    OOC: I'm going to see if I can get on a little more often over the summer, despite the break/vacation. Anyway, I'll have a new RPG up, and everyone here is invited to join. I hope the dead are okay with all of you...


    Jarrod keyed his comm unit, unsure if the words he had heard were true. "Dark Revenge to Gallant Quest. I didn't copy that last call. Halicon is alive!?" He pondered for a second, and then turned to the hangar. "I'm on my way in. Over and out."

    TAG: KissSpooky
  17. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    IC: The astromech whirred its rotating dome to face the young man who'd appeared before him, a lightsaber in hand. K4 didn't recognise him as a Jedi and started rolling away from Kaylen, bleeping warnings and terrified cries.

    Cries that echoed up a few hundred metres into the mountain where the pacing form of Kai Halicon, who'd managed to cross a few kilometres in the last fifteen or so minutes, could hear them.


    The Jedi looked at his electro compass, noting a small EM signal about eight hundred metres down the mountain, at the foot of the forrest. Kai had no doubts it was his droid - there was little likelihood of finding another random astromech out here in the middle of nowhere.

    He couldn't make out the bleepings clearly but it sounded like the droid was frantic about something as he broke into a dash, his Force connection growing stronger again with each passing moment. Though he was still below par, he kept running, focusing with the Force in the area he was heading.

    Though his telepathy was still fairly weak, he could sense another Force user, near where K4 was. In his diminished state, he could not tell if it was hostile or note, but Kai was not willing to take any chances and he took his lightsaber in hand.

    The Jedi negoitiated the downward slope of the mountain with the grace of a skilled acrobat, avoiding tress and srub with nimble grace before he landed at the forrest border. In the distance, he saw K4's black and chrome form, and the darkly clad figure of young man with blonde hair and sharp green eyes approaching the droid. In his hands, the boy carried a ruby double bladed lightsaber, both ends lit.

    A minion of the Sith? But I thought they were abolished when Mephet'ran was....??

    From the boy, Kai sensed a yearning for power and a darkness within him, one that had not fully encompassed him, but threatened to do so with time. Though his power did not radiate the same levels as a full Knight or Sith Lord, Kai knew that if it turned physical, he might get a thumping. Ordinarily, the powerful Jedi Master would of been able to dispatch such a foe with little effort but in his current state, they were probably on par.

    Kai closed the gap between them stood atop a large fallen tree, his lightsaber unlit at his side. His form was covered in snow, his face streaked with stained blood and his shoulder-length dark hair flowing freely but he was still an imposing sight.

    "That droid belongs to me, Kai Halicon, Jedi Master of the New Republic. What business do you have with it? I mean you neither harm, nor disrespect but your drawn lighsaber tells me that you are not someone to be trifled with...."

    Kai lowered his head, and thumbed the activator on his own weapon, the emerald blade leaping to life.

    "....but then again, neither am I..."

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  18. ReallyBoringGuy

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    Oct 14, 2002
    Kaylen frowned a moment and deactivated his lightsaber and replaced it on his belt, turning to face the Jedi. He kept his distance, though. He bowed to the Jedi. "My apologies. I intended no harm to your droid or to you. You certainly understand that I was startled by the droid's appearance way out here. May I inquire as to why a Jedi would be in such an out-of-the-way location?" He had a sneaking suspicion that he knew, but best to be sure...
  19. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    IC: Kai watched the young man's weapon disengage and he lowered his own, but did not deactivate the blade, instead holding it in a relaxed stance.

    "Understandably, it must come as a surprise to find someone out in the middle of nowhere, especially looking the way I do...."

    Kai grinned and shut off his blade, but kept it in his hand.

    ".... but few people walk away from a starfighter crash with no marks, especially when the fighter detonates in the atmosphere..."

    He wondered what the young man would think. Kai was still to weak telepathically to probe his mind even for a name but he wasn't exactly going to make that public knowledge. The Jedi patted his astromech's dome.

    "What brings you out this way, my young friend...?"

    Kai tried to remain ambiguous - though he could sense the boy had aspects of the Dark Side, it was impossible to tell if they were prevalent in his current condition. He wondered his counterpart was seeking the Blade as well, but made sure to skirt his thoughts around it. His companion could also be a telepath.

    Instead, Kai reached out again to Serin. In the cold of the snow, her mind was a bright radiant light and despite his limited view of the astral plane, he could see her in the distance.

    Serin, I've run into a potential spot of trouble. Can you home in on my psionic signature yet...?

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  20. sedrynvagor

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    May 11, 2003
    Sedryn waited the long 45 minutes, his lungs were getting bored with the recycled oxygen, he wished for fresh air and the strong force pluse he would get while in nature.

    " Not long now "he said to himself over and over again trying to pass the time.

    Sedryn though back to the vision he had had moments ago, his arms and legs still shook from the sudden surege of adrenalien, bt his mind was at piece, what did it mean was the though that probed his mind.

    Sedryn got up he, was sick of siting down, he stood and strenched his muscles. He felt the weight of his untility belt on his his hips and decided to do a once over.

    He had everything, his saber, rations and waterpurifer were quickly found, next came his aqaubreather, bacta strips and his mutitool knife. Lastly in one of his larger pouches he found his datapad.

    Sedryn replaced all his kit and straped it back around his His, he was ready to go, he had enough rations for a while and water was not a problem were he was goin . He was all set to go and as he looked at his watch the 45 minutes were nearly up.

    OOC: sorry had another two exams the last todays, but back to normal now .

  21. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    After Serin anounced that people should go and get rested up, Leina walked back to the med wing to get her hand sorted out. She palmed the door and walked in. The 2-1B saw her and spoke up

    "I see my threat worked"

    It said as Leina took a seat by the bed Denin was lying on

    "How are they doing?"

    She asked as the 2-1B collected what he needed

    "Both are stable. Exausted mostly"

    She nodded as the burns were cleaned. Wincing slightly if the droid put to much pressure on the inflamed skin. She looked over at Camden who was still out. Reaching out with the force, she sensed he was comfortable for the time being. Sending a message to both of them through the force

    "I hate seeing you guys like this. Get back up on your feet soon ok!"


    She was startled back to reality when the droid finished bandaging the hand. She clipped the lightsaber off her belt to see how well she could hold it. She could handle it efficently but a slight numbing sensation came about if she pushed it too far.


    She said to the droid as she left. Suddenly she heard Serin from further down the ship

    "All hands, listen up. There?s a change in plans. Meet me back in the hangar, we?re on a rescue mission. Kai Halicon is alive!"

    What! She said outloud to no-one in particular as she sped up her pace to the bridge.

    Tag - All
  22. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    IC: (Camden) In the infirmary of the Gallant Quest, Camden began to stir. He was able make out Denin's limp form beside him on the other examination bed and managed to sense a brief empathic surgence from Leina before she left the room, excited about something.


    The boy opened his eyes immediately, staring blanky as the voice seemingly echoed throughout the room. It was at that point he realised his robe, boots and lighsaber were piled on the bedside container and he was only clad in his loose charcoal Jedi trousers.

    He got up and the 21B droid was at his side immediately.

    <Master Rycoth, I suggest you return to a resting position. You are still in shock.>

    "Didn't you hear that? The voice..?"

    <Negative. Hallucinations may be related to your condition - it would seem you suffered an overload to your neural system and passed out.>

    The machine does not hear our call, Camden, but we know you do. At long last, you have arrived to reclaim us.

    Camden then realised that voice he was hearing, that the 21B was seemingly unaware of could only belong to the one thing they were seeking on Cargul.

    The Blade.

    Getting up, Camden removed the sensor pads and IV drip from his person, taking a moment to pull on his cloak and clipping his saber to his belt. He ignored his tunic and boots, dashing from the room with a somewhat vacant look on his face. As he stepped onto the hard floor, feeling the cool surface on his bare feet, Lia approached, flicking back a lekku tentacle from her face and giving Camden a curious look.

    "Cam? I though you were still out cold - how are you feeling?"

    The boy said nothing, instead, listening the the voice of the Tainted Blade that now roiled inside his already fragil psyche.

    Ignore her. She needs to know nothing.

    She's a Jedi! She'll know that I'm hiding something. They're all already terrified of what you've done to me!

    It is unimportant what she thinks, take leave of here and find us. We are not far away, in the possession of another we have chosen to act as courier for us. However, we have awaited your return. We know you cannot deny us.

    You're wrong! I can fight you.... I can!

    You are mistaken, Camden. You are ours now, to control and corrupt as we wish. Accept us. It is the only way you will survive.

    And in that moment, Camden's weakened defenses gave way. The loss of his beloved Master had already been a massive blow to him and he could no longer fight the Blade's effect on him.

    "Liana. Get out of my way."

    Liana eyed her fellow student with a look of disturbance in her eyes. It was happening again, she could tell by the tone of his voice. The Blade had asserted control over him and without Kai here to help him supresss the urge to lash out, Cam felt his control slip away as the Blade asserted dominance.

    From his position in the hall, Camden exhaled, levitating a full foot off the floor, hovering there in mid air as he began to move towards Liana, his black cloak flowing behind him. It was only as Liana saw his uncovered chest that she noted the true horror of the hold the Blade held over him as a series of dark Sith-derived tattoos began to form over his chest and torso, leading up to his neck and over his face, his eyes glowing like burning coals and his platinum hair thrashing like a living thing.

    She went for her lightsaber on instinct, the violet blade igniting but then realised the this was her friend, her fellow student and the closest thing she had to a brother in this universe. Lia stood transfixed as the sinister-looking apprentice floated up to her and raised an open palm, it too covered by dark tattoos that seemed to glow a deep purple shade.

    "Sleep, dear sister"

    With that, he released short spark of blue lightning that touched Lia's forehead, effectively shorting out her brainwaves and sending her into the realm of slumber. Part of her was surprised he didn't fry her to a crisp a
  23. KissSpooky

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    Jun 2, 2002
    OOC: This post is concurrent to Kai's last one with Cam and Lia. Please forgive me if I take liberties with people's characters, but I'm going to assume more or less everyone is on the important (if possibly single minded) mission to go get Kai (other than Cam, Lia, and Denin)

    IC: Serin again stood in the hangar of the the large transport ship, surrounded by most of the crew still aboard the Gallant Quest. She felt in a rush, but forced her voice to be calm.

    "Alright everyone, this is the drill. I just got a message from Kai. He's alive, and somewhere on Cargul, likely within no more than a 10 to 15 kilometre radius, otherwise I likely wouldn't have picked him up. I don't know his condition, or how dangerous an area he's located in so I want everyone available to join me in this rescue mission."

    "I've already spoken to Liana about remaining behind to keep an eye on Camden and Denin. If anyone so chooses, you can begin scouting out the city, but we have to go now. I suggest we take Kai's freighter, Rogue Knight. It has the space and speed to transport us all quickly, and the medical facilities, should they be necessary. Now let's move, we don't have time to spare."

    As the loaded up, Serin was proud and how quickly they as a group could pull together. They were underway in less than 5 minutes.

    While they were pulling out of storage aboard the Gallant Quest, Serin had a sudden flash of darkness eminating from within the Quest, and had half a second of doubt, thinking perhaps she should have left more people aboard in case of trouble, but dismissed it, as Camden was likely dreaming, but nothing more harmful than that, and Serin would need all her skills to try to pinpoint Kai. She closed her eyes, letting Sedryn fly.

    Don't worry Kai. We're coming.

    OOC: Anyone that wants to have stayed behind, you're welcome to, but you likely will have to deal with Camden before long...
  24. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003
    OOC: I can do that part easy enough...


    Jarrod saw a large freighter pulling away from the Gallant Quest as he entered the hangar, and figured that he wouldn't be able to join them any time soon. He had a small bit of repair work to do, and doing it on Cargul would be a problem and a half.

    As he hopped out of his ship, he checked his arm's electroshock assembly, figuing that he might have to do some wiring. He then picked up his comm-link and sent out a signal. "Lia, this is Jarrod. Please respond. I'm in the hangar." No response. (OOC: Keeping in line with Kai's post in the infirmary.) "Lia, this is Jarrod. Are you awake up there!?" Still no response. Jarrod threw the comm unit back into his pocket, a look of disgust on his face. He then walked over to the computer terminal in the ship's hangar and punched in a few commands.

    "Great... she's in sick-bay. I don't know why that doesn't surprise me." His mutterings were on the tone of frustrated. Another blip caught his eye, though. "What the f---?" he asked himself. "That kid should be lying prone on the infirmary exam table right now!" He didn't like what he saw, and quickly drew his sword. "I dlon't want to, but I'll send him there if I have to." He shut off the terminal and waited in front of the doorway, his sword in his right hand. As an added boost to his offensive, he charged his electroshock assembly, channeling 200 volts of electrical power through the blade of the weapon.

    TAG: Kai

    OOC: This could make a huge fight. (Evil, sinister laughter.)
  25. ReallyBoringGuy

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    Oct 14, 2002
    IC as Terow: Terow sat in one of the transport's seats, more than a little bewildered. Kai was alive? Why shouldn't he be? Had something happened during their battle that he'd missed? To anyone nearby, he asked, "What happened to Kai? I missed it, whatever it was."

    OOC: He wasn't paying any attention to the dogfight, and he's not Force-sensitive, in case you're wondering why he's a bit behind everyone else here.

    IC as Kaylen: Kaylen raised an eyebrow, studying the Jedi carefully. "'No marks'? You look wounded to me." (OOC: The vornskrs, of course.) Kaylen looked the Jedi in the eye. "I am Kaylen. What is you name, Jedi? I think you may look familiar."

    OOC: Remember, he was at the Jedi Temple for a while. If you want, Kai, have them recongize each other.
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