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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Kai_Halicon, May 7, 2003.

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  1. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    IC: Making his way down the side of a hill that lead towards a clearing in the forest, Kai felt a tingle in the Force, one that he could not help smile as he felt.

    Serin. I'm just below you. I'll make my way to the open space a few hundred metres away.

    The snow was lighter here, less dense. Strands of grass could be seen through the blanket of white but all was pushed aside as the powerful turbines of the Rogue Knight appeared overhead, a warming sight for the tired Jedi Master. He watched as it slowly set down, unsure of who was at the controls and not wanting to risk a migraine by instinctively using telepathy.

    Careful, Halicon. You're still functioning anywhere near peak.

    Just then, as he made his way to the ship, which was now landing, he felt dizzy. Evidently, his concussion was returning with a vengeance. Bracing himself on K4, he saw a figure appear from the ship but his tired eyes could not focus and he slumped to his knees. He felt a tingle of the Force like before but a different sensation.

    Then, a startling vision appeared before him.

    Camden, fighting Liana, then Jarrod, then vanishing - only it wasn't him.....The Blade has control!

    Serin's face appeared above him as he felt the snow beneath him seep into his clothing, the cool feeling bitting his skin. He managed to get a grip on her collar as she leaned over him.

    "Serin....Cam's gone.....he's lost control of himself....."

    Then all went black as Kai fell into the realm of unconsciousness....


    Taiin peered around the street corner, her keen eyes catching sight of nothing out of the ordinary. She looked down at the glow eminating from her pack.

    Am I doing the right thing, keeping this thing from the Jedi - perhaps I should just give it to them..?

    Then, as if listening in, the Blade replied.

    Patience, Taiin. The one we await for draws fact, we sense him right now....


    Taiin stepped out of the alley, into the main street, heading to where her ship, the Crimson Scythe, was berthed in the spaceport - unknowingly the same one the Quest was now docked in. The Blade made no protest as it was already well aware of the fact that Camden was rapidly approaching.....
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    Jan 17, 2003

    Jarrod turned hard towards Cargul, his sensors picking up on some form of organic matter. He hit the thrusters to their full power, tailing the tormented boy, and entered attack formation as he drew close. His scanners showed a positive weapons lock, and he felt the need to open fire in order to help the child escape the Dark Side's clutches. The eight laser cannons on the AX-Interceptor released a horrid downpour of laser fire, all aimed at the young Padawan.

    TAG: All
  3. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: *GM'ing warning*

    IC: (Darkside Camden/Taiin) Camden was edge of the harbour, the still-floating Jedi apprentice under the thrall of the Blade, which he was gradually drawing closer too. He reached out with the Force to find the weapon merely a kilometre across town. Though he was only imbued with a fraction of the Blade's true power, it was enough for him to sense the approaching vessel that bore down upon him for the clouds.

    " fool..... your mechanical monstronsity will be of little avail against our power...."

    The reign of blaster fire bore down on Camden, but he moved with lightning speed, flipping in mid-air in a dramtic aerial ballet to avoid the blasts. As the AX banked around for another pass, he floated up higher into the air and withdrew his lightsaber, the luminous blue blade snapping to life. Though it was not the weapon he truly wished to weild, it would suffice for now.

    The AX came around but the twisted Camden stood his ground as the wretched fighter flew towards him. As shot in his direction, he lofted his lightsaber with savage fury, the spinning blue flash of light arcing towards Jarrod's craft. It struck the fuselage hard, the aqua edge of the sword tearing a deep gash in the side of the ship and causing a torrent of smoke to billow into the air.

    All the time, Camden was honing in on the Blade, which grew nearer for a moment - then in a instant, was gone.

    "What trickery is this that denies us from becoming one again!?" He bellowed at no one in particular.

    Abandoning his attack, he let the crippled ship fight for control as he returned to the side of the dock, lightsaber in hand. He eyed the weapon which had once belonged to Kai, passed on by Halicon's own Jedi Master year ago. An angry blaze of red came over his eyes as he clenched it.

    "Halicon's former blade is unfit to be my own. I have no need of this weapon when my own is so close at hand, despite its current.....disappearance."

    And with that, he dropped the lightsaber hilt on the floor, the darkly coloured weapon rolling over to the edge of the pier before Camden departed in a rush of telekinetic power.

    For a few mintues, all remained silent.

    Until the lightsaber that Camden had abandoned was suddenly lofted into the air by an unseen force, one that would of ressembled the slim form of Taiin Toramure if she'd been in her human guise.

    However, in her 'stealth' mode, she was invsible to the naked eye and barely percievable in the Force. In her current state of invisibility she was all but undectable and as such, so was the vile lightsaber that the boy in the robes was no doubt seeking. Taiin had seen him coming just before he was attacked by the AX Interceptor and had cloaked herself and the Blade in order to avoid capture. She was partially unsure as to why she'd done that, but perhaps her own desire to make sure the accursed Blade kept its end of the bargaint they'd made - she had a feeling it might betray her but as such, it had made no indications it was even aware of her actions. Evidently, it was still under the thrall of her cloaking ability and silent as the night.

    At least it's gotten out of my head.

    Still invisible, Taiin examined the lightsaber that the boy had left behind. She'd not gotten a look at him up close and her current state prevented her from using the Force to identify him; though it would of been a moot point given her lack of psionic skill.

    However, as she examined the lightsaber, igniting the blue blade, she took a sharp intake of breath as she recognised who it belonged to.


    Memories of her time at the Jedi Academy flooded back to her - of Camden Rycoth, the boy who now carried this blade. Then, came the images of the creator of the weapon, the Jedi Master known as Quin Torrin - the man who was her father. Then, finally, the thought of the one who'd no doubt be close by if Camden was here washed over her.

    The man who was once Quin Torrin's apprentice.

    The Jedi known as
  4. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: Hmmm....interest seems to have dropped significantly.....

  5. ReallyBoringGuy

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    Oct 14, 2002
    Kai, do we need to ask who's still playing or something? It does seem that not everyone is still here...
  6. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    Valid point, RBG. Could I have a show of interest as to who's still here within the next day or so?

    Otherwise, I'll be forced to contemplate having the thread locked until futher notice....

  7. sedrynvagor

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    May 11, 2003
    OOC: i am still here but i need serin to post si i can continue.
  8. Mistryl

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    Jan 5, 2003
    ooc: I need some one to give me a tag or something

    IC: Kelvin Delsen and Kes Seone

    Kes glanced along the area as she kept her senses open, her hand by her hidden lightsaber.


    Kelv was wipped back by a pull from the dark side of the Force.

    //Do not refer to me as 'Master' here. Understand child?//

    //Yes Master, I understand.//

    Kelv glanced around and remained wary. "But, please, mother, I need it."

    Kes glanced at Kelv, he needed it, the blade, he sensed it.

    "Where was it again? I had said we'd look at the price."

    Kelv nodded and took charge.

    Tag: anyone
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    Jun 12, 2002
  10. ReallyBoringGuy

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    Oct 14, 2002
    A few minutes before the last posts: Kaylen entered the town, offhandedly glancing up on instinct. His green eyes grew wider, staring up at the sky above. He watched as a man, seemingly a Jedi, soared through the sky unaided, dodging a hail of laserfire from a spacecraft. Kaylen openly gaped as the floating man's lightsaber sailed unerringly into the fighter, then the man yelled something Kaylen couldn't catch and lowered to the ground. Sensing that big things were afoot, bigger than Mephet'ran had indicated, Kaylen took off at top speed to where he'd last seen the man head, simoultaneously working his lightsaber free, but not lighting it.

    TAG: Kai, as Taiin, especially if she's willing to talk.
  11. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: Alright, something I can interact with.


    IC: (Taiin) From the side of the dock, Taiin watched as another figure entered the fray - a young man, darkly clad with blondish hair. In his hands he carried a lightsaber that remained dormant.

    Taiin pondered for a moment. In all honesty, she was sick of hiding from whoever was chasing her and this guy might have an inlking to what was going on. She couldn't make out if he was Jedi or Sith, but her telepathy was less than amateur at best.

    As the man approached, heading in the direction Camden had flown off in, she snuck up behind him and materialised, making sure that she kept one hand still 'stealthed' inside the pocket of her satchel, in order to keep the Blade from returning to this realm and Camden from sensing it.

    "Wait..... who are you? Are you with the Jedi searching for the Blade....?" She kept one hand on the blaster at her hip for a moment, but then subtly swithced it to the form of her dual-bladed purple saber slung on her back beneath her flowing cape and hood.....

    Tag: RBG.
  12. ReallyBoringGuy

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    Oct 14, 2002
    OOC: I just noticed... is Taiin supposed to be 1.70 cm tall? I'll assume that's supposed to be 170 cm/1.7 m.

    IC as Kaylen: Kaylen jumped as a girl appeared next to him. He noticed with mild annoyance, but no real suprise, that she was nearly 30 cm taller than him. After she asked her question of him, he paused a moment before answering.

    "I am Kaylen . I consider myself a Jedi, though the hide-bound traditionalist on Coruscant might not agree. Yes, I am searching for the Blade; I don't feel that such a powerful and, by all indications, devious artifact should be running around free. I seek to save the galaxy from it."

    Kaylen shrugged. "Or perhaps it from the galaxy. It is all too similar." His green eyes looked up to meet hers. "Who are you? What do you have to do with the blade?"

    TAG: Kai.
  13. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003
    OOC: Extremely sorry for my late reply...


    Jarrod gripped the controls of his ship tightly, trying to steer the ship up from a nosedive. The vehicle barely stayed aloft, and he knew he would be busy repairing it if he got out of this assignment alive. Damned Dark Side! he thought to himself. He could feel his anger growing even more than ever now. He set the ship down as gently as he could and kicked the cockpit open, leaping out to try and find the boy.

    A dark shock came to his mind, and he followed it, for some reason that he couldn't place. Perhaps it was the Force, now flowing through him since he had woken up that dormant genome in his body. He had heard of people using it, and decided that when he next met the boy, he would try to employ the power he had just awakened.

    After following the darknes for a few minutes, he came upon the familiar silhouette of the young Padawan. His anger grew again, and he withdrew his sword. "YOU THERE!" he yelled angrily. "Leave that child out of this, or I will kill him to get rid of you!" Concentrating with all of his might, and risking a massive migraine, Jarrod closed his eyes and thought of killing the young boy, trying to seep the Force in to stop the boy's heart from beating.

    TAG: Kai

    OOC: Another warning. ;)
  14. KissSpooky

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    Jun 2, 2002
    OOC: My apologies everyone. I haven?t really been really creative in a writing sense for the past little while. I?ve mostly been spending time in my head.

    Probably high time the others got back into the fray soon, I'd say...

    IC: Serin had gone quickly through the forest, with Sedryn keeping pace after chastising her for running off on her own. She allowed it to pass?he was young and seemed protective of his allies.

    Still, she was about to say something about being an adult but just then they say Kai, down on his knees in the snow a few metres ahead. Breaking into a run, Serin reached Kai in a heartbeat as he fell onto his back. He looked almost delirious.

    As she started checking him over, he came to, taking her by surprise as he grabbed her collar. "Serin...Cam's gone...he's lost control of himself...", and then he was out, into blissful unconsciousness. Breathing heavy from the run and the surprise Kai?d given her, Serin brush a dark lock of hair out of her eyes and did a fast check over of Kai. He was bleeding from what looked like an animal attack, but mostly he didn?t look worse for wear. More so, he?d somehow managed to retrieve K4, his droid. Not that Serin was going to put anything past Kai.

    Putting a temporary Bacta patch on Kai?s wound, Serin gave a nod to Sedryn. "Ok, we have to get him back to the ship, and get back to the city. I think we have big trouble."

    Using the Force to help them, they got Kai back to the Rogue Knight in a matter of moments. As soon as they were there, Serin sent Sedryn up to the cockpit while she secured Kai to a bed.

    Once that was done, and she she felt the ship lifting off, she was left to her own thoughts, she collapsed in a chair, near tears. It wouldn't take much time, but she needed a release. Laying her face in her hands, she let out a heavy sigh. "I failed. I should have kept more people at the ship to handle Cam. Now things are that much tougher. I don?t know what I?m doing, and Kai?s in no shape to take charge again. Has the mission failed when it?s barely begun?"
  15. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    OOC - Sorry about the lack of updates. I hit creative block on this rpg for a while anyway...

    IC - Once Serin and Sedryn and Kai safely back on the ship and it took off, Leina had been wandering about the place, trying to come to terms with what she had heard. She shook her head to no-one in particular as she checked a system monitor here or a status screen there. Mainly as a way of trying to keep her mind off things. The atmosphere on the ship however, felt like you would need a lightsaber to cut through it. Feelings of confusion, worry and sadness seemed to fill the place.

    "Why did this have to happen to you Camden"

    She said to herself as she made her way to the others. But she stopped as she fet the incresingly familiar force signature of Serin. She could tell she was upset and downtrodden. But who could blame her! She approached the Jedi Knight

    "Um Master Kore? Are you alright?"

    TAG - KissSpooky
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    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: Woohoo! People return! And the recent posts mean I have three characters to play as this post.

    I think we've all been kinda getting the creative block lately and because of that, I'm trying to branch out with some new plotlines you may see employed soon.

    Some slight GM'ing here....

    Taiin: The young man introcuced himself and Taiin retracted her hand from the saber behind her cloak. However, there was something about him that she was suspicious of; like a bad aftertaste in her mouth that was disturbingly familiar.

    Something about him makes me uneasy.

    Nonetheless, she introduced herself.

    "I'm Taiin. I'm here for reasons of my own, which I'm not willing to disclose at this time. However, I'm not so sure they're the right ones anymore...."

    She felt a shiver run up her spine and realised it was coming from her hand, the 'cloaked' one that was holding the blade stuffed inside her satchel. Her fingers seemed to throb.

    Then, she heard it. The dark, whispering echo of a voice, neither male nor female, but as cold as the grave.

    You can't hide us forever, Taiin. Kaylen already suspects. But do you know the truth about him? Who he is allied with?

    Shut up! I don't need to argue with you right now. You're not going back to Camden either - I've seen what you've done to him!

    Your efforts are in vain - we have foreseen this will come to pass. This ruse is futile. As we said before, Kaylen grows wise to your attempt to hide us. He is perceptive. mentioned an ally of his....who? Tell me!

    You're a smart girl, Taiin. Think of the one who twisted you most and broke your spirit - making you his servant. The one you despise above all else.


    And with that, Taiin snapped. Realising that the man she hated above all else had a hand in this was enough to shatter her control on any restraints she had. She pulled her hand from the satchel, grasping a lightsaber that was neither her own purple blade or the weapon she'd picked up from Camden.

    With a look of burning rage in her eyes, she brough the Tainted Blade to life, the evil red aura of the weapon snapping forth and bearing down on the surprised Kaylen, not realising that her shrouding of the Blade was no longer effective and Camden could sense it like a wildfire in the dark.......

    Darkside Camden: Camden had not gotten far through the town. However, he was feeling slightly weaker than before. With the Blade hidden from him, the temporary control it had over him was loosening. As he stepped into a crowded street in the centre of a marketplace, he managed to regain some meagre control.

    In an instant, the Sith tattoos that adorned his body faded to nothing, his red eyes returned to green and he dropped to the ground, no longer levitating. A cold shiver ran over him and he exhaled mist from his mouth as he huddled, pulling the cloak over himself. Carugl was in the depths of winter right now and a the temperature was cool, snow still littering the ground and the entire town covered with a white blanket. The fact that he wore neither shoes nor shirt did not bode well for the boy. He lay there, huddled at the side of a stall, the busy market of traders paying him no heed.

    That was how Jarrod found him, hunched over like a scared animal and looking worse for wear. Cam felt Jarrod approach from a few metres away, surprised to find the Force was still with him and even more surprised to find that Jarrod had a slight inkling of it within himself.

    However, in his weakened state, he could not sense Jarrod's intentions....

    "Leave that child out of this, or I will kill him to get rid of you!" Concentrating with all of his might, and risking a massive migraine, Jarrod closed his eyes and thought of killing the young boy, trying to seep the Force in to stop the boy's heart from beating.

    Cam tried to call out, to tell Jarrod that he was in control, but it was to no avail. His windpipe began to close up and it was at tha
  17. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003
    OOC: 'Epic' my ass! That post of yours makes 'epic' look 'diminuitive'. Meanwhile, I have one small question for you.

    In Unholy Battleground, you mentioned something of Camden disappearing. I was wondering if you would explain how, because if it is through death, I can bring him back for one of the fight scenes in my RPG, and give you a challenge fight.


    Jarrod grimaced in pain as he and the young boy flew through the market stall. "If I survive this fight, I'll pay for the damages!" he said out of courtesy. He couldn't help but chuckle as he got to his feet. He then turned his full attention to Camden. His eyes glowed with an intense fire.

    "You see," he said confidently, "there's only one reason you haven't killed me yet, and that's because the boy still has control over himself in some way. He's still alive in there, much like his closest friend is still alive. You think you have control over him, but he still has a heart. He's still alive inside himself." He took a deep breath, and charged electricity into his sword. "I, however, don't have any reason left to live. My girlfriend died very recently, and I've been feeling very suicidal since then. You want a vessel to transport your power? Take me! That boy has a reason to live! I DON'T!" He was close to tears at this point, ready to cry. "You know what I am, and what's happened to me. TAKE ME!! LEAVE THE BOY ALONE, DAMN YOU!! TAKE ME!!"

    TAG: Kai
  18. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: Hey, I had three characters worth of replies!

    :D [face_blush]

    As for Cadmen, he's not dead by the time Unholy Battleground rolls around...just....gone - I don't want to reveal anymore just yet.....

    GM warning yet again...

    IC: (Darkside Camden) Camden, under the thrall of the Blade listened to Jarrod's plea. He pondered it for a moment, then used a wave of telekinesis to draw Jarrod to himself. Grasping his collar, he cared not for the sword that Jarrod carried - even if he jammed it into Camden's heart, the Blade's power, even such a minute amount that Cam now possessed would be capable of healing the wound and burning out Jarrod's mind at the same time with minimal effort.

    "Such amuses us, Jones. We feel your pain, calling out to us. You have taken your first steps towards the darkness that we dwell in. For now, still an unfit vessel you remain. But in time, your anger and hatred could consume you, ripening your soul for perfect harvesting."

    Camden's red eyes glanced over Jarrod's form.

    "Very well, Jones. We offer a bargain. We shall remain in young Rycoth for now, but we offer you this. Join us in the reclaiming of the blade and the subsequent return to Korriban, where we can truly meld with him and we will grant you full mastery of the Force you are just beginning to understand. We also can offer something far greater as well if our bonding with Rycoth is allowed to complete - the soul of your deceased love....."

    "Yes, we can offer that. For right now, her soul is in the nether realms between this life and oneness with the Force in the next life. In transit, one might say. Every soul spends some time on this journey, where they are allowed to watch over there former lives and the ones they cared for. During this time, it is possible for those with enough power and skill, such as ourselves to bring those who have gone back from this place."

    "All it requires is physical body, one that we can attend to later. We already have at least one specimen in mind who is already partially under our control. What is your decision, Jarrod. Life alone, brooding over your troubles that these Jedi can offer no salvation for? Or the chance to have the life with your love you have long strived for and the power to be master of your destiny....?"


    In regards to the plot, the Blade basically needs to get back to Korriban to a Sith temple in order to bond fully with Camden and complete its transformation from being within the lightsaber to living being. As such, the Blade still possesses most of the power whislt Camden has been imbued with a small percentage, effectively making him a drone of sorts.
  19. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003


    Jarrod thought for a very short while over the Dark Side's offer. After that, he spit in Camden's face, effectively refusing the offer. "I will NOT have her defiled in such a manner, foul beast!!" At that moment, he took the electrically charged blade and rammed it through the boy, awaiting the death that he felt the Dark Side would surely send at him. "Never, EVER think of insulting the one I love in such a way!"

    TAG: Kai

    OOC: You said you'd heal him... Do your worst. ;)
  20. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: Well, I had to try and and throw in random plotline somewhere.....

    IC: The forged steel and cortosis edge of Jarrod's sword pierced flesh and bone, shattering Camden's ribcage with ease, a spatter of bood flying from the boy and across the marketplace, much to horror of the stall merchants. Some screamed, others ran but the market was in general disarray.

    The tip of the weapon seared through Camden's aorta with ease, cleaving the vital organ into two. The boy made a gurgling sound and more blood began to drool from his mouth. His eyes returned to normal for a moment, then rolled back in his head as he slumped to his knees then keeled over, the sword still protruding from his chest.

    Then, Camden began to laugh, a malicious vile chuckle.

    "You stubborn fool, Jones.....<cough>......your simple weapon, whilst effective against any other foe .... <splutter> ...... is merely a us...."

    And with that, the blade in his chest began to shake, working its way backwards slowly, blood flowing openly from the wound as Camden pulled it from his chest with telekinesis. The hole in his torso closed with resounding speed and the wound appeared to have never been. He held the sword in his hand for a moment, glancing over the blade.

    "Good weight, sturdy construction. A good weapon. It is fitting that it shall end your life."

    With that, the sword hovered in air for a moment, zeroing in on Jarrod as Camden rose to his full height and levitated again, the very air around him crackling with electrical fury as he lofted Jarrod's own weapon towards him like a dark spear.....


    Aboard the Rogue Knight, Kai was in the throes of stepping onto the Astral Plane once again, the Jedi Master focusing hard on Camden. Despite the calm visage of his face, the muscles in his cheeks kept twitching in disdain at repeated attempts to locate a strong lock on him that continued to fail.

    Then, a psionic backlash to a magnitude he not experienced in years tore through the layers of his his mind without warning.

    The Jedi did not scream or call out in any form. Years of conditioning had quelled such reactions. However, such was the degree of agony that enveloped the Jedi, his telekinesis went wild in that same instant, sending him flying out of his chair and across the corridor, smashing him into a bulkhead.

    Kai opened his eyes and coughed, a drop of blood in his mouth. Amazingly, his cracked ribs had not broken, but they didn't exactly feel good. His psionic defenses must of shielded him from the impact on the ships wall, but only just. K4 rolled up to him, beeping like mad and Kai propped himself up on his droid. He looked frail and weak, like a man three times his age and not at all like the physically fit Jedi of twenty-six he'd been just a few hours ago.

    Looking in the direction of the cockpit, he addressed his crew.

    "....Jarrod tried to kill Cam.....he must of had no other choice..... I felt him die....but the Blade kept him alive..... I have a lock on them. The west end fo the market. About half a kilometer from us. Sedryn, set the ship down on the dockside port near there. "

    Kai slumped back into his chair, catching a relfection of himself in the shiny dome of K4-G2. Was it just his immagination...or was the white streak in his fringe, the genetic trademark of his family line looking more predominant? Almost like his hair was fading to white, just like a sick or dying persons would.....

    He took a deep breath and leaned back. His body ached and every time he used his psionic powers, it seemed to sap at the very core of his being. Kai grimmaced internally. Whatever happened to him, the mission and the lives of his companions mattered above all else.....

  21. ReallyBoringGuy

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    Oct 14, 2002
    OOC: Cool plot twists, Kai. I can't wait to find out how this will play out... :D

    IC as Kaylen: Kaylen's eyes widened in shock as he noticed the girl he'd been speaking to mumble herself, then whip out a lightsaber that anyone with a mocidum of Force power would have felt. How did I miss that before!? He suddenly realized that was a moot point, as she activated and lunged with the saber.

    Narrowly dodging the first enraged, shreiking blow from the suddenly crazed girl, Kaylen was shocked to feel the Force start pouring off of her like a searchlight. If I don't get out of here, I'm going to die! Calling upon the Force himself, Kaylen pulled off a maneuver he'd practised endlessly on his own: he created illusions of himself bolting in three directions as he really bolted in a fourth. Please don't see through this until I have a chance to escape... flashed through Kaylen's mind even as he fled.

    In the back of his mind, even through the sudden terror, one thought stood out: why had the Blade rejected him? From what he understood, it should have welcomed him, even as he welcomed it and the power it would bring. Why wouldn't it accept him? Was it because he hadn't decided whether or not he'd take the Blade to Mephet'ran or if he'd keep it for himself?

    In a flash, Kaylen finally made up his mind. Really, he had only one choice, now that he'd felt the Blade's power in person. Kaylen whispered to himself, "The Blade will be mine! I and I alone will weild its power! Somehow, and soon, I shall take it for my own! I will never, ever let another use its abilities, and I shall command the Force itself!"

    TAG: Kai, as Taiin, for whether or not he escapes, and, perhaps, the Blade's reaction to all this.

    OOC: Fair-sized post, eh?
  22. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: Perhaps my flair for large posts is catching - 'Hawk, you may have to start crowing people again.....


    IC: (Taiin) Taiin let go of her inhibitions in regards to the Blade and revelled in its awful power, feeling it surge through her every limb as she hacked downwards, the lightsaber leaving behind a crackling blaze of red energy in its wake as she hacked downwards upon Kaylen.

    But he was quicker, dodging the blow. The lightsaber struck the ground with explosive fury, shattering the concrete and sending shards of debris into the air. As she rose, swinging the blade again, her aim was true. The red beam slashed through Kaylen, who strangely remained motionless.

    It was only as two more images of him appeared, that Taiin realised she'd been fooled. He'd conjured some illusions from the Force - a simple, yet effective trick and she'd fallen for it. Swearing, the images faded as she lowered the weapon as she spotted him, disappearing into the distance. The streets were nearby and the towns's centre was not far away. If he got away, he might alert others to her presence.

    Taiin....wait.....Kaylen is not a threat to us.

    What? He knows my face. He could bring the Jedi to us, or even Mephet'ran.

    He does not ally himself easily with either. Like you, he is a rogue - his allegiance lies within himself. In that respect, he may become useful to us.

    You want him to join us?

    It may prove to be useful to bolster our ranks. It would make three.....perhaps four if Jones can be convinced....

    What the hell about Camden? I don't want him having any part in this. I knew him back at the academy - he was good kid. And Kai's student. I don't want either involved.

    The Blade thought to itself for a moment. Camden was the key - he was the one the Blade had chosen and had begun to bond with. He was a pure specimen as far as the Blade could tell - the fact that he had never succumbed to the Dark Side before his intervention with the Blade meant his soul was ripe for corruption. However, it was having some concerns - the boy was stronger than anticipated and was fighting back. Halicon had trained him well.

    But the Blade needed Taiin for now. Her stealthing power was perfect for keeping itself hidden from those who it wished to avoid. In truth, it needed both of them. However, it might not be a bad plan to have some other subjects - Kaylen and Jarrod were obvious choices - they were bothing willing to submit to the Blade's power, though Jones was being stubborn.

    Taiin. We will make a deal. We will help you to kill Mephet'ran. In return, you must gaurantee us safe passage to Korriban where we can become one with Rycoth.

    The Blade realised that Taiin had next to no psionic powers and that fact made her easily controllable to a degree. The Blade extended a simple mental suggestion that it was in her best interests to aide it and with less than a conscious effort, she was convinced. It was not to say she was weak-minded - the Blade had merely offered her what she wanted most - to kill her former master.

    She called out, her voice altered by the Blade.

    "Kaylen...... I've got a proposition for you.....from the Blade...."

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  23. ReallyBoringGuy

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    Oct 14, 2002
    OOC: Maybe just a knighthood, eh? 8-}

    IC: Kaylen stopped his headlong dash when he heard the voice from behind him. He almost didn't stop, but there was something inhuman about the voice. No human should have been able to make it. It had to be the Blade.

    He stopped and turned around, putting his lightsaber away. It was quite obvious to him that fighting would be futile, so he was hardly being less cautious than he should have been. If anything, it showed that he was willing to talk, rather than fight, and could conceivably allow him to be heard better, without unmeant overtones of aggression. Of course, it could also be interpeted as outrageous self-confidence. Oh, well. He'd have to live with it, whatever conclusions the others drew.

    "I'm willing to listen. What do you--and the Blade--wish to say?" His eyes twinkled with a touch of gallows humor. "And could it be that it was somehow important for you to swing at me before you said it?"

    TAG: Kai, as Taiin
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    Jarrod ducked quickly, using his robotic appendage to grab the sword that flew at him. Within seconds, he had it under his control again. "Nice try, Dark Side. But I don't die so easily." He brought it to bear on the boy, sadly forced to kill him again. (OOC: I am going to take control of Camden for this attack, just to get something moving for a challenge later on somewhere else. ;))

    As Jarrod moved forward, bringing the sword down for a decapitation strike, Camden raised his right hand, and an orb of fire flew forward. It struck Jarrod square in the chest, and rammed straight through him, tearing out his heart with the power of the Dark Side. The young boy only smiled, a cold smile full of grim satisfaction, as Jarrod fell dead.

    OOC: And that, as they say, is that.

    Kai, you mentioned in this thread's intro post that you tried to be GM one time before this. May I ask what that RPG was about?
  25. Kai_Halicon

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    OOC: Woah. Jarrod's dead already? Yikes. That's gonna weigh heavily on Camden....

    As for that RPG, it was a post-NJO game regarding a Jedi/Vong alliance versus the Sith. I did it when I was an RPG newbie and it got about two responses. I canned it a week or so later. In retrospect, it was a lame attempt when I had little experience.

    Even this game is kind of an experiment - have already concocted an idea for my next game but I figure this one has a fair bit of life left in it.

    Btw, is anyone aware if Coota is still logging in? I think he might of gone away for the summer and I may have to invoke control of Mephet'ran shortly in order for the game to continue.

    ReallBoringGuy - knighthood? nay. Surely you'd of worked your way up to being a 'baron-of-banter' at least.


    IC: (Taiin) The Blade waited for Kaylen's response, which he gave with a hint of sardonic wit.

    "I'm willing to listen. What do you--and the Blade--wish to say?" His eyes twinkled with a touch of gallows humor. "And could it be that it was somehow important for you to swing at me before you said it?"

    Taiin made a face that was somewhat embarrassed, somewhat unimpressed but the Blade spoke again through her.

    "Taiin is.....passionate about her feelings. She merely sensed your association with Mephet'ran.....who has caused her some strife in the past. Her reaction has been quelled for now. Whilst we reside in her consciousness, we shall keep her restrained."

    Under the power of the Blade that she held in her hand, 'Taiin' took a few paces around Kaylen, her cloak swirling around in the afternoon breeze.

    "We know that you sought to seize us for youself. Whilst your zeal is to be admired, you are not yet ready to command our power, nor serve as a host. However, you are a being of unfulfilled potential that we have taken interest in. We offer what we have offered Taiin; in exchange for your allegiance as a protector, we offer you arcane knowledge of the Force and access to a power beyond your current comprehension. In summary, help us to escape with our host, who even now approaches us and we shall bequeth to you the true power of the Force!"

    Then, without warning, Taiin seemed to pause. A moment later, she shook her head, dark hair thrashing about her face. Her icy eyes dialated for a moment then returned to normal.

    "What the hell....?"

    Then, as she realised that the Blade had stopped speaking through her as it levitated out of her hand and hovered there for a moment.....

    ....before flying into the grasp of the twisted Camden Rycoth, who stood behind the pair of them in the darkness of an alleyway, his red eyes burning like coals. The was a spark of energy as the Blade came into his hands and he grinned maniacally.

    The worst had come to pass - the Blade had found its host.

    "Reunited at last....!" The Blade spoke in Camden's distorted voice as it hosltered itself at his side. Though they were together now, the Blade was still confined within the boundaries of the lightsaber and required a specific Sith ceremony to take place. The use of a Sith holocron was required and the only person they were aware of having those was Mephet'ran, back on Korriban.

    'Camden' looked at both Taiin and Kaylen.

    "Come, my accolytes. Your ship is nearby Taiin - we must make use of it. Korriban is our destination......"

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