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    Long ago, in a peaceful time of prosperity across the land, the kingdom of GEIGEN reigned supreme over all. Their kind and benevolent KING served for the people, and was well liked by all. Wars did not exist under his rule, only peace.

    Until one day, an evil SORCERER invaded the land with his DEMONIC ARMY, and assassinated the KING and his COURT. Few inside the castle escaped, but those who did committed themselves to self-exile.

    Now, ten years later, the wicked SORCERER-KING continues his widespread tyranny by enslaving the poor and weak. All hope is lost?

    ?until now.

    Welcome to Geigengrouse, a world of fantasy and magic. The game itself will revolve around players interacting with their environment in a way we have only seen in Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy. The turn based world is a large one, and this is a game that will give players relative freedom with their characters to customize them as the game progresses. Turns will be decided on by the GM before any battle or confrontation.

    Rules? Forget them. Keep in mind that RPF rules apply at all times, and that you control only your character unless given permission by the GM or the player.

    You will PM the Game Master with the character you would like to play and provide an opening post for that particular character roughly one paragraph in length (minimum) as something of a test to be graded. This is only to measure the skill of the player.

    However, should a discrepancy arise, the GM will step in accordingly.







    Join up, and have fun! :D />/>/>/>
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    My Character...[face_devil]

    Name: Dal'Ru'Den
    Age: 32
    Class: Sorcerer
    Abilities: Unknown, spellcasting implied
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    GM Approved

    Name: Zaea
    Age: 17
    Class: Astrologer
    Abilities: =
    White- Cure, Life, Haste, Protect.
    Black- Flare, Drain, Fire, Ice
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