Genuine Lightsaber Charity Auction in Elstree

Discussion in 'London UK' started by timspaceman, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. timspaceman Jedi Youngling

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    As part of a Charity Auction at a our school, Norman Harrison (the man who made the lightsabers for the original star wars film) has come out of retirement and handmade a genuine light saber which he has donated to the auction. No-one will profit from this, all the proceeds will help orphaned children in South Africa.
    The light saber will be presented in a glass case, signed by Mr Harrison and will come with one of the detachable carbon rods used for duelling in the films.
    This is a one-off and will never be available again.
    If you would like to place a bid, please e-mail me at - you can also visit the schools website for further information aboutthe auction -
    The auction will take place on March 1st 2007.
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    Normally we don't allow advertising on this site. However, in the past we have allowed the advertising of charity auctions in the Collecting forum. So I am willing to let this ad stay.
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