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    Everyone should check out the Colbert Report asap!

    Tonight (10:30pm) on the show (Comedy Central) Colbert honored all those who submitted an entry for his GREEN SCREEN CHALLENGE.

    Originally he did the green screen almost two months ago when he went to interview Rep. Lynn Woolsey from the 6th district in San Fran.

    He made a point that the district was home to George Lucas and he did a little green screen lightsaber (aka starwars kid) play.

    Anyway, halfway through the show he had George Lucas come out to submit ILM's entry in the challenge.

    At the end of the show Colbert and Lucas engaged in a lightsaber fight. Absolutely hilarious!!!!

    This episode will air again three times:

    tonight (Wed.) at 12:30am.

    Thursday: 7:30am and 7:30pm (these are all central time - that's for Ian).

    I've recorded it on my DVR. But everyone should imediately watch this.

    - Brent

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    The Daily Show and Colbert report is the POWER BLOCK! 10pm to 11pm Comedy Central!

    Tape it, TVO it!

    See it Kids ya might like it.

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