Saga George Lucas's evaluation of each of the six SW films?

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    I have seen many threads in which each poster ranks the six Star Wars films, from his favorite to his least favorite. What I haven't seen is George Lucas's rankings of his six films. Does anyone know how he evaluates his saga?

    I would guess that he prefers the prequels to the original trilogy, but that is only a guess. I have no idea which of the six films is his favorite, and which one he ranks lowest.
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    "It's like choosing your favourite child."
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    My guess would be that ANH will always have a special place in his heart, no matter how unhappy he was with the first release.
    ROTS would probably be his favorite out of the prequels. It's probably the one SW film that he was able to bring closest to his vision.

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    He probably views them as one six-part saga.
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    Don't we all? The episodes are still separate movies with different qualities and histories, though. They affect people in different ways and GL is in no way immune to that effect.

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    I think he's always been pretty dis-satisfied with the way ROTJ turned out.
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    Any sources for that?
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    Maybe the number of additions made to the movie.
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    I thought ANH had the most? Lucas was very frustrated with technical and budget limitations with that one.
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    I will take a wild stab and guess that ROTS might be the one he would rank closest to his vision.

    In fact, Lucas some years ago admitted he didn't even have much of a story for Ep 1 and 2 and that 3 was pretty-well mapped out. This was talked about in the PT for some time when that interview came out.
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    I would agree. ROTS has all the depth of Empire, but with an operatic, Flash Gordon zest more in keeping with the spirit of the original film. (Dare I say that Kershner's approach was almost too subdued?)

    Plus, it's the most stylized of Lucas's four SW films, as if he were waiting until the last inning to unleash flourishes like the opening tracking shot and Padme's Ruminations.
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    Let's take a look.


    -Updated binary sunset.
    -Fixed Luke's landspeeder.
    -New shot of Obi-wan's hovel and the surrounding area.
    -Additional Stormtroopers and Dewbacks at the site of the escape pod crash, along with a transport taking off.
    -New shot of Mos Eisley in the distance.
    -Modification of the landspeeder heading towards Mos Eisley.
    -The Ronto with Jawas, a second Ronto, the droids, additional buildings and ships flying around and the Swoop Bike rider.
    -Two new aliens in the Cantina.
    -Han and Greedo shootout, changed three times.
    -Jabba and Boba Fett added into an old piece of footage.
    -New shot of the Falcon taking off.
    -New destruction of Alderaan.
    -Attempts to fix Anakin's saber aboard the Falcon.
    -Extended corridor in the detention cell.
    -Beru's voice.
    -Dianoga's appearance.
    -Changing the text on the tractor beam.
    -"Close The Blast Doors" being removed and then put back in.
    -Additional Stormtroopers and a wall being removed to show the hangar.
    -Vader's blade after Obi-wan's death.
    -Traveling shots heading toward Yavin and the Falcon landing.
    -Biggs scene and the modification of said scene to remove dialogue.
    -New shots of the X-Wings and Y-Wings leaving Yavin 4 and heading towards the Death Star.
    -"Blast it, Wedge" replaces "Blast it, Biggs".
    -Some new shots of the dog fight and enhanced explosions.
    -New shot of the Falcon flying away from the Death Star.
    -New shot of the survivors flying away from the DS.
    -Death Star explosion.
    -Artoo hiding from the Tuskens.
    -Obi-wan's yell.
    -"Episode IV: A New Hope".

    Just over thirty changes.


    -Ian replaces Revill and monkey lady.
    -New dialogue from Palpatine and Vader during that scene.
    -New shots of the Wampa.
    -Fixed the igniting of Luke's saber in the Wampa cave.
    -Additional shot of Slave I following the Falcon.
    -Boba's voice.
    -Slave I has new engine sound like in AOTC.
    -New shots for the approach to Cloud City.
    -New shots of the city itself.
    -Open windows inside the structure.
    -New shot of a Cloud Car in flight.
    -Vader's dialogue regarding his ship.
    -New shots of Vader leaving Bespin and going to the Executor.
    -Different version of "The Magic Tree".
    -Luke yelling when he falls, which was then removed later.

    Sixteen changes.


    -Larger door for Jabba's palace.
    -Larger Max Rebo band.
    -"Jedi Rocks" replaces "Lapti Nek"
    -Additional shots of Boba Fett in Jabba's main audience chamber.
    -New shots of Oola, including her in the Rancor Pit.
    -New effects for Han's defrosting.
    -Additional Bantha's out in the Dune Sea.
    -New shot of Jabba's barge and the skiffs heading to the Pit of Garkoon.
    -New shots of the Sarlacc.
    -Alternate dialogue from Han when he saves Lando.
    -New effects when Death Star II is destroyed.
    -Vader's eyes are blue and has no eyebrows.
    -Younger Anakin Force Ghost.
    -Vader saying, "No" and "NOOO!"
    -Changing the Lightsaber blades.
    -"Victory Celebration" replaces "Celebrate The Love".
    -New shots of the Ewok village where we see Lando and Wedge show up.
    -Luke shakes hands with Wedge.
    -Shots of Naboo, Coruscant, Cloud City and Mos Eisley.
    -The Jedi Temple and the Senate Rotunda added to Coruscant.
    -Additional shots of people celebrating on Endor.

    Twenty Two changes.

    Those are all the major changes. That excludes matte lines and sound remixes.
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    It might be due to the more serious nature of the story. EST contains less classic swashbuckling than ANH or ROTJ.