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    He'd be very different from Palpay though

    We have spent years cultivating a culture of renaming him Plapy. I'm not sure that we are quite ready to begin the transition to calling him Paypal. Too soon. Too soon...
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    I like that you're thinking outside of the box with Plagueis and the Death Star.

    I love that you've described Darth Sidious as a "large ham with lightning." :D
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    I'd like that.

    I think Lucas recycles many things and many come from original sources. But yes the stories have changed a lot along the way.
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    Plagueis could have spent his "dead time" manipulating the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War.
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    I thought everyone knew that Plagueis turned into the force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi?8-}[face_clown]
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    Someone call this Lucas guy and ask him.
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    Seems obvious.