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German SW web series needs international voice actors

Discussion in 'Fan Films, Fan Audio & SciFi 3D' started by Hethfilms, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Hethfilms

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    Feb 19, 2014
    Hi everyone,

    my name is Heiko and I´m writing you from Germany. I´ve been producing low budget indpendent films since 2001. During 2005 to 2009 we created a fan film parody of Star Wars on a shoestring budget, but with high ambitions. With around 65 people working on it in the 4,5 years it was in production, it became a 97 minutes long visual fx filled movie with lots of humor and was well received here in Germany. Unfortunately, we never came around to get an English dubbed version off the ground back in the day. But now with our own growing youtube channel at and a rather international subscriber base, we decided to give it another try. We recut the movie into easy to swallow 5-8 minutes episodes with 14 episodes in total.

    We know we cannot bring much to the table here being still a rather small channel on youtube, but we just hope to find talented people who see something special in our project and would like to support it. Of course due credit will be given within the episodes and the video description.

    What we are looking for are native English speaking voice actors for all the major parts in the series.

    Since this project dates back to 2005 where we initially started, some shots and VFX of course don´t hold up all that great today, but it´s part of the project and we´re not ashamed of it. We learned a lot in the making of this movie and we put all our heart, sweat and free time into it. We really hope we can get a great international voice cast together to make this yet again something very special and unique for people to now enjoy world wide for the first time since it´s initial relase back in 2009 here in Germany.

    Here´s a very short synopsis what the movie / series is about:

    "Star Wars - The Invasion - A Fan Film Web Series"
    Star Wars is not fiction. It´s characters are real and now the emperor returned looking for a new apprantice. He starts an invasion on planet Earth after sensing a disturbance in the force. He find´s "the chosen one" amongst a group of friends who are hiding out from the invaders. After sending out his warriors to bring him the chosen one, the emperor see´s a lot of potential in this little group of earthlings. He takes "Schumi" as his new apprantice and turns him to the dark side. To test his loyalty, he send´s him back to Earth to fight his own friends. When they prevail and defeat Schumi, the emperor decides to take Schumi to the lava planet Volc-Anus to modify him and make him stronger for future encounters. Back on Earth Schumi´s friends, led by his best friend "Heiko" decide to go after the emperor to rescue Schumi and set an end to the ongoing invasion on Earth...

    To give you an idea of what the series looks and feels like, I have put together a small trailer which you can watch here on youtube:

    Here are the characters we need suiting voices for:

    The Emperor
    Pretty much the guy you know from the movies, but slightly deranged after what happened on Death Star II with him ;)

    Has the most lines of dialogue in the series and is in all 14 episodes, unknowingly representing the light side of the force.

    "The chosen one" and Heiko´s best friend. Impulsive and naive. He get´s drawn to the dark side by the empreror and becomes the next "Darth Vader" like sidekick for the emperor. His performance is much more over the top compared to the other guys.

    A lighthearted fellow who just tackles along with his friends doing the best he can to help out. He´s got a few lines and is in quite a lot of the episodes throughout the series.

    A man of few words and a fan of big guns. Is only in the series for the first half.

    He joins the group of friends for an episode or 2 and teams up with another character. He´s in a few episodes throughout the series and only has a few lines of dialogue.

    Intergalactic Salesman
    This guy has a big appearance early on in the series with quite a bit of dialogue. He´s later seen again late in the series where he has a second big appearance and another few lines of dialogue.

    Darth Bantha
    The right hand of the emperor. He´s got a few dialogue scenes during the first half of the series.

    Darth Walter
    He´s agressive and a great fighter but dies early in the series, only a few lines of dialogue.

    All actors listed here are around 20 to 30 years of age. The part of the emperor does not require precise lipsyncing as he´s always under his cloak and the face is never revealed.

    We can supply clips for each character with all scenes in German and hardcoded English subtitles for the dubbing. We only require the actual dialogue bits and will keep the fighting / action grunts and yells etc. from the German version to ease the dubbing process and workload for potential voice actors.

    You can reply here in this thread or use the emailadress shown at the end of the trailer I provided above.

    Hoping to be hearing from you soon and with the kindest Regards,

    Heiko Thies