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    NAME: Thomas

    NICKNAME: Tom, Tommy, Tom-Tom (Damn siblings)

    D.O.B.: Septermber 4th 1987

    SIGN: Virgo


    WEBSITE: None at the moment

    HOBBIES: Reading, writing, reading my own writing, listening to music, watching movies, Star Wars of course.

    FAVORITE COLOR: Cerulean

    FAVORITE ANIMAL: Puppies. Or Kittens. Nothing grown up.

    FAVORITE FILM: CLUE, Star Wars (all), James Bond!

    FAVORITE MUSIC: Anything but country, Rap, and heavy metal Favorite band: I don't know if this counts, but the London Symphony Orchestra with John Williams conducting :p

    FAVORITE SONG: Summer of '79 by the Ataris

    FAVORITE CARTOON GROWING UP: I don't know...I didn't watch cartoons.

    FAVORITE BOOK: From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming

    FAVORITE TV SHOW: Law and Order: SVU!

    FAVORITE FOOD: Pudding. Seriously, pistachio.

    FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS: Sean Connery, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Timothy Dalton. (You can tell I'm a 007 and Star Wars fan, yes?)

    HOW DO YOU CHEER YOURSELF UP: Stop talking to the stupid person who pissed me off.

    WHAT DO YOU REGRET: Not achieving my ability in school

    JOB: Unemployed/Student

    DREAM JOB: Novelist


    WHAT PLANET AND WHY: Alderaan, because all good things come to and end. And Coruscant, because it's the seat of all things powerful.

    Or Mars. Because I'm writing something about it.

    DO IN LIFE B4 I DIE: Have an all day STARWARSATHON of doom. Either that or cure cancer.

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    I don't know if I have done this before but here it goes.

    NAME: Daniel

    NICKNAME: I don't have on

    D.O.B.: December 9, 1980


    WEBSITE: none

    HOBBIES: Like to read, and play RPGs


    FAVORITE ANIMAL: Dogs I have a Dog

    FAVORITE FILM: So many so I will just put AOTC, TESB, TPM, ANH, ROTJ, ROTK, FOTR, TTT, POTC, The Ring, etc.


    FAVORITE SONG: End Of All Hope - Nightwish


    FAVORITE BOOK: Don't have one right know

    FAVORITE TV SHOW: Smallville


    FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS: Tom Hanks, and Natalie Portman

    HOW DO YOU CHEER YOURSELF UP: I play with my dogs

    WHAT DO YOU REGRET: Not that I can think of

    JOB: I work at Farmer Jacks.

    DREAM JOB:To work with computers

    CLOSE TO ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY: I will say my sister

    WHAT PLANET AND WHY: Naboo because it looks like a really nice place
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    Your Name - Staci

    D.O.B ? June 28, 1978 9:00pm

    Star sign - Cancer (no I'm not crabby)

    Hobbies ? Photography, working, reading, working, did I mention working?

    Favorite Color - Deep Purple/Black

    Favorite Animal - Puppies....I love puppies

    Favorite SW film - ROTJ

    Favorite film(s)(besides SW) ? 13 Ghosts, House of 1000 Corpses, The Ring, Princess Bride, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back...many more

    Favorite recent film ? Wrong Turn ---love Faith!

    Favorite musical artist(s) or group(s) - Wide taste. Journey, Rob Zombie, Evenesance, All 80's

    Favorite song(s) ? Open Arms, Bohemian Rhapsody, Living Dead Girl...I love music!

    Favorite cartoon as a child - Thunder Cats, SHe-Ra, My little ponies

    Favorite cartoon now- Waiting for antimated BUFFY!

    Favorite Book (up to now) ? Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty Trilogy---- Hot Blood Series, Jeff Geib

    Favorite tv programme ? Buffy!!!! ANGEL

    Favorite actors/actresses ? James Marsters, Eliza Dunku, any buffy peoples

    How do you cheer yourself up, when you're feelin' down? ? Take pictures

    What do you most (not) regret doing? ? Keeping in touch w/friends.

    What do you do for a living? - Manage a 1-Hour photo lab/ freelance photographer

    What's your dream job? ? Ren/Goth photographer.... not much demand tho!

    If you could live in the Star Wars galaxy for a day, what planet would you go to and why? ? people, lots of water, and you never see bugs!

    What things do you want to achieve in life b4 you die? - Have my photos published, Get more tattoos, own a sucessful studio
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    Hey guys,

    neat to find out that there's a Detroit area Star Wars fanforce group! I'm a huge SW fan and play guitar in a band called Echo Base. We're working on original music featuring songs about Star Wars characters and themes. Check it out at . Can't wait for Revenge of The Sith! Take care.


    to the moderator- sorry about posting to the welcome thread earlier!
  6. Scooby_Wan_Kenobi Jedi Padawan

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    Come and join us at one of our functions! We all would love to meet you guys.

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