Ohio "Getting To Know You" Survey

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by MaverickJedi, Feb 8, 2005.

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    Welcome, hope to see you when we get together from time to time.
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    Hope it's ok that i post here. I live in lower michigan, but it's so close to the border that I'm closer to this forum location than the ones in MI.

    Anyway, here's my turn at the survey.

    Name: Jason
    Nicknames: Jay, Jace
    Hometown: Reading, MI
    Age: 30
    Pets: 1 cat (daughter named him milkshake)
    Family members: Wife, 8 yr old daughter, 4 yr old son
    Significant other: My wife
    Fave music or bands: I like a mix, nothing real specific (country, rock, metal). No rap though.
    Favorite movies of all time: All the SW movies, Lord of the Rings, most comic book movies.
    Book that changed your life: "Where the Red Fern grows"; the only book I never get tired of reading.
    Greatest childhood memory: Going on rides at the local county faie with my dad.
    Worst day of your life: Learning that my dad was recently diagnosed with MS.
    Fave color: Blue
    Occupation: Industrial draftsman/designer.
    Military service: None.
    Dream job: Working on special effects for movies.
    Do you play any musical instruments: Nothing currently, used to play trombone in junior high.
    Interests or hobbies: My kids, Movies, reading,
    Fave author ever: Micheal Crichton
    Best class you ever took (and why): Creative writing 101. Reason is that was the class that I had the most fun, and everyone got along great.
    Best place to vacation: Traverse City, MI
    Quote to live by: "You are important to those who love you."
Thread Status:
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