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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by witchdoctor187, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    The year is 2013 and again the world lies on the brink of war. Captain Mitchell is still held up in the hospital from the wounds he sustained from his operation down in Juarez Mexico and General Keating hasn?t got the time to wait for those wounds to heal. So as Mitchell recovers, Keating has put together a new ghost squad, one that can deal with the problem at hand.

    It seems that the elimination of de la Barria in Juarez only stirred up the hornet?s nest of the rebels spread throughout South and Central America, which now causes American, Canadian, and Central American governments great stress. While the fighting in Juarez was put down and the city is now in repair, a new problem is developing in Central America. In the country of Guatemala in the capital city of Guatemala City, the residence have taken up arms against their government and rebelled with extreme force, much like their brothers in Juarez did. What started out as a simple coup is now a full blown rebellion. The rebels, determined to chase the Americans out of their country, have attacked the U.S. embassy in Guatemala City and are getting closer to breaching the embassy by every passing hour. Now it is up to the ghosts to go in and get the U.S. ambassador and his family out of the city before it?s too late.

    Now In this RP, the player can choose to follow many different paths. The path of a ghost, an army regular, or take up arms and become a Rebel. Now this whole RP won?t be just about rescuing the ambassador or taking part in a simple coup turned rebellion that is only the first mission. Since each side will share different story lines and paths. Upon completion of the first mission, the players will be thrown into a much more expansive storyline that will take them into deadly firefights or simple recon missions. But all of it will lead the players deeper into the story and finally to the final confrontation.

    Heritage: Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic etc.
    Allegiance: Ghosts, regular military, Guatemalan army, or Rebels.
    Specialization: Rifleman, Support Rifleman, Marksman, Grenadier, Anti armor, etc.
    Clothing: Everyone wears the digital camo BDU?s, but add whatever else you want.
    Appearance: Height, weight, eyes, hair, etc.
    Military History:

    P.S. If your character is in the regular army, he or she can fall under any of the branches in the military, Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force etc. And also, the Guatemalan army is allied with the American forces.
    Ok now for the rules, I know none of us like to follow them but here they are.

    1. Please PM me your characters so I can approve them.
    2. No God Modding.
    3. No killing off a character without my approval.
    4. One character per player.
    5. Try and control the OOC?s after the start of the game, it keeps things less cluttered and moving smoothly.
    6. And also please be cautious with profanity and restrain form using such words such as **** or **** etc. you get the idea.
    7. And lastly, please have fun with this and PM me if you have any questions. Thank you

    This is my first RP I have opened, so please correct me if I messed up on anything, and I think many of you know what ghost recon is, but to those of you whop don?t it is a Tom Clancy video game about an elite group of soldiers who are part of the U.S. Army
    In case you need to visualize what weapon you want or if you jsut need info, then go to these links.

    For pics of weapons follow these links:

    For more info follow these links:

  2. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    Name: Nathan Hawk
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Cheyenne Wyoming
    Heritage: Caucasian
    Allegiance: Ghosts
    Specialization: Team Leader
    Weapon(s): SCAR-L Carbine, 45. Colt
    Clothing: Nathan wears the GI issue digital camo BDU's. He also wears a tac vest to match his BDU's. the vest hold all of his munitions and gear. His headgear depends on what the climate is.
    Appearance: Nathan is 6?2 and weighs 180 pounds which goes along with a fit and toned body. His brown hair is cut very short. And his eyes are green. His skin is white but is fairly tan.
    Background: Born in Cheyenne Wyoming to the parent of Tom and Katie Hawk. He had a good childhood, his father was a green beret in the U.S. Army and his mother stayed at home and took care of him and his two sisters. Nathan excelled in high school, becoming salutatorian of his class and also became a star in track, where he lead the boys team to state his last two year in high school. When he graduated, Nathan went to four years of college at Boise state University, where he majored in political science. But once Nathan got out of college, he had no idea what to do until he heard about the Army and the benefits it gave out, so he thought that it was probably his best choice.

    Military History: Nathan went into army bootcamp when he was 22 and passed with flying colors, being 1st in his class. He then went into the 101st airborne division, where he served two tours of duty in Iraq, and another tour in Bosnia, where he received the Silver Star and Purple Heart for his actions when in country. After coming back from his tour in Bosnia, Nathan was approached by one of his commanding officers, asking him if he would be interested in going through selections for the green berets. Nathan of course agreed, since he wanted something with a little more excitement. Nathan then went through the rigorous training of the green berets. Out of the 200 men who went through the selection, only about 50 passed selection. Nathan was thankfully one of the 50. He was then put into action immediately, being put into an A-Team that was located in Panama, whose main goal was to stop drug cartels and illegal shipments of weapons and drugs. During his time in Panama, Nathan earned another Purple Heart, and two more Silver Stars.

    Nathan was contacted by a General named Keating after he was stationed in fort Brag after he came home from Panama. Keating asked Nathan if he wanted to become part of a special group of soldiers that were quite secretive called the Ghosts. Nathan at first denied the invitation, saying that he had enough action and secrecy, but Keating told Nathan that he had already put in his transfer form the Green berets to the Ghosts, so Nathan really had no choice. Nathan was now a Ghost, soldiers, who were almost as secretive as Delta Force of the CIA. Nathan was put in command of his own squad, and with them he participated in mission in the Ukraine, Orient, Middle East, and South and Central America. He had even served with Captain Scott Mitchell and his team a few times. And now he has been called up again to go into Guatemala and rescue some ambassador named Michaels.
  3. DarthCemeroX

    DarthCemeroX Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 28, 2007
    I hate this, this the first newb game I can't say will be locked. Congrats Doc, i like it. Can't join, a little busy but manybe one day.
  4. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    OOC: Oh no that is perfectly ok Darth, i understand if your overloaded wit hte RP's that happens to me too. But thank you for the incouragement, i'll try and keep this up.
  5. Beta-Commando

    Beta-Commando Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 4, 2007
    OOC: I'll join. Just One Question: What's the maximum for 'Characters Per Person?'
  6. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    as many as you want at thsi point. i was jsut about to close this but since your joining i'll keep it open. but yeah you can make as many as you want.[face_peace]
  7. Beyd

    Beyd Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 9, 2005
    Mind if I join? Sent PMed character sheet.
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