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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by R_Zion, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. R_Zion

    R_Zion Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 23, 2004

    23 years since the appearance of Gozer the Gozerian and 18 years since the showdown with Vigo the Carpathian in New York City, the Ghostbusters have become renowned worldwide as the first and only paranormal investigators and exterminators. In the coming decades, they would travel the globe to deal with the various spectral occurrences that would appear, but as the number of cases begin to increase, they find themselves overtaxed with the amount of work and almost unable to keep up with any side work they had taken up. Then, in summer of 2005, Ghostbuster Peter Venkman, with the aid and blessing of his partners, sets up ?Ghostbusters International?, a corporation with the intention of selling Ghostbuster franchises to willing buyers world-wide. Following a brief training course in New York, the franchisees would be given their own Mark II Proton Packs, a slimmed-down version of the original designed in 1999 by Egon Spengler, Ghost Traps, Ecto-Containment unit and various other equipment needed for the job.

    After some initially slow sales, Ghostbuster franchises soon could be found within at least 15 countries worldwide on all the major continents. One of the first went to James Zener, a former research assistant of Egon?s at the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research in New York. Having transferred back to University of Chicago, his alma mater, he began to investigate, research and document paranormal activity in the city and surrounding areas. Just like the rest of the world, the Chicago area seemed to be teeming with sightings of ghosts, demons, phantasms and the like and no one in the area was equipped to deal with such problems. Receiving a grant from the university to set up an operation to further his study of the paranormal, Zener bought an old Police Station in Hyde Park on the South Side and equipped it, with Egon?s help, with a fully functioning Containment unit. Armed and ready, James opened shop and became the Windy City?s first Ghostbuster.

    Over the first few months, he was quite busy yet still able to keep up with the demand of his clients, bringing in quite a bit of money for his research work while funneling some back into the University. However, by the summer of 2007, things in Chicago were becoming distressing. The city?s PsychoKinetic Energy (PKE) readings were off the charts, comparable perhaps only to the Gozer incident of New York! It then became all too apparent to James then that he couldn?t continue his work alone. He was going to need help to deal with the potential Five-Fold Cross-Dimentional Spectral Incursion they had on their hands. The city needed the Ghostbusters: Chicago.


    Welcome to Ghostbusters: Chicago, a small-group RP taking place 23 years in the future, current day, in the universe of the Ghostbusters movie duology. This game will focus on a format of potentially only 5 players (Including the GM), though that may change as smaller, civilian roles are added over time.

    While there will be GM-guided Ghostbusting and a unique, expanding storyline, players are encouraged to establish themselves in this universe, to add their own adventures for the group (or just themselves) to take part in and develop their own plotlines (with GM consent) so that they are not constantly relying on GM support during down times, making this something of a Freeplay/ GM-guided fusion game.

    Since the game has limited membership for main characters, not all those who apply will join. Players will be judged on application, not on a first come/first serve basis.
    For reference, here are the profiles of the original four Ghostbusters:

    After the game begins (though I will accept CSes immediately), I will allow ?guest star? players who will play Ghostbuster clients and the ghost the
  2. R_Zion

    R_Zion Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 23, 2004
    GM Characters

    Name: Dr. James Zener
    Age: 34
    Sex: Male
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Color: Caucasian
    Build: Medium
    Nationality: American (English/German Ancestry)
    Distinguishing Marks: Mole on his right cheek, almost always has two days worth of scruff on his face
    Personality: Somewhat quiet but generally amiable. Can get rather enthusiastic when he talks about a subject that interests him. Has been known to crack a joke? from time to time.
    Off-Duty Clothing: Blue, Green or Gray dress-shirt, gray, black or khaki slacks and black dress shoes or sneakers (depending on the situation) and wire-rimmed, roughly rectangular frames and his rather short hair is combed back
    Degrees (If Any): PhD (Paranormal Psychology)
    Alma Mater: University of Chicago
    Former Professions: Student News Reporter, Book Store Clerk, Research Assistant
    Skills and Knowledge: Near Photographic Memory and attention for detail at times while at others his memory can be rather vaporous, Decent Artist and Photographer, Poor Cook, studies ancient mythologies for fun
    Biography: From a young age, James had been fascinating with the stories of angels and demons, of ancient mythologies and fantastical creatures. He spent much of his time in his childhood in books and investigated stories of ghosts, aliens, big foot, the loch ness monster and other current folk tales from around the world.

    After reading and hearing the stories on the news of ghost sightings in New York and of the paranormal hunters known as the ?Ghostbusters?, James knew that he had to meet them. As a young college student studying Paranormal Psychology in 1996 at the University of Chicago, he traveled to New York and was able to meet Dr. Egon Spengler for the first time. Surprised at the young man?s knowledge and enthusiasm for the job, he agreed to take him on a few of the jobs with the ?Busters to see firsthand the work they were doing. James? first experience in the field was witnessing a free-floating full torso repeater that had been haunting a Restaurant in Queens. With camera at the ready, he fully documented the occurrence, as well as two others that he had gone with them to see. As well, while with the Ghostbusters, he pulled research from their case files for his doctoral thesis which he would entitled ?Living in the Century of the Proton Pack and the Poltergeist.?

    After graduating in the late ninties, James would return to New York at Egon?s invitation to serve as his research assistant at the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research, where Egon taught part-time aside from his Ghostbusting duties. While serving here, he studied and was taught the working of the equipment involved in capturing and containing a ghost and was involved in the design of the Mark 2 Proton Pack, a more light weight version of the original model.

    In 2004, he returned to Chicago to take up a research position at his alma mater, studying paranormal events and triggers in the Chicago area, as well as Precognitive and Psychokinetic abilities and telepathy in human beings. When Ghostbusters International opened its doors in 2005, he became one of the first franchisees. Convincing the university that such ?ghostbusting? would help him further his research and help him study spectral entities up close, he received a grant and was able to buy an old Police Station in Hyde Park on Chicago?s South Side where he would set up a lab and office for his venture. With Egon?s help, he set up an Ecto-Containment Unit where the lock-up had been and, with the arrival of his ghost traps and own Mark 2 Proton Pack, Ghostbusters: Chicago officially went into business.Giving up his apartment, Zener moved into the station and set up a home for himself there so he could monitor his work at all times and be available to take calls himself.

    Work was steady for him in the beginning but over the coming months and into the summer of 2007, Chicago?s PKE readings went through the roof and paranormal activity went to an all-time high. Deciding that he couldn?t do it alone, James decided that it
  3. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Gm approved and ready to bust some ghosts!

    Name: Christian Clay
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male (very male)
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: White
    Build: Athletic
    Nationality: American (of German origins)
    Distinguishing Marks: Damned good looking
    Personality: Easy-going, lightly distracted by woman, fun-loving
    Off-Duty Clothing: European designer-clothes or whatever impresses the ladies
    Skills and Knowledge: Chris has actually visited lectures and made the girls there do the work for him . . . even the female professors couldn´t resist him, so one could say his skills are more "social" in nature. He can be harming, no matter where he actually is or what he is doing
    Degrees (If Any): Dr. PhD (Psychology, actually he doesn´t know what his former girlfriend wrote his doctor-thesis about)
    Alma Mater: University of Chicago
    Former Professions: He is coming from a wealthy family, so he doesn´t need money, but had various jobs to impress various woman
    Additional Skills: He has done a lot of sports in life. Even martial arts (not too much) and he a clever, quick-thinking mind and not reluctant to make any decisions. A shame he wastes this talents on something like seducing ladies

    Biography: Christian Clay had little to worry about in his life. Born with a golden spoon in his mouth he was the only son of his wealthy family. And it didn´t needed long, until he found out, what a cute little boy he was and used it to gain what he wanted.
    As a matter of fact that had never changed. He always stayed cute and no matter what he did, woman loved him.

    So he came to the conclusion, that woman must be his destiny. For he loved woman as much as they loved him. And he loved many of them. And whatever he did for the rest of the life, there was almost always a "not-so-easy-to-get" woman involved he was running after.

    he ended up studying psychology (especially female) in New York and Chicago. And it was in New York, that he found his master.

    Jessica Welsh, a beautiful blond girl from his class was the only girl he never got. Because she had only eyes for one man. Dr. Peter Venkman!

    Christian needed almost a month to get over it and Venkman becoming the hero of New York made it no better.

    He changed to Chicago to finish his studies and found back to old shape. Even seducing the assistant of his professor and making her writing a doctor for him, after his graduated on the subject "female and sexual situations".

    When he one day was running through the Park and saw the big sign of Ghostbuster hanging over the old police-station he was shocked! What the hell did they do in his city?

    But soon he found out, no Venkman was there, but a strange guy he had even seen in university a few times. And there he had a vision! He could surpass his greatest challenger, Dr. Peter Venkman! And the girls loved the heroic quality of Ghostbusters! Yeah, he would join the team. Whatelse would he do, anyway? He didn´t needed money, so why not work?

    His application was the biggest sum of lies he had ever produced. Did he believe in Ghosts? SURE! Had he any paranormal experienced? His DVD-Box of the Twilight Zone provided lots of inspiration there! But when he finally got the job, only one question remained for him to puzzle out . . .

    What would he actually do? He forgot to ask . . . but he hoped it would be very public and very prestigious. Getting your face on TV never did any harm . . .

    A quote: "Christian, life is no popularity contest!" "Man you really think that? Probably your life isn´t. Don´t talk for me, man!" Turns head after a woman. "Interesting discussion, see ya later." And follows her.
  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Zion Approved Ancilliary character sheet!

    Name: Wotan Trell
    Age: 59
    Sex: Male
    Hair Color: Greying brown
    Eye Color: Turqoise
    Skin Color: Pale
    Build: Vaguely built, but not especially. Medium height.
    Nationality: English.
    Distinguishing Marks: Scar on his left arm, running from his shoulder down, and webbing around it, of unknown origin.
    Personality: Cold, calculating, with a definate egomaniac bend behind that veneer
    Clothing: A one sleeve tunic that allows him to expose the scars on his left arm in private, otherwise his finest business suits made in Paris. Monicle for his right eye.
    Profession: Professional writer and historian in rare items.
    Additional Skills: None.
    Biography: Wotan Trell was named after the fallen God of the past. Discovering this, he became obsessed with the concepts of God, writing many thesis' and fiction books about fallen and 'living' Gods. A maltheist to the core, he believes that God, should he exist, would approve of his capitalism and genera; desire for power. A genius of literature, his knowledge of the ancient world is unsurpassed, and he believes, one day, he will find a way to control the deity's behind these many names and visages.
  5. R_Zion

    R_Zion Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 23, 2004
    One 'buster and one client! Glad to have you two aboard!

    Any one else wanna take a shot?
  6. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    So, one Gigolo and a scientist with a possible mad client worshiping ancient Gods. We could need a little support on that one!
  7. MoonlightsAngel

    MoonlightsAngel Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 13, 2006
    I think I'll faint with happiness here... finally got a bit of a break from life!!!! -tear- Anyways, Zion, I'll send you a cs, and hope you can help me with some tiny details?

  8. R_Zion

    R_Zion Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 23, 2004
    Friends and Fellow Players,

    Seeing as player response to the game has been rather low and I couldn't even get the four Ghostbusters I wanted to begin, I'm afraid I must announce that for now, this game will be coming to an end.

    Thank you for all those who showed interest and perhaps, at another time somewhere down the road, I will attempt to restart things. Thanks again, all!

    -R_Zion, your humble GM
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