CT Giacchino will help Adywan SW-Revisited to became the official version for Disney?

Discussion in 'Classic Trilogy' started by welles76, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Where the heck did all these nested quotes come from that have me saying something about restoring Han shooting...? Lest I be again accused of being defensive and passive aggressive about something "I said" then correcting that...I'm curious.
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    my bad. I tried quoting Jedi_Ford_Prefect and the site screwed it all up, I tried to edit it but everytime I tried whatever he said it quoted it as you saying it and whatever I said quoted it as him saying it.
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    Why should a fan edit be considered a definitive version over the creator's one?

    The good thing about such idiotic idea is that it will never happen.

    P.S: And I'm one of those that aren't against fan edits.
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    Thankfully the whims of a fan edit will never impact any rerelease of the six films in any form.

    A simple tweet is utterly meaningless.
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    I'm sure Disney would just love the idea of a protracted legal battle with Fox. :p So no.
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