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Story [Glee] Sing It Out (50 Sentences Challenge - June) Set IV -- 12/19

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by NYCitygurl, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    Author: NYCitygurl
    Title: Sing It Out
    Fandom: Glee
    Timeframe: Throughout the show
    Characters: New directions, Will, Emma, Sue, etc.
    Summary: Sometimes one sentence says it all.
    Notes: Written for the June [link=]Fifty Sentence Challenge[/link].

    as knights crowd the table round

    01. Allegiance

    Will felt attracted to Emma, but he had a pregnant wife at home; he refused to be unfaithful.

    02. Bode

    Finn ran away, and Rachel sighed; despite the romantic picnic, the singing lesson, and the kiss, he was gone; this didn?t bode well for a future with him.

    03. Scourge

    Kurt eventually couldn?t take Karofsky?s bullying?especially after the death threat.

    04. Melee

    New Directions raced through the streets of New York City, enjoying their first time in the Big Apple.

    05. Tournament

    Even though Mr. Schue wasn?t there, Finn almost didn?t show up, and other schools stole their songs, New Directions put on quite a show at Sectionals.

    06. Pyre

    With that one revelation?Puck had been sexting Santana?Quinn?s momentary dream of raising her baby with Puck burst into flames.

    07. Solecism

    Finn thought that the (thankfully brief) Puckleberry romance was way too weird.

    08. Battlement

    Quinn tried to be strong, but eventually, she needed help; and she was forever grateful that Mercedes stepped in to help.

    09. Circlet

    Kurt was horrified when the prom queen crown was given to him.

    10. Gird

    Quinn girded herself and pushed, crying out in pain and cursing Puck.

    11. Blessing

    Quinn prayed, but Finn found his mind wandering to what it would be like to go all the way with her.

    12. Sorcery

    Finn didn?t steal Rachel from Jesse with any sort of magic (except, perhaps, the magic of his voice); they were meant to be together . . . at least, for now.

    13. Cluster

    The New Directions clustered together on stage, awaiting the results.

    14. Steady

    Whatever was troubling Kurt, Blaine was there?his rock, his voice of reason, and the person he desperately needed.

    15. Nefast

    Santana could be a little bad sometimes, but she would never have treated Kurt the way others did.

    16. Enchantment

    Jesse found himself inexplicably enchanted by Rachel, and he was frightened of falling too hard.

    17. Gallant

    Finn was confused and horrified, but he stepped up to the plate as best as he could; and that, Quinn knew, was why she hadn?t told him the truth about her baby?s father.

    18. Charge

    Finn charged down the football field, working his best to get a scholarship so he could get a degree and a good job and support Quinn and the baby.

    19. Laud

    Many at William McKinley praised Finn for his talent on the football field, but for some reason, Rachel?s enthusiasm about his voice made him happier.

    20. Joust

    Finn pushed Jesse and Jesse pushed back, and before Finn knew what was happening, he was in an all-out brawl over someone who wasn?t even his girlfriend.

    21. Lance

    Sam was suddenly the brand-new quarterback, the captain of the team . . . yay?

    22. Armor

    No matter what kind of armor Sue Sylvester coasted herself in, nothing could stop her from feeling the jagged pains of her sister?s death.

    23. Shield

    Carl was really just a shield against Emma?s love for Will, though she refused to admit it.

    24. Scabbard

    Finn and Rachel fit together, like peas in a pod, or like song on a stage, or like . . . Kurt told her to cut it out already.

    25. Sword

    Finn told Rachel at Sectionals that he loved her, and from that day on, he coud never truly convince himself otherwise; he would fight for her.

    26. Stone

    Slushies couldn?t break bones, but getting one in the face still hurt.

    27. Squire

    Becky did everything
  2. Master_Jaina1011

    Master_Jaina1011 Jedi Master star 4

    May 20, 2002

    Glee! You did it! Yay!

    Once I'm done flailing I will come back and review the sentences.

  3. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh these were fun! I have only seen Glee on and off, so with my rocky canon knowledge, I have to say that I enjoyed:

    Scabbard: So much brilliance here! Definitely my favorite of the set. :D

    Avalon: Just for the sheer brilliance of the Wicked reference. [face_laugh] Just which one would she be playing? :p

    Balance: A beautiful truth if ever there was one. [face_love]

    Will you still be flushing out the other tables? :D Because that might just be a few different kinds of awesome. :cool:


    ~MJ @};-

  4. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    Master_Jaina: [face_laugh] I?m finally all caught up, and I love it!!! :D

    Mira: Thanks!! You should watch the rest of the episodes; they?re awesome! Oh, Rachel would be playing Elphaba, of course :D

    I?ll definitely be doing the other tables! Trying to catch up and do July this month 8-}

    This set is a bit Rachel-centric--which is just the way Rachel Berry would want it :p

    singing songs in my head

    01. Mask

    Santana put up a front, hiding what she really felt because she didn?t think anyone would accept her.

    02. Guardian

    Finn had never known his father, but he gradually came to accept Burt in that role; and when his mother suggested, after the wedding, that Burt become Finn?s legal guardian, Finn was, surprisingly, all for it.

    03. Childish

    It was a childish ploy, sending Sunshine far away from Glee Club tryouts, but Rachel couldn?t have anyone that good competing with her.

    04. Concealment

    Kurt urged his tormentor to tell the truth, but Karofsky couldn?t admit the truth to the whole school.

    05. Instruction

    Will made mistakes along the way, but he was determined to teach the glee club as best he could.

    06. Hypnotic

    Finn found Rachel?s singing hypnotic; he could listen to her for hours (and she was always happy to oblige).

    07. Isolation

    Kurt felt isolated and alone; no one at McKinley understood what he was going through.

    08. Divine

    Rachel thought Patti Lupone was an absolute goddess; meeting her was the highlight of the trip.

    09. Claim

    Kurt claimed that Rachel would never get Finn, not with Quinn pregnant, but Rachel couldn?t stop wanting him.

    10. Ghost

    It was like seeing a ghost; Shelby Corcoran sang exactly like the woman on the tape?her mother.

    11. Cadenza

    Rachel held the last note, trying to impress her fellow Glee Club members.

    12. Grotesque

    Rachel found the thought of Finn and Santana grotesque; she was hurt and betrayed, and she wanted to make Finn feel the same way.

    13. Beneath

    Beneath the cocky, confident surface, Kurt was hurt and humiliated by the slushies and beatings.

    14. Innocence

    After what had happened with Quinn, Finn was no longer trusting and innocent, and that broke Rachel?s heart.

    15. Halve

    Quinn thought she had been halved; she was empty inside; and then she heard her daughter squalling.

    16. Song

    Rachel put all her passion into her music.

    17. Ingénue

    Rachel was the perfect ingénue; for all her Broadway ambitions, she was still so unworldly.

    18. Curtain

    The curtain rose, revealing the other members of the New Directions, but not quickly enough; Finn and Rachel had already kissed.

    19. Chandelier

    The little chandelier hung over the dining room table, shedding its light upon Will and Terry, who are without speaking.

    20. Soprano

    Rachel was a Soprano, and she was determined to play the female lead?Elphaba, Eponine, whoever she could.

    21. Limelight

    Rachel was born to the limelight; she craved it, and, honed correctly, her talent could match it.

    22. Suitor

    Puck and Rachel?Puckleberry?were odd together; Rachel wasn?t sure why he was even courting her; all they really had in common (besides Glee Club) was their religion.

    23. Extortion

    Terri and her sister did everything they could think of to secretly get Quinn?s baby.

    24. Sweetheart

    Puck let Quinn give Beth to Shelby Corcoran, but he didn?t stop loving her; sometimes, at night, he sang for her and called her ?sweetheart.?

    25. Chord

    Even though Sam was kind of a dork, he was a sweet dork, and he made Quinn feel loved.

    26. Managers

    Will and Sue were supposed to be managing the Glee Club together, but nobody trusted Sue (with good reason).

    27. Masquerade

    It seemed like they did the Time Warp right into an alternate reality, and t
  5. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Another fun set! :D

    Will lay on his bed, exhausted; some days, life at William McKinley was like a soap opera.

    [face_laugh] I think that that may be a perfect sumation there. But oh, so much fun. [face_whistling]

    The words would haunt Rachel later, when they began to match her life: ?I love him . . . but only on my own.?

    This was perfect! Soft and sad, and Eponine for the win! =D=

    Wonderful set. :D [

    ~MJ @};-
  6. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    Mira: Thanks!! Glad you liked them :) (I patricularly love that song; I have the Glee version on my iPod :D )

    I'm actually trying to finish these! I don't like to leave stories unfinished :p

    upon the artist's brush

    01. Sketch

    Quinn taped the fliers up all around the school: ?Vote Finn and Quinn for Prom King and Queen,? they said, and carried Quinn?s hopes with them; she and Finn were finally back on the right track, back where they should be?back together.

    02. Brush

    Plenty of people criticized Rachel, or called her a drama queen, or threw slushies in her face (or all three), but she brushed them all off; she was Rachel Berry, and one day she would be performing on a stage in New York City, and this would all be behind her.

    03. Impression

    Rachel?s first impression of Finn was that he was incredibly handsome; her second was that he really could sing, and his voice complimented hers nicely?and then she realized that she wanted him, and that they?d be perfect together.

    04. Depiction

    Cheerleaders were often depicted as being pretty and popular and dating the football quarterback?and Quinn Fabray was all of those things; but she was also pregnant and scared, and she didn?t know what to do.

    05. Palette

    There were 12 of them, and they were all so different?black, white, Asian, Christian, Jewish, atheist, cheerleader, football player, musician, actress, straight, gay?but the Glee club tied them together and made this group, who would usually never speak to each other, into friends.

    06. Lines

    Rachel practiced for hours, learning her parts perfectly; her perfectionist nature and drive to succeed would permit nothing less.

    07. Easel

    If he were an artist and Glee club was his easel, Will would make all the colors blend together in perfect harmony; but life wasn?t that simple, though he was disappointed when the New Directions members turned on each other.

    08. Abstract

    It was an odd concept, the ?popular? kids hanging out with the nerds; but Quinn found that when everyone she loved abandoned her, those nerds stuck with her through the most trying time of her life; unlikely as it seemed, they were her true friends.

    09. Opaque

    Mike was hard to read sometimes; he was quiet (and he couldn?t sing very well), but he tried to be friendly and open to everyone; Brittney appreciated his sense of humor (and his dancing ability).

    10. Transparent

    Rachel, on the other hand, wasn?t hard to read at all?she wanted to sing, and she wanted to be the star, and she wanted Finn; and she would do anything she could in order to achieve her goals.

    11. Paint

    Rachel was painted as a drama queen?which she was?and a geek?which she tried to ignore?but no matter what anyone else said or did, she knew who she was, and she wouldn?t let anyone else stop her from succeeding.

    12. Canvas

    Canvas draped the stage, protecting some of the set?s designs; Will walked through the auditorium, picturing what it would be like to really perform here . . . and it was amazing, but it was no longer his greatest desire; glee club was calling him home.

    13. Surreal

    It was completely surreal, being in New York for the first time?performing on the real [o]Wicked[/i] stage, meeting Patti LuPone, walking through Central Park on a date with Finn . . . in fact, it was magical.

    14. Primary

    Finn and Rachel were Will?s go-to choices to sing lead vocals or a duet, because they were the best; but when Emma (correctly) predicted his choices for the performance, he realized he needed to mix it up.

    15. Secondary

    Mercedes and Kurt resented Rachel for always wanting to be the star (and, more accurately, because she often got to be); but when Kurt transferred and experienced a more strict glee club, he realized that Mr. Schue?s often-democratic methods actually were more fair.

    16. Etch

    Rachel etched out her goals and placed a gold st
  7. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh yay! I was so glad to see more of these.

    05. Palette

    There were 12 of them, and they were all so different?black, white, Asian, Christian, Jewish, atheist, cheerleader, football player, musician, actress, straight, gay?but the Glee club tied them together and made this group, who would usually never speak to each other, into friends.

    If this wasn't a perfect use of the prompt, then I don't know what is. [face_love]=D=

    Another wonderfully done set. :D

    ~MJ @};-
  8. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    Mira: Thanks!! That was one of my favorites to write :) I'm glad you enjoyed!

    I finally got around to writing the last set 8-}

    kicks and kisses

    01. Knowledge

    Puck knew many things: that he loved Beth, that he would be a good father for her, that he?d be perfect for Shelby ? and that Quinn needed some help.

    02. Knack

    Puck had a knack for women; he never them very well ? but despite his very intimate knowledge, he?d never been able to hold onto one.

    03. Knot

    The knot in Finn?s belly loosened as Rachel held out her hand and, with it, the possibility of a future together.

    04. Kilter

    Rachael stood in the auditorium, watching the New Directions perform and feeling off-kilter at, for once, being in the audience watching them instead of on stage with them.

    05. Kempt

    Finn had bed-head, but even though he lived with Kurt, he never saw his step-brother the least bit unkempt; Kurt always looked impeccable.

    06. Kvetch

    Rachel was the last one to find out about Quinn?s baby daddy (last, that is, except for Finn) when she walked in on the rest of the New Directions gossiping; they had feared (correctly, as it turned out) that we would tell.

    07. Knightly

    Finn had never been more scared in his life than when Quinn told him she was pregnant, but he did what he had to do: stepped up and tried his best to support her.

    08. Keep

    They sang ?Keep Holding On? with Finn and Quinn, and Rachel sang, too, even though she had to hold back the tears as the future she?d imagined with Finn slipped away.

    09. Key

    The glee club desperately needed new members and would take almost anyone ? except for Sugar Motta, who sang so horribly off-key that they couldn?t stand to listen to her.

    10. Kayo

    Finn was, surprisingly, a knockout; the first time Rachael heard him, she knew he would perfectly complement her voice.

    11. Knuckle

    Finn?s knuckles stung after he punched the locker, but nothing took away the pain of what Rachel had done.

    12. Kohl

    Kurt made Rachel up, but Finn liked her better the way she was ? which Kurt already knew.

    13. Kiln

    Quinn wanted the baby out, wanted to be finished with this mess, but she knew it wouldn?t be safe until the baby was completely cooked, as Mrs. Jones said, and she realized that some part of her loved this child.

    14. Kata

    Sue practiced martial arts every day, the better to beat people up with.

    15. Knell

    It seemed like the list leak would be the death knell for the New Directions, but Finn and Rachel managed to pull everyone together and lead the group to a Sectionals victory.

    16. Krone

    Rachel wanted to be the queen of Broadway, and she would step over anyone to reach her goals ? until she realized that she wouldn?t be the queen if she threw away all her friends.

    17. Kindred

    Rachel and Kurt were kindred spirits, singers whose greatest dream was to perform on Broadway ? together.

    18. Keen

    Jesse was keen on romancing Rachael ? too keen, Finn thought, but he had thrown away the possibility of a relationship with Rachel, so, she informed him, it was none of his business.

    19. Kyrie

    They all, in their different ways, prayed for Burt?s safe recovery, which eased his girlfriend?s heart, but Kurt, who did not believe in any god, was upset that Rachel, Mercedes, and Quinn has gone behind his back.

    20. Kestrel

    I know why the caged bird sings, Kurt thought ? it was because the bird had to have something to keep its spirit alive in the hopes that it could one day soar free.

    21. Kelpie

    Santana couldn?t help being mean ? it was part of her nature ? and Sam had missed even that, so when she welcomed him back with insults, barely able to keep from smiling, Sam gave her a big hug and said, ?I missed you, too.?

    22. Kalon

    Quinn Fabray was beautiful and knew it, and Rachel knew it, too, and