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Saga - OT Beyond the Saga GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY...Chapter # 21

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Hopefulwriter, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK...#23.
    Appreciate your comments. You are an encouragement.
    Will it stay 'warm and fuzzy'....the rest of the story will tell.
    Lynda V.
  2. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    Hi there. It took me some time to reply, because the circumstances of my father´s death and some problems who are the result of it, are very hard to deal with. Plus I had trouble to follow this fic via my mobile phone during my daily 30 minute break at work.

    All in all I have to say that I can imagine a lot now what exactly the "good times" between Han & Leia were that got mentioned in the movie TFA. They indeed had very good moments.
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  3. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hello Azure, I'm so sorry to hear of your father's death. It is never easy. Lean upon the Lord for comfort.
    Appreciate you taking your time to read GOING BACK...#23.
    I'm enjoying writing the story, it's turning out to be a little more lengthy than I planned.
    Surprises are in store...
    My thoughts are with you and your family. Lynda V.
  4. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY # 24 The Later Adventures of Han Solo

    As Chewbacca settled into the familiar curve of the co-pilot’s chair aboard the Falcon,
    Han Solo glanced at one of the flight console chronos. He kept it set to the planet where they were living now so he could keep up with time there.

    “You need to be getting ready for sleep.” Han said to Ben, one arm across his son’s shoulders, his left hand brushing over a tuft of brown hair.

    “But there’s still daylight outside.” The boy protested.

    “But it’s dark-time at home. I want you to stay on your home schedule.”

    Han explained. “Go wash your face, brush your teeth and do whatever else you need to do in the lavatory. I’ll be there in a minute to tuck you in.”

    With another, now non-fearful look at the Wookiee, Ben leaned his head on Han’s arm, then left the cockpit.

    (“Nice boy.”) Chewbacca said with a smile at his partner. (“I didn’t know you were bringing your son with you.”)

    “I promised him a trip with me after Leia and I came back from our get-away.”

    (“This may pose a problem.”) Chewbacca told Han with a wrinkle in his brow.

    “How so?”

    (“Some have come here asking the others about a Wookiee who traveled with a spacer and about some gems. We have to get rid of these,”)\\
    Chewbacca opened one of the cartridges on his bandolier and seven, colorful sagrite gems fell into his massive paw.

    (“ I won’t put my family in danger.”).

    Han grimaced and nodded his head. “I thought the heat would be off by now. We’ll have do it now.
    About time we got our ‘pay’ for delivering those others. Wonder where Arc Warner is now?”

    (“What about Ben?”)

    Han chewed on a fingernail….“ I know a back-planet place that will take them. Make the sale and take off; no tracers.
    I’ll contact Leia and let her know we’ll be ’visiting’ you an extra day. I can’t take him back home. Leia would want to know why.”

    (“I’ll take first flight so you can rest with Ben.”)

    “Fine.” Han agreed, pulling up the console’s planet maps….searching, then
    finally punching in coordinates. “That‘s it.. The Vaslar System. Here Chewie..
    the landing latitude when we get to Oglis, but I should relieve you before then.”

    Chewbacca set his coordinates to match and nodded as Han left for his own rest time.


    After leaving the lavatory, Han entered his room….Ben wasn’t in the bed. A tiny claw
    of fear grabbed Han’s heart for a millisecond… after what he and Chewbacca had been talking about and planning…
    He left and headed for Chewie’s old cabin. There, he found his son tangled in the bed covers fast asleep.
    Smiling, he lifted the boy and carried him back to his cabin… with one hand folded back the bedcovers and placed him in the bunk.
    Staring down at the innocent, childish face, Han realized he didn’t know what he’d do if he ever lost his son.
    Removing his blaster, placing it on the bunk’s side table for easy reach, then boots and clothes.. Han slid in beside his son and was soon asleep.

    “You get some rest now, Chewie.” Han said as he handed a cup of hot kava to his partner. “Ben’s having the morning meal in the galley. Left something in there for you too.”

    The Wookiee removed the headset and took the kava as he rose from his seat.

    Han settled in his pilot’s seat and punched in the comlink to contact Leia.


    “Morning, sweetheart.”

    “It may be morning to you, but here it’s past midnight.” Leia laughed.

    “Did I wake you?”

    “No, you know I don’t sleep well when you aren’t beside me.”

    “My favorite place to be.”

    “How’s Ben?”

    “Eating . He’s enjoying the trip. He was scared of Chewie at first.”

    Leia giggled.

    “Ah…we’re going to stay an extra day with Chewie.” Han told her.

    “Any problems there?”

    “No, just a lot to catch up on. You know this is only the second time Chewbacca’s seen

    “I imagine Malla made as much a fuss over him as she did you. Just enjoy being with them. I’m catching up work,\\
    but still have a lot to do.” Leia told him. “You can tell me all about it when you get home.”

    “Sure.” Han answered. “Good night.”

    “Love you.” Leia whispered just as Han broke the communications link; feeling like
    a heel.

    “There it is.” Han stated as the port town came into view. Chewbacca chortled and

    Ben, sitting behind his Dad, said. “That sure doesn’t look like home.”

    “We’re just making a side trip.” Han calmly told his son. Chewbacca gave his friend a wary look, \
    as Han clicked switches and pulled back the control to slow the Falcon’s speed. “We won’t be here long. Then we’ll head for home.”

    Han brought the ship into a slow arc, then settled on the ground just outside the

    (“You want me to make the ‘sale’”? Or stay here with Ben?”) Chewbacca asked.

    “I want us all to go. I’ll keep Ben with me all the time, can protect him better that way.
    No telling what we’ll face when we get into town.” Han said as he checked the charges on his blaster.

    “You going to shoot your blaster, Dad?” Ben asked.

    “Nah, just checking. A good pilot checks everything before leaving his ship.”

    Hitting the hatchway control, the trio waited for the boarding ramp to drop.

    Han held his son’s hand as they walked down and onto the ground leading to the town.

    A waist high, dried-dirt brick wall surrounded the run down town; dusty streets leading to the few dust covered,
    dilapidated buildings; sparse greenery grew wild in the street and around the buildings.

    Han squatted down to face his son, looking him straight in the eye, raising a finger in front of him for emphasis
    “Listen to me very carefully and do exactly as I tell you.”

    Ben nodded, taking it just as seriously as his father.

    “Never leave my side. Don’t call me ‘dad’ me ‘sir’ and don’t dispute
    anything you hear me say.” Han then patted his son on the shoulder as he rose.

    Chewbacca gave a nasty growl, nodding to the town. (“You ever been here before?”)

    Han took a deep breath, licked his lips and placed a hand on his weapon. …
    “Just once…and it was bad back then. This place makes Mos Eisley look like the cultural center of Tatooine.

    MORE TO COME….February 2nd. 2018.
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  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    :eek: Those gems need to be unloaded fast! [face_thinking] Where they're at sounds completely unsavory. I know Han and Chewie can take care of themselves and Ben too, but if Leia ever gets wind of what they were really doing :oops: :p
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  6. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, Thank you for taking your time to read Going Back #24.
    Appreciate your comments.
    It may get worse before it gets better, or does it?
    Have a nice weekend. Lynda V.
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  7. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016

    The Later Adventures of Han Solo

    Walking through the dirt ‘gate’ of the town, Han held his son’s hand a little tighter.
    Chewbacca, grasping his bowcaster in a strong paw, sniffed as he looked around.
    Trash and garbage was strewn everywhere… a few denzins of the town were walking about.
    The place even had a foul smell; blaster shots echoed in the distance clashing with the over-loud
    music and laughter from the cantina at the end of the dirt pathway.

    “Bring that boy over here!” Yelled a hooded man, laying lax against a pile of dirt in a shadowy corner of the wall.

    Han glanced back and kept walking. Passing a shade-darkened alley, he could see some poor soul being beaten by several nasty looking beings.
    He glanced down at Ben, walking between himself and Chewbacca, who seemed oblivious to what was going on. Then, in the distance,
    Han caught sight of three evil looking species, dressed in rags. Their long, stringy, matted hair obscuring most of their facial features.
    They pointed to toward Han and ambled slowly in that direction.

    “The group ahead of us.” Han spoke low to his partner. Chewbacca nodded; he’d seen them too.

    Passing the sagging, weather worn, paint peeled buildings, Han kept his gait steady, casual, unhurried.
    The trio continued to point, talking and laughing among themselves, moving closer, step by step.

    Han stopped…. held a ‘halt’ hand to Chewbacca, then walked a few steps forward, flipping the strap on the holster..
    his right hand poised over the blaster. The three stopped, eyeing the spacer…considering their chances.
    Two scantily clad Latesian women quickly ran into a sagging building on the opposite side of the street.

    Chewbacca bared his teeth and uttered a low, menacing growl, Ben looked up at the Wookiee.

    The trio gestured and shook their heads; two breaking to the right and one to the left, behind a rock outcrop.

    Han walked back to Ben and Chewbacca. Twisting his head around, looking at the building fronts, he said.
    “If I remember, it’s one of these here.” He continued to survey the area. “There it is.” Pointing to the faded,
    broken sign as he took hold of Ben’s hand again.

    There were no windows on the single level building, just a door that wasn’t much more than a hole in the wall,
    the place looked like it should have fallen down years ago.

    “You stay out here, Chewie, block the door so no one else can come in.” Han instructed his partner.
    (“You want me to keep Ben out here?“) Chewbacca asked. “No, I’ll take him with me.“
    The Wookiee nodded and stepped his massive frame in front of the door as Han and his son entered the dark interior.

    As Han brushed aside a large, green, dripping, arachnoid web, Ben didn’t utter a sound….instinctively knowing to stay quite.
    The place was cluttered; machinery, ship parts…items of all kinds sat on sagging, broken shelves and scattered on the mud clumped floor.

    “Faw!” Han called as he approached the counter. “Faw Agor, you still here?”

    A squat being with short arms rose up from a tattered, sagging chair behind the counter, his wide set eyes focusing, scanning the one standing in front of him.

    It was the same being Han remembered from long ago, just grayer, stooped and aged.

    #“Solo-Han! It’s been many years, but I never forget a face.”#

    Ben rose on his tip toes to see. The movement caught Faw’s eye. Raising up, he placed his ample torso across the cracked counter;
    leaning down until his face almost touched the edge.

    # “And who is this?” # Faw turned his head upwards, his yellow eyes glinting.

    #”Your son?”#

    “Merchandise.” Han casually stated.

    Faw raised up. #”So, are you here to sell or trade?”# He asked.

    “Not the boy.” Han told him. “These.” Reaching into his pocket, Han drew out the gems.
    Six of the gleaming rocks rolled from the Corellian’s hand…then dug out the seventh.

    The old one stood transfixed. Reaching out, he grasped a gem in each hand; drawing them to his eye for a closer examination.
    #”These are sagrite! I’ve heard about them, but have never held one in my hand. So, these are what you want to sell.”#

    Han nodded. “How much…and I want ready cash, not credits.”

    #”These are forbidden….did you steal them?”#

    “Just tell me how much.” Han replied.

    Ben gasped and nudged closer to his father’s legs…Han instinctively reached for his weapon, turned and saw a
    roll-rhat tumbling across the dirty floor. He silently squeezed Ben’s hand for assurance.

    Faw was stroking his chin…thinking…#“Ten thousand….for each.”#

    Han laughed and casually looked to the side…then looked back at him. “You know they’re worth a hundred times more…each.”

    Faw continued to stroke his chin….inwardly salivating at the thought of possessing the rare gems. “#Twenty thousand.”#

    Han shook his head.

    Faw dropped the gems and grasped two others….#Thirty-five thousand…each.”#

    Han just kept looking at him.

    #”Alright! Fifty thousand…..and I’ll make you a deal.”#

    “You want to make me a deal?” Han leaned in and pointed to his chest.

    “You take some cargo for me and I’ll ‘forget’ who sold these to me. Otherwise, if you don’t take the fifty thousand and the deal,
    I’ll call the authorities. They will arrest you and your ‘guard’ (nothing missed the old being’s eye) for trying to sell these gems.
    Then.. who will take care of your ….‘merchandise’?”# Faw hissed as he gave a sickly, evil smile.

    Han grimaced inwardly. That was a real possibility…and he’d brought his son right in to it.
    Horrible images of what would happen to Ben in a place like this flashed across his mind.

    “What’s the cargo?”

    #“I have fifty kegs of polifrene that need to be delivered“#.

    Han knew what that was. It was used by less advanced worlds to build bombs for their wars.
    “You know that stuff’s been banned by many worlds and galaxies.”

    Faw smiled and waved a knotty hand over the gems that lay on the counter. #“Why worry about details when you just brought these to me?”#

    Han could see he had no choice. And, by agreeing to haul the cargo, that would guarantee getting them all off the planet unscathed.

    The Corellian drew a hand down his face. “Alright. I’ll take it for you. And fifty-thousand ready cash for the sagrite.”

    “#Good…good…”# Faw rubbed his knarly hands together. #I’ll have the kegs delivered to your ship, along with the money as soon as possible.
    Where did you land?”#

    “ A half kilometer south of town.”

    #”Sure you won’t reconsider selling the boy, Solo-Han? Can give you a great price.”#

    Han took a deep breath. “He’s spoken for.”


    “Let’s go Chewie.” Han said as the Wookiee moved from the door.

    “We’re leaving now, sir?” Ben looked up at his father as he clasped his hand.

    Han gave him a smile. “Yes.”

    They walked down the broken, crumbling mudcrete sidewalk, past the buildings.
    As they came into the open by the last structure, one of the matted hair creatures jumped from the blind side and struck
    Chewbacca hard across the knees with a thick plank. Caught unaware, the Wookiee gave a yelp of pain and crumpled to the ground.
    At the same moment, another of the evil trio jumped Han from the back, locking skinny arms around his throat,
    dragging him to the ground also. The third, grabbed Ben and began running back toward the rock outcrop with him.

    “Help! Help!” Ben cried, terrified.

    Chewbacca rose and caught his running attacker, picked him up and, with a lethal roar, threw him against a dead tree trunk.
    The being never moved again.

    Han struggled with his attacker; was able to grab his blaster and shot the creature in the head.
    He staggered to his feet, oblivious to the blood trickling down the side of his face from where he’d struck the hardscrabble ground.

    “HELP! HELP!” Ben’s cries echoed in Han’s ears as well as the screams and maniacal laughter of the being.
    ’Sounds just like a Hadarian witch’, He thought as he pointed his drawn blaster toward them, hesitating for a fraction of a second…
    the being was backing farther away.. holding a frightened, twisting, squirming Ben shield-like in front of him…….
    if he shot, which one would he hit?

    MORE..... Feb. 9, 2018
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  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    @Hopefulwriter -- that Faw has Han over the proverbial barrel -- he has to haul that awful cargo or get reported :eek: Not only is it banned but it's used for horrific purposes. [face_worried]
    Then, [face_nail_biting] that trio of thugs! Ambushed them before they could get away...and the last line -- yes, you have me literally on the edge of my seat with a superb cliffhanger. =D=
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  9. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota, Thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK #25. Appreciate your comments.
    It really is a spot! Will Han get out of it? What will the ramifications be with Leia?
    The story goes along. Lynda V.
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  10. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    The Later Adventures of Han Solo

    Han knew he had to act fast, had to keep Ben in his sight. Shaking to clear his head; he
    began walking forward quickly. “It’s alright, Ben. I’m coming” He assured his son, still aiming his blaster for a sure shot.

    Suddenly, from a corner building’s shadow, Chewbacca rushed out and with one swift motion and roar,
    twisted and cracked the neck of the one holding Ben. The alien fell to the ground, releasing the frightened child.

    “Sir…sir…” Ben ran toward his father, tears streaming down his face.

    Han knelt and enfolded his son in his arms, hugging him tightly, eyes closed, thanking the Maker that he was safe. Chewbacca rushed to his friends, rubbing the top of Ben’s head, and uttering sounds.

    “Did you hear what Chewie said?” Han asked Ben as the child wiped his face with his forearm.

    Ben shook his head ‘yes’, “But I didn’t understand it.”

    “He said you were very brave. I think you are too!” Ben look up and smiled at the Wookiee.

    Ben touched the side of his father’s blood streaked face. “You’re hurt.”

    “Just a scratch.” Han said

    “You’re brave, too, dad…..uh..sir.”

    “No… it‘s dad. Let’s go.” Han said rising, holding his son. “We still have some business to do.”

    Slowly, as they walked out of town, denzins began gathering around the dead bodies, gazing at the retreating trio.


    “Take Ben into the Falcon.” Han instructed his partner. “Keep him there.”

    Chewbacca nodded and palming Ben’s hand, leading him up the boarding ramp of the ship. Moments later, the Wookiee returned with a first-aid kit.
    (“Let me take care of those cuts.”) Chewbacca made a fussy Han stand still as he washed antiseptic over the scratches, then applied a small adhesive.
    (“I gave Ben some books to look through and told him not to come outside. I also started the power up systems.”).

    Han nodded.

    He and Chewbacca readied the ship for the cargo delivery, opening and securing the loading doors and lowering the lifters.

    Pacing beside the ship, Han spotted a large, mobile mover coming in their direction.
    The Corellian had his blaster drawn, ready, in case of more trouble. Chewbacca kept watching the ship’s hatchway.

    #“Solo-Han.#” Faw called as he climbed down from the mover. #” I see you are ready for loading.”#

    “Unload the money first.” Han said, unsmiling.

    Faw nodded to the loaders; three squat, long-armed, flat head workers brought five
    black, rectangle, top loading and locking strong boxes and placed them near the Corellian. Han nodded to Chewie…
    who held his bowcaster on the delivery group while Han knelt and opened the boxes for inspection; digging deep into each
    one and pulling out currency from the bottom.

    Faw smiled. #” It’s all there, Solo-Han. Three-hundred thirty-five thousand. Don’t you trust me?”#
    He held the sagrite gems in his knobby hand, moving them around like small stones.

    His anger growing at what he was being forced to do, Han said. “About as much as you trust me. You know, Faw.”
    Han said as he rose and aimed his blaster dead center on the being’s forehead. “I could kill you right now.
    Take all the money…. and leave the kegs.”

    Faw was unshaken. #”You could, but then, my best helper, Pitt would notify the authorities if I don’t come back.
    You’d be worse off than I would.”#

    The Corellian stood silent for a moment, then waved the blaster in the movers’ direction.
    “Get on with it.” The quicker this was done the better.

    Faw nodded and the beings began transferring the kegs onto the lifter and into the ship. Han counted as each one was loaded.
    “You said fifty kegs. There’s fifty one.”

    #Solo-Han.”# Faw patronized, then nodded to a loader, who brought the last keg to
    him. Faw motioned to Han as he pried open the top of the keg. #”Seeds, Solo-Han
    If you get boarded, you open this one and tell them you are transporting seeds.”#

    Once the hold was secured, Faw gave one last instruction. #”Don’t think you can dump
    the kegs once you are in space. I have arranged to be notified when the delivery is made.
    You know what will happen if I don’t get that call. I will extract my vengeance through your entire family.”#
    The being finished with a sinister look on his face.

    Han gave no indication of hearing Faw’s last threat as he snapped the crumpled, stained parchment from the being’s hand and boarded his ship; Faw’s cackling laughter following him.
    The Falcon was fully powered up and all that needed to be done was for Han to punch in the coordinates for the flight. Plopping down in his pilot’s seat, he read the numbers and information from the parchment.

    “Looks like we’re going to the Dalareous System..the fourth moon. Have to ask for someone named Vang.” Han talked as he punched in the coordinates on the navi-puter and scanned the screen maps..Chewbacca stretching over to look at the display.

    (“You know how long that will take?”) Chewbacca asked, concerned.

    Han exploded “Hell yes, I know how long that will take!!”

    The Wookiee looked long and hard at his friend, who was cursing as he palmed controls on the console and snapped toggle switches with enough force to break them.

    (“Han, I know you are concerned about Ben. Take him home, first.”)

    Han took a deep breath. “I can’t take him home first. Faw is expecting to know that
    delivery is made on time….if it isn’t.. he’ll track down anyone associated with me.
    I told him Ben was ‘merchandise’, he doesn’t know he’s my son, so he’ll be out
    for Leia. Looks like I’ve made a deal with someone even more diabolical than the
    Demon of the Universe.” Han took another deep breath and pointed down the curved corridor of the Falcon.
    “I’ve got my son on a ship full of explosives…Leia will be out for my hide for keeping him out for so long.
    I’ve even endangered you and your family. I’ll never be sure Faw won’t hold this over my head for the rest of my life.
    I sure didn’t count on this much trouble just selling those gems.” Han slammed his headset down on the console.

    Chewbacca laid a paw on his friend’s shoulder. (“ We’ll handle this together. All will be fine.”)

    Han returned his friend’s gaze and settled down in his seat. “Let’s lift off and I’ll get Ben and we’ll have a good meal.
    Then I’ll contact Leia.”

    MORE TO COME….Feb. 16, 2018
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  11. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_relieved] that Ben is safe but :eek: [face_nail_biting] edge of seatness over the hold/bind! Faw has over Han about those kegs. Leia will certainly not be pleased to put it mildly but Han has no choice at the moment. =D=
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  12. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    Leia will be like a lioness protecting her little one. I would not like to be in Han´s shoes when she finds out.
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  13. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Nyota...thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK # 26.
    Your speculations are spot on.....
    The trouble isn't over yet......
    Lynda V.
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  14. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Azure...Thank you for taking your time to ready GOING BACK # 26....
    Many questions arise from these events.
    The trouble isn't over...
    Lynda V.
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  15. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    The Later Adventures of Han Solo

    Chewbacca manned the Falcon’s flight as Han went to Ben, who was in the Captain’s cabin.

    “Hey, buddy.” Han gave a light-hearted greeting coming into the room. Ben was in the middle of the bed, surrounded by books.
    He was intently looking at a Galaxy Atlas.

    “What’cha looking at?” Han sat on the edge of his bed, fingering a leaf of the book.

    “Star maps. We study star maps in school. I’m trying to see where we are.”

    Han knew the child wouldn’t find that information in the book he was using.

    “How about something to eat?”

    “Yeah..I’m hungry.” Ben admitted.

    “You go visit the lavatory and wash your hands after, then you can help me fix food in the galley.”
    Han said, gathering up the books and placing them back on a shelf.

    Ben did as was told while Han waited for his son. He’d worried how Ben might have been affected by the events earlier,
    but the boy seemed as usual.
    Han hefted Ben up onto the galley counter, then went about hydrating and warming the food.

    “Dad?” The boy began.

    “Yeah?” Han responded.

    “Did you know those beings?”

    “What beings?”

    “Back in that town…the ones who hurt you and Chewbacca and ran away with me, or
    the one in the dirty store?”

    “Just ones I had some business with.” Han answered as he gave Ben a protein bar
    to snack on until the rest of the food was ready.

    “If I had my lightsaber I’d protect us all and you and Chewbacca wouldn’t be hurt.” He began softly kicking the cabinet.
    I’d have more power than the bad ones. One day, when I‘m a Jedi, I‘ll more power than ANYBODY!”
    Ben stated around a bite of the bar.

    Han smiled at the child-like bravado.

    Go get Chewie..tell him the food’s ready.” Han caught his son as he jumped from the counter and took off for the cockpit.
    “Dad said food is ready.” The boy stood by the Wookiee, now completely unafraid.

    Chewbacca woofed a soft reply and set the console controls to ‘auto’ and followed Ben into the lounge.
    “We’re going to talk to mom after we eat, then you go and take a bath and change into your sleeping clothes.”
    Han instructed his son. “Then I’ll take a bath and change.”

    “Does Chewbacca take a bath?” Ben questioned.

    “Only when I hose him down.” Han laughed as Chewbacca protested.

    A beeping ring from the cockpit signaled an incoming com-link call. The Corellian and the Wookiee looked at each other.
    All three rose from the table and rushed to the cockpit.

    Han quickly connected the com-link and heard; “Leia to Han, Leia to Han….

    Han’s eyes darted to Chewbacca…it was really going to hit the boosters now!

    “Leia…how are you?” Han winced, what a thing to say!

    Where are YOU?!” Leia began, not letting Han get a word in edgewise. “I’ve been trying to contact you for a standard day!
    The com-link kept telling me you were ‘out of range’. where are you? How’s Ben.. let me talk to him. You’ve been out four standard days..
    you said the trip wouldn’t take but two…you get back here with MY son right now!

    “Leia..I can explain.” Chewbacca grimaced, and shook his head. That was his friend’s standard reply to any spot he was in.

    “No you can’t!!!” Leia cut him off, “ There’s no excuse for you to stay out this long with Ben,
    causing him to miss school! Not hearing from you scared me to death!”

    “Yes, I can explain….we had mechanical trouble….”

    “No we didn’t.” Ben chirped, loud enough for Leia to hear.

    Han gave his son the ‘look’.

    “Go ahead, Han, explain to me.”

    “I had to help Chewie deliver something and it took a little longer than expected.”

    The other end of the com-link was quiet. Han waited….then went on.

    “We’ve got one more short stop and then we’ll be home, after I take Chewie back to

    Kashyyyk ….” Still silence. Han knew she was fuming.

    “Let me talk to Ben.”

    Han gave the com-link to his son, begging with his eyes.

    “Hi mom. I’m fine. I like traveling with Dad and Chewbacca.”

    “You sure you’re alright? You resting and eating?”

    “Yes…I gotta take a bath after I talk to you.”

    “I love you. Just do what your father’s says and be good. I’ll see you soon.”

    Ben gave the communicator back to his father.

    “I promise, Leia,” Han raised a hand in the air. “ I’ll have us home in two standard days. things just happened.”

    “I don’t like it, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Just get home in those two standard days…..or else!!!!! We’ll talk about this further then!”

    “I love you.” Han told her…….silence for a moment.

    “I love you too.” Leia answered with an exasperated sigh, “But you drive me crazy!”

    “We shouldn’t be ‘out of range’ any more.” Han assured his wife.

    “I’ve got to go…tell Chewbacca ‘hello’ for me.” The Wookiee nodded and softly woofed
    as Han shut off the com-link.

    “Go get your bath, now.” Han told Ben…the child left, heading for the lavatory.

    Han slumped back in the pilot’s chair. “I’d rather face an Imperial firing squad than Leia
    when I get home.”

    Chewbacca couldn’t help himself, his whole body shook with laughter. (I’d love to be
    there to see how you get out of this.”).

    Han slid tired hands down his face…. “I’ll smooth it over…I have a way with her.”

    He stared out the viewport, already trying to formulate what he would say to Leia.
    “All done, Dad.” Ben walked into the cockpit, dressed in a sleeping shirt, the buttons
    in the wrong holes.

    “Come’mere.” Han pulled his son to him and righted the buttons, smiling when Ben gave a big yawn.

    “Time for sleep.” Han picked up his son. “I’m going to clean up and I’ll be back so you can have some rest time.”
    He said to Chewbacca, who nodded.

    In his cabin, Han settled his son in the bunk and pulled the covers over him, then shucked his clothes and headed for the lavatory.
    After a short time, Chewbacca began hearing noises of clanging metal, then heavy thumps.
    That went on several times. (‘must be something Han noticed that needed fixing.’) He thought to himself.
    The Wookiee gave a silent ‘huh..fixing.’

    A short while later, Han reentered the cockpit with two steaming cups of kava.
    Chewbacca looked up and was surprised to see his friend. His face was still whisker-stubbled,
    his hair shaggy and he hadn’t changed clothes.”

    Responding to the Wookie’s stare Han said. “On second thought, I don’t think I should look too clean or respectable
    when I meet Faw’s customers. How’re you knees?”

    Chewbacca nodded, taking a sip of the kava. (“Still aches. What were you doing back there?”)

    Han took another gulp from his cup. “I moved the cash boxes from the cargo hold and put them in the one of the smuggling compartments.
    Faw’s customers don’t need to know about them.” Han said with raised eyebrows.

    Han looked over the readouts. “Looks like we have a few hours before we get there. You take first rest. I’ll doze up here.”

    Chewbacca flipped off his screen and headed down the curved corridor to his cabin.

    After turning off the cockpit lights, Han settled back comfortably in the pilot’s chair, the soft light from the dials and
    indicators the only illumination. Leaning his head back, and lifting his feet to rest on the console, the low,
    constant hum of the Falcon’s engines lulled him to near sleep.. with thoughts of ‘Home’….
    after the last few days, he was looking forward to getting back there.

    MORE TO COME …Feb. 23, 2018
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    LOL Leia was sure exasperated plus worried naturally with not being "in range" and them being overdue back home. Ben's reaction to the adventure understandable and thankfully not traumatized. Hope he doesn't take the Jedi=ferocious attack thing too far. [face_thinking]

    I will be more than relieved when this whole mission with Faw's cargo is over with! [face_relieved]

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    Hi Nyota, thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK...#27.
    Appreciate your comments.
    Leia hasn't completely vented her anger yet, 'mamma about her cub'. Han's
    just caught in circumstances he can't avoid to keep himself and his family safe.
    As Yogi Berra once said 'it ain't over till it's over." Lynda V.
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