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FF:QLD GoobaFish's TV Picks, November 7-13.

Discussion in 'Oceania Discussion Boards' started by GoobaFish, Nov 7, 2004.

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  1. GoobaFish

    GoobaFish Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 15, 2002
    You know the drill....

    Sunday, Nov 7.
    - ABC, 7:30pm. The Amber Machine.
    The latest in David Attenborough's documentary series, this features a "detective story spanning 150 million years".
    - Channel Nine, 12:10am. Willow.
    Val Kilmer. A cherished fantasy movie amongst many QldFFers.

    (I don't recommend Lord of the Rings: FOTR on Channel 9, get the DVD out instead... ie ADs...)

    Monday, Nov 8.
    - SBS, 7:30pm. Little Buggers.
    "In 1999 seven people died after infection from mosquito-bourne diseases."

    - SBS, 8:30pm. South Park.
    Kyle sees "Passion of the Christ".

    Tuesday, Nov 9.
    - TEN, 7:00pm. The Simpsons (Rpt)
    Homer embraces his hippie heritage.

    (Maybe Rove... for Tom Hanks and Ben Elton... and HI-5! :eek:)

    Wednesday, Nov 10.
    - ABC, 9:30pm. Welcome to Woomera.
    Ordinary people and the big events they were caught up in.

    - NINE, 11:00pm. The Dead Zone. (Note - not on WIN tv.)

    Thursday, Nov 11. Lest We Forget.
    - ABC, 8:00pm. Catalyst.

    - SEVEN, 9:30pm. Stargate SG-1.
    O'Neill is running the Stargate Program nowdays.. dunno what happened to Hammond.
    - ABC, 9:30pm. At the Movies.
    David and Margaret are on the ABC now for those of you not keeping score.

    - SBS, 10:50pm. Happy Tree Friends and Friends.
    The funny web-based cartoon makes it to free-to-air. Rather violent little skits, but funny.

    Friday, Nov 12.
    - ABC, 10:50pm. Kumars at No. 42. (Series Return.)
    - SEVEN, 11:05pm. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

    Saturday, Nov 13.
    - ABC, 6:30pm. Richard Morecroft goes Wild.
    - SBS, 8:30pm. The Iron Chef.
    This week's secret ingredient: cabbage!

    - NINE, Sunday 4AM. Australia v Great Britian, Rugby League Test. From Wigan. Part of the GB/AUS/NZ tri nations series.

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