Good Sith robes?

Discussion in 'Costuming and Props' started by Feelicks, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. Feelicks Jedi Knight

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    I've been trying to find website with some Sith robes that look as authentic as possible, know any sites that have some?
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  3. darthhelinith Jedi Master

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    Try Etsy and Ebay for sellers who make custom robes.
    If you're in the UK, try; they have a SW store based in London and an online shop. A friend got his jedi robes from there and they look fantastic.
  4. Commander-DWH Manager Emeritus

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    Etsy and Ebay are both reasonable bets for finding people. I would also recommend looking to either the Rebel Legion or 501st to see if you can find someone who takes commissions- I know there are a few folks in the Rebel Legion who do custom Jedi, and depending on the look you're going for, a custom Sith is just a matter of a color change.

    Or, there is always the option of buying a sewing machine and learning to do it yourself- basic robes are a great project for beginners, and that way you'd be able to get the look you wanted without having to depend on someone else, so keep that open as an option. :)
  5. Darth Liberatus Jedi Padawan

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    The Sith robe I have now was made by relatives of someone I knew through school, but they're not at all professional and I'm planning to get a higher quality Sith robe, as well as a Sith tunic, in the near future. For a robe, by far the best of what I have come across is this:
    Someone who has been doing this professionally for many years and they're high quality and machine washable.

    For a tunic, I think I'm going to go with a karate gi. It definitely seems to be the most accurate, and will probably be higher quality than something intended as a 'costume'. The only issue is that most have some sort of logo or something sewed onto them, so my issue is finding a supplier that doesn't do that. These ones have logos on them but just to see how similar they look to a Sith (or Jedi) tunic:

    Personally, I'm going to leave it at the karate shirt/pants and the robe. If you want to have more layers and have more of a Jedi robes look, you'd need an obi and tabbard, and likely one if not two more full layers.

    If anyone knows where I can get a high quality black karate gi without any tags, logos, etc, please PM me. Thanks.
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