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Beyond - Legends Goodbye (letters from Choen Skywalker.) (one post.)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by jacen200015, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    Title: Goodbye

    Characters: Choen Skywalker

    Timeframe: AU, the Vong never came.

    Rating: G

    Summary: Choen writes a letter to his wife, family and friends.

    Author's Notes: This takes place some years after the Broken Balance


    To my beloved,

    Across the dunes of sand,
    to the hills of lava,
    i stand in a barren land,

    from the dreams we shared,
    to the moments we had,
    we were unprepared,
    for what lay ahead,

    together we fought,
    together we laughed and cried,
    together we went through the fire,

    changed we have,
    in more ways then one,
    we have changed,

    parting is bittersweet,
    as our paths part,
    never to connect again,

    my destiny awaits me,
    over beyond the horizon,
    and never to return.

    Don?t despair my love,
    holder of my heart,
    for even one in the Force,
    i will be with you,
    always and forever.

    Your love gives me strength,
    as I walk into the darkness,
    to the face of evil,

    i will be strong like Master Yoda,
    Master Qui-Gon, Master Obi-Wan,
    like all of the Jedi of old,

    i will face my destiny like my grandfather faced his,
    along with my aunt, uncle, and cousins,
    and my mother and father.

    You are dear to me,
    my treasure,
    my darling wife,

    i regret that I will not see our child born,
    i pray that the Force be merciful,
    to let our child live.

    With all my love,
    Your faithful husband.

    To my precious (soon to be born) son,

    I pray to the Force that you are alive and well,
    although I can?t be with you and your mother physically,
    i will always be here watching you in the Force,

    i trust my father is teaching you well,
    you will make a fine Jedi someday,
    this I know and believe.

    Bear no ill feelings toward me,
    for leaving you and your mother alone,
    i went to fight an evil that threatened the galaxy,
    so that you may live in a galaxy of peace,

    remember the lessons taught to you,
    use them for the good of the galaxy,

    With love,
    Your loving father.

    My Angel,

    When you feel he is ready,
    read to him my letter,

    this will be a hard time for you I know,
    my heart aches that I?m leaving you like this,
    yet I know that in time the pain will lessen.

    Yours forever,
    Your loving,
    caring husband.

    To my mother and father,

    Once again we will be apart,
    this time forever till death,

    though the time we had together was short,
    i can truly say that I am proud to be your son,

    through thick and thin we have survived,
    through many perils that lay in wait,
    the Skywalker?s have stood strong,

    now the time has come again,
    to bring to the galaxy a new age of peace,
    it is my destiny to bring it about,
    i will not fail.

    Do not attempt to follow,
    you?ll only bring danger upon yourselves,
    take care of my wife and child,
    keep them safe.

    Your son.

    To my cousins and mentors,

    I thank you for undertaking the journey with me,
    we went through so much together,
    without you I may not have stood a chance,

    yes I am powerful in the Force,
    however that does not mean I don?t have flaws,
    thank you for your advice, helping hands, and friendship,

    you comforted me when times were bad,
    you aided me when I was weak after battle,
    you encouraged me and gave me strength to go on,
    together we trained ourselves in the way of the Force,
    we became a team, an unstoppable team.

    Now our paths will part,
    my journey is nearing to an end,
    however your journey is far from ending,
    continue your journey my friends,

    From your cousin and friend.


    You have done so much for me,
    for everyone,
    thank you for beginning my training,
    i owe you so much,
    thank you for being my friend,

    Forever your friend.

    Last but not least, to my little sister, Tia,

    You are growing up so fast,
    beautiful just like our mother,
    take good care of our parents for me,

    Your brother.

    My time is growing short so I?ll be brief,
    it is best that it is done this way,
    a let
  2. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    No one like? maybe i shouldn't have posted this so soon.
  3. PulsarSkate

    PulsarSkate Ex-Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 4, 2003
    Very poetic and heartfelt! I like it very much :)
  4. red rose knight

    red rose knight Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 3, 2001
    I just love the poetic tone of these letters. They are so heartbreaking. :_|

    My time is growing short so I?ll be brief,
    it is best that it is done this way,
    a letter doesn?t hug but it gives comfort from the words spoken,

    Knowing all that he is giving up, and still willing to fight the good fight. Lovely. Just lovely.
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