Thriller GOTHAM ACADEMY: Now accepting applications for the fall term

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    May 23, 2005
    [DRAFT COPY – NOT FOR FINAL RELEASE! Please read the revisions! Thank you! ~CN]

    St. Hadrian’s Preparatory Academy
    25 Bristol Road
    Gotham City, NJ

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Your application on behalf of _______________ for entry into St. Hadrian’s Preparatory Academy has been, we are pleased to say, accepted unconditionally [pending payment in full of tuition fees and other incidental costs]. Congratulations! Your child is set to join the illustrious ranks of past graduates.

    Our alumni include:
    Mr. Bruce Wayen, Chairperson and CEO of Wayne Industries and Holdings
    Dr. Jonathan Crane, PhD in Applied Psychology
    Mr. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, Private Business Owner
    Dr. Thomas Elliott, PhD, Head of Surgery at Gotham General Hospital
    Mr. Maximilian Zeus, CEO of Olympus Enterprises
    [Is this it? Dear lord, we need to update this list. Isn’t the Cain lad a world-class athlete?]

    Over the next three years, your child will be taught by the very best and brightest. This year, we are pleased to announce a number of new faces to our faculty, including Dr. Kirk Langstrom in the sciences and Monsieur Henri Malone, our newly arrived gymnastics and physical education instructor from Paris, France. [How do you pronounce that? No, I know the “Henri” bit, but the “Malone” – isn’t there some arsonist by that name? “Mal-ohnne?” Oh. Well the name certainly looks similar.]

    Term begins on September 10.

    Welcome to the Academy!

    Dr. Carter Nichols, PhD

    [Look, we can’t very well tell them about the reptile issue, can we? Or Mr. Malone’s unexplained absences and habit of going about shirtless. We just made this a proper school after all that business with the masks and strange cult activity when it was a finishing school for girls. No, not the Madonna fanclub! Good lord, were you simply not present for that? Typical.

    Although, Ms. Madison, please do notify our groundskeeper about the bat problem, it’s getting out of hand.]
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    May 23, 2005
    [I've a few comments on this too, Ms. Madison.]

    Please ensure that all pertinent sections are filled out. Completed applications can be submitted to the school administration via private message.

    Student's Name:
    Age: [Look, they can't be younger than bloody 13, can they? We don't allow it....except for the Wayne boy. Look, can we not talk about him just now? And they're with us for a maximum of three years, praise the heavens...]
    Field of Study: [It's not as if they're declaring a major, is it? What do we have, humanities, sciences, arts?]
    Pertinent Education: [Yes I'm sure we'll have plenty of Oxford graduates.]
    Health Concerns: (if applicable)
    Student records:
    Disciplinary records: [Surely this can be messaged to us in private? It's not for public consumption.]
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    May 23, 2005
    [Rules of the Game]
    1. The Administration reserves the right to final say regarding student conduct. [The GM's word is final]
    2. Please abide by the Academy's code of conduct [Obey the JCC's TOS and the RPF's rules and regulations]
    3. All Student Applications are to be submitted to the Administration [PM all character sheets to me for approval before posting]
    4. Students with a history of difficult behaviour will be disciplined accordingly [No godmoding]
    5. The Academy has great expectations of its students [Be considerate of other players]
    6. Avoid suspicious reptiles and other megafauna [Look, just be careful, okay?]
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    Student's Name: Harold “Hal” Jordan (No Relation)

    Age: 15

    Field of Study: Sciences, specifically computer science

    Pertinent Education: Above average grades at O’Neil Private Primary in Star City

    Health Concerns: Allergic to yellow dyes of all sorts

    Student records: Born in Star City to well to do family, father was in the tech sector, while his mother came from money. His parents made sure he went to all the right schools in the area and when it came time for his secondary education, his mother lobbied for Gotham Academy, feeling that it was the best fit for him. His parents sent him off to school and remained in Star City to continue working.

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    Please ensure that all pertinent sections are filled out. Completed applications can be submitted to the school administration via private message.

    Student's Name: Kataline Tresha Rosalli (Nickname: Kat)
    Age: 16
    Field of Study: Arts/Dance
    Pertinent Education: Average grades, but excells in the music and dance arts. She has won a scholarship for her to continue her studies in dance.
    Health Concerns: n/a
    Student records: St. Hardian's was NOT her first choice, the school managed to win over her father, so she is stuck here for now. Most of her previous instructors list her as a quiet but respectful student, highly skilled in dance. Also knows Karate, but keeps that to herself.
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    Student's Name: Atia Maezul
    Age: 14

    Field of Study: Maths and Computer Sciences/Programming

    Pertinent Education: Won a scholarship for her programming skills, which made up for her below-average scores in English.

    Health Concerns: Allergic to peanuts.

    Student records: Lives in Gotham City, parents both worked for Wayne Industries, and took a lot of persuading to allow their daughter to attend the school, feeling she would be happier and safer elsewhere.
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