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Mary Grand Re-Opening of the PRANCING BANTHA!!!

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Fipe_Naz-mero, Mar 28, 2005.

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  1. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002

    The barkeeper, a humand from Tatooine, places the sign on the window facing the busy street with hopes that clients enter the forgotten cantina. He turns on the lights, but keep them a minimum. Using a soft cloth he cleans some glasses that he previously washed while keeping an eye at the entrance. He had experience with bars and cantinas before. he used to work in Mos Eisly, until they fired him. Some other local cantina bouth the place to expand. Suddenly he shakes his thoughts away.

    A figure stops at the window reading the sign. The barkeeper can barely make out a face because of the glare outside in the street. The figure enters the double doors and greets the old man with a wave.

    "It's been a long time since I enter here. I see you have renovated the place. Great work." The stranger looks around and notice new bacarrat tables at the end of the cantinna. Some booths have been place agains the side windows to allow customers to look outside. In the middle of the room there are thre tables suitable for 4 seats. And as always there's the table at the opposite side of the doors against the wall.

    "I'll be sitting there. And I like to have a Jawa-Fruity drink... I think I'll have the Kashyyyk Wild Berry flavor please." The figure walks towards the table slowly and small clouds of dirt developes when his cape hits his legs.

    "No problem, sir. Be right there. Mind if I ask thy name?" The barkeeper asks looking at the stranger sitting down.

    "Fipe Naz-Mero"

    "I heard the name before. You were a good customer here. I heard it from the other barkeeper."

    "Yes, I was. It's good to know that you are taking over."

    "I'll be there in a moment."

    Naz-Mero sits facing the door wondering what new adventures he might encounter here. And what new or old faces he might see. He places both hand on the table and sits comfortably waiting for his drink.

    "What is so Grand about the Opening. There's nothing going on."

    "Don't worry good sir. I'm waiting for the musicians to show up."
  2. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    Naz-Mero drinks his juice slowly, enjoying the rich texture of the fruit flavor. He looks around the room and wonders, "Where's everybody".

    "Dear sir, would you care for some music. The musicians have finally arrived." The barkeeper approached slowly while gesturing to the fard west side of the room where some humans and aliens as well put together different kinds of instruments. "They are very talented, but not eveyone knows them. Would you care for some specific piece in particular?"

    "Hmm... let me see." The man said placing his hand in his chin. "What about something invigotating. Would they know Duel Of Fates?"

    "But certainly. Let me tell the leader." The berkeeper walked towards the group and talked to a Rodian. The small rodent like alien gestures his hands up and down and nodded to the old man. Then turn his head towards the man in the back and nodded as well.

    After some more minutes of preparing the instruments the musicians began playing the famous song Duel Of Fates. Memories of that furious battle between Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Darth Maul rush to the mind of the man sitting on the back of the cantina. Naz-Mero place his right hand on the side and felt the handle of his lightsaber: cold steel, but enormous energy he could feel through the Force. He smile to himself and buried himself in his thought. The notes of the music, lingering in the air, where sweet yet strong.

    People walking down the busy street and the sidewalk, sometime stop to listen to the music. It seems that finally people were going to be attracted to the cantina. "Music is the key," the Jedi said to himself.
  3. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    "It seems that the music might not be working at all," said the barkeeper, his voice trailing off to a silent thought.

    "Don't despair. Be calm and be patient." Naz-Mero said after placing his glass on the table. "I never got your name."

    "I never said it and you never asked dear sir... is Caderin, after one of my ancestors."

    "I like the way it sounds. It is not too short, but is a strong name. Mine's Fipe Naz-Mero and I'm a Jedi."

    "I know it. The previous owner talked about you remember?"

    "Yes, I'm sorry. Just wanted to have a formal presentation."

    The Jedi raise his glass to drink some more, when the music stopped. There was a silence in all the cantina. Naz-Mero look at the band with the corner of his left eye and noticed that all of them were looking towards the entrance. He change his attention to the right side and with his right eye he saw Caderin doing the same. Intrigued, he placed the glass down and turn his attention to the entrance.

    There, hiding behind the double doors and with the light of the middday sun behind, a dark figure peek into the cantina. A large black cape covered its back and the hood its face. The figure had to be tall since it could peek over the doors. The hood moved to the right and then to the left, meaning the figure was looking inside the cantina searching.

    "Gentle Sir or Ma'am. You are welcome to enter. We have a great variety of liquors, juices and other type of drinks from many place of the galaxy." Caderin said while cautiously walking around the counter never leaving his sight to deviate from the figure. The hood moved to the left, and stopped facing the barkeeper.

    The barkeeper stopped in his tracks silent. The figure made and inhuman "hiss" sound, stepped back one step and walked away.

    "That was interesting. Why that lizard would be here and who he was looking for?" The Jedi said almost audible.

    "You know him?"

    "Yes, his name is Schriik-cree. He is a bounty hunter and an assasin as well. He means bad news to this small town."

    The musicians look at each other and began playing another song. The soft music filled the room with peace, trying to recover from the scare. People outside still walked by like nothing happened.

    "It seems that I will have to do some work here after all," Naz-Mero thought and continue drinking his juice.

    The barkeeper walked behind the counter to continue cleaning some glasses he took out of a box and placing new bottles of liquor in the cabinet behind him.
  4. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    The barkeeper finished with the glasses and began to place them in the shelves locate behind the counter. He pull out from two to three bottles of each type of liquor he had on the boxes on the back and placed them on the liquor display shelves. He worked hard and concentrated in his new task.

    Naz-Mero finished his drink and stood from the table. He placed extra credit on the table to give Caderin a good tip. He walked to the door and waved to the old man. Once outside he turned to the right and walked away from the cantina.

    Caderin continue working on his liquors and the band took a break to relax. Half of the members stay inside of the cantina, including the rodian and half went outside to get some air.

    "May I offer you something to drink?" Caderin asked.

    Everyone asked for some Tatooine-made liquor in medium size glasses. They drank slowly, knowing that it was strong stuff. The rodian drank a gulp too fast and coughed for a long time while the his teammates laughed at him.

    Then, the barkeeper's face became as white as a paper. Everyone stopped laughing and looked at him.

    "Are you alright?" One of the human musicians asked the old man. "What is wrong with your face?"

    The old man found it hard to swallow some saliva as his eyes looked behind the group. There, standing behind them, was the figure that before was at the entrance. Everyone slowly turned and kept silence.

    "Wuere issss the man that wuassss sssiting there." The figure lift his right hand and pointed to the table where the Jedi was sitting before. "I have busssinessss to disssscusss wuith him."

    The old man spoke slowly, his voice full of fear. "He left dear sir. Just some moments ago."

    "Do you knuow wuere he wuent?"

    "No sir." The old man could feel his knees getting weak.

    The figure walked to the door and step out and, curiously, he turned to the same direction the the Jedi walked away.

    Everyone was silent for a long time.
  5. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    Once the dark figure was out of sight completely, everyone took a deep breath of relief. It seemed that it took forver for the strange character to go away.

    "I think he's looking for trouble," the barkeeper said in a low voice. "I'm worried about Naz-Mero."

    One of the musicians, a human that played a wind instrument, said: "Don't worry. Hell be fine. Besides he's a Jedi and can take of himself."

    The barkeeper turned and looked to the human in the eyes, "but that doesn't mean that he's immortal. How many Jedi have die? Remember the Clone Wars? Darth Vader and the Emperor hunt them down, almost all of them. Thanks to God that it was a relief to know that there were some of them in hiding and because of them we got rid of the Empire."

    The group kept talking into a heated conversation when suddenly the doors of the bar came open. Everybody inside jump up because they were expecting the dark figure to come back. But they were relieved when they saw just a customer come in to use the holonet booth in the corner.

    "I don't know about you all, but I think that he could be in trouble." Caderin, the barkeeper said in a low audible voice. "And I think we should tell him."
  6. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    "I saw Schriik-cree leaving this place. are you all right?" Naz-Mero asked thundering through the double doors. Everyone inside let out a form of scream while jumping out of their seats or spaces. Everyone laughed after seeing that it was the Jedi that had come back.

    "Yes we are fine. But that character means trouble. You should forget about him and don't look for him anymore." Caderin, the barkeeper said while receiving approval nods from the rest of the group. "You might know how to take care of yourself, but you can die."

    "Is a risk I have to take if it comes to that. I'm not looking for trouble, all I want is justice. Some time ago, he took one of my friends to his death to claim a bounty from a gang lord. All he did was to what was the right thing to do, to protect his family from being mugged and maybe killed. In the process he killed two aliens. One was the cousin of the gang lord and the other was his smaller brother. He was protecting his family and he got a bounty on his head for that."

    "Didn't he received protection from the authorities?" One of the human musicians asked.

    "Yes, they relocated him to Coruscant, Corellia even Tatooine, but the gang lord always knew where he was. So we faked his death, and brought him here. He changed his appereance a little, gave him and his family a new identity... but still they found him. And now Schriik-cree is after the rest of the family. But for that he needs to go through me. I'm the only one that knows where they are."

    "Then you should be very careful. You could get into a lot of trouble." The same human from the band spoke again. He was a man around his early 30's, blonde and medium built. His hand were rough due to the instrument he played.

    "What is your name dear sir?", Naz-mero asked the man.
  7. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    "Jocthro, and I'm from Coruscant. I play the mandoviol in the band." He said standing form his sit and offering the Jedi and open hand.

    The Jedi took the hand in his and both shook hands firmly. "Nice meeting you Jocthro. I'm..."

    "Yes, we know who you are... and we have given you a nickname," the rodian said. "Not-Looking-For-Trouble Jedi." Everyone laughed at the comment.

    Caderin, the barkeeper, offer eveyone a round of drinks on the house. Once everyone had their glass, they raise their hands up symbolizing a toast. Everyone drank at the same time and made funny faces as the strong licquor entered their systems.

    "I'm on fire..." Jocthro said with his right hand in his throat. "What the hell is this?"

    Caderin laughed while everyone made the faces and comments about the drink. "Is a home made version of a Twi'lek drink based on spice. I got the recipe from an old friend, but I made some changes to make it stronger but keeping a good flavor."

    "Good flavor yes," Jocthro said. "But is stronger than anything I have tasted so far. Wooow." He placed the glass in the counter asking for another.

    "Are you sure you are up for another," Naz-Mero asked.

    "Oh yeah!" He yelled as the drink was served. Once the glass was full he raised the glass making a toast to everyone and drank the clear liquid in one shot. And when the bottom of the glass was all the way, the man went backwards and fell on the floor.

    "Man, he's completely drunk." The rodian said laughing.

    Some of the band help the man up while the Jedi brought a chair to sit the man. Everyone was laughing, however noone notice that the dark figure was watching them from a small corner in the west window. The figure seemed to laugh as it showed two rows of sharp teeth.

    "The time has come." The bounty hunter said as he enjoyed the rush of blood before the kill. And like a cunning predator, he waited for the right moment to attack.
  8. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    The dark figure leaves with the plan of coming back tomorrow to take care of business. Finally the morning comes. He walks towards the bar and stops in front of it. A sign is hanging on the door to the establishment.

    [hl=white]BAR CLOSED
    OPEN IN TWO DAYS.[/hl]

    The sinister character walks away leaving a dust trail behind. People continue to walk the streets minding their business, while a pair of brown eyes follow the movement of the alian character. The man, who had his face almost covered due to the shadow of a nearby street establisment. He sits in a corner facing the bar and goes to sleep.
  9. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    The opening of the bar takes longer than expected. The barkeeper, Caderin, is cleaning some glasses before people arrives. The musicians have not arrive yet, but soon they will be playing their tunes at the far end of the bar. The holo-net screen at the side of the counter is tuned into a news report programming. Suddenly a text message at the bottom of the screen announces that there's an incomming call.

    Caderin places the glass on the counter and answers the call. "Prancing Bantha, Caderin here. How can I help you?"

    "Caderin, is Naz-Mero. I need your help."

    "I'm listening."

    "I you see or have a conversation with any other Jedi, warrior, bounty hunter, etc. please tell them that the MDFF requires their assistance. It seems that there's someone with the name of [link=]SithLord-Mixo[/link] plans to take over the MDFF. We need their help."

    "I will forward your information."

    "Thank you my friend. May the Force be with you." Naz-Mero, ends the call leaving the old man with a serious expression.

    Caderin closes the connection and prepares to deliver the news to everyone he sees. It seems that this will be times of turmoil and differences... but the MDFF must come together as one.
  10. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    Naz-Mero esnters the establishment hitting his shoulders to brush off some of the yellowish dust from the outside. He walks in, directly towards the table he always uses agaist the back wall. He greets Caderin the barkeeper and asks for a Jawa Kashyyyk Berry Flavor Juice. He draws the chair nearest to the wall and sits himself facing the front of the store.

    "Good day, sir. How are you today?" Caderin ask placing the cold drink on top of the table.

    "Doing great. We were able to stop Lord Mixo. He's under custody now and the MDFF is deciding what to do between keeping in prison or returning him to his place. There's some debate what to do yet."

    "Well, if you ask me, he should be put on trial for all the crimes he had done everywhere else. If those are true of course. If he's really sick as they say, then it could be all in his imagination."

    "How you knew about him beign sick," the Jedi asked after taking a sip from the glass. "I never mentioned anything of that to you."

    "You are not the only one who comes around with news. I have my sources too." The berkeeper smiled and turned to go back to the bar. "Just remember that. Someday you might need it."

    "How come you have no knowledge of Schriik-cree before?"

    "That was new news for me. Actually bad news. But I will get more information of him soon. You'll see." Caderin smile and began to clean the counter.
  11. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    Days go by and Caderin continues to work on the cantina. Some days are good, others not. But in average the business looks good. Now he has to make a new adjustment to the place, he has to provide for protection. With alcohol, liquor and spirit drinks the place is a magnet for problems when their fame grows. Now more and more beings have come to crash in the Prancing Bantha looking for a drink. But many have encounter problems and fights.

    To avoid and fight this type of activity, Caderin is looking for some bodyguards/bouncers to keep the crowd in control when there's a big flow of customers. He still deciding between robots or living beings. A robot would carry the orders with no questions asks, but lacks the non-programmed thinking the living beings do. He writes a classified to a local news stand waiting to hear from someone good to take the job.

    [hl=red]Muscles and brain needed[/hl].
    Local barkeeper is looking for
    someone to work as a bouncer/bodyguard. Has to
    know how to treat properly customers, but
    at the same time has to know how to
    deal with intoxicated and problematic
    customers. Military experience preferred,
    but willing to negotiate. Good salary and
    Call the Prancing Bantha.
    POC: Caderin Histmekon
  12. SithMan1138

    SithMan1138 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 1, 2005
    Miserabus walks down the street at night and see's a sign on the Prancing Bantha. He walks in to the loud bar. He sifts his way to the counter.

    "Who runs this joint?" He yells as to be heard over the playing of "Don't Stop Beliving" by Journey.

    A big man walks over to him. "I do. What's it to you?" He looks Miserabus up and down.

    "I'm here about your job offer." Miserabus waited as the big man thunk.
  13. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    Caderin, the barkeeper, look at Miserabus quietly.

    "What experience do you have? Any military experience at all? Have you work on this before?" The barkeeper asked while preparing some drink for the customers sitting at the right side of Miserabus.

    "You might be the one, but I need more info before I made my mind. There might be more coming for the ad. In the meantime, you can work here. I'll pay a half night wage since today I close early. But, remember, that is for today. Deal?"

    Caderin extended his hand to shake Miserabus'. He waited for his answer.
  14. SithMan1138

    SithMan1138 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 1, 2005
    Miserabus thought for a minute and took the mans hand.

    "I'll work for the day. I'll give ya a copy of my, uh, acomplishments. Just tell me where to start."

    Caderin shook Miserabus' hand.
  15. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    "Well, you can start by checking a couple of drunks that are sitting near the entrance. They are scaring some customers away and making life miserable to those that are drinking near them. I suggest you go and make sure they get themselves comfortable, before I loose my mind and ask you to kick them out." Caderin's words came in a low tone as if trying to hide the conversation from nearby listeners. He went under the bar looking for something and brought an arm band and a t-shirt.

    "Now my good friend Miserabus. There's only one thing I ask, and that is that you have to choose which of these two items you are going to wear to identify yourself as a worker here. I have a t-shirt and an arm band. Both have the Prancing Bantha emblem on them. Is how local authorities know that you work for me as a security detail."

    Caderin extended both hands to the man, "Which one is going to be?"

    From the right side of Miserabus, a voice raised it's tone over the audience. "Go for the arm band my good friend. Is easier to use, looks better and fits better than the shirt."

    "Dear sir, please give the man a chance." Caderin said laughing. "He's a good guy. He's a Jedi that likes to come here to drink Kashyyyk Berry Juice. His name is Fipe Naz-Mero. You might want to meet him later. But now, which one you are going to select?"
  16. SithMan1138

    SithMan1138 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 1, 2005
    Miserabus looked at the 2 items. He looked at Caderin and took the armband and placed it high up on his arm. "I'll take the arm band. It's not as......weird looking." Before Caderin could answer, Miserabus made his over to Fipe Naz-Mero. As he walked over, Fipe stood up and extended his hand. Miserabus shook it hard. Fipe offered the seat next to him and Miserabus took it while keeping his eye on the drunks near the entrance.
  17. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    Fipe Naz-Mero sat and said: "I hope you like working with Caderin. He surely knows how to work the bar good. Sometimes he gets his hands full, since the re-opening. So how you like it here? Nice area?" Naz-Mero recline bacwards some and drank from the Kashyyyk Berry juice in front of him.

    "Can I offer you a non-alcoholic drink?" He motion the bar keeper to brink a drink to Miserabus.

    Meanwhile, outside of the tavern the dark figure appear again looking through the window to the inside of the cantina. Schriik-cree made a mental note about the amount of customers at this time of the day. "This is the perfect environment for carrying my plan." He silently slipped into the night again.

    Naz-Mero felt the prescence of Schriik-cree nearby, but he discarded the attention as is faded away like smoke rising into the air. He looked at Miserabus and said, "I have a question for you. How much would you happen to know about a bounty hunter named Schriik-cree?"
  18. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    Naz-Mero remains looking at Miserabus waiting for an answer. "If you like I can give you sometime to look for the information if you need to." The Jedi Master drank from his juice and retuned his gaze to the room.

    "A long time I have been following this character. Elusive and misterious he is. But I'm sure that a bounty hunter he has to be. The behavior he shows if definitively that of a bounty hunter. I wonder if he ever cross paths with Bobba Fett for that matter." Naz-Mero sat back, and using his right hand massaged his temple. He looked tired.

    "Long day, today has been. Slow, also, but full of good things."

  19. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    "Everyday I try to come here to speed things down, prepare for the rest of the day, take a second air. But now with Schriik-cree back on the picture, everything seems to be out of place. I have to be more cautious that before and always be on the lookout. I think that someone is providing this character with information... and I haven't found who that is. But I think I'm getting close because I've been limiting my sources and where I go to." The Jedi Master stopped to drink some more juice. While scanning the room he noticed that the barkeeper was preparing drinks for a peculiar pair of customers. They were dressed in strange but vivid color clothes.

    "Strange folks those two there. Don't you think?"
  20. Jared_Zuuhl

    Jared_Zuuhl Jedi Youngling

    Oct 15, 2005
    -?I would like a Vasarian Brandy and a Kourth Sunset? said a customer in a serene voice.

    -?I would fix them in a sec? responded Caderin as he served a glass of Ruby Bliel to an elegant but provocative Zeltron.

    As he prepared the exotic drinks to the customer, he stared at the young man for a second. At first glance he looked like a regular human, quite good looking, around 30 years old, about 2 meters tall, muscular but leaned body frame and long cobalt blue hair; a rare color even for a near human, was tied in a ponytail. His clothing was simple but intriguing; indigo robes with pearled gray trimmings, and black padded gauntlets each with a set of emerald green crystals incrusted. On his left sleeve of his robe he wore a strange tribal sun design, a designed that repeated on his half-skirt. At first he thought the stranger was a member of the Black Sun group, with his looks and taste perhaps a Vigo. ?Great, just what I needed more trouble? said to himself. Caderin noted that the stranger was drawing some attention of the locals including his friend Naz-Mero, Miserabus and Tannai, a Zeltron baroness among others.

    It took another discreet look to find the Black Sun logo and the one the foreigner was wearing were different. He left out a sigh of relief and served the customer?s drinks. It was then that Caderin looked directly at him and was struck. Silver irises adorned this fellow?s face, irises that the barkeep swore had a small glow; never in his life he had seen something similar. Then he realized the stranger was looking at him with a puzzled look.

    -? Sorry? said Caderin blushing. ?I did not meant to be rude, is that...?

    -? Don?t worry, I am used to it. I forgot our eyes are a rare sight in these regions ? said the customer with a smile.

    He then paid Caderin and walked through the crowd, when a young woman waved her hand. She seems of 25 years old with an angelic face and rose-colored hair. Her elegant robe of crimson color and flower designs gave her a nobility presence. She wore a delicate chain around her forehead with turquoise crystals on it. Like her companion she had brilliant irises of golden color, which accentuates her exotic looks. By the way they looked at each other, the laughs and the flirts they looked like a couple, ?maybe newlyweds?? though the barkeeper.

    He was going to deposit the credits received when he noted that besides the currency received he found a small translucent crystal with the name Naz-Mero engraved on it. Surprised he looked at the couple. They both nodded and smiled and continued their conversation.

    -?What could this be?? Caderin pondered. ?Well I believe with this subtlety it must be important, better take it to Naz-Mero.?
  21. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    Caderin walked to the Jedi and slowly placed the crystal on the table. Naz-Mero looked at the old man with curiosity and intrigue. The barkeeper nodded with the head and directed is eyes to the pair that gave him the crystal. Naz-Mero followed Caderin's stare and met the strangers' gaze.

    "From far, these two have travel. And they carry a symbol I haven't seen in a long time."

    "Do you know them?"

    "Them? No, I don't. But I met their 'species' before. I helped and old man a long time ago. He said he would find a way to repay the kindness and help I offered to him. I think they are related to him somehow."

    "And the crystal? What about it?" Caderin asked as Naz-Mero raised his glass to the strangers and nodded approvingly.

    "They are their most precious treasure and legacy. You see, though they are not considered as precious stones or jewels if you want to call them that, they are very important in their culture. Not only as instruments of knowledge, used from the art of decoration to the art of war." Naz-Mero inspected the crystal against the light of a candle in the middle of the table. He turned the crystal allowing the light to enter and be diffracted in different directions.

    Miserabus looked at the crystal with attention and a little bit of awe. "That's some piece of crystal. Interesting."

    "You have no idea, Miserabus. You have no idea." Naz-Mero said in a low tone and placed the crystal in a pouch in his belt and locked it. He stood gracefully and began to walk toward the pair. At the same time, the dark character, Schriik-cree stood at the end of the bar and slowly began to snarl... or was it to laugh. With these creature is never known which one they are doing. Slowly he reached for a homing device and turn in on.

    Naz-Mero and the strangers' met halfway and bowed to each other. Smiles where exchange before words... that was the tradition. Naz-Mero extended his hand on the proper way this people's customs dictated and they accepted it. "It's been a long time since I've seen one of your kind."
  22. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    The young man extended his hand to accept Naz-Mero's salute. He look upon Naz-Mero for some seconds as if trying to study his gaze. Finally he smiled and his eyes seemed to sparkle. "Yes it is you. I am Kehnji Hiruma. You are the one who save the old man. You are the one who save Taranus Va'riss... Izbeth's father." The young man tilted his head to the bautiful girl that walk to stand by his left. "Thanks to you, she is here today, but I don't know for how long."

    Naz-Mero bowed to the young lady. "My name is Izbeth Va'riss-Hiruma." She said in a melodic voice. She bowed also to the Jedi gracefully. Her rose-colored hair danced around her head. "I'm greatful for your help. But I'm afraid we have bad news. Actually, my husband has bad news for you. That's why we are looking for you."

    "I'm afraid is true Naz-Mero. We received confirmation that a ruthless bounty hunter is on his way here to capture the family you are protecting and he is not traveling alone. According to the information I have some dark jedi persons are working with him. They want the crystals the family has."

    The family being protected by Naz-Mero were related to Izbeth. They were from the same species and they had very unique and rare crystals in their posession. They have been guarding them for centuries as family heirloom beign passed from one generation to the other. And they are Crystals with different qualities.

    At the same time that Naz-Mero was reflecting on this he hear some comotion outside of the cantina. "We are not alone." He directed his words to Miserabus but keeping his eyes on the windows to the outside of the cantina. "Miserabus, I think you should let us handle this for your own safety. You keep the rest of the customers safe."

    Naz-Mero got his hand out of the cape holding his lightsaber handle on it. He ignited the light green blade and he walked to stand in front of Kehnji, but the young man put his hand on his shoulder. "This time we are side by side on this one." He smiled to Naz-Mero while he stood at his side. He had a lightsaber in his hand as Izbeth did too. "You are not the only Jedi here."

    At that same time an explosion outside of the cantina send everyone running to the back side of the place, leaving the three Jedi standing in the middle and facing the entrance. Schriik-cree stood there, holding a beaming beacon in his hand and two other dark figures were at his side... holding red lightsaber at hand. "Thissss time I'm going to finissssh you onccccce and for all. And I will take great pleassssure in killing your friendssss too."
  23. Jared_Zuuhl

    Jared_Zuuhl Jedi Youngling

    Oct 15, 2005
    Naz-Mero experienced an abrupt surge of energy through his mind and then a soothing voice said: ?Master Naz-Mero, I?m sorry for the intrusion, but I am sure this ca tip the balance of fate to our side fighting not as three but as one?. Izbeth and Kehnji closed their eyes and a fraction of a second after all the Jedis felt a strong surge of the Force flowing freely through them, easing their minds, clearing their thoughts. Suddenly Naz-Mero?s field of vision expanded, and felt a quick burst of adrenaline rushing through his body.

    It?s been a long time since Naz-Mero has experienced a ? Jedi Battle Meld?. He recalled using mostly with his Jedi Master as a training exercise. This Force ability unifies the mind of a group of Jedis sharing their senses, thoughts and improving their performance in battle. But using it puts a lot of strain; both physical and mental on the Jedi that initiates it. In most of the cases he cannot even fight nor defend himself in order to maintain it. That?s the main reason it?s used in larger groups or in training exercises.

    These guys are quite talented not only they used the Battle Meld but they also are in their fighting stances, prepared to fight. ?Not bad, not bad at all? thought Naz-Mero.

    ?Thank you, Master Jedi? responded Izbeth with a smile. She extended her arms and centered her turquoise bladed lightsaber hilt to herself assuming a defender stance.

    ?Concentrate on Schriik-cree, as Izbeth and I would take care of the rest. Be extra careful as he would try to use precise attacks to cripple you down,? announced Kehnji using the mind channel; then raising the curved hilt of his dark gray blade lightsaber he saluted his enemy and positioned himself in a duelist stance.

    To be continued
  24. Fipe_Naz-mero

    Fipe_Naz-mero Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 4, 2002
    Adrenaline was rising to levels out of scope as the three Jedi face their counterparts. Electricity could be felt on the air. The Jedi began to breath slowly to focus on the task at hand.

    "What do you want, bounty hunter?" Naz-Mero demanded always keeping his lightsaber pointed down.

    "You knouw wuat I wuant, ssssscum. I wuant the resssst of the Arion'ric ffffamily and their preciousssss heirloom, the crysssstalssss. Iffff you give them up, I might conssssider letting you go alivvvve." The bounty hunter raised his blaster gun and pointed it to the Jedi Master. "Otherwuissse, I havvvve to conssssider other alternativvvvessss."

    "You know very well I can not do that." Naz-Mero look to Izbeth and returned his gaze to Schriik-cree. "They are under my protection. And as long as I'm alive I will not let them fall into your hands for your greed. Me and my fellow Jedi here will make sure they remain hiding." Naz-Mero could feel the Battle Meld getting stronger and more sensitive to subtle changes in the environment. He could feel the atmosphere turning dense with humidity. That could only mean that a storm was coming. He could smell the ozone beginning to build up before the rain.

    One of the Dark Jedi stepped forward and said, "You give them to us now, or you die." He raised his bright red lightsaber and pointed it to Naz-Mero. "I'm tired of going from one planet to another just to find a dead end. This is going to end here once and for all." He charged full of anger forward with his lightsaber in a downward arc from top right to down left.

    Naz-Mero, tuned to the Battled Meld stepped to the right and let Kehnji block the attack with his dark grey blade and using the Force pushed the Dark Jedi back. Izbeth, in what seemed like an instantaneous movement, stood where Kehnji stood before in a defense stance, her lightsaber pointed up and slightly forward, in front of her. The turquoise light reflected on her golden irises and her crystals. Her lips, wet with a light moisture from breathing, seemed to sparkled to the bright light of the saber too. The incident only took a couple of seconds to happen.

    "Ffffool", the bounty hunter shouted to the Dark Jedi on the floor. "Wuat do yuou thhhhink yuou are duoing? They are exxxxperienccccend Jedi. Yuou can not attack like that."

    The other Dark Jedi stood forward to confront Izbeth. His dark red lightsaber was in his left hand while he had his right hand raised to Kehnji. You are going to pay for that. But first, I want to make sure I take a good look at this beauty. She might become a better reward than the crystals." The Dark Jedi inspected Izbeth from top to bottom while biting his lower lip.

    "You better take those words back. She's married to him," Naz-Mero said. "Better yet, she can make you take those words back by herself." He said after a short pause. Kehnji walked and stood by his wife side, lightsaber on his right hand turned off.

    "Thissss issss the lassst thhhhing I wuant. Lissssten you twuo. I wuill not jeopardizzzze thissss missssion. Suo yuou better take a grip and contruol yuourselvvvvessss." Schriik-cree said while looking back and forth between the two men in his team. Schriik-cree was a bounty hunter that calculated everything. And this was no exception. While the men created a diversion, he had placed the homing beacon in one of the pockets of his vest. The beacon, still on, was transmitting their location to their transport. An automated spaceship, flew from the docking station to the top of the building waiting for a command. "The wuay to duo thhhhingssss issss wuithhhh yuour head." And on that moment, the ship drop a small explosive charge that rocked the place hard. Instantly, the bounty hunter jumped forward and threw a net to the Jedi with the intention on capturing at least one.

    Naz-mero, who had been sensing every small change around him, caught the shift in pressure before the explosive charge went off and took a defending stance making a shield with the Force in form of a sphere to protect the three Jedi. Soon after the explosion, h
  25. Jared_Zuuhl

    Jared_Zuuhl Jedi Youngling

    Oct 15, 2005
    ?I bet you could not convince even a drunk Whipid to go out with you on a date, sir? said Kehnji laughing to the Dark Jedi who made a pass at his wife.

    ?You would regret that words,? replied the man.

    The two Dark Jedis now flanked Izbeth, Kehnji and Naz-Mero and reaching their tainted souls as fuel they channeled a vast amount of the Darkside. The one standing on the left flank extended his hands at the group and raw purple-blue energy erupted from his hands as deadly Force Lightning. The other one pointed Izbeth, and closed his fist.

    ? Gooooood, thatssss the wuay? said Schriik-cree, as he pulled out 3 small spherical vials and throw them at the Jedis. Naz-mero grasps the vials using the Force, and prepared to throw them away, when Miserabus yelled ?Naz-Mero NO! Those spheres are Neurotoxines. If you do that you can harm the citizens outside.?

    Kehnji moved swiftly to the left side and skillfully blocked the lightning bolt and started to deflect its harmful energy away, when felt fear in his wife and then felt like and invisible and cold hand closed around her larynx. He looked for a split second and saw his wife lifted a few feet into the air her eyes closing, fighting with all her strength her enemy. ?Don?t be scared Iz? Remember the Force is our ally; use it!? Kehnji projected into her mind. ? And a powerful ally it is, trust it, mi lady? added Master Naz-Mero.

    ?The Force is my ally? THE FORCE IS MY ALLY? that 5 words was all Izbeth?s needed to ignite her spirit. Closing her eyes she opened to the Force, suddenly a warm energy began to open the lethal grasp of her attacker. Knowing she had only a moment left, she opened her eyes searched among the fragments lying on the floor of the cantina. She extended her hand and gracefully waved it. A small group of debris lifts into the mid air and commence spinning slowly gaining an increasing speed at the back of her attacker. Izbeth halted her hand and all the pieces of durasteel and permacrete hit her attacker, making him loose concentration and release his deadly grip on her.
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