Unclassifiable Gravels. The Pub At The End... A Holiday Tale

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    IC: Dr. Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon sat at his favorite place on the sofa, staring intently at the letter. It was like a Klingon staring contest, only then the loser usually died or was severely beaten. He wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do with it; it said to place a coin on it, but he never kept money on him. Besides, it all seemed preposterous to place a coin on a piece of paper and expect magic to happen. He didn’t believe in magic, just science.

    When Leonard got home later, he found Sheldon still staring at the letter and rubbing his chin. “Sheldon, what are you doing?”

    “Leonard, I’m conflicted. Do I place a coin on this letter or not?”

    “What are you talking about? That sounds stupid,” Leonard said.

    “It’s what the letter says. Penny thinks I should go to the party.”

    “Party? Did you say party? You should go.”

    “But you know I don’t like parties.”

    “Go. Have fun,” Leonard said. It was obvious that he was trying to get Sheldon to leave, probably to have a chance to sit in his roommate’s favorite spot on the sofa while playing video games with their friends.

    “This all seems ludicrous. Why would I need to place a coin on this thing?” Sheldon asked, finally picking up the letter and looking at it forward and backwards. “That sounds like some sort of voodoo magic, or like a Jedi mind trick.”

    “You will go to the party,” Leonard said, waving his hand.

    “Leonard, you should know by now that in some universe maybe a Sheldon will fall for that trick, but I am simply too smart to be subject to petty tomfoolery such as that. Hmph, trying to Jedi mind trick me when I am asking you a question only . . .”

    And then he realized that Leonard had come over and placed a coin, a penny (of which was ironic on multiple levels, especially since Sheldon wondered if anyone kept pennies anymore, since they were an inferior system of coinage), on the paper.

    “Now you’ve done it,” Sheldon said.

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    IC: Jason Lee Scott

    Jason was a block from his house and could see no cars in the driveway. The parentals aren't home. Hmmm.

    He looked down at his pocket and reached for the invitation. Why not, he thought to himself, let's see what this is all about!

    To his dismay, the invitation was no longer in his pocket. He searched his other pockets thinking he misplaced it. Then, he felt a tingling surge, similar to the sensation that his Morpher would give him when turning into the Red Ranger. Within a flash he found himself in an unfamiliar yet warm waiting area. Cheer and comfort filled the room while quiet music played in the background.

    He immediately spied a plate of brown sugar pop-tarts and headed for them.

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    IC: Aryan Graul
    Chancellor's Office, Coruscant

    For several seconds, Aryan simply studied the rare item, his fingers tapping the edge of the desk insolently as he tried to decide what to do with it. The mere presence of a flimsiplast note made him suspicious; it certainly wasn't procedural to handwrite memos anymore, and to make matters worse, his outside inquiries had turned up nothing in terms of origin and method of arrival. For all he knew, the message was bugged and it would detonate upon the lightest pressure of his hands running along the seal…

    And yet, he couldn't help himself.

    With his one hand now clutching the desk, he took a precautionary step backward – just in case – and extended his other arm to pull at the seal. It came free with relative ease, revealing nothing more than a short message drafted in an intricate hand. No bombs, no fuss. Aryan, for his part, blew out a sigh of relief as he canted his head to the side to read the handwriting:

    Welcome Chancellor Graul,

    We are happy to welcome you to the most anticipated event of the year. As always, we will attempt to whet both your appetite and more, with the most tempting of food and drink. And perhaps a bit more.

    If you accept the invitation, then please leave the appropriate lowest denomination of the coinage of your area, on top of the invitation. Thats it. Be assured, we will be notified of your intent to join us, and will make all the necessary travel arrangements and preparations.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    A wane smile began to pull at one corner of his mouth as he snatched up the note from the desk. What was this? Didn't they know he had enough stress on a day-to-day basis without having to deal with practical jokes?

    Clenching his jaw, he reached across his desk to trigger the comm. "Get Rabon in here, now."

    There was an audible click before a female voice acknowledged the order. "As you wish, Your Excellency."

    It wasn't long before Kas Rabon came through the ornate doors leading into his office, toting a datapad in one hand, as was his habit. Kas served as his chief administrative aide, and as usual, the man looked a wreck: his wispy light hair was sticking out at odd angles upon his head, and his clothes appeared rumbled and lived-in, no doubt the result of spending long hours in the office night after night. Still, he was reliable, and Aryan could not fault him for trying his best.

    "Sir?" he mumbled ardently, his eyes darting around the office as if he was trying to detect why he had been summoned.

    Aryan kept the man guessing for a moment as he casually came around to stand in front of the desk. Here, he paused, and held up the note between his index and middle fingers so Rabon could see. "This arrived on my desk this afternoon," he stated coolly, his brow lifting as if he was eager to place blame. “Is this your handiwork?”

    As the other man fumbled for a response, Aryan glanced down and recited one of the passages in a mocking tone. “‘We will attempt to whet your appetite with the most tempting food and drink…’” He snorted as he returned his gaze to Rabon. “I have to say, your speech writing skills haven’t improved any.”

    Rabon, now somewhat amused, gave his own little chortle as he extended a hand, gesturing to the note. “I’ll see what I can do to work on my efficiency, but in this instance, it wasn’t me.” He cocked a brow curiously. “Can I see it, sir?”

    Aryan eyed him suspiciously for a moment, but ultimately handed it over without another word. As the other man studied it intently, Aryan allowed himself to recline back so that he was leaning casually against the desk, his arms crossed over his chest impatiently. This whole thing was beginning to be too much, especially now that Rabon appeared clueless…

    “I…well, this is certainly interesting,” Rabon noted with a soft sigh after he had finished examining the script. As he spoke, he waved the note in the air as if he was a child showing off a new toy on Life Day. “Do you understand the process involved in drafting the characters in this letter? They’re—“

    Aryan waved a hand to cut him off, seemingly uninterested in those details. “Yes, I know…but, what do you think?”

    “What do I think?” Rabon quirked an eyebrow as he lifted his chin to address the Chancellor. A small smile pulled at one corner of his thin lips. “Do you mind if I speak freely, sir?”

    “Do I have a choice?”

    That response seemed to put the man at ease, and he took it as an invitation to continue on. “Aryan, this could be a very good thing for you. I, uh…well, we both know your approval ratings haven’t exactly been stellar these past couple of cycles, especially after the whole…”

    Aryan titled his head to the side, a signal that he had gone far enough with that topic.

    “Well, right, anyway…” Rabon cleared his throat as he got himself back on track. “I think you should accept. It will get you out there and interacting with the public. In times like this, the thing they want most is to see a strong leader and to be able to engage with him directly. They want reassurance. You can provide that right here.” He gave a shrug. “And who knows, it may just give you a boost.”

    It was clear by the frown that crossed his features that Aryan did not like to be confronted with his faults, and yet, he found that he had very little to dispute in Rabon’s words. He spoke the truth, but that didn’t make his decision any easier. There were still plenty of questions that needed to be answered before he felt comfortable committing to such an event.

    “I…don’t know,” he muttered with uncertainty, now pushing himself off from where he was leaning against the desk. “It still sounds like a setup to me.”

    “Aryan, as your friend…I insist,” Rabon continued with a stoic expression. “If you’re worried about security, I’ll have it taken care of. In fact, I already of feelers out there. You’ll be fine.” He angled his head to the side and held up the note enticingly. “Now, come on.”

    With a long-winded sigh, Aryan turned and began to saunter back to his chair, one hand trailing around the edge of the desk as he went. “Alright,” he said evenly, his gaze downcast. “Go ahead and take care of it. I think they asked for a donation or something?” He furrowed his brow a bit as he considered that option. No matter the circumstances, he didn’t like the implications of some unknown entity asking for credits. “Well, I’m sure the business office can straighten that out.”

    Rabon gave a small smile as he began to punch things into his datapad. “Of course, Your Excellency.” He slipped right back into his formal speech as if it were second-nature…in a way, perhaps it was. “Is there anything else?”

    “If there are any new developments…” He grabbed the back of the chair and hung there a moment. “…I want to be the first to know about it.”

    The other man nodded with a smirk. “You got it.”

    Without another word, Rabon backed out of the office, leaving Aryan alone to ponder what it was he had just done. With a weary sigh, he ran a hand through his hair and collapsed down behind his desk.

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    IC: Darth Bear/ Color Blob Central

    [blockquote]There was something distinctly disorienting about sitting on nothing while surrounded by floating balls of color that seemed to reshape themselves randomly. Shapeless blobs in a void of blackness. It was all too much for a bear of very little brain, and so Darth Bear sat on his nothing and tapped his helmet, softly muttering think, think, think to himself almost like a mantra. It had been that way for an amount of time. How much that time was, well who could say in a place where nothing seemed to really change?

    I wonder... what would happen if I touched one of those blobbish things? He watched, and waited for one of them to come nearer to him. And while he waited, he began to hum. It was a good hum, if he did say so himself, and since there wasn't much else for him to do, he hummed his hum to himself.

    Oh, there's a darkening all around me,
    ho hum diddlee dee dum.
    And it goes about as far as I can see,
    ho hum diddlee dee dum,
    And so far as I can see,
    ho hum diddlee dee dum,
    There's darkness. But there's some color too,
    ho hum diddlee dee dum,
    Purple, yellow and some blue,
    ho hum diddlee dee dum,
    But me, I'm partial to the red, hoo, hoo.

    Yes, it was a goodish hum. One he would have to tell to Emperor Gopher, the next time he saw him. Whenever that was going to be.

    And while he hummed his hum he failed to notice the large yellow blob that came towards him. He didn't notice until he ran into it, and he noticed that the blob was full of stars. Curiouser and curiouser. he thought. It was so curious that he failed to notice the lurch until it suddenly lurched him into another place entirely.

    It felt much better to be sitting on the ground, even though the suddenness of it left his bum feeling a little on the sore side. As he looked around at his new surroundings, he saw that he wasn't alone anymore. There were some rather odd looking people around him, all of them much taller than the two and a half foot bear. Finding himself having to look up rather steeply, even more so due to his sitting, Darth Bear fell over onto his back with a soft oof.

    Clamoring up to his feet, Darth Bear looked over the others that were present. One of them had blond hair and looked more like one of Cristopher Robin's old drawings than someone he would have expected to meet. Another had some rather shiny things on, along with solid blue eyes. And hair on his face. It was the first time Darth Bear had ever run across this, and it fascinated him. Maybe it's a small animal that likes to hang from his face. It certainly seemed more probable to him than the idea that hair could grow on the face. I wonder if it would like to be petted. Maybe he could find out later.

    Turning his attention to the others, he another who looked pretty normal, other than the fact that he was so much taller than Darth Bear. he simply wasn't used to being in a land full of giants, other than the heffalumps. And Grand Moff Kanga. And this man was even taller than Grand Moff Kanga, though not quite so tall as one of the heffalumps. And then there was the woman with the pointy ears. Pointy ears? Is she related to a rabbot? It was a question, that somehow, he suspected would be the sort that he really shouldn't ask. At the very least she wasn't shiny, and didn't seem to be very mechanical.

    The other woman that was with them however... had bits of machinery sticking out of her all over the place. Other than the places that were normal. She too was taller than Darth Bear, and something about her felt weird. But he had felt so many weird things since joining the Hunny Empire he didn't think much of it. Emperor Gopher was always doing weird things, and showing him odd experiments. None of which had to do with hunny, which left Darth Bear most displeased most of the time. But being a good bear, he never said anything about it.

    As she welcomed them, and said that they were the first to arrive, Darth Bear stretched out with his senses. There was some hunny about, he knew it. It was on the other side of that wall. He was so focused on it that he completely ignored her until the walls started to open into what appeared to be a door. It really was a beautiful room that was on the other side of the wall, err door. Very bright with lots of decorations and all kinds of weird and wonderful things set on tables. And maybe he would try some of them. Maybe he would look around. Maybe he wouldn't stay sitting next to the hunny that he could see, off in a corner by itself where no one else could bother it. Almost like it had been sitting there waiting for him to come and keep it some company.

    He started walking forward until he realize that the pretty machine woman was still talking to him. When she had finished he said, "Thank you pretty lady. If you don't mind, I see some lonely hunny pots. Perhaps they would like me to keep them some company. And maybe they'll share a small smackerel." He licked his lips as he waddled in that direction, not paying much mind to any of the others, other than making sure they didn't step on him with their giant selves.

    Arriving in the corner, he politely set down next to one of the pots and said, "I noticed that all of you were all alone over here. Maybe you'd like to share some time together?" Smiling happily he picked up the pot and began to dip his hand into it, sampling the hunny. It was perfect. Happily Darth bear sat about to eating it with a will.[/blockquote]

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    Middle Earth

    Thumbing the paper between his fingers, the sensation was odd. Mail... unprecedented, uninvited... no invited. Yes definitely invited. Slurping down a drink of cool, crisp ale. . The markings were strange, but somehow understood... somehow it all made sense as he lifted the invitation card up and looked under it, staring at the bottom as if trying to discover something hidden. Stoor moved over to his stone desk, placing the invitation on it and simply stared at it, pondering it all.



    Yes... Well maybe.

    Stoor went back and forth on the idea of sending an RSVP. Suddenly he was mesmerized by a bit of the gold lacing filigree outlining a portion of the invitation. So familiar. So inviting. Friends are good.

    And... and ... and ... they have food.

    Oh how much they all loved the delicacies of nourishment. The taste of it all.

    Leave coinage... hmmm? Coinage.

    Stoor looked around his humble abode, placing a large ruby on the invitation. Staring at it briefly as if waiting for something.... before reaching over and adjusting the ruby slightly. The intent as if this would spur some reaction... though none was evident. Stoor's eyes narrowed as he gazed at the invitation, expecting that any second now something would happen!

    A low growl as he waited impatiently.

    Blinking and leaning forward. Still waiting...

    Something felt weird.

    It was happening. Stoor leaned in further as if gleefully anticipating something to finally happen...

    Oh. nope... no. no.... no

    Maybe just the cheese and fish from earlier....


    OOC: apologize for rushed post - wanted to get something in. Looking forward to diving in more all!
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    Hearing a voice mentally talk to her unbidden started T'Shael She turned her head way and that looking even though such an action didn't make sense.

    "I guess I have accepted an invitation for real. "

    To a party held by people she had never met and didn't know. The afor mentioned transport did not state how she'd be transported. Only to bring herself and appetite ,and certainly no mention of bringing food. Her culture nessitaited bringing something to give a party host as gratitude. That was it's own dilemma having no knowledge of the host.

    She thought things through while fishing through her wardrobe to pull out a thick heavy silk deep midnight blue over robe with a silken silver lining inside. Her clan's primary color. Intricate embroidery in silver wound it's way around the hem and sleeve ends. At first glance, it almost looked like vines but closwr inspection the vines were actually the twisting, graceful swirled calligraphy of her culture. These were names of every person in her immedonce family back to the clan's inception nearly two millennia ago. A wearable reminder that she walked with her ancestors, it's colors bespoke of one unforgettable night.

    The garment faired well in Vulcan's cold winters. Nights and winters were quite cold. Cold enough, if there was enough moisture in the air at the time, it'd snow. Something rare that T'Shael had seen once as a child when she happened to look out the bedroom window. T'Khut rose high in the velvety black of night, making the stark white snow a pale rose. T'Shael and her siblings ran outside against parents wishes, soon playing in this beautiful but very cold... stuff. The parents gave to pull the children and let them play themselves out. A bunch of giggling, wet shivering children soon were warmed by hot soup and tea and sent off back to bed. A vivid memory she'd not forget.

    Ten years later T'Shael was presented the garment by her parents who had made it themselves. The color of the night, the inner lining, her mother and father embroidered an image of themselves and children from that night in the snow. A bit wet and all grins. Highly uncharacteristic of Vulcans. What happens in family stays in family.

    "Where you go, we're with you. " Was said at the time. She swung the garment on, skidding her arms inside the sleeves. Her PADD and comlink stowed in hidden pockets. Then off to her office. A few minutes late she emerged with a scroll of her own. Sealed inside am ornate metal tube with her clan seal on the side. That was placed in another hidden pocket. Before she knew it a flash of light engulfed her. When it dissipated, she was in an ornate room surrounded by beings of species she could and couldn't recognize.

    A female that appeared human but thanks to Vulcanoid hearing, T'Shael heard servos, and the being had no smell.

    To herself she thought. Android?

    One curious create was a very small (armoured?) Ursine being. Apprently was definitely able to talk because he or she excused him/herself while scooting past her towards jars.

    She stood quietly observing with her hands tucked into her robes sleeves for warmth. It wasn't as warm as she'd like but that is what extra layers of clothing were for.

    She was curious about the Outworlders and this place, even the food. She saw foods from her world but was more interested in what came from other places. The purpose of exploring was getting out of one's comfort zone. This instance was truly very out of the zone.

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    Markus J. F. Christianson
    Hotel in Hamburg, Germany & Someplace else?

    As he sat there, waiting, he wondered if he had inadvertently made a mistake. Then an hour had gone by as he had felt ready, which was all the note had asked him. Kind of a nice change of pace, as God had so far been one to act ready or not in his life. His brother probably had a few words to say on that, but having met someone granted an however temporary 'God' status, and her weird arch angel redeemed sinner father, perhaps this was all just a welcome to the never dying club. After all, he had always expected somebody to come along and welcome him, maybe not the group that had tried to bring about the end of the world, but somebody surely?

    He was just getting lost in his own thoughts on possibilities of who or what had sent the invite in earnest when his telephone rang. No not his personal mobile, but the rooms telephone. "Hello? Yes. . .Yes. Alright, I'll be right down." he quickly stated. Lovely thing international concierges, they all spoke English. Although truth be told he had an app for that as well if needed.

    Heading down he soon found himself looking at the 'limo', a word which did not do the gold monstrosity justice. Well, if the paint job was anything to go by it would be a smooth ride at least. Patting his satchel full of 'tricks and treats' he simply waded forward to whatever may come and be.

    Finding himself in the waiting area he looked about himself and saw he was not alone. He was standing with some truly stalwart individuals. Some were familiar, after all he had played some online games, read bedtime stories to his daughter (although he never remembered the bear wearing armor), one that looked like a Vulcan!, awesome! He did not know this was a costume party, he had to give her props for that. And ask where she got her ears, because that looked almost natural. Awesome. And then there was the host. He tried his best to pay attention to their cybernetic host, which was cool. Although nothing he hadn't seen the plans and forerunners already. Although she did seem rather autonomous.

    Then again she looked top of the line.

    As the fantasy bear excused himself, he nodded to the other two. "Hello. Would you recommend anything?" asked with a nod to the room of food. "Feel a little foolish, I didn't know that this was a costume party." he admitted with a sheepish grin as he smiled at them.

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    OOC: My apologies for the short post to begin things.

    Flemeth IC:

    ~Somewhere in Thedas~

    The elderly woman, or such as she appeared, stood quietly by the tree that blazed with the strange and cryptic symbols. The actual trunk of the tree was unharmed of course, such was the way of magic.

    But these symbols, part of the old tongue never really seen anymore, spoke to her specifically.

    Asha'bellanar couldn't help but chortle. "My, my. An invitation? Now who would invite one such as I?"

    Indeed, it was quite curious. And it was rather dangerous to rouse the curiosity of the Witch of the Wilds, a small amused smile crossing her features. A light seemed to dance in her eyes.

    "I haven't had such a mystery fall into my lap in many years…A most anticipated event it says. I do like such things! It's a pity I don't have use of money or any such currency spoken of."

    Her yellow eyes, full of power, wisdom, and mischief continued to peer at the symbols in thought.


    "There are many things in this world and the next that constitute currency. Perhaps we shall test to see exactly what you believe, hm?"

    Her eyes narrowed as she drew the dagger out from behind her.

    "Gold is the currency of the material, my mysterious letter, but…" she positioned the blade upon her arm, "Blood is that of the spirit. What greater currency can I offer?"

    With a swift motion the deed was done, her blood trailing down her limb, which she seemed to not even feel. A casual flick of the wrist and her life essence soaked into the the glowing runes upon the tree.

    "I hope you can whet my appetite as you claim because," she shrugged nonchalantly as her wound healed up, "Now I'm hungry."

    She chuckled again, folding her arms. And waited.

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    (OOC: I apologize for the OOC post, I will have my post up later today I promise! I've been so busy with the holidays that I haven't hardly had the time. But now with everything toning down, I can finally get some work done! I hope that's okay?)
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    As the fantasy bear excused himself, he nodded to the other two. "Hello. Would you recommend anything?" asked with a nod to the room of food.

    The voice got T'Shael to turn around to find the the of the voice. She gave her people's version of a shrug, unsure of the victuals herself. Only items she could recognize came from her planet.

    Hello, I'm not sure what to recomend. Most is unfamiliar to me

    "Feel a little foolish, I didn't know that this was a costume party." he admitted with a sheepish grin as he smiled at them.

    That phrase sent an eyebrow into her bangs as she thought.

    Costume party?

    A discreet glance at the armoured ursine like being, then back at the raven haired human with short pants on.

    Isn't he cold?

    Unaire of truly what to actually say, besides the obvious fact she shouldn't be able to understand any of them speaking. T'Sheal didn't have a universal translator ear wig in her ear. She'd known only a small amount of English. She understood more than actually speak it since there weren't a lot of humans living near her to practice with .Careful thought only took 2.5 seconds before answering. T'Shael's was a bit relaxed, as she answered the man's query with a bit of humor in the eyes.

    "If this is costume party, I seem to have left mine at home."

    Well.. OK.. Starting off with humor theoretically could make beings comfortable or it gets totally lost in translation. She hoped it wasn't the later. Aliens generally had to learn each other's language of eyes and body.

    Hopefully I offended him. That would start this gathering off... Poorly.

    She remembered humans tended to introduce themselves by name and grasp hands. Her kind being touch telepathic would have to shore up mental shielding to not inadvertanly over hear the human's thoughts. Such things were private. Very strong surface thoughts would be unavoidably "heard" but that was the hazards of meeting different people. She held her hand out to the man and introduced herself.

    I am T'Shael , nice to meet you.

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    IC: Agent Mitch Nifesta, Lieutenant Baille Harte, Owen Harper (ex-Torchwood), Venator Ready Room - deep space
    BSPAWSID Roll Call:

    The new six person group that made up this new team of I-5’s, were crowded around the Captain’s desk in the Ready Room adjacent to the Bridge at the top of one of the Venator Star Destroyer’s command towers, there were greasy boxes of take away noodles on the light table, which everyone was careful not to spill down their own clothing, lest the Twi’lek that had been put in charge, start handing out bibs.

    They had discovered that he could patronise for Ryloth, or any planet that you cared to name.

    The pale white Twi’lek, Mitch Nifesta, standing behind his desk, had three assignment cards, and first handed the first to the two women of the former DANL (Dead Agents, New Lives) team: “Tosh, Kate, get your glad rags on. You are going to a Society Ball on Imperial Centre. If you see a safe opportunity to get hair and blood samples from Mara Jade, go for it; otherwise just observe and report back.

    “This isn’t right.” Owen Harper, a Torchwood operative who looked none the worse for wear for perishing inside a sabotaged nuclear reactor, “I thought we were voting on whether the whole team deals with this Jade resurrection challenge, or try to retrieve the Doctor’s two companions from a Manhattan controlled by the Weeping Angels!”

    Nifesta sighed, “I hear ya, but I-5 absorbs causes like a multi-verse social justice warrior.” He leaned across the table with the second card. “You and Danny are tracking that thing-” He gestured past them to towards the Time Lord Distress Signal, an excitedly swooping glowing white cube the size of a Rubik’s classic. “-back to its source. Act on whatever you find, but if it is more than you can handle, come back here, and we will try again in force.

    He gestured to former Imperial pilot sitting to his right, turning her chair a few degrees side-to-side while dividing attention between him, and picking at her noodles. “That leaves Baille and I to field test the stealth capabilities of these old Hush-98 comlinks with an anti-First Order publicity campaign.

    General Hux’ bedroom...somewhere dark, thirty standard years into the future

    Arriving at the sleeping Hux’s bedside, the BSPAWSID agents double-teamed him, Mitch lifting the nearside bedclothes off the snoring red-haired officer in his black shimmersilk pyjamas, and laying them gently along the top of his form.

    He was on his side, facing them, so Nifesta rested the folding blankets along his left side, while Baille dropped to one knee close to shoulder level, and pinched the man’s left wrist between thumb and forefinger so that she could gently pull his limp left hand towards her, in time for a small brown bowl, water sloshing the sides, to float over to past her right elbow, and settle on the sheet-covered mattress.

    “Feels wrong to be doing this to a fellow red-head.” She commented softly as she dunked his fingers into the tepid water up to the second knuckle, while Mitch, standing over her to her right, pulled a small black holocam out of the air, where it had been floating after the bowl, and settled it where he could put one eye to an eyepiece and aim the recorder and assistive light.
    Many Bothans died to bring us this trick. Probably died laughing.

    “Bothans came up with this?” Harte queried, disbelief in her tone.

    Underneath all that hair and attitude, major freaks, those guys.

    Though it was dark in the bedroom, the diffused white light from the holocam illuminated the area between the supine man’s knees and his stomach, along with the rough triangle of bedsheet between the two, some of it was definitely getting a darker shade of whatever colour it was supposed to be.

    Hang on...hang on...yep, we got precipitation.” The Twi’lek reported.

    “You mean it worked?”

    You telling me you never tried this as a youngling?

    Still holding the sleeper’s wrist over the bowl, Harte turned her head to glance up at the indistinct silhouette behind the downward-pointing light, “No, I was a good girl...’ello, what’s that under his knee? Looks like a golden envelope.”

    Mitch shifted the aim of the recording device, the light illuminating the detected stationery a lot better. “Oh yeah. Good spot, Honey. Can you reach it?

    “What about his hand?”

    Well he's unconscious; you'll never get it to grip.

    She set her jaw and glared at Huk's chest to avoid saying something rude. “I mean, what do I do about his hand?”

    Well we’ve got we need. Give him his hand back.

    Baille did all that, scattered a handful of business cards for Hosnian Prime Pranksters in the bed, then extricated the envelope and stood up, crowding next to him to hold the letter in the only light in the room.
    She did not know what the HPP crew had done to upset Princess Leia enough that she wanted them set up to get the blame for this, and to be fair, she didn’t want to know.

    She dutifully inhaled to start reading off the note, but paused as Mitch pulling the back of her black dress down, as it had clearly ridden up while she had been down there; then, satisfied that he was finished with the adjustments, read aloud. “For attention of, Agent Mitch Nifesta and Child.” She glanced down at Hux, his face partially obscured by a black cloth shield for his eyes, to help the poor dear sleep. “How the hell did he know we’d be here?”

    Welcome to Wierd Situations.” Mitch commented, following her gaze.

    “We are happy to welcome you to the most anticipated event of the year. As always, we will attempt to whet both your appetite and more, with the most tempting of food and drink.”

    Well, I’m a Force Vampire.” Nifesta pointed out. “To tempt me with food, there would have to be a Sith reading this invitation somewhere, with no idea how badly his Holidays are going to go. Does it say anything else?

    “If you accept the invitation, then please leave the appropriate lowest denomination of the coinage of your local area, on top of the invitation. That’s it. Be assured, we will be notified of your intent to join us, and will make all the necessary travel arrangements and preparations.” She looked up. “Coinage? I haven’t seen coins since I washed the family speeder for pocket money.”

    Got an idea. Dip it in the, in the, you know. Yellow stuff.” He gestured to the result of their intervention.

    She looked sharply up at him.

    I didn’t say it was a good idea.

    Wait, what? The golden note now read, but neither Twi'lek or Corellian noticed.

    Baille glared as only she could. “That. Is. Disgusting. Also, I fail to see how it goes any way towards the placing of money.”

    Harry King in Ankh Morpock built a business empire on being able to turn buckets of wee into hard currency, and even had his workers collecting it from around that city every morning.” Nifesta defended, drawing on Discworld lore, “We are just cutting out the middle men

    She sighed. “Despite frequent evidence to the contrary, Dad, you’re the boss.” She leaned towards the bed, resting the letter and envelope on General Hux’ knee, then straightened to pull disposable rubber gloves from the dark-painted stormtrooper belt latched round her hips, negotiating her fingers into them for, well, touchdown.

    Baille allowed one corner of the correspondence to get good and soaked, then retreated back under the illumination, holding it between her slick-gloved hands, but said nothing.

    After a moment, Nifesta glanced curiously towards the silent youngster. “Whatsamatter, joined up writing?

    “I...I literally have no words.”

    So what are you reading then?

    “No,” she half turned and held the note towards him, “that is what it says now, that it has no words.”

    Mitch carefully took the note by one of the dry corners, and ran his gaze the dynamically printed sentence.

    I...I literally have no words.

    Okay, guess urine was the wrong medium.” He shrugged, thrusting the note into a pocket, then lifting the holocam from his shoulder and holding it by his side. “So what did the King of the Hawkbats say to his Queen?

    She looked at him, momentarily confused by the jump in subject matter. “I dunno, what?”

    Let’s get the flock out of here.

    * * * *
    Back on the Venator

    The wrist-banded vortex manipulators had taken both agents back in time and space to their home base aboard the un-named Venator, where, apart from the B1-series pilot droids manning all the bridge stations, and a smattering of infantry droids doing deck patrols, they were alone on the ship.

    Well, we were not being especially stealthy,” Mitch commented of their sortie, “so I think that proves the effectiveness of the silence-zone that these comlinks are supposed to have, don’t you?

    His adopted daughter, entering his suite ahead of him, dropped onto one of the couches sitting before the huge window that gave them a great view of the other command tower. “True, I did not see any guards, but maybe they did not have any posted.” Her gaze alighted on something she had not seen before. “When did you get a desk?”

    Nifesta did not consider the query worth answering. When did he get anything? When I-5 was good and ready for him to get it, that’s when.

    He stopped a couple metres short of the desk, staring at the mostly clean top, where two gold data chips sat, side-by-side.

    Their Lord and Master was no stranger to Big Ticket items, such as this star destroyer, but he did not do anything in gold!

    He pulled the now blank sheet of flimsi from his pocket, straightening it . “This something to do with you?” He asked it, then checked what it said:

    Preparations are being made for your arrival. Take all the time necessary for your preparations to join us. Once you are ready, please make your intentions known that you are ready. Your transportation has already been arranged. Until then.

    Your host


    Mitch read all the way through the short missive, stopping to study the symbol at the end, which looked like a person with their hands up in distress.

    "Sweetheart?" He voiced without taking his eyes away from the note.


    "Don’t get too comfortable. We need to get you dressed, young lady."

    "Um...I already am?"

    He could hear her confusion, and smiled over at her. "Not for a party. Turns out we did not ruin our chances after all."

    His little version levered herself up off the couch, glancing at him critically as she approached. "Will I need to be armed, Dad?"

    Her use of the ‘D’ word had been tactical; she hadn’t said it to him in a while, and it gave the impression that she was playing the supportive daughter role, which admittedly got easier as time went on, but through a process hammered out through many months, playing along meant that she got to go on missions, such as the one they had just returned from.

    It’s just a party, Sweetheart.

    “Where we dipped the dimension-hopping invite into somebody’s wee. The letter did not look overly amused, and I am wondering if that feeling was shared by whomever sent it. This could be a trap.” Baille wondered if she had over-egged the matter with that last sentence.
    The older Twi’lek thought of her as a small child that needed looking after, and no parent, apart from colonists, some missionaries, and Borg researchers, knowingly took their children into danger with them.

    She wanted him at least prepared for trouble, but not that he pack her off to bed and batten down the hatches.

    Nifesta stopped to consider, his thoughts turning to that mysterious ending symbol again. "These soirees tend to be benign, but I will carry your Q2 for you, just in case. As far as you are concerned, it is just a get-together till I say otherwise. I just hope that there are other children for you to play with."

    * * * *

    Initially intending to wear the constricting, short black cheongsam that she had worn on the clandestine visit to the Umbrella Corporation's Tokyo Facility with Kate and Tosh; a silent bit of rebellion since Mitch did not know that she had gone.

    But all thought of that had fled from her mind when she saw what had been left in her adjacent suite: a beautiful sky blue dress that below the waist was as fluffy as all frag thanks to triple layers of skirts and ruffles and netting that angled at forty degrees down from her hips, a large organza bow at the back and a large flower blossom that would be resting on the front of her left hip. Two thin shoulder straps, and the bodice was plain shimmersilk that held her torso and chest in a comfortably tight embrace after Mitch obligingly zipped the back up for her.

    For emergency, in case they got separated, she had an Umbrella-branded SIG-Sauer P226R handgun velcroed to her thigh. The dress hid it magnificently.

    Later, when Nifesta emerged from his own bedroom, she was surprised to see that he had actually changed out of his tan cloaks, instead wearing a very dark blue ensemble that would not be out of place on one of the Emperor's courtiers.

    "Honey, you look absolutely beautiful." He praised after zipping her up, and attaching the bow at the base of the zip.

    She blushed and grinned, then moved to the opposite side of the desk that held the gold data disks.

    Nifesta was positively delighted with what I-5 had sent for his kid to wear, and beamed at her as he announced to the disks, and the letter in his hand:
    Okay, we are ready to go.

    Tag: Ktala
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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Nozdormu
    Another Place, Another Time

    ‘Aman’Thul’s beard!’

    Nozdormu mentally exclaimed to himself. He’d but closed his eyes for the space of a heartbeat and a shift had occurred beyond his notice! How was such a thing possible? It was both fascinating and disconcerting!

    He could see a World Tree -a fix point in time. All around it, the night sky and stars were constantly shifting, winking in and out. Night and Day were mere blinks of the eye. For certain, Nozdormu mused, he was in a temporal corridor- and not one of his own making.

    Out of curiosity, he looked at his own hand. There was no fading, ghosting or streaking. In other words, there was no temporal bleed being created, no wakes for him to trace and correct. Who could possibly have such grand mastery of temporal manipulation besides himself?

    As if in answer to that very question, the stars stopped winking and spinning, thus revealing a new setting from the one he’d been just moments ago within the Caverns of Time.

    Beside himself, there were four other beings standing before an ornate door. How curious they all were. Two human males whose garbs he could not identify, a female who might be quarter elf, but of noble bearing-and an animated stuffed toy. No doubt magicked by the Kirin Tor, perhaps.

    Nozdormu’s gaze came to rest on a humanoid looking female behind a desk, but his senses immediately informed him there was more to her than what he perceived at first glance. Not only that, but beside seeming like a living being, the woman also seemed to be highly and intricately mechanized as well? Was this something new the Titans were meaning to reveal?

    “Welcome, honored guests, you are the first to arrive.”

    Nozdormu nodded in greeting and followed as he was bid. The other guest also follow without question, none seeming overly surprised or alarmed- which was also curious.

    Within moments, part of the mystery was solved, yet yielded more questions. A great room was revealed, filled with fantastic decorations for the Feast of Winter Veil!

    Nozdormu was, unlikely as it would seem, taken by surprise and found himself doing a double take. Was he somehow back on Azeroth? No, this place certainly did not feel like Azeroth at all. That, and there was no sign of Great Father Winter!

    There had to be another explanation, one that he now felt compelled to find out.

    There was no shortage of food or drink, as any true feast would want to have. At a glance, he would also notice a plethora of adjacent rooms, all beckoning and mysterious. How fascinating indeed!

    It was then that the Night Elf froze. Was that…music? Did someone know his secret delight?

    For music was the most exquisite blend of time and sound. Formatted, yet flowing, seemingly formless, yet ordered. Mathematical and poetic all at once. A delightful paradox of matter and energy, substance and ether. How could anyone know?

    A smacking sound caught Nozdormu’s attention, which revealed the magicked toy-bear, which by the looks of it, found a pot of honey. The sight conveyed a peculiar charm.

    It was also interesting that the hostess, who introduced herself as Alorna seemed to know their names. Perhaps it was she who had sent the mysterious invitations. Darth Bear, would clearly be the bear. Lady T’Shael could only be the quarter elf. Differentiating between the two males, Toshinori Yagi and Markus J. F. Christianson ( which were like no names he’d ever heard on Azeroth ) would take some time- which he had plenty of.

    Refreshments and treats were offered, before their hostess departed to receive another set of arriving guests, leaving the first group to contend with one another.

    Nozdormu smiled politely, hoping he had mentally selected the correct language, having heard Alorna speak first.

    To his mild surprise, the magicked bear was the first to speak-not to any of the guest, but to the money pots. Such a sophisticated spell. Who could have crafted such glamour?

    The human male with the dark hair spoke next.

    "Hello. Would you recommend anything?" He asked with a nod to the room of food. "Feel a little foolish, I didn't know that this was a costume party." he admitted with a sheepish grin as he smiled at them.

    “Happy Feast of Winter Veil.” Nozdormu responded in kind. “ I also find myself in awe of this place.” he admitted as he looked around at the decorations. Still, he felt no divergent temporal shifts.

    “A Costume Ball, you say? I don’t recall that being described in my invitation…” He put in.

    The noble quarter elf female smoothly interjected right after.

    “If this is a costume party, I seem to have left mine at home.”

    Then she proceeded to introduce herself to the dark haired human male.

    “I’m T’Shael, nice to meet you.”

    Certainly a pleasant and noble sounding name, the Night Elf silently mused.

    “I am Nozdormu. I too am pleased to meet you both.” He said once it was his turn.

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    Dec 3, 2016
    OOC: I just realised I'd some typoes and even left out words in my post.

    With T'Sheal's thoughts while. greeting it's to be "Hopefully I have NOT offended him..

    ::face palm::
  15. Ahlisha

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    Dec 3, 2016
    After shaking Markus' hand, the noticed Nozdormo's appearance. Similar ears to her but much different skin type.

    Very different. Not v'tosh, not human. To ask would be rude.

    He did greet them and seemed a likable individual.

    As did the small armoured sehlat cub.

    " Greetings to you Nozdormo. A happy Winter's Vale to you as well. I'm unsure of it's traditions though."

    He'd mentioned a festival of Winter Vale. Not sure what that was. The decorations in the massive rooms were of evergreen plant life. All of it alive and fragrant. Her world hadn't such plants but she'd read Earth did.

    "Does anyone know where we are?

    A little pause as she heard happily eating the contents of the jar. Several of them were littered around his nearly supine form. She thought she'd heard a groan but couldn't interpret if it was pain or contentment since she knew nothing of his species. Looking over at the two males.

    " Maybe check on our talking sehlat kit*. He's eaten himself into a stupor.

    She gracefully walked over to the little bear and squatted down next to him. A substance was all over his paws dripping to the floor. His eyes seemed half closed. Her keen hearing was able to hear Darth Bear's steady breaths. Speaking quietly to Bear in a tender manner.

    'You filled your stomach completely. If that tastes as it smells, I do not blame you."

    She wondered if the creature had a fast metabolism.

    Tag: Ktala, Mitth_Fisto, Ahlisha, Darth_Luna, A Blind Prophet @ Darth Bear

    OOC: KIT :shorten form for kitten. Can refer to a young or small creature. Winnie the Pooh Bear 's instance, it refers to his size in reference to T'Shael who is over six feet tall.
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    IC: Darth Bear/ Pooh Heaven/ A Party Room




    And that was just what was on the bear.

    It was all over the little corner after a few minutes, and had even covered and gummed up several bits of Darth Bears armor. This was all irrelevant, as he finally had what he'd been wanting since he joined the Hunny Empire: an endless supply of the sweet stuff. Always wanted to see how much hunny I could eat. He'd finally found out, and it wasn't a small amount. His belly was poking out much farther than it had any business doing so, and he found himself flopped onto his back with a pot upended over his the snout, seemingly stuck. One of his arms was wrapped around another pot, while his other simply lay in a puddle of sticky goodness. This was the life, and Darth Bear was going to enjoy it as much as life would let him.

    A groan of contented stuffed pain escaped him and echoed in the now empty pot. It was the sort of sound that was sure to be noticed by anyone in the general vicinity. And apparently there was someone interested in coming over to see what was going on.

    Darth Bear sensed the tall pointy eared woman coming his direction, though he couldn't for the life of him remember her name. Not that he'd actually known it in the first place, but he couldn't remember that either.

    She knelt down, careful to avoid the mess, and spoke gently to Darth Bear. That was something that hadn't happened since he was training under Owlbi-wan back when he and Christopher Robin were still friends. She said something about being completely full, and that she didn't blame him. Am I full? Surely there... And he tried to move and felt a tug. No, perhaps not.

    Opening his eyes he looked up into her face, and said into the echoy pot, "It's quite good. Would you like some?" And he offered the hunny pot his arm had been wrapped around. As he heard the echoes though, he realized the pot was still there and began trying to get it off. "Oh bother. Oh bother." It seemed stuck, and stuffed as he was some assistance was obviously going to be needed as there was no way to get his legs up to his mouth in his current state. [/blockquote]

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    Apr 3, 2005
    Middle Earth – Banks of Gladden Fields Creek

    Nothing was happening – “Trickery they play, not another day.” What’s that? Stoor thought to himself as he whirled around looking about, trying to trace the sound he had heard. Stoor sulked over to the fish on the table as he prepared to feats upon it. Suddenly he felt the sensation again and came about peering about to find the origin of the watching sensation. A dark clad hobbit caught his eyes perched above on a boulder, as he flinched and reel slightly placing his hand instinctively over the fish.
    “What’s mine is mine, not your fish to dine!”

    “That looks like fun. But I have something better.” Stoor leaned in inquisitively. “What’s better than fish, fish, fish?” Find? Find what, Stoor thought…looking for it.. what? Never. “Pits Pits Pits. Ash and dust already. Played that game before, when all is rot, when sun is dark and moon's light shows not."

    Party? It had been a long time since he had been to a party. It had been a long time since he had been anywhere. Stoor stepped forward as the dark hobbit began speaking of his offer. Finding himself moving away from the fish he had prepared. "Treats? Tricks and Treats! Lovely food and treats… Treats and food... food and treats… tricks and treats for all to eat…" Stoor found himself humming and singing along as he smiled and began to rock happily.

    Stoor realized he was drifting away from his fish as he listened to his unwelcomed guests words. Stoor realizing the deep void inside him of separation anxiety from his fish turned and ran back to the table to grab the fish and clutched it to his chest as if afraid to loose it. His gaze returning to the dark hobbit as he continued to talk. Stoor feeling a bit relieved that his fish was safe.

    Stoor watched as the dark hobbit laid the scroll down in front of him and began to make his exit. “All you have to do is take the scroll.” Stoor watched him carefully for a moment before looking down at the scroll. Stoor poked the scroll as he nudged it slightly, before looking up to see that the dark hobbit had disappeared. “Sssssstupid dark hobbit” Stoor muttered as he grabbed the scroll and brought it up to his chest next to the fish he still clutched, pacing back to the table he had prepared from before. Perching himself next to it as he began to devour the fish after placing the scroll down in front of him, unfurling it slightly as he began to look at the strange markings continued within. Taking another large bite of fish, as a piece fell next to the scroll as he continued to chew and stare.

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    IC: All Might

    Wherever, Whenever, A Grand Party!

    All Might stared at the golden vehicle with a smile upon his face. True, his recent battle had taken such a toll on his body that he shouldn't be exerting himself too much, but this party... this was truly something to get involved with. He gave a firm nod, slipping into the vehicle without so much as a word. A bit uncharacteristic for him, but what could one truly say about an exquisite ride such as that?

    It had been... moments. Yes, sheer moments after All Might could feel the vehicle pull away, he had arrived. He couldn't believe his eyes, staring with amazement at the layout before him. There were all sorts of things to notice: strangers of different kinds, but not so different that they threw All Might off in the slightest. When the woman behind the desk rose, Toshinori remained as alert as he could be when she spoke.

    "Welcome, honored guest. You are the first to arrive. If you would follow me, there are plenty of treats to keep you entertained, until the other guests arrived."

    And the amazement didn't stop there.

    The woman addressed him by name, and with her bow, Toshinori gave one in return.

    Thank you very much.” He managed to say, striding past the woman, the bear, and the others to gaze in amazement at the setup in the waiting area.


    The suddenness of the change was brief, but enough to draw it out of Toshinori. He transformed almost instantly from the frail, sickly individual to the buff, handsome, stalwart alter-self. Although he promised himself he wouldn't overdo it, it couldn't be helped. All Might quickly leapt towards the refreshments table and gingerly used a toothpick to put a few small hors d'oeuvres on a teeny tiny plate, piling up crackers, cheese and other things of that nature, nearly hunched over in his hulking form to pluck at a few more things.

    "DEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS!" He cried out, nudging a guest next to him with a broad grin plastered across his face. "This is all very fancy! I cannot believe the spread they have! It's almost like Thanksgiving! WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT?! TINY SANDWICHES WITH EVEN TINIER OLIVES! YES!" All Might snatched yet another small plate, picking up one utterly small and nondescript sandwich between his forefinger and thumb to hold it up in the face of the same guest he had nudged.


    The hero laughed heartily, his wide smile beaming with a contagiousness that often drew fans in by the hundreds. He couldn't help himself now, having not expected to become so engrossed in the party that he'd forgotten his physical limitations.

    Oh well... he was a showman after all.

    TAG: Ktala, Anyone who doesn't mind a nudge from a super-muscly hero, and also anyone at the party.
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    T"Shawl blinked in surprise first at the sehlat offering her to sample his food and he seemed stuck. After very gently helping him sit up, she asked.

    "Is that what you needed?

    He had proffered the pot. A glance inside showed a small glittering pool of thick amber liquid at the bottom. No obvious way to retrieve it but her hand. Vulcans generally didn't touch their food with their hands for the practical reason of their touch screen devices. Like computers and small data PADDs. To refuse the offer would be rude, so she gingerly stuck her hand inside the pot. Her slender finger touched a warm but very sticky liquid. First thought was what keeping it warm? The room wasn't this warm and the small sehlat didn't give off enough body heat. Maybe its the pot?

    Pulling out the hand and putting her in her mouth. Her eyes widened. It *was* sweet, just like dhzara candy but very different. To Darth Bear with she said.

    "I thank you for ....

    Before she could thank him, a boistious voice annouced just as a large hand holding a tiny morsel of... Well
    ...something in between the index and thumb was presented in front of her face.

    Both hands were very sticky. Again surprised. Another being she didn't know, who didn't know her was offering her food from their own hand. Thinking to herself.

    Oh fates, this is strange. What do I do?

    Receiving the sweets from the bear set precedence. She reached out to sample that tidbit as well.
    Whatever it was had flavors she couldn't identify. Salty, something savory.

    Thank you. Ah.. What is this?

    She nodded at the humny pot and the item the large blond male gave her.

    Ktala, Anyone:)
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    GM NOTE:

    Update within the next few hours...
  21. Ktala

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    Dr. Sheldon Cooper

    As Sheldon continued to glare at the offending notice, Leonard had come over and placed a coin, a penny, on the paper.

    “Now you’ve done it,” Sheldon called out after his friend as he had left the room.

    But what was more intriguing was what happened next. A soon as the coin touched the paper, and Lenard had left the room, more writing suddenly appeared, like disappearing ink, that had suddenly been activated.

    Your RSVP has been received. Prepare for transport.


    Sheldon heard the what every Star Trek fan knew to be the sound of a transporter being activated. But that was impossible. And that was the thought that was still on his mind, as he suddenly saw his room go fuzzy, and then disappear altogether. Strange. It did not really seem to work like the way that they had shown it on the show. This seemed a lot - smoother.

    When the world reformed back for Sheldon, he was standing in a room, with a female sitting at a desk. Even by Sheldon's standards, the room was pristine and clean. Definitely an office, not a transporter pad, however. As the woman rose to a standing position, she offered a smile.

    "Dr. Sheldon Cooper. We are honored to have you join us." Sheldon could see bit of electronics within the various spots on the woman.

    A strange noise filled the room, and Sheldon turned his head. He was startled to see a young man cross into the room. He could have sworn there was no person in the room when he had 'arrived' himself. That is, if he chose to believe any of this.


    Jason Lee Scott

    Jason had put the invitation into his pocket. Which was a lucky thing indeed, as unknowingly, it fulfilled the requirements, as a coin from his pocket touched the note. Jason felt a tingling surge, similar to the sensation that his Morpher would give him when turning into the Red Ranger.
    Within a flash he found himself in an unfamiliar yet warm waiting area. Cheer and comfort filled the room while quiet music played in the background.

    He immediately smelled something that he was quite familiar with, brown sugar pop-tarts.

    As Jason followed the smell, and the sounds of soft, inviting music, he came across a strange looking female, and a tall, lanky looking man standing in the middle of the room. They seemed to be talking to each other, when they seemed to notice that Jason was in the room.

    The woman smiled as she looked over towards Jason.


    Aryan Graul

    As Rabon left the Aryan's office, he was on his datapad, busily punching in bits of information. he had tucked the invite into one of his many hidden pockets, and was walking quickly down the hallway. It was a bit oft-putting. So far, his contacts knew nothing of ANY major party being held today. Or how the invite might have possibly made its way into his Excellency's office. As Rabon mused over those facts, he failed to notice two things.

    One, that a cred chit he had in his pocket, had managed to rub up against the invitation. And that two, both the chit, and the invitation were now gone. He had already stepped into the lift, and the doors closed, as he continued to study his datapad.

    Back in his office, Aryan Graul gave a weary sigh, he ran a hand through his hair and collapsed down behind his desk.

    A break was beginning to sound rather nice. He closed his eyes for a moment, when he heard the sounds of doors swooshing open. He opened his eyes -

    Only to realize that he was no longer in his office.

    He was in an ornate office, even more ornate than his own. With the walls paneled in woods that were rare and hard to come by. No high technology that he could detect at the solid wood desk he now found himself setting at. Soft music played, and a doorway which was open to his right. The music seemed to come from that direction. The smell of various types of food, also began to drift his way as well, as he looked about. He could hear a female voice speaking to what he guessed was another being in the next room.



    Stoor put a large ruby on the invitation. When nothing happened, he began to rub the invitation with the ruby. He stared at it. Glared at it. Stoor's eyes narrowed as he gazed at the invitation, expecting that any second now something would happen! Frustration began to gnaw at him. He wanted the food and drink that was promised. It all sounded so good! And he was missing it!

    He turned away from his rock desk, where the invitation and ruby sat, rubbing his stomach. Oh, so much good food thingies he was promised. Stoor turned back around just as the ruby began to glow. A tiny flicker of a flame. Hardly noticeable. Stoor leaned in, to look at the ruby. Was that it? How was this supposed to get him to the promised tasty food? He was beginning to feel like he had been tricked, and he looked away in frustration -


    Stoor was not near the river anymore. Stoor was now in a room positively filled with food! Some of it looked rather nasty, some smelled of things sweet and sticky, and others smelled of things roasted and baked. There was an open fireplace nearby, and strange ornaments and things that Stoor had never seen before, but they reminded him of something from long ago. A silver mug, sweating with the chill of some type of liquid sat at the table as well. Music, very faint and distant, could be heard, but it was very far away. It was dark, with only a fireplace to light the room. But it was enough.

    TAG: @Jedi Gunny, Vanguard, HanSolo29, dragonsith13

    More to follow
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    IC: Mitch Nifesta, Baille Harte, his suite, port command tower, un-named Venator Star Destroyer.
    Location: deep space

    When nothing happened for a few moments, Mitch looked up, and regarded his petite child's braided auburn tresses, critically.

    Although she too had been checking out the data chips, she felt his gaze, glancing up to meet it. “What?”

    Oh, nothing.

    “No, come on. What?”

    Nifesta sighed. “It is just a shame that there wasn’t a big blue ribbon to go with your hair at the back.

    The Corellian only emitted a non-committal harrumph, and glanced away, but the Twi’lek caught a sense of something through the Force, and narrowed his eyes – behind the opaque visor – at her. “There was?

    “It made me look juvenile.”

    You’re my baby girl; you wish you looked juvenile. Go and get it. And don’t dawdle!” He called after her as she sulkily slouched out into the corridor, then modulated his volume as he regarded the data chips. “No telling when this thing will activate.

    Mitch squatted so that his eye-line was level with the top of the new desk, looking across at the chips. He had no idea what that was supposed to achieve.
    Looking beyond the table, his gaze focussed on the battered metallic cube-like bag that usually contained her CatchItAlls, sitting upon one of the two couches.

    He had been to a few of these shindigs before, and been on the way to some when their temporary existence expired. This was his first opportunity to take Baille to one, and he intended to grasp it with both hands.

    Resting his hands on the edge of the desk to push against it, he stood back up, feeling the creak in his ancient knees.

    Sure that his voice would easily reach her adjacent suite, Mitch called after her, “And bring a hairbrush along as well, please.


    Nifesta paused, surprised at the tone of cautious suspicion in his daughter’s drawn out query. “What do you mean, why? To brush your hair of course. Once we get there, I’ll brush the tangles out and put the ribbon in.

    “And that is all you want to do with it?”

    Well, what else can you-” The Twi’lek paused, a thoughtful expression on his face. “You haven’t been naughty today, have you?


    On a normal day, just the two of them back on board the ‘Unlucky, their Republic-class cruiser, that pause, and the essence of something just short of a lie, would have been followed up, but with this party invite, as long as he didn’t end up as a multi-verse version of that fish Dad on Finding Nemo, everything else could go hang.
    And you are going to be a good girl while we are there; listen carefully to your Daddy’s instructions, and do as you are told?

    “Of course!”

    Sure, yeah, just going to brush your hair, Kitten.

    * * * *

    Ten minutes later, they were back at the table, looking down at the golden items.

    This time, he had the packed CIA-bag, which Baille observed with narrowed eyes, clearly unaware that he had emptied it of its usual content, and packed in a blanket, bath towel, two bottles of water, a roll of 2-ply fresher flimsi, her hairbrush and the ribbon.
    The bag sat on the table, though its shoulder strap was over his right shoulder.

    Okay, we are ready to go again.” He told the chips.

    Nothing happened.



    Nothing happened. Twice.

    Baille leaned over the table, fingers reaching for the closest chip. “Wonder if we have to-” Her fingertips touched the cool metal, and the chip and table started to fade from sight. In the time it took her to straighten and look up, with the thing clasped in her fist, she found herself in a red-lit reception area facing a reception counter moulded out of a seamless white material.

    A very pale femme with a very full head of white shoulder-length hair, stood up and smiled at her. “Welcome, honoured guest. Lieutenant Baille Harte.” The woman glanced past the open-mouthed Corellian. “Your father will not be joining us?

    Baille snapped her mouth shut, looking at the receptionist in amazement. No-one had referred to her by her Imperial rank since her former life had gone to heck in a hand-basket. “Um, he’s not my fath...” Her thought and words trailed off. She had a real mother and father, back on Corellia, but they had totally bought into the ISB-driven idea of Imperial Infallibility. Thus, if the Empire considered her a traitor, they had to be right. She loved them both, of course, but since her troubles, Mitch certainly had been more of a father to her. ”I mean um, perhaps when he figures out that you have to touch the chips.”

    She looked to her right, as the air was already getting darker, quickly coalescing into a familiar silhouette. “--u scared the **** out of me!” His dopplered voice was telling her before he was even fully formed.

    “Language.” Harte chided, toothily grinning up into his worried visage. He almost never swore around her. And she only knew he had because she always ignored his entreaties to cover her ears.

    **** language!” The rattled Twi’lek shrieked, his lekku visibly writhing around his neck and shoulders with consternation as he pulled her into a tight embrace, intended to reassure her. And perhaps himself...okay, definitely himself. “Next time we synchronise grabbing at the unknown crap, one-two-three then go; not vocalise the idea while we’re ******* snatching it up!” His gaze snapped towards the receptionist. “Hello. We’ve got company.

    “She called me ‘lieutenant’!” Harte excitedly gushed her news into his Velanie-scented chest. “I like her.”

    Welcome, honoured guest. Agent Mitch Nifesta.

    The Twi’lek released Baille and straightened as he turned to face the apparent android, snapped his boots together, and nodded his bald head in respect. “Thank you for looking after my little girl.

    “I’ve only been here a few seconds.”

    She has been very well behaved.” The receptionist returned pleasantly. “A credit to you.

    The former fighter pilot looked from one to the other. “I literally, have only been here a few seconds.”

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    Apr 3, 2005
    Grand Party - Fireplace and hall

    What was that smell? The cold dampness of the riverside had been replaced as well, by a feeling of warmth and bright atmosphere. Stoor’s head slowly cocked to the side within his hood as his eyes grew large, staring up at a massive tree adorned with ribbons, lights, and sparkling jewels of all kinds. Mesmerized for a moment and lost in the fact that he was now somewhere else, Stoor followed the faint sound of music, it had been ages since he had heard music. The crackling of a nearby fire as flames danced within a massive hearth fireplace lighting the room up.

    Stoor, sulked towards the flames staring at them, the warmth of it was foreign to him, as the cold, dark, and damp was really all he knew. He did not know what to think of it all. Stoor panicked as he clasped at his robe and searching for his meal from before. He had lost his fish, his precious, precious fish. Stoor’s lip quivered a bit as he descended into a sad mood of loss. “No. Nooo. Mr. Streamy Is gone…” Stoor spoke in a defeated sad tone of loss.

    Stoor stumbled forward to a table, which he steadied himself on when he suddenly noticed the massive spread of food. Meats, fish, wild game, fruits, and nuts everywhere in every variety and presentation. There was more sweets and treats. Stoor found himself humming the tune from before… “Sweets and Treats.” Suddenly happy again. Stoor’s hands clasping the edge of the table as his eyes grew wide again. Stoor reached forward grabbing at a few morsels and stuffing them into his mouth. Though not his typical fair, the food was delicious! Stoor’s eyes glanced over at another item, a silver mug, his eyes traced the item as his face came down level with the edge of the table staring at the silver mug. “What is this?” Stoor prodded the mug slightly as it shifted slightly, as he reached and grabbed the mug pulling it towards him… sniffing its contents. Before licking the side of the mug. The cold taste of metal was not appealing as he frowned, while dipping a finger into the mugs contents and licking it off his finger. Pleasant and tasty, Stoor quickly down the contents of the mug raising the glass high as the over flow dripped down his cheeks and face.

    Stoor, finished off the glass and began looking around for a means to refill the mug.

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    Darth Bear, T’Shael, Toshinori Yagi(AllMight), Nozdormu and Markus Christianson
    At the gathering

    Well, the first of the guest to arrive seemed to have gotten into the spirit of things. Darth Bear, made his way
    straight over to a rather large pile of honey pots, and had gotten rather full, off the sticky treats.

    Allmight, having seen the feat laid out before them, did a suddenly transformation, thought very brief, and made
    straight over to the table of food. He seemed to enjoy the selection thoroughly, and invited the others to join him
    over to enjoy the great food. He offered a sample to T'Shael, who seemed to be in a bit of shock, after just trying
    some of the sweet honey from Darth Bear. But she decided she would give it a try anyway.

    At the moment, no one seemed to know the answer to the question of where they were, except the answer given
    earlier by Alorna. They were at Gravels. What that meant, was anyone's guess at the moment. Alorna had left them alone at the moment, and so far, things seemed to be going well. Nordormu and Markus seemed to still be taking in their surroundings, though Nordormu did exchange pleasantries with those around him.

    Suddenly there was the sound of what sounded like the gentle breaking of glass, followed by soft laughter.



    The young woman seems to glide down from the rafters to the center of the room, and proceeds to grab a bit of the
    tasty treats from the table. She looks rather elfin as well, though those who knows of such things, would recognize
    a Fairy or Fae immediately. The wings behind her, might give a clue. As she driffted down, she also grew in size,
    from about 6 inches tall to about 4 and a half feet tall. Eyes on the sweets, she dives right in. After taking a
    few bites, she then looks up.

    "Oh..Im sorry. I'm being rude. My name is Valirie." She flaps a set of small wings. "Pleasure to meet you all."

    She took another bitefull of the sweet treats. "Isn't this food just divine?! I hope you dont mind. I just HAD to get
    a taste." She fluttered her wings, as she continued to take more quick bites, looking at each of the guests, her
    eyes most curious at the bear, and the two with the pointy ears, same as herself.

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    A room alone

    Flemeth had studied the symbols, written in the old tongue. She decided to respond, with the only currency she
    currently carried, that of the blood. She positioned the blade upon her arm, "Blood is that of the spirit. What
    greater currency can I offer?"

    With a swift motion the deed was done, her blood trailing down her limb, which she seemed to not even feel. A casual flick of the wrist and her life essence soaked into the the glowing runes upon the tree.

    "I hope you can whet my appetite as you claim because," she shrugged nonchalantly as her wound healed up,

    "Now I'm hungry."

    She chuckled again, folding her arms.

    There was a lound chime sound, that seemed to issue from within the tree itself. "Accepted." the symbols now read, as the symbol had changed, now burning a bright blue. Flemeth could hear a hum, which grew louder, and she could feel the touch of Eldritch magics begin to burn around her. But there was something else there as well. Something, who's touch she had never felt before. She was aware of it, but could put no name to it. It wrapped itself, like a living thing around her, and the words around her faded, as she became aware of what looked like a glowing ring of fire consumed her..


    And now, she was elsewhere. Her magics told her that this place was very different from the world she had left.

    It appeared as throne room within a large stone castle. An elderly man stood in front of the empty throne room.

    There were several doorways that led out of the area. The man bowed.


    "Greetings Flemeth, or do you perhaps prefer Witch of the Wilds?" the man greeted the woman, as he stepped to the side. "It was suggested that perhaps you would prefer a more sedate area, before joining the others that are
    gathering within the inner chambers." The man gestured to a door with a warm glow showing from the underside of the doorway. She could detect the smell of various foods and, what might be of even more interest to her, the
    undeniable traces of magic. But magic tinged with something else. Something she was not familiar with. That in
    itself was unusual enough. Soft music escaped from the doorway.

    "There are plenty of mundane foodstuffs and drink available, if you wish to partake. And a few not so mundane items as well, if you prefer other." The man paused for a moment, and then continued. "The settings are almost complete."

    And with that, the man began to walk towards the doorway.



    Grand Party - Fireplace and hall

    “Sweets and Treats.” Stoor happily hummed as he began to devour the food he was suddenly presented with. Happy once more, he began stuffing his face with everything within reach. Stoor’s eyes saw the mug of drink on the table, and moved to explore it.

    “What is this?” Stoor prodded the mug slightly as it shifted slightly, as he reached and grabbed the mug pulling it
    towards him… sniffing its contents. Before licking the side of the mug. The cold taste of metal was not appealing
    as he frowned, while dipping a finger into the mugs contents and licking it off his finger. Pleasant and tasty,
    Stoor quickly down the contents of the mug raising the glass high as the over flow dripped down his cheeks and

    Stoor, finished off the glass and began looking around for a means to refill the mug.

    "Allow me."

    The dark looking hobbit from before, was now sitting on what was a very large barrel, with a tap on it. "This is
    what you want," He moved slowly, reaching down with his own mug, and showed Stoor how to turn the tap to release the liquid inside. He then turned it off, and took a deep drink from his mug.

    "Keep my promises, I do, see? Food and drink. And no pesky tall ones to bother you." The dark hobbit smiled. "I'll
    leave ya alones now. So you can enjoy your feast. But you'll see me later on. And we'll talk about other deals,

    The dark hobbit turned his head, and lifted an ear for a moment. He jerked a thumb over his shoulder. "There is
    music. But there are other people there. You can take a peek if you want. But they not like us. Its all bright and
    lights up there. But thats up to you."

    And with that, he was gone once more, leaving Stoor to his own devices for the moment.

    TAG: dragonsith13
    OOC: Sith-I-5 you are next up.... :D
    also... As I was out due to illness, I want to ask if the rest of you want to continue this rpg. I am willing as long as my players wanna play!!! I do have a plot to this thing. Just let me know.
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Mitch Nifesta, Baille Harte
    Location: Not on his ship

    Alorna watched with amusement as first Baillie Harte arrive to the side of her desk, and then her 'father', Mitch Nifesta. She greeted them both formally, even as she smiled. “Welcome, honoured guest. Agent Mitch Nifesta.” she replied as he joined the pair.

    The Twi’lek released Baille and straightened as he turned to face the apparent android, snapped his boots together, nodding his bald head in respect. “Thank you for looking after my little girl.” Even as Baille told him she had just arrived herself. Alorna nodded as if in understanding. “She has been very well behaved.” The receptionist returned pleasantly. “A credit to you.”

    Baille looked from one to the other. “I literally, have only been here a few seconds.” Alorna chuckled softly. Her host had been correct about the pair so far.

    Alorna gestured. "The other guests that have arrived so far, are already enjoying a few snacks and treats within the waiting area. We are waiting to see if the last will respond. Once that happens, we will take you to the main hosting area, and you will be given a tour of Gravels." Alorna gracefully rose, and gestured towards a doorway, where music and warm scents of food wafted in the air.

    Alorna then turned towards Mitch.

    "Our host also knows of your unique accommodations as well. And it was noted that there is an item, that will also allow you to enjoy in the 'festivities' as well, if you so wish." With that, Alorna walked over, and with a wave of her arm, pulled open the doors that she had lead the first group through.

    Alorna then addressed the general are of first group that were at the tables.
    "Honored guests. I introduce to you, Mitch Nifesta, and his daughter, Baille Harte. I leave you to introduce yourselves to them. Hopefully, it shall not be long, before the last arrive, and we can then head to the main party area, and the tour."

    With a polite nod of the head, she closed the doors once more. Though those of sharp eye, might have noticed she did give just a hint of a frown as she looked over towards one of the desert tables...
    Which seemed empty at the moment.

    The music resumed, and began to play softly once more as the doors closed.

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