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NSWRPF Archive Graven Bay: Dead of Night 2006 (survival horror style)

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Kai_Halicon, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    Some of you may recall this game I ran from 2004, which was eventually locked when I had to leave town, so in light of Halloween, I've decided to try and bring it back again, hopefully with more success. If you're a fan of Resident Evil, but prefer the slicker story stylings of Silent Hill, then this could be the game for you.

    BACKSTORY: The coastside township of Graven Bay is nestled between the dark depths the ocean and the scenic wilderness of vast forest. Located a good few hours drive away from any major city, it is a quiet, peaceful community that is a popular tourist spot due to the serenity of the local surroudings. People here are relaxed and friendly and very few townsfolk stray far from the outskirts of the town.

    In short, it's a nice place to live, with an income generated by a large fishing community and a University campus that offers exceptional academic tutoring. Founded in the 1700's by early pilgrims, the town retains an idyllic balance between rural retreat and modern beachfront getaway.

    But Graven Bay has secrets. Secrets that are waiting to be uncovered.

    Over two decades ago, Graven Bay was a troubled town, rife with mystery and fear. That fear revolved around a movement which was started in the town during that time - a dark cult which worhshiped pagan idols and had deep religous implications. They were known as the Sons of Midnight and during the months that they were active, they reigned terror across the town with horrific acts of mutilation, destruction and even murder. The leader of the order, a man known only as The Prophet, foretold that the Earth was to be come the playground of the underworld and that all Hell would break loose in the world were there plans to go ahead.

    Word spread out of state, and the events in Graven Bay became known to the the National Security Agency, which despatched two field agents to investigate the town. Heading up the inquiry was Edward Lee Ichijo, a Japanese-American in his late thirties who was once a martial arts instructor the Military and a veteran of many campaigns. A shrewd detective and philosophical man, Ichijo was accompanied by his new partner, a rookie agent in his early twenties by the name of Jonathon Lane.

    Lane was something of a hothead, but extremely talented and a brilliant operative. Lane and Ichijo were able to penetrate the true depths of the Sons of Midnight and defeat them from the inside, with the aide of local reporter Beth Kingsley, who was pregnant at the time after becoming involved with Lane during the months he and Ichijo lived in Graven, was taken hostage by the cult. Much of the operation was classified, but the two agents knew the truth - that they had been dealing with supernatural forces and that few would believe them.

    The Midnight Sons had been trying to raise the dead from their graves in order to form an army to allow the dark forces of Hell to take over the Earth, and they had nearly succeeded. They made a pact to continue to keep an eye on Graven Bay if the cult were ever to arise again. Jonathon and Beth moved away, where they gave birth to a son shortly after. Ichijo remained Graven Bay upon his resignation from the NSA. For the last twenty or so years, things have been very normal in Graven Bay.

    A few years ago, Bayden Lane, their son, enrolled at Graven University, which was renowed for its academic prowess in the field of writing and communications. A gifted journalist, Bayden earned a full scholarship to Graven Uni, which he chose for reasons he wasn't able to to explain, apart from feeling a need to go to the town he was born in. His father objected to him studying in the town and was only convinced to let him do so knowing that his old frined Edward Ichijo would be there to watch over him.

    Recently, Bayden has unearther some of the details on the Midnight Sons and has begun writing about them in the local campus paper, which has earned him some enemies in the town as the residents of Graven Bay are keen to forget the past. This year will mark the twent-first year since
  2. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    The protagonist's profile, as played by me.

    NAME: Bayden Jonathon Lane

    AGE: 21

    GENDER/ETHNICITY: Male, European/Caucasian, with Asian ancestry. His father, Jonathon is of Japanese descent two or three generations back, whereas his mother, Beth is of a strongly European/Anglo-Saxon heritage.

    HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: Approx 1.88m, 78kg. Bayden is tall, slim and almost a bit lanky. He is not overly built, but physically fit nonetheless, with more of a swimmer's physique than footballers. His posture is confident, but not arrogant, preferring to blend into a crowd than stand out from it. Although he is not sports-orientated, he is in above-average shape for a male his age and stats, taking into account a loose fitness regime of laps at the university pool and being a casual practitioner of karate for half his life.

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/FEATURES: Bayden has dark brown hair that is cut in shaggy, layerd collar-length cut. It is tinged with streaks of premature grey at the sides, which seem to have crept in over the last few years. He has dark brown eyes and and sports a stubble beard at times. He is percieved as exotic looking due to his partial Japanese heritage a couple of generations back. Bayden also wears thick-framed black gasses most of the time, reflecting a 'stylish bookworm' appearance.

    CLOTHING: Bayden tends to wear fairly humble clothes of the indie-rock persuasion. His common attire is faded blue flared jeans, black Chuck Taylor sneakers and a fitted t-shirt usually carrying the logo of a band he likes. In the winter months, a black scarf is added and he is usually seen a worn 70's style blazer/suit jacket and grey hoodie. He wears a few rings and wristbands and carries a satchel most of the time. His look might be described as somewhat vintage, but functionally trendy, though not really in Graven Bay, which is mostly dominated by small-town mentality, meaning his 'indie' look sticks out easily.

    OCCUPATION: Bayden is currently a senior student in his third and final year of Communications Studies at the University of Graven County (UGC), majoring in journalism and photography. He works on campus for the UGC newspaper, "The Blazer" as part of his course criteria. He is also employed part-time in a local musical instrument store, "High Fidelity".

    PERSONALITY/TRAITS: Generally a good-natured person, Bayden is somewhat jaded having been dubbed an outcast by the residents of Graven Bay. He is a bit aloof and reserved, but ultimately, a good man. He is known for his selflessness and often goes out of the way to help others. Lately, he is something of a weary loner, having spent the last three years as something of a social pariah. As such, he is often weary of girls and oblivious to advances, though unknowingly, he has become something of a person of mystery to many of the female students at UGC, if only for his air of mystique. In conversation, he is well spoken, articulate and collected, though slightly nervous sounding

    An only child, he retains a childlike quietness about him at times and sometimes will only speak when addressed. The last three years in Graven Bay have been difficult on his esteem, due to the general dislike of his presence in the town, relating to the nature of his journalistic work, which often tends to be met with controversy. He will often envelop himself in whatever he is doing and focus on it completely, forsaking anything else around him. In recent years, his studies have come first and he maintains and A average in all classes.

    He is however, exceptionally polite and an advocate of the underdog, feeling kindred to those who are persecuted, particularly at his varsity. As such, he is viewed as knowledgable and
    shrewd by those who know him well. Bayden has a small social circle, and can count the number of people he knows well in town on one hand. He has seemingly developed a strange kind of knack for knowing when trouble approaches him, and gets a currious tingling at the back of his head.
  3. oppaizombie

    oppaizombie Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 1, 2006
    [hl=black]GM APPROVED[/hl] Thanks for letting me join up

    NAME: [link=]Jeremy Mangold[/link]
    AGE: 22
    GENDER/ETHNICITY: Male Caucasian
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: 5'11'' 170lbs Athletic build

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/FEATURES: A robust young man, Jeremy's active and outdoor lifestyle have attributed him with strong and confident characteristics, at least outwardly. His physique is a muscular one, as he engages in a rigorous and diurnal exercise plan. Dark brown hair hangs carefully to either side of his head in typical pretty boy style. He adopts a rather pleasant smile with the ladies of Graven, and it's been rumoured to just as quickly lift a girl up as it does let them down.

    Actually, there isn't much to Jeremy that one couldn't guess at by his jock status. He is the cookie-cutter mold of a university student, football captain and Mayor's son. Currently he has no tattoos or piercings.

    CLOTHING: Beneath long sleeved polo shirts or simple tees he wears white undershirts. Now that its much colder he sometimes replaces the undershirts with long sleeved thermals in greys or whites. Jeremy favours jeans, form straight cuts to distressed. He's not one to go beyond simple black leather belts with plain metal tongues or buckles and as such his style never strays from what one would consider as conservatively fashionable. Seen more often than not in lighter tones; college blues and tree top green to give a couple of examples. It is also common to see Jeremy with such UGC wear as scarves, sweatshirts and various sportswear. Oddly he doesn't flaunt the Cougars letter jacket as much as others do.

    OCCUPATION: Fulltime student but occasionally works odd jobs on the docks which go against his Father's wishes.

    PERSONALITY/TRAITS: There is an idea that is Jeremy. He definitely exists, on some scale, as an individual but he is also simultaneously governed by the vicarious and overbearing nature of his parents; outwardly through nagging and lecture and inwardly through their respective personality clones who have become a sort of semi-conscience. As mayor Robert Mangold, Jeremy's Father, wants for nothing so it is not any personal regret that drives him to direct his son's life. Jeremy's Mother Jane seems a mere lieutenant to his Father, speaking up only to agree. The inherent and apparent cause for their behaviour is more their own greater expectations of and for Jeremy. This stagnated his own growth as a man, splitting his personality like a duplicitous mirror; separating the boy as he is himself by the reflected fabrication his parents have created since his childhood.

    But that is a lot of psychological gibberish and aside from heated arguments at home and tirades over failure, Jeremy's life is pretty much on average with the majority of the only child in the upper-middle class. His parent's dominion on his future by no means leaves him embittered and he is actually quite good humoured amoung his peers. Jeremy does not share the lack of morality as his Father does, but he does brutally emulate the Mangold idea of subordination by verbally enfeebling people of social ineptitude. In other words, the phrase 'crap roles down hill' applies perfectly to Jeremy's idea of acceptable decorum.

    As defeat is reproached in the Mangold household Jeremy takes failure to heart. Fortunately he is not one to frequently lose, though appeasing his Father's idea of victory is at times a thing impossible for him to attain. Onto this, the community's upper echelon of families and their prestige and expected reverence coupled with his mayoral Father's explicit deference demand a certain chummy camaraderie between all the families' children. It's been enforced since before grade school so even now the designed friendships seem real and genuine. Jeremy sticks with a cadre of other jocks and when together they feed off their own testosterone causing conflicts; several barroom brawls
  4. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005

    NAME: Detective Inspector Robert Church

    AGE: 29

    GENDER/ETHNICITY: Caucasian Male

    HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: 6' 9", 220 lbs, Slim build

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/FEATURES: Pale skin, wavy brown hair, good looks marred by scars and signs of exhaustion

    CLOTHING: Dark brown suit, very informal yet professional, a long black coat atop this, and a dark red scarf. Black shoes.

    OCCUPATION: Detective

    PERSONALITY/TRAITS: Cynical, tired, but devoted. Obsesses over troubling and/or unsolved cases. Intense when provoked, but prefers to observe rather than lead.

    SPECIAL SKILLS/TRAINING: Extensive police training, psychology, and deductive reasoning.

    ITEMS: Zippo lighter, cigarettes, watch, cell phone, wallet, badge, but has yet to be issued a firearm.


    Born in London, England, Church's parents moved to America when he was young. His upbringing was largely uneventful, marked with many trips "across the pond", as he grew to call them, to visit family.

    When High School arrived, a young Robert was extremely popular, much to his dismay - he had grown to enjoy privacy and solitude. This didn't stop him from being a star student, and a reasonable athlete. He never married his high school sweetheart, however, as they both had to go their seperate ways - he went off, eager for a future in an intelligence agency, but had to start small. Becoming a cop lead to an illustious career as a detective, though he tired of the life. He'd seen enough murders in Boston, and so requested a transfer, to a "quiet" town, in his own words. Just a sabbatical, he told himself.

    His work in said "small" town was no different from his work in Boston - murders, deaths, and organized crime. Apparently "small" meant something else in America. He was offered a job in the NSA, thanks to his sting operations on small-time arms dealers. Church said yes, but agreed on one condition - a transfer, for two years, as a detective in a nice, small town by the sea. A real sabbatical.

    That town is Graven Bay.
  5. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    GM Approved

    NAME: [link=]Grace Brown[/link]

    AGE: 21

    GENDER/ETHNICITY: Female Caucasian (British)

    HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: Approx 5ft 1in, 128kg. Grace is quite small, average build. Looks physically fit.

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/FEATURES: Grace has dark blonde curly hair, which is nearly always tied back. Caucasian skinned, fair with a few freckles, Her eyes are blue which are usually behind thin framed glasses. She has a small birthmark on her left shoulder. She is not that keen on make up but wears some subtle on certain occasions.

    CLOTHING: Grace usually wears clothing that is comfortable and practical, although she will make an effort if she has to. Jeans, T-shirts, hoodies and trainers are usually what she likes to wear, but she has more appropriate attire for work. She also wears a watch given to her by her brother and a ring given to her by her best friend back in England

    OCCUPATION: Grace is a new student at the University of Graven County (UGC) She is studying computer science/programming. She works on the campus part time in the student store

    PERSONALITY/TRAITS: A quiet girl, Grace is trying to make herself be more confident, since bullying when she was younger made her go into her shell a lot. Moving to the states also affected her somewhat. Other more ?popular? students at the university see her as a geek. But she has a few close friends and also has a love of soccer (or ?football? as its called in England) and plays as part of a local girls team

    She is a caring person, and always willing to listen to people?s problems. Behind this however, Grace has quite a strong determination that will show itself if the situation needs it. Shy and quiet, would NEVER aks a guy out

    SPECIAL SKILLS/TRAINING: She has an impressive knowledge of computer systems

    ITEMS: Bookbag containing a Cellphone, wallet, A folder with assignments etc, and a Pencil case inside it, Keys, soccer kit. A Watch and a ring of sentimental value

    BIOGRAPHY: Grace is new resident in Graven bay, after moving there from her former home in the North east of England. She has been living in Graven for 4 years but still has her distinctive northern English accent, which some find comical but some people love. She has been around technology pretty much from the get go, her father built them and worked at a fairly successful firm. The firm was bought by an american company, and her father was given a position overseas

    Her parents decided to emigrate to the states after a lot of planning and thought to her fathers new promotion. At first Grace was not thrilled about the idea, but was soon persuaded. Finishing her education at a small community college back home in England, she enrolled into the University of Graven County to continue studying for a career in Computer science and programming. She now feels totally at home in Graven bay, and still keeps in touch with her friends back home

    She also works at a student store part time to earn a little extra money, although she doesn?t exactly like her employer as he makes her work more hours then she would like
  6. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    Thanks to those who've joined; I've approved a couple more players and am waiting on responses from a few more. We'll begin in the next few days regardless, and I'll post start points for everyone, based on there character/background.

    Here is some additional background about the town, to paint a better picture of it.


    Graven Bay, or rather, the greater Graven County area is a coastal territory that covers approximately 70 square kilometres, give or take, and is home to a population of just under 22,000 spread between the three main towns:

    Port Devon, the main centre of Graven, which is located right on the waterfront and home to the bulk of the population. It has a repuatation a a great tourist town for vacationers.

    Mayfield which is further inland, and moderately sized. It is located on the flattest part of the county and home to the Graven corn and wheat crops, as well as being the source of the counties' sharemilking supply.

    Hillcrest is the smallest settlement, and furthest from the city centre. Located further into the mountain ranges, it offers little in the way of economic income, save having close access to the Hillcrest National Park, a dense and mysterious forest.

    The bulk of the game will be played in Port Devon, which covers around 12 kilometres, and has Mayfield and Hillcrest on either side of it. Port Devon was established in the late 1700s by the ancestors of many of the current residents, including families like the Kingsleys and the Mangolds. The main sources of Graven Bay's economic income are the large local fishing industry, and the more recent tourist boom, which has seen weathly families purchasing beach homes on the shores of Shady Cove, on the outskirts of Port Devon, which has unoficially been labelled as "the little O.C." due to the influx of affluent citizens out of state buying property. Graven Bay has become popular for tourist activies such as snow sports in the Hillcrest ranges, the National Park for campers and the large game fishing appeal.

    Places of interest in Graven Bay:

    Westfield Multiplex - a combined 12-cinema theatre and shopping centre that is nestled in Port Devon. Built about ten years ago when the tourists began coming.
    Devon Community Hall - the town hall, near the centre of Port Devon.
    Graven County Police Station - home the small county sheriffs department, which numbers less than a dozen staff.
    Kingsley Marina - the exclusive waterfront social club, where the rich socialise and moor their expensive toys.
    Graven Central Bank - the oldest bank in the county.
    Devon Wharf - home the large local fishing fleet, Graven Bounty, owned by the Kingsley family.
    Port Devon Library - with books and articles dating back to the town's formation.
    First Church of Graven - oldest church in the county, originally built in the Hillcrest ranges, it was moved to Port Devon some centuries ago.
    Coastside Lodge - popular hotel on the edge of the water in Shady Cove.
    Shady Cove - elite socialite community just out of town.
    Marigold Park - a large park in the centre of Port Devon.
    Graven Maritime Patrol - the Graven Coast Gaurd, manned by only six staff, based at the northern end of Port Devon.

    More to follow...
  7. Twinky_Stryder

    Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2003
    GM approved

    NAME: Katie Jones

    AGE: 19

    GENDER/ETHNICITY: female white caucasian

    HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: 5'7 average build

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/FEATURES: Sholder length auburn hair, usually messy. Muddy brown eyes, really pale skin.

    CLOTHING: Sneakers, long sleeved boho type tops or tshirts. Green jacket, jeans. Wool beanee hat. Just general casual cloths.

    OCCUPATION: Studant in her first year at UGC studying English and Media. Also radio DJ

    PERSONALITY/TRAITS: Katie is someone who will always voice her opinions. She wants to help and will do anything she can.
    She does, however, have a tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve and whilst this quality makes her easy to talk to she can be easily wounded by harsh comments.
    Her humour is sarcastic at times, but she will always try to lighten a tense moment.
    Katie can be very driven when need be, but she will usualy relax and just take what life throws at her.
    Katie also suffers from a fear of being trapped in small dark spaces since she was 8 and became trapped in a wardrobe whilst playing. Her friends assumed that she had gone home and so Katie was not found for almost an hour. Because of this Katie carries a small torch with her everywhere.

    SPECIAL SKILLS/TRAINING: Katie knows how to use basic eletrical equipment from her time as a DJ. She can also cook and knows some basic first aid from going camping as a kid.

    ITEMS: Torch, cell phone, wallet, keys, videocamera. All items in backpack. Bike plus helmet.

    BIOGRAPHY: Katie is the only child of her parent's marriage and for a while they all lived a normal life in Graven Bay.
    But her parents were not happy and divorced just after Katie's 10th birthday. Her dad Harry Moore moved to the next town and has had little contact with Katie.
    Katie's mum Mary remarried Alex Jones, a writer for the town's newspaper, whilst she works as a biology teacher at the Graven Bay HighSchool.
    Katie gets on well with her parents, especially her step-dad, who's someone she looks up to and whom she can talk to easily. When she was younger the two of them bonded over family camping trips to the nearby forest region.The family now consists of Katie, her parents, her step brother Liam(18, trainee chef in seafood resteraunt) and half sister Laura (8)

    Fair grades in school meant that Katie was able to go to college and chose the local one because her mum didn't want her to be too far from home. She chose English and media because she wasn't too sure about what she wanted to do, but she always liked reading, tv, movies and radio and so she went with her interests. She jumped at the chance to be the student DJ when she was offered to oppertunity.

    Katie is the evening DJ from 6-12pm on "Bay FM", or B-FM as it's commonly known, the student-run radio station from UGC (university of graven county), which is run from the Batten Point Weather station, which is on a medium-level hill-rise that overlooks the town and the bay, meaning Katie has completely visiblity of the town below, and further acorss the horizon, she can also see Graven Uni and the Graven County Hospital.
  8. oppaizombie

    oppaizombie Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 1, 2006
    OOC: Heh, I like the Fog reference.
  9. Twinky_Stryder

    Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2003
    OOC: What Fog reference?
  10. oppaizombie

    oppaizombie Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 1, 2006
    OOC: Station on a high rise overlooking the bay community, is sort of a homage to Carpenter's lighthouse in the above mentioned movie.
  11. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: That was at my suggestion, and is a reference to 'The Fog', yes. I'm trying to give this game a Carpenter/King style with the more 'atmosphere-over-action' approach initially.
  12. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005
    OOC: No "Needful Things", I hope...
  13. oppaizombie

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    Oct 1, 2006
    OOC: That would explain the question. Sweet though about the style and reference.
  14. PressRedForFreakMode

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    Apr 29, 2006

    [blockquote]GM Approved[/blockquote]

    NAME: Ylesia Malkoi

    AGE: 32

    GENDER/ETHNICITY: Female American

    HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: 5'11", Very thin to the point of anorexia but constrasted with her height.

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/FEATURES: She is quite attractive for a slightly older woman. Her firm jawline with her thin eyes and full lips give her an almost Japanese or Spanish look of beauty and superiority. She wears her long, straight hair down naturally as it is quite thick and a task in itself to tie up.

    CLOTHING: Underneath her tight, white doctors apron/coat, she wears very casual yet smart clothing, usually consisting of a short skirt with a design V-neck top and high heels.

    OCCUPATION: A Doctor at the local hospital.

    PERSONALITY/TRAITS: Ylesia isn't a patient woman, nor dull. Concerning her job, she gets to her point and is extremely professional in doing so, and however minor her patients problems, she will always treat them with the appropriate attention and professionalism.

    She tends to act very maturely, but her high sense of humour and sarcasm are on show most of the time.

    The first impression she likes to give is that of intelect, grace yet control. Her flirtacious and more relaxed side is only released with trust.

    SPECIAL SKILLS/TRAINING: She is a virtuoso in her career, but apart from that, she has no other training or skills. The most to expect is that she could probably use a gun.

    ITEMS: N/A

    BIOGRAPHY: Ylesia doesn't have much of an interesting life behind her. She was born and bred in the city, which was where she attended medical school to gain her PhDs.

    She was in a marriage from the age of 25 to 29, but after a heavy break up, she decided it best for her start over and move outwards. Graven Bay seemed like the quiet, picturesque town she needed. Her husband, of similar age, was firing an addiction for alcohol and would return home after visiting the local city bars with angry fists for his wife. After a year and a half of her suffering, she acted back, breaking his neck and leaving him in prison. This was a disaster that happened for the better; it encouraged her stronger, more independant side which is very beneficial for her career.

    For the past 2 years, after a year long break working as a secruitary for her nearest library, she has been working her way up the career ladder in a moderately sized hospital in the heart of Craven Bay, where she is also now living
  15. Zelda_Skywalker

    Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 4, 2005
    I'll post up my character sheet later on today...right now I'm at school and these stupid computers don't work right so it might not show up. sorry.
  16. Darth_Joesha

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    Apr 22, 2004
    [hl=red]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    NAME: Naomi Rivers
    AGE: 19
    GENDER/ETHNICITY: female Jap-American
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: 5'7 quite thin
    CLOTHING: What ever is in fashion that week, always something new, she does not like to re-wear items. Usually shipped in from Japan or Europe, just to add to the cost. The clothes she wears will always be above $500.
    OCCUPATION: Student
    PERSONALITY/TRAITS: Naomi is one of the most popular girls in Graven Bay College. She is taking fashion studies and photography, her dream job being either nothing, personal shopper (for herself she hopes) or fashion photographer. She is not the nicest girl around, being quite shallow and vain. She is also known by the jocks for being quite promiscuous.
    SPECIAL SKILLS/TRAINING: She has no skills what-so-ever apart from her great fashion sense. She also has till training at Matilda's Dress Makers in the Westfield Multiplex (explained in bio)
    BIOGRAPHY: Naomi's family was extremely rich, one of the richest in the town. Her father practically owned the business in Port Devon. Her mother brought her up with a life of luxury, buying her anything she wanted whenever she wanted it. Naomi was a spoilt brat who never studied believing she would never need a job. Despite this she got good grades and had the chance to go to the best universities in the world. Princeton, Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge accepted her applications and just as she was about to accept Cambrides offer her father got a visit from the IRS about his tax evasion. Stripped of all the businesses and their wealth her father got a job out of town in a small paper company while spending the money they had stashed in a Swiss bank account on remaining ?rich? around his friends. Without endless supplies of money to buy clothes Naomi got a job in the local shopping mall, though nobody knows about it as she mainly works behind the scenes in the stock area. Every time she is forced to work the tills she is petrified a person from the college will walk by, or even come in. The one time this happened she managed to pass it off that she was shopping for her mother because the maid was ill. Not having the money to go to all the colleges that accepted her Naomi was forced to go to the local Graven Bay College.
  17. Zelda_Skywalker

    Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 4, 2005
    NAME:Bellatrix Marchand
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD:5'8", 103, bony
    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/FEATURES:rather pale, wears immense amounts of black eye cosmetics, pale ice blue eyes, extremely white and straight teeth, straight black hair that reaches the shoulders. dyed in white streaks. hair covers left eye.
    CLOTHING:pinstriped black pants, MY Chemical Romance"Welcome to the Black Parade" t shirt of black and a neon green and black striped longsleeve underneath. chains on the left side of the pants, and wears a neon green studded belt. Black mono converse with neon green laces, and neon green paint splatter. Fingerless gloves of neon green pinstripes on black. black fingernails and wears an odd necklace which bares a lone guitar pick with the words "Miseria Cantare" on it. lip ring on the right, three eyebrow rings on the right, and three small hoop earrings on the top of each ear that fall against the next.
    OCCUPATION:works in a local music store
    PERSONALITY/TRAITS:She is very nice for what she looks. She looks quite intimidating to most people there, but really she's really nice. She's great with sarcasm is extremely funny. She talks quiter and less than most people, but when she does, it is kind words, or the opposite.
    Bellatrix has a mean streak than sometimes gets her in awfully sticky situations. She has a terrible attitude and it is easily set off. She fights often, and is very good at fighting. Alot of time in fights she will play as "referee"
    alot of times she can feel rather insecure around people, originally being from California, it takes it's toll on her.
    most times she will not take up for herself, she'll just let people talk, but when people begin to talk about friends she will attack as viciously as a rabid German Shepard.
    She always carries a pair of drumsticks in her pocket and has habits of beating on anything with them.
    Often talks about the band, she so hated to leave behind.
    SPECIAL SKILLS/TRAINING:Vocalist for band left behind in Ukiah, California. Lead Snare for Ukiah Drumline and Lead Snare for the college's band. Won 1st chair for drumming in region in Ukiah. Professional Magician. She performs streets, stages and anything else. She makes decent money here, but it came in fast and furious in Ukiah and Berkeley.
    Immensely helpful or independent in a fight.
    ITEMS:carries around a black Ipod Nano with various songs by various artists such as AFI, A7X, MCR, and UnderOATH. pair of drumsticks signed by Adam Carson and Aaron Gillespie
    BIOGRAPHY:Born in Berkeley California, USA, she went to a private school there until 8th grade. That summer her family moved to Ukiah, California, a small town. There she began going to a public school and joined the marching band. She soon became the best snare drummer for miles around, out drumming even some of the best guys. Her director appointed her as Lead Snare and Percussion Captain her sophomore year. That same year, she competed in regions for the all state band. She got 1st chair in the South West region for Percussion in fields of Snare, Quad, bass and Timpani.
    Also that year, her and a group of friends started a band, that they called Drumline, which to everyone's surprise she wasn't drummer for. She had decided to try her hand at vocals.
    For her excellment in Academic grades, she was able to skip her Junior year and went on to her Senior year. Her Senior year, she was given a scholarship for percussion to Berkeley University, a college in New York and UGA in Ga and also the college she now attends. she heard of their greatness in writing and decided to pack her things and go there. She hasn't been there but maybe a semester or two, but is already on the drumlines in Concert and Marching band.
    She's majoring in English with intent to go back to Ukiah, and take grabs on a record deal. She's also taking multiple classes in band, choir and psychology.
    Lately, she has been interested in a article in the campus paper about terrible people and happenings. People seem to think badly about her and outcast her
  18. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    Hi guys, we will begin in a day or so, I will approve a couple more characters and post starting points/background info for everyone by Thursday the 9th.
  19. MoonlightsAngel

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    Sep 13, 2006

    NAME: Christa Melissa Deghemteri.
    AGE: 19
    GENDER/ETHNICITY: French-Canadian and Irish
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BUILD: 5", 54kg.
    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/FEATURES: Short height (duh), straight, shoulder long brown-golen hair, featherd hair, bright, expressive sapphire blue eyes, mily skin, slim and shapely.
    CLOTHING: She ADORES clothes, though she doesn't mind wearing the same thing again (after adecent period of time of course) usually top-fashion things, and loves accesories. She mostly wears comfortable stuff, still giving it a personal touch.
    OCCUPATION: First year at Graven Bay College (the new girl in town) Studies medicine.
    PERSONALITY/TRAITS: Chirs is a very very quiet, shy girl; she adores being around people, but likes listening above talking, she still hurts over being separated from her twin brother and is very touchy over family topics. She's usually nice to everybody, unless someone gives her a reason not to be (in which case she'll be a bi**h). She used to be one of the most popular girls back in Japan, and in Canada before that, and she isn't too sure she likes the idea of being in a new town again. She might also be childish at times, getting cranky, snapy, and over all annoying if she's tiered or hungry. Chris tries very hard to control her temper tantrums and mood swings, but she sometimes can't, ending usually not so good.
    SPECIAL SKILLS/TRAINING: She's really into arts, a very talented singer (usually she talks quite soft, but sings like an angel) and piano player, she's also stunningly good at painting. Melissa was trained since very young in martial arts, first (6 to 13 years old) by a brilliant, yet harsh teacher back in Canada and now by her tutor. Still, she can't take much damage due to her small size.
    ITEMS: A silver chain with a crescent moon pendant (she'll never take it off) and a belly ring.
    BIOGRAPHY: Born to a very famous top model (Pauline Kirkham) and a very powerful drug dealer, Christa and her twin brother Aidan were practically raised by the maids in their mantion right outside Waterford, near the beach. Used to their parents never being around, or even calling, the children grew doing whatever they wanted, when they wanted, how they wanted, this included going out at night (even on schooldays) and staying out for about two days, skipping school when they felt like it, spending money in things they didn't even need, getting in one trouble as soon as they got out of the last one, saying 'no' to absolutely get the picture. Finally Zachariah Deghemteri and Pauline decided it was time he spent more time with 'the kids', which obviously didn't go out quite well. After a year of beatings and fights, he decided to send them off to different parts in order for them to 'slow down'.
    Aidan was sent to live in Russia with his aunt, and Christa was sent to Japan with an old friend of his father's: A tall, bald, powerful built african american who, after working for 10 years as a special agent, suddenly found himself with a spoiled 14 year old on his once calm house in Tokyo; after six months, Christa realized it was better to make an effort and change her ways, rather than live in an eternal fight with her new tutor; she continued her training with him as a teacher, and eventually managed to change greatly.
    5 years have passed since Christa's been living with Raul Kree, who, now in his early 40's, decided to take a break from Tokyo (after his partenr's death) and moved to Graven Bay; he works out of town, giving Christa more time for herself.

  20. Kai_Halicon

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    Jun 12, 2002
    OOC: Here are the starting points for most of the characters, if I've missed you out, i'll update within the day.

    - The time will be approximately 6pm.
    - The weather consitions will be light but fading. There is approximately one hour of good light left in the day, and one hour of partial visibility before nightfall.
    - Snowfall in the town is minimum but the ground will be blanketed with snow to at least ankle length at the deepest currently.
    - Temperature will be moderate, enough to wear everyday clothing, but by dark, will have signifacantly decreased.
    - Traffic will be minimal, having ebbed by this time. The road conditions will be a tad icy, and vehicles will be mostly likely be driven conservatively.

    Jeremy Mangold will have just left Graven Conuty Police Station, somewhat disgruntled. He will have just paid several hundred dollars to have his motorcylce realease from impound and be rather irrate about it. It will be established that after a drinking session with his frat brothers the night before at the UGC campus bar, the Cougar's Den, he will have it confiscated by the police for disturbing the peace by performing drunken stunts in the bar's carpark. His father, mayor of Graven County will have had enough sway to make sure Jeremy was not arrested, but out of partial spite, will of had his son's bike impounded. Bitter with his father, Jeremy will be contemplating his moves for the evening, as there are a few Halloween parties on, the most notable being at the Crow's Nest, the largest bar in town on the wharf. He thinks about heading up to Mt Batten, to visit Katie Jones at the Bay FM radio station, as he is quite fond of her but would not admit it to his jock friends as she is not part of their 'group'. Jeremy is starting to think about breaking away from his peers, and his father, as he'd like to have a life of his own. He has his baseball bat with him, which was confiscated along with his bike as he had been at the batting cages yesterday before the Police took his cycle off him.

    Detective Robert Church will be ordering his usual coffee and an evening meal at the Bentley Ave diner, a block away from the police station. Having been posted at Graven for such a short time, Church will have been rostered to work tonight with a few other officers. His current lodgings are a small apartment over the diner, and he is a three minute walk from work. Church's case notes for tonight will be minor offences like teen vandalism, property disputes and the like. His landlord, the diner's cook, Harry Stanfield will bring up the Sons of Midnight in conversation with Church, and how Halloween was their time fo year for operating, mutilating cattle and the like. Church will know about the cult, having studied the case notes when he first came to Graven, and reading about the agent who handled it, one Jonathon Lane, who apparently has a son that lives in town. He'll head back to the station and pull the file, having an eerie feeling about it. He may see Jeremy Mangold leaving the station, and feel that Mangold is something of spoilt rich kid. Church doesn't carry a firearm, at least not a police issued one. He does own a Glock pistol that he keeps at his appartment, and his lockpick kit and dictaphone are always with him.

    Katie Jones will begin ath the Batten Weather station, where student radio station B-FM is broacast. Katie's show beings at around 6pm and goes until the station's next DJ, a student named Eric "Worm" Webb takes over at 10pm. There are a couple of other students who work at the station, but it's mostly a one person operation adn by 7pm, Katie will be alone. She'll recieve a weather report from the Graven County Meteorological Dept, stationed in Mayfield who inform her a curious snowstorm may be approaching and that she should include it in her next broadcast to keep people in the loop. Katie is a bit suspicious of it, espeically when some of the equipment at the station starts to blink on and off for a while, then stops. She finds herself wo
  21. Twinky_Stryder

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    Nov 16, 2003
    IC: Katie

    Katie leaned forward and into the mike.
    "Hey there, this is Katie Jones in the evening. We've got a phone-in tonight "Happenings in the bay". So if you have anything going on tonight, Halloween parties and so on, feel free to call in and tell us."
    Leaning over, Katie grabbed a music disc.
    "But here are some tunes to start your evening."
    Slapping on the music she leaned back and frowned. It would have been nice to go to a party on Halloween for once.
    Doesn't matter anyway, not like I get invited to any. But I wonder what it'd be like if I did get to go with a guy like-
    She shook her head, the song was nearly over and she had to change discs.
    Katie shook her head again and sighed. It was going to be a very long and uneventful night.

    TAG: anyone
  22. MoonlightsAngel

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    Sep 13, 2006
    IC: Christa

    Christa walked calmly, her jeans were soaked, and her beige turtleneck dusted with snow. Beside her, on a leash, a young weimaraner pup jumped and played innocently. Her paws leaving a mess of pawprints around her. Chris looked up, she wasn't too far away from the Police Station, which meant she wasn't far from her car.

    The pup stopped and whined, refusing to take another step. She sat there, head cocked to the side, big blue eyes staring pleadinyl at her.

    "I don't think so, you lazy little..." She stopped...damn, she fell again. "Fine"

    She bent down, picked her up, and kept walking. Not five steps after that Tsuki had fallen asleep.

    She frowned slightly as she noticed Jeremy Mangold in front of her, walking on the opposite direction she was going, and looking rather pissed. She offered him a polite smile and then walked by, not turning to look at him.

    It was going to be a boring Halloween. A very boring one at that.
  23. PressRedForFreakMode

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    Apr 29, 2006
    IC: Dr. Malkoi
    Graven Bay Hospital - Office

    The sunlight was fading and Dr. Malkoi's evening was beginning. In these conditions, a lot of patients are to be expected. It's usually nothing serious, a broken leg at the most and all the patients seem to be in their twenties, driving accidents or alcohol fueled brawls are usually their excuse. She could feel her lack of energy for the evenings work, and calmly sat fiddling wiht her pen at her desk. Her computer screen showed her nothing of interest, just a compilation of names; corpses that needed to be prepped and picked up by numerous funeral directors. The mortician was never keen on hard work, and this annoyed Dr. Malkoi intensely. She considered calling a funeral director known well to the staff at Graven Bay hospital for his greasy personality and dirty remarks, but she decided against it- she didn't have the patience for him tonight.

    A letter from the day before lay infront of her. It read a promotion to an inner city hospital. As attractive as the role seemed, also the annual wage, there was something about her job, about Graven Bay, that made her shud the letter to the side.

    Her pager buzzed at exactly the wrong time. A casuality was received downstairs and urgent of further help.

    "For goodness sake!" She blurted, slamming her chair back and storming downstairs. Her devious eyes and gawpe-inducing lips caused those in her way to move instantly and stare. This pleasured Dr. Malkoi ever so. The attention and wonder of others.

    Before reaching the Emergency Room, she could feel the screeching of the injured man. The other nurses were incapable of working on him due to his frantic wriggling.

    "Restrain him immeadiately!" She shouted in quite a deep pitch. Dr. Malkoi grabbed a leg of his and strapped it gently but effectively. A nurse to her left was spouting the man's statistics and injuries.

    "Okay, anaesthetic! Suction! Bring me the trolley!" She had to shout to be heard over the mans yelling. The trolley held a selection of knives, scalpals and surgical equipment. Reaching for a small, sharp knife and some cotton wool, she turned to the anaesthetized man and the nurse ready with the suction...

    Tag: Kai
  24. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    Det. Robert Church
    Bentley Ave. Diner

    Robert Church was, by his own admission, a complicated man. He sipped at his coffee idly, glad for the warmth it provided. He'd need it on a night like this...

    "Here's your order, Detective. Beef dip with fries," Harry Stanfield, the proprietor, and Church's landlord.

    "Thanks, Harry." Church placed a napkin across his lap before digging in. Harry stood by him, gazing out into the snow.

    "Y'know, Detective, you might wanna invest in some more, uh, functional clothes," said the older man.

    Church smiled. "I'm a detective, Harry, not a beat-cop. They chase down the criminals, I just find 'em."

    Harry laughed. "Still, if there were, say, a murder or something..."

    Church regarded Harry with a quizzical look. Murder? Not exactly small-town material. The only deaths he'd been aware of were the occasional car crash, or hiking accident.

    "Murder? In Graven Bay?" laughed Church.

    Harry stared at him, his eyes serious. "Wasn't such an odd thing twenty years ago. Some cult, religious nuts or somethin'. A few deaths back then, Detective."

    Church stopped eating. He'd heard of this before. "Who was responsible?"

    "The Sons o' Midnight, they called themselves. Scary stuff, some old religion that they'd unearthed."

    "Very Lovecraft."


    "Nothing, nevermind. Were you here back then?" asked Church, calmly. His mind, however, was racing.

    "Nah, but I knew people. Most of them have moved or died, but, well...this town has ghosts."

    The rest of Church's meal passed without incident. Harry seemed to clam up after that. Memories he'd rather forget, Church thought. He payed for his meal, making sure he left a nice tip for the kindly man.

    Before stepping outside, Church slipped on his trencoat, and put on his scarf. He reached into his left-hand breast pocket, and withdrew a lighter and his cigarettes. A habit he could live without.

    He smoked quietly, in the snow, for three minutes, before disposing of the ash in a nearby garbage can, ensuring that it wouldn't smoulder beforehand. In the light October snowfall, he began the walk to the precinct.

    Tag: Any
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    OOC: Sorry for my absence, Kai. Character Sheet shall be sent soon. Today I am hoping.
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