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Great last lines from Episode 3

Discussion in 'Revenge of the Sith (Non-Spoilers)' started by MoronDude, Mar 26, 2002.

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  1. Yeth

    Yeth Jedi Youngling

    Feb 14, 2002
  2. Mr_Anderson

    Mr_Anderson Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 25, 2002
    Something like this may have already been posted, but here's my ending:

    A shot of Vader standing on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, looking out at the massive Imperial fleet. The camera cuts to an exterior shot that shows Vader through the window (like the end of EMPIRE) and pans out showing a huge group of ships, and the framework of the Death Star. All the while we hear Vader breathing and the Imperial March is playing. Rather than the Main Theme starting up when the credits begin, the Imperial March continues.

  3. Darth_Lando

    Darth_Lando Jedi Youngling

    Apr 23, 2002
    Wow, nice little twist with the imperial march playing instead of the main theme, it really adds a little sense of hopelessness...i like the version with bail organa, yoda, and obi-wan all talking about what to do, and yoda telling obi-wan to take luke to tatooine. the last line, though, should be this: obi-wan, speaking to owen, beru, AND luke, "The force will be with you....always". That ties the whole series together: the first and last words that obi-wan says to luke, and wishing good luck to the lars. after that, it should be a shot of obi-wan walking off into the desert. any shot of anakin talking to palpatine should be after the scene with organa and yoda but before the obi-wan/lars scene.
    just a guess, you never know with lucas....
  4. SithLordSi

    SithLordSi Jedi Youngling

    Apr 1, 2002
    So, pretty much exactly as I wrote it then. :D
  5. rustybaseball

    rustybaseball Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 22, 2002
    Vader and the Emperor over-looking their domain.

    Vader: The Jedi are extinct. The Sith have risen. We are unstoppable.

    Emperor: Always in motion is the future...
  6. FluukeStarbucker

    FluukeStarbucker Jedi Youngling

    Apr 28, 2002
    Emperor Palpatine introducing Darth Vader to the newly formed Imperial Senate. He introduces him as an overseer of the doings of the Empire and an enforcer. The very ending will have Darth Vader, the Emperor, and Governor Tarkin in some sort of celebratory, future-minded discussion. Then, Tarkin leaves. The Emperor and Darth Vader have a short dialogue of how he senses Vader's feelings of those he once loved. The Emperor reminds him how they have betrayed him and they're the reason he is in this suit that keeps him alive. This conversation ending with the Emperor declaring "Long live the Empire."
  7. Bubba_the_Genius

    Bubba_the_Genius Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 19, 2002
    I HAVE to agree with SithLordSi that Vader will have NO remorse about joining the Dark Side.

    Further, one has to recall that Luke felt that Dagobah was VERY familiar.

    Given that, I predict that the good guys will end up on Dagobah:

    - Yoda will stay in hiding there.

    - Bail Organa will take Padme, the infant Leia, and the two droids to Alderaan.

    - Obi-Wan Kenobi will take the infant Luke to stay with Owen and Beru.

    So my suggestion:

    (At this point, Vader's committed the Last Great Betrayal, whatever that may be, and it's clear that the Empire has taken over. In the last sequence, Obi-Wan explains how it's actually safe on Tatooine - that Vader will never look for him there - and he and Yoda watch as Organa's ship takes off. The "sunset music" plays as Obi-Wan is about to take Luke into his small starship.)


    OBI-WAN: I'm sorry... I thought he would bring balance to the Force...

    YODA: Two sith, there are. Now, two Jedi remain. Brought balance, he has.

    OBI-WAN: If I ever get a chance to make things right...

    YODA: I know. Until then, care for the boy, you must. Until then, may the Force be with you.

    (OBI-WAN carrying LUKE boards the ship. The ship takes off. FADE.)
  8. Gorion

    Gorion Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 21, 2002
    What about:

    Padme giving the twins to Obi-Wan: "Help them, Obi-Wan Kenobi, they are our last hope"
  9. SithLordSi

    SithLordSi Jedi Youngling

    Apr 1, 2002
    OH MY GOD! I never thought of that bringing balance thing. That's awesome. Man, I should've put that in my script. That would've been so cool. Not sure about Dagobah tho...I don't think we'll see it until ESB, to maintain its sense of mystery. Luke's familiarity is simply the Force speaking to him.
  10. MatRags

    MatRags Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 5, 2001
    Great ending Bubba. I guess Vader does bring balance to the Force then. And when Ben and Yoda die. Luke is the last of the Jedi so Vader must kill Palpy.

    So each Trilogy ends by Anakin bringing balance to the force. Good stuff. :)
  11. Bubba_the_Genius

    Bubba_the_Genius Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 19, 2002
    Thanks, though I can't claim credit for that particular theory about bringing about "balance to the Force." My roommate and I talked about it a bit in '99, and an issue of the Star Wars Tales comic book had Yoda and Mace discussing the topic (in an otherwise humor-filled look at the Star Wars universe).
  12. Rabid_Balding_Ewok

    Rabid_Balding_Ewok Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 8, 2000
    After the credits roll George Lucas's face appears on the screen with a big smile. "Thank you for the money." :p :p :p

    "Rabid Balding Ewok, you make me sick.
    If there was an enemies list, you'd be on mine."
    [face_devil] [face_laugh] [face_devil] [face_laugh] [face_devil] [face_laugh]

    [hl=black] :::*::[/hl][hl=dimgray](^^)[/hl][hl=black] :[/hl][hl=dimgray](^^)[/hl][hl=black] :::::::[/hl]
    [hl=black] ::::::[/hl][hl=brown]/::::^^:::::\[/hl][hl=black] ::*::[/hl]
    [hl=black] :::::[/hl][hl=brown]/###-^^-##I[/hl][hl=black] :::::[/hl]
    [hl=black] : *:.[/hl][hl=brown]l##[/hl][hl=dimgray]/[/hl][hl=crimson](*)[/hl][hl=dimgray]# [/hl][hl=crimson](*)[/hl][hl=brown]\\[/hl][hl=black]::::: [/hl]
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    [hl=black] ::[/hl][hl=brown](___/[/hl][hl=dimgray]#*#[/hl][hl=white](XXX)[/hl][hl=brown]/__)[/hl][hl=black] ::[/hl]
    [hl=black]::[/hl][hl=brown]/000{[/hl][hl=dimgray]{{{www}}}[/hl][hl=brown]}\[/hl][hl=black]:: [/hl] Ewoks Will Eat You!
  13. MatRags

    MatRags Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 5, 2001
    Funny stuff. :)
  14. FluukeStarbucker

    FluukeStarbucker Jedi Youngling

    Apr 28, 2002
    I thought Anakin was bringing balance to George Lucas' checkbook.
  15. DarthMak

    DarthMak Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 4, 2001

    Qui-Gon: He is the chosen one. He...will bring Lucas' checkbook. Train him.

    Good ideas though guys, I agree that any shot of Obi-Wan in the desert walking away would be the perfect ending.
  16. lono

    lono Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 2, 2002
    Jar Jar Binks: "mesa wondering what dis button do.."

    [Binks pushes a button that causes almost all the ships carrying Jedi to explode.]

  17. JohnWilliams00

    JohnWilliams00 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 29, 2002
    I think a good line would have Vader mentioning Luke in some way. It would be a more profound way to link not only the father and son, but the PT (Anakin's story) to the OT (Luke's story).

    Something along the lines of:

    "Oh where, oh where has my little son gone, oh where, oh where can he beeee?..."

    Or perhaps Vader holds baby Luke up toward the sky over Pride Rock, because it's the "Circle of Life."

    I would've thought of a more serious one but can't think of anything good. Feel free to add.
  18. HawkNC

    HawkNC Former RSA: Oceania star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 23, 2001
    I think maybe an ending with Obi-Wan looking at Tattooine's twin suns, similar to the way Luke did in ANH. I can really imagine ATS playing in the background there, but I know Williams will have something different in store. But I digress.

    Perhaps, for a last sequence...

    OBI-WAN: I am sorry to have doubted you, Master Yoda. The boy was far more dangerous than I thought.

    YODA: The Chosen One he is, no doubt I have of that. In time, fulfilled the Prophecy will be.

    OBI-WAN: I hope so, Master. I feel young Luke has a part to play, however. The Force is already strong in him.

    YODA: Patience, you must have, hmm? Determined by the Force, the boy's destiny is, like all of us. Binds us together, it does. Gone the Jedi may be, but forever will the Force control our destinies. (sighs) Passed, our time has. A new hope, there is.

    (Cuts from whereever that scene takes place to Tatooine and a shot of young Luke looking at the twin suns, then ends)

    Actually, I like that second one a bit better. :)
  19. Padawan Coalesce

    Padawan Coalesce Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 18, 1999
    I agree the last scene will have to be of our heroes. For the second to last scene....

    Palpy say to Vader, "Now you're really to wipe out the rest of the Jedi." or
    "Now that the council is gone you will have no problems eliminating the rest Jedi"
  20. SupertonesStrikeBack

    SupertonesStrikeBack Jedi Youngling

    May 12, 2001
    alright, i see some really cool stuff, but now it's time for ol' natedogg to take a whack. i haven't kept up with any spoilers so i don't know how ep. ii ends yet and what all has happened. but the way i see it, ep. iii (3) ends like this:

    Anakin has been absent for a long time now, and no one is really sure where he is. Obi-Wan (and perhaps padme? is she still alive at this point?) and others are attempting to evacuate the Skywalker children when suddenly and enraged Anakin appears.

    Anakin: Obi-Wan!!! You cannot do this to me!!! These are MY children!!!

    Obi-Wan: I cannot leave them with you. I cannot allow you to raise these children, Anakin. I will not allow them to follow the Dark Path you have chosen for yourself.

    Anakin: If you will not give them back to me, MASTER, then I will be forced to TAKE them from you. (ignites lightsaber. it is the blue one which obi-wan will present to young luke in ANH)

    Padme: Anakin, NO!!!

    Anakin: Padme, you stay out of this. I loved you. This is the pain you have caused me, trying to steal my children away from me. This ends, now! (attacks Obi-Wan)

    Obi-Wan: (one last attempt) Anakin, stop!!! If you choose the dark path right now, it will forever dominate your destiny, and consume you.

    (Anakin continues his advance on Obi-Wan and at the last moment, Obi-Wan pulls out his saber. The two engage in an intense, powerful lightsaber battle. Padme rushes to the awaiting shuttle, but stops shy of it to watch the conclusion. Obi-Wan and Anakin duel deep into the forest and out of Padme's sight, but she remains watching the forest. The duel rages on and they end up near the infamous crater/volcano.)

    Anakin: (mockingly) What do you think, MASTER? I've learned quite a bit, wouldn't you say?

    Obi-Wan: Anakin, you have learned nothing. Instead, you use darkness as your ally.

    Obi-Wan soon gains the upper hand and Anakin is forced off balance after Obi-Wan uses a force push on him, a-la what Maul did to Obi in TPM. Anakin falls backward, dropping his lightsaber, and lands in the pit as Obi-Wan offers a last ditch attempt to save him. Accepting Anakin's fate and leaving him for dead, Obi-Wan marches back to the ship, sullen. Padme reads the expression on his face and the slump in his walk. she turns and enters the ship. Obi-Wan enters the ship and comes alongside a sitting Padme.)

    Obi-Wan: He chose his path...he has been consumed. He can no longer hurt you, but i fear the children will no longer be safe with you.

    (Padme looks dejected and looks down at the two children in her arms.)


    Anakin slowly pulls himself out of the crater. A dark robed figure approaches him.

    Palpatine: You have failed, young Anakin?

    Anakin: I survive. I will have victory; i will not fail you again, Master.

    Palpatine: You will do well. -FADE

    CUT to TATOOINE where you can choose anyone of the numerous closing scenes from this thread where Obi-Wan presents Owen with Luke.

    Obi-Wan walks away from the homestead and the sands cover up his light silhouette. When the sands clear again, it is Obi-Wan standing at the top of any one of numerous ridges on Tatooine, arms crossed and staring earnestly into the distance. Camera view of the Lars homestead in the distance with young Luke playing by the moisture vaporators. Cut back to cross-armed Obi-Wan.


    also, i was under the impression for the last few years that Obi-Wan and Owen were brothers and THAT was the relation. However, judging by the fact that no one has yet mentioned that on this board or especially in this thread, i guess it was just a rumor. i know he is not blood with Luke...
  21. HawkNC

    HawkNC Former RSA: Oceania star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 23, 2001
    That can neither be confirmed nor denied for the benefit of the spoiler-free here. :)
  22. DeltaJedi

    DeltaJedi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 24, 2002
    Of course, an interesting exchange to end E3 might include something like this:

    OBI-WAN: I also want you to keep this (pulls out Anakin's lightsaber), and give this to him when he's older. His father, would've wanted it that way...

    OWEN: I'll have no such thing in my house. Anakin is dead because he followed your lot instead of staying here where he belonged.

  23. spacemonkey

    spacemonkey Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 28, 2000
    Last line from the others

    ANH- "LUKE: He'll be all right."

    ESB- "LUKE: Ow!"

    ROTJ- "THREEPIO: They did it!"

  24. JohnWilliams00

    JohnWilliams00 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 29, 2002
    Lucas already knows the last line, and reportedly, he told all his crew members at ILM and even John Williams. And what I liked was that they were amazed by it. Must be a pretty special line to get them so excited.

    So if you guys come up with guesses, it has to be a line that will make you go "WOW" the way they did.

  25. spacemonkey

    spacemonkey Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 28, 2000
    I GOT IT!

    Obi-Wan: I Can't believe all the jedi are dead.

    Yoda: dead they are

    Obi-Wan: And we have no hope for the future.

    Yoda: Hope there is. Episodes 7,8,9 we will make.

    Iris out
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