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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Alexanderlagrande, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Alexanderlagrande

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    Dec 16, 2007
    The year is 346 B.C. the Greeks are in the end of the Classical Era of Greece, the Spartans are no longer a power to be feared. The Macedonians under the leadership of Philip II they have begon the conquest of Thrace, Illyria, Paionia, and Greece. Alexander of Macedon is a general along with his father, this is the way the Greek kingdoms will fall.

    Hello and welcome to the First Greek game Ive found on this Role play forum. In this game you will play as a Macedonian Captain or a Greek City-State Leader. The way you will play this game is that you will lead a army of Hoplites or Phalangist's(or other unit) in a Phalanx or other invented formation. Also you may be promoted from Captain to a High General.

    Thracian's, Illyrians, Paionians, Greeks, Macedonians.
    Thracians - They are more of a Barbarian faction than a greek faction, their special units are- Thracian Falxmen
    Illyrians- Just like the Thracians they are a barbarian faction, their special units are- Illyrian Falxmen
    Paionians- They are also a Barbarian Faction with Greek Influence in it, their special units are- Paionian Hoplite, Paionian Archer
    Greeks- The founders of Democracy they are the rivals of the Macedonian's, their special units are- None depends on your city state
    Macedonian Kingdom- Macedonians, under the rule of Philip II, are a world power they are said to have the greatest general of all time, Alexander of Macedon, their special units are- Macedonian Phalangist's, Companion Calvary

    In Greece: Total War there are many different units, every faction comes with a special unit that only they can buy.

    Calvary- Strong Against other Calvary, skirmishers, and Archers, weak against Hoplites and Phalangist's.
    Archers- Strong against Archers, Skirmishers, and Infantry, weak against Calvary
    Hoplites- Strong against Archers, and Calvary, weak against Skirmishers
    Phalangist's- Strong against Archers, calvary, and hoplites, weak against skirmishers
    Catapult- Strong against everything except archers

    Each player will start with a basic 500 men, but will be able to buy new battalions as you go.The standered cost is 100 gp, your player comes with 300 gp.

    In Greece:Total War, war is the main idea you control a faction, and you will end up making war with another, either a foreign nation or one of the same nation.
    The way you wage war is much like any other game like this, you make a move and wait for the enemy to make another move. Tactics are excepted just dont tell your opponet, that takes the supprise out of the game.

    As I will play as Alexander it will be my goal(and others) to conquer other villages and tribes, and to do that I need a army. Each player will start with a basic 500 men, but will be able to buy new battalions as you go. Also when you conquer another player they are force to play on your side as a Capitan or a General you decide. When you conquer the Hellenistic World that is when the game will end and I will start a new one.



    1. You must play by the rules
    2. You must obey the GM and the GM
    3. No God modding
    4. Have fun
    5. NO WHINERS!!!!


    Favored Unit:

    Note: I will play as Alexander so no one go and try to take my place.

    Here is my CS:

    Name:Alexander of Macedon
    Faction:Kingdom of Macedon
    Favored Unit:Companion Calvary
    Personality:Sometimes nice, sometimes mean and cruel
    Weapon:A standered sword and shield
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