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Greedy Basta#@ds on Ebay

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by MasterAlvin, Dec 20, 2010.

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  1. MasterAlvin

    MasterAlvin Jedi Youngling

    Dec 10, 2010
    The new Mondo movie posters which sold out in minutes for 150.00 a set are listed on Ebay for several would be nice if these greedy bastards would only buy what they want for their collection.
  2. CoruscantSunset

    CoruscantSunset Jedi Youngling

    Dec 1, 2010
    Like how every time a new console comes out there are always the people on eBay who pre-order 15 of the things and then list them for 10x what they're "worth". But of course we all know that things are only worth what the market is willing to pay for them.
  3. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Well, I view both groups as equally wrong, for the same reason.
    It's creating an artificially inflated market.
    Same thing is happening with gasoline prices and oil: all the stock market speculators are pouncing on Oil, driving up the price per barrel. And then they 'leak' that some of the oil fields are shutting down, to drive up the prices. They don't mention that the reason the oil fields are shut down isn't that they're empty, but because the owners, not being stupid, maximized their output when the price was high to capitalize on the US market's stupidity. They had to shut down because they filled up all the US refineries and resevoirs, all their tanker ships, and all their own resevoirs. In other words, they had to shut down because they had no place to store any more. And as soon as that changed, they'd start pumping again.

    Mind you, the truly evil ebay scumbag was the guy who listed "PS2 Box", with a price of $200, ended up with bids of $500+, and was only shipping the Box.

    Now, when I was selling my transformers, I had to list my G1 Megatron as just the box, with the note that the photos showed the 'extras' I'd throw in if bidding went over $50, which was the complete toy, with booklets, etc (This was 2 years ago, so I am NOT soliciting people to buy my stuff).
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