PT Grievous was an idiot here

Discussion in 'Prequel Trilogy' started by darthbarracuda, Aug 13, 2013.

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    In the novels, where his character is better developed, and we learn more about him and the things he does during the war, Grievous is certainly a BAMF! Besides, does anyone see anything in these eyes that says he cares about what others think of him?
    Hahahahaha ::cough:: Jedi slime!
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    I think his ego got the better of him. He had previously dispatched several Jedi, so he figured how hard can this General Kenobi be.

    Sigh. Like Darth Tyranus before him, I wish we had more.
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    The Council couldn't send more than just two, because any more would look like the Jedi were getting involved in the conflict. Not to mention, the Council doesn't believe Maul to be a Sith Lord, but just a skilled swordsman.

    A double bladed lightsaber gives twice the advantage in deflecting blaster bolts.

    Lucas envisioned Grievous as the slimy general who isn't as good a fighter as his compatriots and would run when the odds are against him, than stand in fight. His purpose was to get Obi-wan away from Anakin, so that Palpatine could finish the job. Most of Grievous was meant for the Clone Wars, while we're seeing the end of that.

    Stun settings were in the PT era. There was no need for them because most of the time, it was Clonetroopers and Battle Droids being killed/destroyed. In the OT, it's a different story.

    The Jedi weren't planning to kill Maul, but it happened because Qui-gon was fatally wounded and Obi-wan was in a position where he had to kill Maul, or die. We know that a Jedi can capture a Sith, as we see Anakin slice off Dooku's hands and thus having him in a position to be killed or captured. Likewise, Vader loses his **** and cuts Luke's hand off, ending that fight.

    Using their resources doesn't mean sending a dozen Jedi to Naboo. It means informing the Jedi out in the field, who aren't that busy, to begin searching for clues about the Sith. For Madame Nu to begin going through the Archives with a fine tooth comb, regarding the end of the last Jedi/Sith conflict and the last known sightings of the Sith, during that time period. To send a group of Jedi to Tatoone to see about tracking his whereabouts. The two Jedi were sent back to Naboo to protect Padme, first and foremost. It is possible that Maul could show up and if so, the two Jedi would deal with him.
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    Two jedi or five jedi, no difference, the Jedi are still involved so that reasoning doesn't wash.
    Also the Jedi ARE already involved as the TF has tried to murder two of their numbers and they have attacked a planet in the republic, a republic the jedi are sworn to protect.
    Second, the council KNOWS that the TF has attacked the republic and could attack other worlds. They also know that the senate has proved totally ineffective in this matter and refuses to act.
    So since the senate won't lift a finger to protect the republic it would make sense for the jedi to step up.
    Third, the council have doubts about Maul being a Sith but they want to find out one way or the other. Thus sending a few more jedi would help in that regard. Also, since Qui-Gon has butted heads with the council before, it would make sense to send few others to keep an eye on him.

    Not quite as the two blades are part of the same weapon so they don't move independently of each other.
    And can stun blasts be blocked by lightsabers?

    What he intended doesn't matter, what was in EU also doesn't matter, I judge him based in the film. What I saw was a coward who was big on talk but small in everything else. He was no credible threat and an uninteresting character and thus waste of time.


    They said they would use ALL their resources in this matter, that includes sedning jedi to Naboo. Since Naboo was a war zone and Obi-wan or Qui-Gon could get killed by the TF, it makes sense to send more Jedi.
    Maul was quite capable and capturing a skilled enemy is much harder than simply killing him and again it would make sense to send more jedi, esp experienced Jedi, Obi-Wan was not even a knight at the time.
    The council fully expected Maul to be where the queen went, that is the reason why Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were told to go back with her. So Naboo was their best bet to draw out Maul and thus it makes sense to send a few more Jedi, esp since they apparently had Jedi to spare.

    Bye for now.
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