Star Wars Guardian's Watch (A Guardians of Light One-Shot)

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    IC: Jo Sodi, Kage Knight
    Disembarking shuttle

    They had arrived. Although it had felt like days instead of hours with the way some of the Padawan's and even a fellow Knight had groused. Sometimes getting somewhere is what really made being there feel like a vacation, because as soon as they landed and silence generally fell upon the group as task orders were handed out he had to smile behind his mask.

    The warm humid environment of Ivaldi was a bit of a blessing as well. It meant Sheet, his pet, would not be needing as many drops to help it retain it's moisture here as it did back at the temple on Saridona Prime. Plus, if it stayed this warm at night, it would remind him of home with just a few glow rods he could well imagine the stone ceiling above lit with a thousand crystals and bugs instead of the twinkling stars.

    Letting the Padawan's clear some of the smaller crates and containers he reached out with both hands and pulled, utilizing his stronger connection to the Force in telekinesis ,moving objects. So it was not so much his hands or even a strain on his body so much as the Force that pulled out the larger bits that would become their shelter on this world from the hold, and stepping out he was looking at the lay of the land for a possible good spot to set it up. "Any place in particular? Close to the shuttle or further out?" he called out.

    Waiting to hear what the Masters prefered, he tried to let the world wash over him. Already he felt eyes upon him, but that was normal and to be expected. This world was alive and any number of creatures would be staring at the odd things emerging from the large noisy metal bird.

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    IC Ananta Chetan
    Invaldi Forest

    Go collect the firewood, boy.

    Walking alone into the forest the child, when out of the eyesight of the others, paused and tilted his head back. The trees tips touched the clouds.

    The clean, sweet smell of the air permeated his pores filling him with a mysterious energy. Strangely, the more awe and gratitude he felt, the more he melted into his surroundings. The boundaries of his young finite body seemed to disappear.


    Setting my pack at the base of a massive pine, I bring my attention back to the present and peer skyward through the tapestry of needle-covered branches. Rubbing my palms together and centering my focus at the center of my chest, I take a Force-enhanced leap, several stories high, to a trunk-sized branch containing an abandoned nest big enough for a human to fit. In the near distance I see my compatriots have settled in and are mostly now conversing among themselves. A fire has been lit and the flames dance and lick upward.

    Relishing the quiet I sit on the limb for a moment, pondering our place here and what the Force plans to show us.

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    IC Adalia Tehanis

    Notices Ananta is lost in his thoughts and hasn't even heard her, she sighs and wanders to find her own place to settle. After a few minutes she finds a small tree, very bushy but over hanging. Nodding she rolls out her swag and is pleased its green waterproofed fabric blends almost perfectly with the surroundings. Glancing back at the group as she has managed to set herself apart and a bit further back than most she senses the warmth from the fire starting to spread. Sitting cross legged on her swag she closes her eyes to allows the life around her to enter her being and fill her with energy as she draws a deep breath. Letting it out slow she sees the light in her mind, bright and glowing, this place is clean. Something draws her attention, something distant, something grey, no black. She can't see it, it's like a flicker of a shadow that passed by, but it was there, it was she hated to admit, familiar. Opening her eyes and giving her head a shake she decided to keep her thoughts to herself for now, but in her heart she knew, there was something very dark here, somewhere.

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    GM Update

    IC: Reshi Uto, Danos Wen


    "Come on," Reshi hissed at Danos, trying to get the overly cautious Padawan to follow her deeper into the forest. "They're too busy setting up to notice. And I saw a waterfall when we were landing." The shuttle pilot had taken off again, and while the other Jedi were organising their gear, Reshi had pulled Danos aside, out of view of anyone else.

    "I don't want to get lost, Reshi." Danos looked as nervous as he did on the shuttle, but more stubborn. "There are dangerous creatures on this planet."

    "Fine, I'm going one way or another. Either you can come with me and watch my back, or run back to the Masters." Reshi spun and set off in the direction of the waterfall she'd seen, eager to see if it would be safe enough to jump off of. Master Tesh would never approve, and that's why she hadn't told her Master.

    "Wait, fine, I'm coming!" Danos jogged to catch up. "But if anything happens I'm leaving."


    IC: ??????
    Ivaldi, a short while later

    "I've been tracking them from a distance, looks like two of the kids, paddy-ones I think they're called, they've wandered off from the group. Should I take them out?" A pause. "Send backup, then, they might be kids but I'm not grabbing two Jedi by myself."


    IC: Reshi Uto, Danos Wen
    Ivaldi, at the top of the waterfall

    "I can't believe you actually found it." Danos stared down the long drop below his feet.

    "I have an excellent sense of direction," Reshi grinned, and peered down beside him. "Do you think it's deep enough to jump?"


    "Yeah, that's kind of the whole point of this." Reshi shook her head, trying to gauge how far the drop was. She knew she could slow herself with the Force, but she couldn't tell how deep the water was. Maybe they'd have to climb down first to see, but then they'd have to climb back up and that was the hard part.

    "There's no way I'm jumping-- if you want to break your legs that's your problem." Danos stepped away from the cliff edge, turning just in time to see--

    "Hi." Four blaster-wielding beings had snuck up on them, unheard over the roar of the water. He hadn't sensed anything, and he reached over to tug on Reshi's shirt sleeve to get her attention.

    "So, kids, we can do this easy or real hard, up to you." The one who'd spoken was a Devaronian with two vibroswords on his back and a very dangerous-looking grin.

    "You don't know who you're dealing with!" Reshi, headstrong and overeager, leaped at the nearest enemy, kicking out at the human in the group. She managed to land a blow, two, before a blue light silhouetted her body and she fell to the ground.

    Mouth open in shock, Danos couldn't figure out what to do. The four beings-- pirates? slavers? worse?-- approached slowly, blasters at the ready. His eyes shifted between them and Reshi's unconscious form. There was nothing he could do for her. He had to get the rest of the Jedi, warn them, rescue her.

    It was only surprise that kept the four from shooting at the sudden movement from the remaining Jedi, as he turned and leaped over the cliff, disappearing in the mist and thunder of the waterfall.

    "Didn't see that one coming. Let's grab this one and go, that one's dead or near to it with that stunt." One of them lifted Reshi onto his shoulders, and the four moved out.

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    IC: Sabindi Tesh

    Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

    Over a small cooking stove, Sabindi was in the midst of preparing a small meal for the group, to stave off further complaints about the heat and the weather and perhaps to shut up Odonar for a good minute. Most of the Jedi were keeping to themselves, a few chatted amongst themselves while setting up their personal supplies. Iotasi could due with some quieting too, but at least the Mirialan wasn't complaining, just distracting those who had begun their week-long meditations.

    An echo rang through her mind, danger-- but not here. The spoon in her hand clattered against the pot as she dropped it, leaping to her feet. Reshi had done something stupid again. But as she focused her mind, Reshi's presence remained unclear, directionless. Where was she?

    A quick, urgent look around the small camp quickly proved that not only was Reshi not there, but one of the other Padawans, Wen, was missing too.

    "Has anyone seen my Padawan?" Sabindi called to the others, urgent and concerned. Damn Odonar, if he wasn't right about them needing their lightsabers after all. "Reshi and Danos aren't here, did anyone see them leave?"

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    OOC: No one can sense the enemies yet and don't know where the Padawans are, but they could have been overheard as they were leaving
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    IC: Jedi Master Tavrie Ubris Ornil-Nilim
    Location: Ivaldi campsite

    Tavrie also focused her mind and tried to locate the Padawans, but try as she might, she could not pick up their lifeforms. This reminded her of the time she had lost her second Padawan whilst on a mission deep within the Outer Rim Territories during the Clone Wars.

    "I did hear them talking to one another a while ago and then their voices gradually sounded as if they were moving further and further away," she replied to Sabindi, as she knew that finding the Padawans was of much greater importance at this point. Thus, the vacation would just have to wait.

    "Should we organize ourselves into search parties and head off to look for any trace of them?" and although neither of the two were her Padawan, the Neti suddenly felt her motherly instincts kicking in and taking over.

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    IC: Vanora on Ivaldi

    Vanora had just finished setting up her portable tent and was coming over to where Master Tesh was cooking when she heard her question to the group at large followed by Tavrie's question about search parties.

    "Padawans Donos & Reshi missing?" She asked. "I didn't hear them or see them. I'm willing to join a team, but where to even begin to look? We'd better take medkits just in case one of them's injured."

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