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Art Archive Guy Lagace Art Needed

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Jedi_Power_GV, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Jedi_Power_GV

    Jedi_Power_GV Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 17, 2004
    I used to run Guy's website before he had to leave the Star Wars scene back in 2003. I have most of his pieces, but there are a few that I still need. I am updating his galleries at [link=]Galactic Voyage[/link] and would like to display his complete collection. There are three images that I know I need, and they are from his George's Vision series that used to be at

    [link='s%20Visions/Mace-and-Super-Battle-Droid.jpg]Image 1[/link]
    [link='s%20Visions/Obi-Wan%20in%20a%20Jam.bmp]Image 2[/link]
    [link='s%20Visions/Rain%20Sequence.bmp]Image 3[/link]

    If you have any of Guy's work, please e-mail me at Thanks for your help!
  2. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    Hey there,

    We currently have a thread designated for this kind of stuff. Please feel free to repost this in the [link=]Official Fan Art Search Thread[/link]. Thanks!
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