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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by General_Hadin, Aug 15, 2006.

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    Ok, i got it right this time. (I kinda jumped the gun on the first one incase you didnt notice)

    This is my academy for Jedi who want to learn my teachings and or need refuge. If your a Sith bring only redemption in mind through my doors. If you wish you may follow my teachings, but if you fail to comply with any of my requests then I will be forced to let you go. You will not be aloud re-entry.
    When you wish to join my academy you muist leave a character sheet (mine will be in the next post.)

    All standard tfn rules apply.

    LSA :) Edit: Please consider adding a little more depth to your opening for this game. You may wish to look at some of the other successful games on these forums to see what works and what doesn't, or visit our Resource Forum :) I'd be only too happy to unlock this thread if you're able to draft a more detailed and potentially promising opening ;) In the meantime, I'm closing this one down.
  2. General_Hadin Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 13, 2006
    Name: Olec Hadin
    Rank: Jedi Master/Consular
    Appearance: 5"9 Brown curly hair, medium build. Brown eyes and one lightsaber burn that runs from the top of my shoulder to my wrist, on the left side.
    Weapons: One green lightsaber and two blaster pistols.
    Bio: Captured at the age of 3 by trandoshan slave drivers i worked hard to survive and when i was 6 i was founded by a jedi by the name of Jash darpesh. We went on many travels as master and padawan, then many more we traveled as brothers. He was defeated one day by a Sith named Darh Severus, i avenged him soon after. I started up this Jedi Enclave in the memory of Jash Darpesh, so all would know how great he was.
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    This doesn't really seem like it has much of a plot or storyline, and there's really no rules or objectives to speak of. Take a look around at some of the other games so you can see what kind of things people look for when they're deciding on a game to join.

    Also, you're only allowed one open game at a time. I know your first one was just a prototype, but it's just a heads up.
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