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    The Role Playing Community at 500,000 Posts

    Welcome one and all for the Role Playing Community's 500K Celebration Thread. This thread will be spending the first half of this week long holiday in SWRPF, then the other half in NSWRPF, before retiring to its permanent home in RPR. This thread is both a celebratory social thread and a time-capsule resourcey place of discussion regarding everything relating to the RPing Community's past and its current milestone! :)

    On this momentous occasion, I thought it appropriate to take a look back and see where all these half-million posts have gone. 500 thousand posts, as a community, is no small feat, and is a testament to RPing's position on this board. Only YJCC, EUC, SWC, Lit, Fanfic, and the merged Fan Films and Activities forum have more posts on them. Considering that three of these six are community boards, and almost all of them are at least two years older than us, this accomplishment is put into perspective. With our 500,000th post, we join a very elite club of important forums.

    With this thread and the resulting holiday time, it is a time for celebration and reflection. Let us bear in mind where this community has been and where it is going. Let us never forget that we stand on the shoulders of giants, our founding fathers that fought for and pioneered the activity we enjoy today. And let us as a community vow that future generations of RPers will find this place in at least as good a shape, if not a better shape, than that which we found it. Let us make a promise to be a new generation of giants!

    Amen :p

    The Largest RPF Threads (over 1000 posts)

    *Red Threads are not RPGs

    Rank.) Game Title - GM - Post Number - Game Start Date
    1.) - The Galaxy at War Part III: Schism of the Sith - pashatemur - 13,573 - 5/23/05
    2.) - Hooper McFinney's RPF Bar & Grille 4.0! Now with a new "Bat-Signal" installed on our roof. - Thok - 10,012 - 3/28/04
    3.) - Hooper McFinney's RPF Bar & Grille 5.0! "We've got more Insanity than Ysanne Isard has Cleavage - Thok - 10,001 - 4/12/06
    4.) - The Social Thread at the end of the Galaxy! - MASTERPRENN - 10,000 - 1/4/07
    5.) - New Jedi Outcasts RP - SECRETSISTER - 10,000 - 1/15/05
    6.) - Hooper McFinney's Bar & Grille **----~ Old style service; the legend lives on. ~----** - Wall8 - 8,911 - 7/8/02
    7.) - Jedi Outcast RP thread (v2.0) - Entil`Zha - 8,387 - 7/13/02
    8.) - New Jedi Outcasts RP...V. 2.0 - SECRETSISTER - 8,053 - 8/2/06
    9.) - Force User Factions (IBOP) - greyjedi125 - 6,772 - 10/14/03
    10.) - Hooper McFinney's RPF Bar & Grille 3.0 ~ Now with 200% more visiting Irishmen! - Thok - 6,479 - 5/5/03
    11.) - RPF Lightsaber Combat thread - DarthKakarot - 5,997 - 7/4/05
    12.) - Harry Potter RPG Thread:New! - padawanskywalker - 5,661 - 12/1/03
    13.) - ~Dark Side Uprising: The Return of the Ancient One~ - Darth-Dispicable - 5,143 - 5/7/04
    14.) - Balance of Power - LightSide_Apprentice - 5,052 - 11/29/02
    15.) - Jocasta Nu's Coffee House: Now with a Dentistry Union! - NaboosPrincess - 4,145 - 4/23/06
    16.) - Temple of Life: Galactic Defenders Homebase - BOOSTERERRANT - 3,758 - 11/16/03
    17.) - Galactic Empire - GrandAdmiralJello - 3,387 - 12/12/01 : 8:14pm
    18.) - The New Jedi Order Acadamy - jediknight88 - 3,406 - 6/24/02
    19.) - The Game Designers Guild - Imperial_Hammer - 3,196 - 4/8/06
    20.) - Hooper McFinney's RPF Bar & Grille 6.0 " Your liver can?t repel alcoholic drinks of that magnitude!" - Thok - 3,019 - 9/8/08
    21.) - WOTG III: The Breaking of the Alliance - CmdrMitthrawnuruodo - 2,961 - 3/6/02
    22.) - WOTG: The New GM War Council - Yomin_Carr - 2,874 - 6/30/02
    23.) - The Lost Temple of the Sith - Darth-Dispicable - 2,842 - 11/16/03
    24.) - Harry Potter RPG: Year VI - Mortimer_Nerdly - 2,827 - 8/31/04
    25.) - The New Republic Faction Thread (IBOP) - Handmaid/>/>
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    to have been around for a milestone such as this is amazing. congratulations to everyone here, past and present.

    great job hammer.

  5. Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager

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    This is cool. And we have a cool banner!
  6. Fisto_Hero Jedi Youngling

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    Congrats RPFers!! This is really something cool. $$500,000$$=D=
  7. The Loyal Imperial Manager Emeritus

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    Yes! Congratulations, Role Playing boards! =D=
  8. blubeast1237 Jedi Master

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    Well done indeed to the RPF. There's not a forum like it.

    Good work Hammer on compiling those lists. =D=

    The truly epic IBOP, which was the best game I have ever played in, and probably will be forever. The magnificent WOTG, the original, the daddy, the one that started it all. The simply incomparable GAW (congrats to Pash on topping that list). The long-running, consistently successful 007 series. It's quite humbling to look at this list. I forgot that we had so many great games.

    I feel that now is one of those times where it is in fact appropriate to lavish praise upon the mods. :p From DarthAttorney to PoT to The Moddess and LSA to our current dynamic duo of IH and Saintheart, you guys have done a superb job over the years, and I salute you for keeping this beloved place alive and kicking for so long.

  11. LadyZaraMarta Jedi Knight

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    The original "GALAXY AT WAR" began September 26, 04. so it could be argured that it is the longest running game ,just with 'parts'.

    It has always been a running joke between GAW writers we all have our rockers reserved at the old folks home.
    We'll still be writing in between rocker races on the front porch.

    It has been a pleasure to see writers 'grow up'from junior high/ high school/ college and beyond.

    We first came to know each other when J W Titus was writing his version of 'Revenge of the Sith' and inspired by his fantastic prose we decided to continue our friendship and try our own hand at writing.

    It has been since the first word written a marvelous journey.

    Thanks to heels who came up with the concept and to Pashatemur who has been our GM for over 4 years.
    There have been many great contributers who have come and gone, and I could not begin to mention them all here.

    Due to our long association with other, I feel I have come to know many of the writers personally. In between posts we have celebrated births, anniversaries, sickness,a family being evacuated from New Orleans due to a hurricane,
    job promotions etc.

    We have bickered as a family would, as brothers and sisters, but at the same time we have grown to love each other.Each of us have brought to GAW a uniquness that cannot be found anywhere else.

    Thanks to each and every writer of Galaxy At War. You have each enriched my life.
  12. HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist

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    Woo hoo!

    Congrats, everyone! =D=
  13. LordTroepfchen Jedi Master

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    Congrats to all players, GMs and Mods ever part of this! Great job, everyone.
  14. Qui-Gon_Reborn Manager Emeritus

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    Congratulations everybody!!! :D
  15. Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host

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  16. Rally_Fan_84 Jedi Youngling

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    Congratulations on an odd and strong 500,00 posts! Now lets get cracking on a million!
  17. Laine_Snowtrekker Jedi Master

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    Yay! Go Outcasts! Over 26000 posts and multiple threads. I've been playing that game since I was sixteen years old. That was a good bit of time ago. It's been a fun time. Still is, by the way.
  18. Ramza Administrator Emeritus

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    You know what this means, of course? Only 250K till 750,000!
  19. s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod

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    Yay!!! Congrats, RPF!
  20. Saintheart Jedi Grand Master

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    And a very nostalgic banner at that. I clicked into the RPR forum ... to find the very same banner that was operating when I first became a member of the forums to begin with. Quite a blast from the past.

    Congratulations everyone. It's been one great experience. I acknowledge and thank everyone for their presence and perseverance, but I'd like to unfairly single out Mitth as the representative of, if not the last of, the Founders of these forums, who still frequents these boards on a continuing basis. It was a good idea, Grandmaster. :D
  21. DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus

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    =D= =D=

    Very nice lists. :D (Although if you roll BOP into the IBOP count, we beat WOTG! ... *cough*)

    Congrats all around! *Toasts with champagne*
  22. GrandAdmiralJello Comms Admin + Moderator Communitatis Litterarumque

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    That, my friends, says it all. All hail WOTG--Zaarin, Nithrak, infidel wings, Lavosian plots, and the works. I think we were fortunate, too, in that BoP came around just during the waning months of the original flagship game, and was consequently able to pick up the slack right away. And then from there, this place split into three separate boards.

    And to think, it all started from one little thread--the now lost "Imperial Navy" from EUC.

    Who'd have guessed?

    Saint: I'm still around! I'm still in two games yet. :p

    Although it does seem that the torch has moved on quite a bit. I'm still surprised as to how vibrant this place has become. From one close-knit group to an entire section of the boards, each filled with their own separate communities.

    Hesiod would marvel at the pageantry of it all.
  23. NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master

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    *waves flag with 500k written on it* [face_flag]
  25. Reynar_Tedros Jedi Master

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