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Hallo and a Question of help?

Discussion in 'North' started by ranouch, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. ranouch

    ranouch Jedi Youngling

    Feb 28, 2008
    Hi Im sure I dont need to do a Full intro as most of you who I am Even tho I dont come on the boards these's day I do sometime look to see whats going on, but I am busy behind the scene's with the UKG forum and friends in the Star Wars Family,
    Most of my time is taken up with none form issues ie "Motorbike forums" & Gothic boards not forgetting a lot of Outdoor events.

    When I was last on here I was asked about multi usernames Sorry but this is the only one I could find that still works all others I scrambled the passwords and e-mail addresses when I left last time around, I am Still doing Star Wars Costuming "Jedi" and working on a Imperial Officer and I still do meet ups with people just not from the northern boards.

    Help: I have a small problem I would some clearing up on and someon of you may know what is going on as I am TOTALY in the dark! One minute everything is well thenext I became public enemey number one as some members have started basting me for some un-known reason and Ive been made to feel so un-welcome it feels Horrid & Sick, Ive asked some people if they can help and after a Pm from (No name given) they too have turned on me.

    PLEASE TELL ME JUST WHAT HAVE I DONE !!!! I HAVEN'T JOINED THE BNP OR STARTED ATTACKING STAR WARS COSTUMERS - I fear a game of Chinese wispa's has gotten out of hand witht he person who started it not wishing to own up or stop it.

    How would any of you feel if 2mro everyone you knew in the North East Star Wars costumers group turned on you and gave NO reason what so ever other than a load of foul language and abuse (the Welcome ot my world)

    Trainwreck alert! Dave, if you have issues with North East Star Wars costumers groups, please use their boards
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.