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Discussion in 'Killeen, TX' started by Slave_princessJedi, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. Slave_princessJedi Jedi Youngling

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    i would like to thank everyone for the effort they put into our last event! I really appreciate it! Well, about a month ago Woody put me in contact with a police officer from Temple that was interested in our group joining them on Halloween night for a city celebration, I thought it sounded like fun! We are in the process of working out the details BUT we now have the DVD release midnight Nov.1, Halloween night. At our appearance for the 48 hours of the force we were asked if we would be interested in coming back for a DVD release party. Our friends in Waco are also interested in doing a release party that they would like us to be a part of,the problem is all this is the same night! SO we need to decide what it's going to be. I will be more than happy to work out the details as soon as we know who wants to do what....A dvd release party could be scheduled for the weekend leaving Halloween night open.It all sounds like fun, but we need to decide. Any suggestions?

  2. KellyJeanne Jedi Youngling

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    My opinion is that this is suppose to be about the kids, and halloween is all about kids i think you should plan something for halloween with the kids.

    just my 2 cents
    it dont mean much though

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    as always I am interested in doing anything if I am available...working 24 hour shifts suck sometimes :((....
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