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Halloween event idea

Discussion in 'Killeen, TX' started by Slave_princessJedi, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. Slave_princessJedi

    Slave_princessJedi Jedi Youngling

    Feb 25, 2005
    Hey! Im thinking of doing something for Halloween [face_pumpkin], like maybe a dunking booth, bob for apples, face painting etc. With Troopers, the Crimson Gaurd or even Chewbacca,there to "escort" the jedi being dunked,take pics with kids etc.Or instead of having one of the group get dunked we could arrange it where the kids could have a chance to try and dunk their parents:D. They could be escorted by a member aswell.Whatcha think? It would still be warm enough for that. Where wouldnt be an issue,most towns have a carnival for halloween, they are usually held the weekend before.So since Halloween is a monday this year the carnivals would be on 29th.[face_pumpkin]Gatesville has one,Belton and Temple also.Killeen doesnt since its so large. We would have to rent a spot to set up, and also rent the booth.If everyone pitched in this far in advance booking it wouldnt be a problem.We have the tent from the drive in or just a table would work for the face painting.A tub and a quick trip to HEB for apples for the bobbing.[face_skull] Simple things like that are alot of fun. Events on the square are also alot safer than door to door trick or treating, Vendors hand out candy and there are other games etc.[face_clown] Being on a weekend would work out great and it could be done early enough in the evening that the drive home wouldnt be an issue.Start at 6 and over by 9:30??Any comments?

  2. britt1

    britt1 Jedi Master star 1

    Dec 10, 2001
    I am not sure what Temple has going on (Woody may know), you might check out what Gatesville is doing. I really don't want to go anywhere Halloween nite but that Saturday before should be okay!
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