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    Sep 22, 2004
    Geo-stationary Orbit, Earth.

    6 March 2009

    Like eggs bursting from coral, a cloud of dropships drift from the large Covenant ships-of-the-line. They spin, forming, and with puffs of plasma from the drive units, dive for the surface of the planet below?

    Brtak ?Hadaspree, Sangheili Zealot, commanding third arm of the fleet of Joyous Purification

    ?You?re certain about the preparation, honored elder?? ?Hadaspree?s chief aide --the Human equivalent of a Chief of Staff?inquired. It wasn?t the first time he?d asked in the last few days. He spoke, of course, of the order that no preparatory bombardment was to be made in support of the landings; Zealot ?Hadaspree deciding that surprise was more important in this, the follow-up to the Arm?s less-than-successful initial landing some ten rotations earlier.

    ?I am. Complete surprise will be worth four hours of plasma bombardment. Further, we must take care not to damage any icons and artifacts left by the Forerunners.?

    ?Hadaspree?s aide knew that his commander had gotten a stern rebuke by the Prophet of Hope for that very reason. His plasma-happy approach, chiefly the annihilation of the human population center from the first planetfall had been? controversial. So, the Zealot was deferring to politics. For now.

    ?Besides,? ?Hadaspree went on. ?I am certain you prepared a fire plan anyway, in case I changed my mind.? He appreciated this aide. This one was conscientious, and not as much of a religious buffoon as others on his staff. He looked over at his aide with the Sangheili equivalent of a smile.

    He returned it. Somewhat reluctantly ?Well sir, it is always possible the troops will need orbital support.?

    ?Quite so.? ?Hadaspree turned his view back to the holotank, where the display showed first wave beginning to enter the planet?s stratosphere. ?Is the second wave ready??

    ?They are standing by, awaiting word from the surface of a secure landing zone.?

    ?Good. Then let?s end this farce.?

    Hey hey! You made it! Welcome one and all. This RPG is a continuation of the fairly successful Halo: TODAY, and is open to players new and old alike. For those who are brand new, check out the old game at and get aquainted. In short, it?s a military tactical game based on the conceit that the Covenant, the primary antagonists from the immensely popular Halo series for Xbox, land on Earth in the very near future. As we play, new weapons systems will come on line, and do much to fill the battlefield with noise and color. We decided to start a new Thread every time we start a new chapter or campaign in order to keep the thread from stagnating, and so this one, as the title suggests, is about the Covenant attack on the US midwest, specifically Indiana.So jump on in, but first let?s go over the?


    1. Keep the swearing and violence to a minimum.
    2. Keep the OOC to a minimum.
    3. No godmoding.
    4. Keep your characters realistic. The height and weight limits are 6'3' and 235 pounds, and none of those "pure muscle" descriptors if you come close to either maximum.
    5. PM your character sheets to me for approval.
    6. Mine and Sanctimoniously's word is law.
    7. Have an enjoyable time.

    Character Sheet:

    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS):

    PS: If somebody wants to play characters outside of the United States, PM me and we?ll talk.

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    Dec 28, 2005
    Name: Elric Kalinich
    Age: 19
    Service: US Navy
    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Strike Intelligence Analyst
    Rank: Intelligence Specialist Third Class (IS3)
    Weapons: None
    Bio: A former slacker who DEPped into the Navy when he was barely seventeen, deciding that it was about time to do something with his life. He suffers from a severe lack of self-confidence, which he writes off as a preventive measure to keep him from actually screwing up. It may just be working out for him, as he excelled in boot camp and 'A' school. When the Covenant invasion ensued on 23 February 2009, he was promoted to the rank of Petty Officer Third Class and assigned to a position aboard the USSJohn Paul Jones, which took up a defencive perimeter around the stricken city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

    During the attack, his ship was sunk and he was thrown overboard. He was rescued after swimming to the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway to safety and is currently being treated for his injuries.

    Name: Johnathon Kittering
    Age: 25
    Service: U.S. Navy, attached to a Marine unit.
    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Expeditionary Intelligence Analyst, NEC 3912
    Rank: Intelligence Specialist Second Class (IS2, EXW)
    Weapons: FN SCAR-L
    Bio: Kittering joined the Navy in 2002, figuring that he would make Master Chief within a year and blow some **** up. Six years later, he's on the verge of making first class, finally has three full rows of ribbons, and wears the Expeditionary Warfare pin. He's satisfied with his job because it makes him good money, but, as has been noted throughout his career, he rarely seems to take pride in what he does.
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    Mar 9, 2003
    Name: Todd Stephon Michaelson

    Age: 40

    Branch of Service: USMC

    MOS: Pilot, Airborn Recon Special Assignments and Operations.

    Rank: Major

    Weapons: Personal Weapon
    HK-417 Recce Model w. 16" Barrel 7.62mm x 51mm High Capacity Snail Ammo Magazine.
    Includes under barrel mounted 40mm grenade launcher capable of launching MEI
    Mercury Grenades.

    Side Arm
    Para Ordinance P-14 45 Cal. RR based on Colt 1911 model with 15rnd magazine x 8.

    Osprey Ramp Gun
    Dillan M-134D Mini Gun 5.56mm x 45mm.

    Defensive Armor Dragon Scale II*

    Bio: Born June 30th, 1968. Todd was not your usual child. Always seeking why things
    were the way they were, he was an odd mixture of energy and curiousity. Then came
    the day his uncle showed him a rare cover of Life Magazine's April 19th 1954 issue.
    It was an unauthorized photo cover of Operation Bravo. The second and last Hydrogen
    Bomb detonated by the DoD. He marveled at the H-bomb's darkened region in the center
    of the blast with white spots. Reading over and over the official quote of the
    scientists about the photo, but never quite accepted what it claimed. It wasn't
    until in his teenage years that he knew why. At 18 he joined the Marines and aced
    their exams for technical aptitude and engineering. Todd, however wasn't content
    with this. On his 25th birthday he saw his first UFO while on leave. From then on
    he knew that everything he'd been taught about physics was in question. Having heard
    how others were treated, who reported their sightings, Todd just kept his mouth
    shut. Time passed and he started taking classes in advanced mathimatics. This and
    Todd also investigated the secrets of Maxwell's 200 some odd quarternian mathimatical
    equations in electrodynamics. These were the originals that Maxwell had made before
    Oliver Heaviside simplified them before and dumped the scalar values from the
    equations. He knew then WHY! Why the UFO he'd seen had levitated, how energy was
    accessible from the environment surrounding matter. After submitting his findings
    in his thesis, Todd earned his second Doctorate. This one in Electrodynamics.

    Post Graduate Degrees: Doctorate in Electrodynamics.
    Doctorate in Maechanical Engineering.
    Masters in Combat Strategy & Tactics

    Name: Anthony Ramone Estiphon.

    Age: 30.

    Service Branch: US Navy

    MOS: SOCOM Seal, Assigned to DEVGRU/ST-6.

    Rank: Lt. Cmdr. In command of two platoons from DEVGRU.

    Weapons: Personal HK-417 20" barrel "Sniper" model 7.62mm x 51mm w. Night Sight/Infrared
    scope. High capacity snail magazine plus 30rnd x 8 backup magazines. Also 8

    Personal Side Arm SOCOM HK Mark 23 Mod. 0 45 ACP w. under mounted Infra-red
    laser sight working in conjunction with Inra-red night vision goggles when

    Knife Navy Combat Knife.

    DEVGRU unit's Weapons: Let's put it this way! Lots!!!

    Defensive Armor: Dragon Scales II*

    *Note concerning Dragon Scale
    Body Armor:
    Plasma Pistols/ Up to two shots limited protection; though
    wearer will still be incapacitated.

    Plasma Rifles/ One shot will crater the Body Armor but save
    wearer's life, though wearer will be incapacitated.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Name:John Fort
    Service:United States Marine Corps (Force Recon)
    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): 0302 (Infantry officer)
    Rank:Second Lieutenant
    Weapons:M16A4/M203;M9;grenades (4)

    Bio: Born and raised in Katy, Texas John Fort was commissioned in the Marines through the Naval Academy in Maryland in 2008. Immediately following TBS and infantry school, his unit was mobilized from Camp Lejune,NC to support forces engaged in the Midwest. Courageous, intelligent, and loyal to a fault, Lieutenant Fort has been deemed to have a long career ahead of him. John tends to get reckless and overconfident during successful operations. Though his has gone through his basic officer training, his lack of real combat training, leads to his inexpirence.
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    Sep 22, 2004
    Name: Joseph Olsen

    Age: 38

    Service: United States Marine Corps, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st
    Marine Division

    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Armored Battalion Commander

    Rank: Major

    Weapons: M1A2 Main Battle Tank. Qualifications for M4 Carbine w/ M203 Grenade Launcher, SAW LMG, M2 .50 caliber Machine Gun, Beretta 9mm.

    Bio: Born July 22nd 1969, the son of a Marine deployed to Vietnam. Joe never met his father, as he was killed in action in 1970, but his mother spoke so often of him, even after she re-married, he decided to go into the Corps to honor his father, and enlisted in 1987 at age 18. He found that he took well to the Esprit de Corps and discipline. He scored exceptionally well in leadership and armor tactics. Olsen was admitted to officer school and graudated a 2nd Lieutenant. In 1990 he participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Iraq. Upon returning home, he married his longtime sweetheart. Olsen remained in the Corps, but still had time to become a family man. 3 children would be born over the next decade. Olsen was promoted to Major in early 2001. His next major deployment was in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He had completed two tours as Commander of the 1st tank battalion, when he and the battalion was inexplicably and suddenly shipped home in March of 2008. He then began participating in strange war games involving enemies with Directed energy weapons. His suspicions were confirmed at Thanksgiving dinner of 2008 when he learned of the forthcoming Invasion of earth. He is resolved to do his duty by his family and country, no matter where that may lead.

    During the chaotic battle of New Orleans, Olsen conducted his battalion well in a counterattack, and fought well. His unit escaped the destruction of New Orleans, and now the battalion is temporarily posted at Fort Knox, awaiting transport back to their home division.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    lets get this show on the road lol
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    Dec 28, 2005
    As IS3 Kalinich, recovering at Fort Knox

    A cigarette dangled from my mouth as I slid the latest additions to my collection onto a new eight-ribbon rack. The red, white and blue of the Silver Star and the plain purple of the Purple Heart now stood proudly at the top of the six other more mundane ribbons, the highest of which had been a mere Battle "E" award. I fiddled with the pieces a bit to ensure that they were perfectly straight and sharp, then pinned the rack to my chest. Then, I looked at myself in the mirror. The cut over my eyebrow was healing nicely. The most painful injury I'd sustained was a rather vicious laceration across my back, apparently from being slammed into a bulkhead. It hurt to move sometimes, and I was probably going to end up LLD for life. I took a long drag off the cigarette and looked back at my new awards.

    For $5.60, you, too can be like me.
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    Mar 9, 2003
    Time, Date and location: 09:00, March 6, 2009, Dam Neck, Virginia USA.

    IC as Lt. Commander Anthony Ramone Estiphon:

    Modern communications equipment was a wonderful thing, especially with the need to spread the information necessary to other SEAL Teams who were now operating under more intense circumstances than ever. Any information that could be gleaned and thus spread to other SOCOM Units was vital in ensuring their preparedness to meet and defeat the combined world's new enemy! Lt. Cmndr. Estiphon had the floor, as it were and the undivided attention of members of every SEAL Team, currently operational. Those who were not physically present, never the less were involved with the meeting of the minds in order to bring all SEAL Teams up to speed on the latest developments in the War against the Covenant. Estiphon spoke of his use of far infra-red optics or thermographics to detect the Elites. Many faces eyed him. Quite a few were digitally relayed to him on plasma screens each of which had their own individual cams mounted securly on top and aimed at his podium fronted location.

    "The trick is to take advantage of their heat emissoins from their armor when its electronic camo has been engaged. I've put in a request to SOCOM for the fabrication of more variable infra-red scopes as well as something for us to wear to see them with if their armor cloaking is engaged too, say a kind of fourth generation Night sight. One that could switch between starlight and thermographic like our AMRs have only smaller."

    Heads started nodding with a few murmers of approval. One screen from SEAL Team 3, typed in the question, 'How soon?'

    "I've been advised that we can expect deployment of this within a month's time. So you can take this as a serious gap in our ability to fight them that command wants filled asap. In the mean time our best tactic to date, is using our combined AMR's scopes as both spotters and shooters for the rest of us. More Thermographic scopes will be issued for the rest of our MK 17s in all models shortly to all of our teams within the next few days."

    That got their approval! More heads nodded with more murmurs of approval all around!

    "I've also been advised that we have been issued a new toy in our arsenal. The AA-12 Fully Automatic Shot Gun. It will be configured for urban warfare use by the marines at least for now, but all SEAL Teams issued it will have it for a wider use including ammo with extra punch! I guess some of you have been keeping tabs on this. So you have probably heard about the Frag 12s that have been undergoing assessment by the Marines. Well guess what? We'll be using that too! Distribution of those last two items will be effective immediately and we'll also be getting 32 round capacity magazines to what we do best with."

    Oh they were grinning like kids on Christmas morning now!

    "That about raps up my end of the update so I'll hand it over to Commander..."

    Cellphones went off all over the place! Something had happened and it wasn't good, because everyone's cellphone was lighting up! Estiphon looked at his Commander as his own Cellphone vibrated for attention too. He just nodded.

    "Ok, Meeting's over. Good luck on your respective missions!" he called over the murmuring as screens went blank and SEAL Team members filed out of the meeting room at a brisk walk. The Covenant was back for another round.
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    Mar 9, 2003
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    Dec 20, 2008
    IC: Second Lieutenant John Fort.Force Recon,USMC. Fort Knox

    A shiny blue sedan pulled up to the main gate and connecting booth. A long wooden white striped bar was placed in order to force cars to halt their movement.A elderly soldier dressed in ACU's held out his hand,pulled out a scanner and proceeded to move to the drivers side. John lowered his window,and peered out of the door.The elderly man wore the rank of Sergeant First Class on his chest, accompanied by a subuded Ranger tab."Morning Sergeant,wonderful weather isn't it?" John said cheerfully,as he pulled out his CAC card to be scanned. The Sergeant sneered and made a face,seemingly about to make a comment when he looked down to scan."Yes, the weather is nice...Lieutenant" he said slowly.
    "Hm,don't seem like you are having a good day" Mused John,taking back his card,and he proceeded to rev up the engine again.

    The gate was raised and the sedan was motioned through.John drove down a dirt path until he reached a busy 4-way intersection, in the distance was a massive brick complex that had a sign :1LT Earl Grandbow General Hospital.John pulled up slowly,scanning for a parking space. The only spot around was in front of the main steps,in the handicap zone.On the side walk stood two privates,one waved a issue of Guns Today, both in a heated debate about the M8 vs. M4A1 CQB

    As John walked up the concrete steps the two soldiers snapped to attention and in unison rendered quick salute.He caught the last gaze as the two stared in disqust at his desert MARPAT uniform.

    OOC:This isn't that good. Hopefully it will get better as the story progresses :)

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    Sep 22, 2004
    OOC: Big LPC post tomorrow.
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    Sep 22, 2004
    LPC: Charlie Andrews, Andrews' Family Farm, Bentonville Indiana

    With the kids grown and married, and their grandkids in school, and it being Early March, there was still not much to do for the farm. Oh sure, there was ordering of seed and feed, reserving a time for the rented farm equipment to till and plant, and there were of course the myriad small chores that Olivia might make Charlie do around the house to keep him busy. He often suspected such handyman work was more to keep him out of Olivia's hair rather than actually keep him busy. At this time of year, Charlie was content at his age to settle back in is chair with his legs covered with the blanket his daughter-in-law knit for him, and read.

    Or play Solitaire.

    Or work the crossword.

    Or try to figure out how to work the confounded DVD player the kids got him, so he could watch one of the many movies that he'd never had the time to see in theaters.

    But for now, Charlie Andrews was quite content to simply watch the sunrise over the farm that had been in his family for over five generations, and mull his cup of coffee. It hadn't a bad life. There were the ups and downs. Farming was a tough job, and some years you were lucky to make back your investment, even with government assistance. But they'd weathered worse: His younger brother lost to the florid jungles of southeast Asia, Charlie Jr's. stints in and out of jail before he discovered Jesus, the inevitable distance that emerges from so many years with the same person at your side, their grandchild's autism. It had been a good life.

    He knew that, and told himself that, even as the 6 alien vessels sank from the sky, occluding the sun, and set down on the brown tracts of the Andrews' family farm.

    Charlie had watched the news, he knew what this meant. He got up and got the rifle down from the mantle, and loaded it with his old arthritic fingers shaking. He climbed the stairs and entered his room. he gave his dear Olivia a peck on her cheek. She stirred. She stirred a lot more when the barn went up with the first explosion.

    He told her he loved her, and tossed her the keys to the truck. He shut out her shrieking babble and went back down the stairs and out the back door, where a clutch of aliens in a vanguard advanced on his house. He brought the rifle to his shoulder, and took aim, starting the Lord's prayer.

    He did not even finish the first 6 words of the prayer before a flock of pink crystal darts homed in on him, studding his wiry frame from hip to skull. Both he and the projectiles burst like fine china.

    And that was all.

    Tag: anybody

    OOC: some more NPC posts coming before organized resistance comes into play. For now, just react to watching CNN or whatever. Total areas of enemy landings will be revealed shortly.

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    Sep 22, 2004
    LPC: Hilda Jackson, Connersville Indiana.

    "Come on! Hurry up!" Hilda called to little Tucker. Tucker, a kindergartner, was trotting towards the idling bus, looking particularly cute in his fleece-lined coat and ski cap pulled down to his eyebrows. He mounted the bus and Hilda swung the doors shut, closing out the bitter air. As Tucker plopped down in his seat, she touched the gas and the bus rolled forward. Their destination was the Grandview Elementary School. And Tucker's stop was on Brook Street, the last on her route. She turned the creaking, grinding bus onto North State Road 1 and headed for the school.

    On the way, she passed the Connersville airport, and noted something unusual: there were no lights along the runway. This was odd because at this hour, the airport could be expecting small flights. She didn't think anything of it. There was no traffic either, but she was grateful for that.

    As they approached the junction of State road 1 and 150 though, she first noticed the glow in the south. In the wrong direction of the sunrise.

    Connersville was ablaze.

    It mesmerized her. In that moment, the aliens appeared.

    Several strange alien vehicles formed a roadblock at the T-section of SR1 and 150. They had crossed empty fields and formed up, creating an alien barrier to the school. Distantly, she heard the students scream in terror, as shapes shimmered out of nothing in the glare of the Bus headlights. Tall, Alien, terrifying, they stood among their vehicles, wearing blue armor, and holding elegantly curved weapons. One of them, this one wearing red armor, stepped forth and held up his hand.

    In moments like this, the details one remembers are unusual. Hilda remembered that the extraterrestrial='s icy breath clouded the air around him, and that he seemed to have some difficulty mimicking the human symbol that meant "Halt".

    And in that moment, the terror really hit home and she wanted to be nowhere else but home. She slammed on the brakes, and the yellow bus lurched forward to a screeching stop. The red-clad alien stepped forward, and her nerves snapped. Hilda slammed the bus in reverse, the wails of the students reaching fever pitch. She spun the wheel, the rear wheels leaving the road, presenting the broad side to the alien blockade. She looked over at the intruders as she was about the complete the three-point turn.

    It was the last thing that she or Tucker or any of the children on the bus saw. For at that moment. Plasma streams from two ghosts swept across the school bus, turning it to expanding spheres of vaporized metal and blazing diesel. One tiny figure escaped the holocaust out the back of the bus. It ran around crazily, its garments ablaze. The Sangheilie Major-Domo considered it mercy as he clubbed the child's brains out to end its agony.

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    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game: 18:00,03/06/09, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson AFB.

    IC as Marine Major Todd Stephon Michaelson and assorted NPCs of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other Officers, Scientists and Engineers attending the meeting:

    The audience was varied and wasn't easily convinced of his ideas, but with an invasion and the technology there staring them in the face, those in attendence really didn't have a realistic defence to his sales pitch. Major Todd Michaelson stood before them with his computer note book open and on the podium. As he scrolled through his mathimatical formulas he'd worked out for display for the scientific contingency of the audience in attendance, noticed some of the younger ones actually seemed more receptive to his ideas.

    "The issue isn't one of physics. It's an issue of information and engineering. If we put aside the relativety ideology and return to the ideas of Nicola Tesla, we have the answer to how they are able to generate such large volumes of power such that they can create an antigravity field. It's really quite simple. They can effectively draw their energy from the surrounding ambient environment and create a vortical energy chain reaction in the form of an energy bubble. This bubble-as it were-would be in effect an electromagnetic screen with a strong set of flux lines to hold it firmly in shape. By manipulating the amount and direction of electron flow, one can change direction and velocity of travel. The important thing is this. You do not have to generate the energy using fission, fusion or some form of matter annilation in order to create heat energy to cause locomotion. It can be done using a much simpler method. There's already patents in the US Patent Office showing energy producing layouts that make regular generators and alternators look like firecrackers next to H-bombs in comparason. If nothing else one could use the Hans Coler invention named the Strom Zuger, or in english the power amplifier. This in conjunction with just two batteries in the circuit, we can effectively eliminate the need for any other power generating system."

    He definately had the attention of the younger scientists and engineers but the old school crowd was reserving judgement. One from General Electric raised his hand to make a comment.

    "Major Michaelson, you realize that for us to just drop what we've been using all our lives up 'til now would create a critical situation that would eliminate a vital portion of our industry's bread and butter? What would you have to make it worth the electrical generating industry's while to pitch in with this instead of going with a more standard electrical generating approach?"

    Air Force General Stone's cell phone chimed for attention. He stepped out to answer it through the doorway.

    "In answer to that question sir, my answer is simply this. How long does it take to manufacture each and everyone of those individual 'standard' electrical generating systems in conjunction with some other power source to make it work verses the approach I've suggested using the materials I've suggested earlier? My suggested system uses less material, requires less time and is easier to manufacture true enough. The advantage is that this system gives humanity that much more of a chance to survive against a horrendous enemy that wouldn't think twice about wiping out an entire world population just because we didn't choose to start going down on bended knee and start converting to their religion."

    The old school scientist swallowed and nodded.

    "Thank you for your candore."

    The door from outside swung open and General Stone stepped in. His blue eyes locked with the rest of the Chiefs of Staff present as they looked over towards him. What few discussions that had started in hushed tones now fell silent.

    "Everyone! I have an announcement. The Covenant has launched an attack in the State of Indiana. There appears to be several hundred maybe thousands of transport shuttles decending down in and around Indianapolis. We no long
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    Dec 20, 2008
    IC:Second Lieutenant John Fort.Force Recon,USMC. Fort Knox

    As John stepped inside the cool interior of the hospital's lobby what he saw throughly impressed him: The floors were pure grey marble,each block outlined in black. In the waiting room was a big screen t.v., a glass coffee table and a green sofa.

    Behind the main desk were three elevators.Brushing past an elderly man, John strode to the first elevator,pushed the up arrow and waited for the steel door to open.The door slid open to reveal two doctors standing there. Both doctors looked John up and down,their eyes full of questions.John squeezed into the small elevator and pressed the number 8. One of the doctors a short,bald elderly man glanced at John from the corner of his eye. "Uh..didn't know the base had a Marine Detachment.What are the odds of that?".John remained silent,rolled his eyes and pushed the button again.
    "How long have you been on base?"the old doctor pressed on. Clearly he could not take a hint.John said nothing before deciding to humor the annoying coot.
    "There isn't a detachment here.AND i'm stationed at Lejeune.2nd Recon Battalion."
    A tiny 'Ding' noise fluttered through the elevator: John had reached his floor.

    John nodded curtly to the two doctors before proceeded to step off the elevator. He continued down the cooridor until he stopped outside room 848.Taking a deep breath, John knocked on the wooden door before opening the door slowly. The following sight wrenched his somewhat steely heart and didnt let go. A Young man was laying asleep in the bed.

    As John grew closer,the better his view became.The young man was hispanic,his muscular,USMC-tattooed arms covered in bruises and burns.The right half of his face was burned and scarred.His left leg was amputated to the thigh,the end wrapped in new bandages. He was dressed in summer PTs.
    "Rodriguez.How you doing Corpral?" John asked,sitting at Rodriguez's bedside. "Lieutenant Fort..You are my first visitor! What's going on? How's the platoon?" Rodriguez said eagerly sitting up.
    "Take it easy Marine.Nice and easy"cautioned John,putting a hand up."Nothing is going on, just stopped by,and the platoon is doing well.We were transferred here, getting ready to head back to lejeune".
    "Aw, that sucks sir" the marine said,rubbing his injured arm in pain. "Not really.My wife is stationed here,so it's not all bad.She's how I found were you were here Marine."

    Another knock on the door and a woman entering broke up the two Marines conversation."Ah, glad to see you are awake.And nice to see you as well Johnny" a familiar voice floating in John's ear. He looked up to see a young red-haired woman in ACU's: It was his wife,a huge smile on her face.

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    Sep 22, 2004
    OOC: Starting my winter vacation tomorrow. Out in San Francisco until Saturday night. Will post more on Sunday. In the meanwhile, post character development. See ya soon!
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    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game: Time 01:45, Date 03/07/09, Location Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. Outdoor Temperature, 40 degrees.

    IC as Major Todd Stephon Michaelson & NPC Captain Jerry Connecky: Todd Michaelson and his Copilot both trotted out to the row of MV-22B Osprey Tilt Rotor Aircraft. Other pilots and copilots were doing the same as VMM-268, Valkry Squadron was preparing for emergency departure. The destination was Fort Knox, Kentucky. Another Squadron 8th SOS was also winding up for departure. They were on there way to Dam Neck, Virginia to pick up DEVGRU/ST 6.

    Todd ran up the lowered ramp and dashed foreward towards the cockpit. Upon reaching the cockpit his copilot Captain Jerry Connecky slipped into his seat and went through preflight protocalls. several seconds later the turboshafts began turning and came up to speed sufficiant enough for pressurization and combustion. Crew members stood clear as ramps began rising to their closed position.

    "VMM-268 your are cleared for immediate departure. Be advised, winds are out of the north west at fifteen miles per hour with gusts to twenty five miles per hour."

    "Roger Tower," spoke Michaelson as he adjusted the tilt rotor's engine speed and began lifting off. While the 8th SOS Blackbirds headed for Dam Neck, Virginia, the rest of VMM-268 followed Major Michaelson's Valkry 1 and turned to South and West towards Fort Knox to pick up their precious cargo. Valkry Squadron was airborne.

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    Sep 22, 2004
    IC: Major Joe Olsen, 1st Tank Battalion, Fort Knox Kentucky

    "I want every tank up and running and ready to roll. I want one-third Cannister, one-third MPAT, and one-third APFSDS. Get some smoke rounds in there too. Get it. Beg, borrow, or steal it from these Army pukes. But get it. Because we're sure to be in it."

    Olsen walked the maintenance bay with his Quartermaster officer and his head of Maintenance. He was outlining what was basically standard procedure--except for the main gun loadout--and nodody really needed to hear it. But being in a war with little sleep, and what sleep there is being restless, you tended to change somewhat.

    But he wanted them to get it done. No warning order had been issued, but he felt it was coming, and wanted to be ready to roll in a matter of minutes if necessary. He'd already had some of his staff working on possible approach by road if necessary. It would be a grueling march, and Olsen hoped it wouldn't be necessary--rail being the preferred method of moving AFV's--but he was prepared to order it.

    The aliens had landed. Again. This time they seemed be be landing in eastern Indiana, and least one wave had touched down and another was following. He'd heard some rumors--they flew even here-- about landings as far north as Fort Wayne, and as far south as the suburbs of Cincinnati. But the only thing that CNN had confirmed were landings in farm towns mostly in the central eastern part of the state.

    And on top of all this, he was supposed to meet with a new addition to his staff: a young Intelligence specialist who'd be attached to the battalion. But that was least on his mind. He glanced over at the maintenance crews as they attached armor skirts to a tank. "Hustle up!
    he barked, as he hurried on.

    TAG: anyone

    OOC: I'm having trouble getting a decent map together, so I'll just describe the Covenant landings for now. Crack open a map of Indiana. Start with I-70, running east-west across the state. follow it east past the city of Greenfield and past the cities of New Castle. The next major city is called Cambridge city. The covenant have landed in an oval-shaped area stretching north to south from State Route 35 in the North down to Connersville in the south. The major roads of 1-70 and Route 40 (the old national road) have both been cut. The furthest the Covenant have moved west is to a position only a few miles west of Cambridge City, on the edge of the city of East Germantown. The furthest east the Covenant have occupied is a small town called Straughn, straddling Route 40. I'm sorry this isn't as good as a map, but I'm working on it. You can now begin post as local militia or units moving to deploy east of Indianapolis. Good Luck!
  19. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    Time: 01:55 Date 3/7/09 Location: VMM-268 Airborne in route to Fort Knox, Kentucky.

    IC as Major Todd Stephon Michaelson & NPC Captain Jerry Connecky:

    "Altitude 10,000 feet," said Jerry as he glanced west. "My God, I think I see some of those cuvvy shuttles coming down from space beyond the state line."

    Todd looked towards the west and nodded.

    "Yeah their dropping in like vultures for sure," said Todd.

    "Do you think your insights into their technology will make a real difference in our survival, Major?" asked Connecky.

    "If General Stone sticks to his decision, we'll have what it takes to reconfigure our power source technology then our next step is to apply it to ground transportation, ground combat vehicles and combat aircraft" said Todd, "all powered by ambient electrons in the surrounding environment."

    They both scanned the horizon looking for other signs of invasion as the tablue in Indiana gradually fell behind with their progress towards Fort Knox in Kentucky.

    "So how does this work exactly. I mean with the ambient electrons in the environment. What makes them accessable for use?", asked Connecky.

    "Four forces working in two pairs," answered Michaelson. "Positive and Negative electrical charge and North and South magnetic poles. These result in a self sustaining power generating event. A vortex if you add circular motion", he continued.

    "And this is going to save the world?" asked Connecky.

    "Only if we use it in time. From their we can apply it to as many other technologies invented by Tesla as you can count on fingers and toes. Two come to mind that I believe can send them packing a second time but not before we apply the other at the same time for defence against those plasma cannons they have up in orbit".

    Michaelson cleared his throat.

    "So what are these two that come to mind that are so heavy?" asked Connecky.

    "The first is an offensive weapon using two very powerful radar emitters from two fairly distant locations. One operates at a specific frequency while the other operates at 1.5 times that frequency. With both emitters aimed at the chosen target and activated it would result in anillation of the target. A tremendous explosion followed by an implosion would result. This is called a scaler weapon. The second one would require a series of toweres set up similarly to Tesla's Waldencliff Tower in Waldencliff, New York. These would be able to work as powerful force field emitters for surrounding areas of vulnerability that would be essential for the war effort against the Covenant."

    "Oh," said Connecky and then fell silent.

    VMM-268 flew on.
  20. Deiskrad

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    Sep 22, 2004
    IC: Major Joe Olsen, 1st Tank Battalion, Fort Knox

    "Warning order!" Olsen held the teletype before him as he walked into his Chief of Staff's office.

    "We're to load the battalion onto trains and head up to Indianapolis. We're to depart within 5 hours." He saw his COS suppress surprise for a moment. Olsen knew it would be difficult to get the whole battalion up and running and marching to make such a deadline, despite all their preparation.

    "Let's move like we've got a purpose." He said, and laid a copy of the warning order down on his subordinate's desk.

    OOC: For the moment, Police and fire units are evacuating much of Eastern and central Indiana. Indiana National Guard units have received orders to beign construction of defensive belts stretching 35 miles north and south of the city of Greenfield. Ohio National guardsmen are doing likewise in Ohio. Big update coming this weekend. C'mon people! post! Get in the war!
  21. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    IC: Major Todd Stephon Michaelson and NPC Co-Pilot Captain Jerry Connecky.

    March 7th 2009, 03:00 Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA.

    Sixteen MV-22B Ospreys decended at Fort Knox's airfield with their tilt rotors back nearly to vertical position. When they were all landed and winding down fuel trucks approached to top off their tanks. Three Marine Force Recon Platoons were waiting to board for transfer to their next assignment.

    "I'm stretching my legs while I can," said Michaelson.

    "You do that Major," Connecky said.

    Michaelson headed back to see to the loading. Their Army Liason was on hand with orders from Wright Patterson's Marine contingent command. As he scanned his next set of destinations Michaelson furrowed his brows in thought. Indianapaolis was one thing but the the landing field in Moline, Illinois was a bit unusual. Moline, Moline what was there that was familiar about that?

    Trucks and more equipment pulled up and was being off loaded for the Marines to take with them. The pallets contained explosives under the tarps but no clue as to what exactly. No matter. They knew what it was for. Others, Navy personnel by the looks of them, were boarding too. At least two of those were Navy Intel Specialists. Michaelson looked carefully at his orders and saw the real possibility that this was something a little different to the usual run. Maybe some behind Cuvvy lines action. Good.

    Forklifts were rolling up to load the pallets on to his squadron's collective cargo bays. Cargo handlers secured the loads and within 30 minutes they were ready for departure. Michaelson trotted back to his pilot's seat and strapped in. Turboshafts wound up and Ospreys started rolling foreward for short take off. Tower had cleared them for immediate departure. Ten minutes later VMM-268 was enroute for Indianapolis International Airport and climbing to 10,000 feet. Let Recon figure out what was going on. He was just the messenger boy today. The Valkries flew on to the heart of Indiana.
  22. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    TAG: Sanc, Deiskrad, Great_Divide and anyone else please!
  23. Deiskrad

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    Sep 22, 2004
    LPC: Xysto ?Grontroa, Sangheili Major-Domo, commanding Scout Lance near Lewisville Indiana

    Strapped into his ?ghost? scout vehicle, the alien world whipped past him at an appreciable speed. He and his lance of eight ?ghosts* and one ?spectre? vehicles were spread out in a reconnaissance formation: 4 ghosts up, 4 back, and the Spectre in the center. They were looking for hard contact with the enemy. A screen reconnaissance before the main force hit home. So far they had hit no major enemy activity. This did not surprise him. Xysto knew that these humans were cowardly heathens. Their combat techniques from earlier bore that out.

    Xysto glanced at his holographic map. Overlayed was various data collected by his Ghost?s sensor suite. Coupled with the Spectre?s more powerful sensors, and the Top-Down view from Fleet Tactical in orbit, ?Grontroa got a very clear view of what the humans were up to in the settlement up ahead.


    On foot and in vehicles, the humans were headed west, away from the advancing Covenant forces. Well, what they perceived were advancing Covenant forces. This, and a dozen other scouting missions were the only advance so far. The main body would begin it?s advance in a tenth-cycle or so.

    He couldn?t blame them really. His unit was a savage lot. You didn?t survive long in recon without being quick and deadly. And even if they were to be more than the scout lance could handle (perish the thought) he had a number of Banshee?s in overwatch, who would scream out of the sky and provide covering fire to allow them to disengage.

    ?Grontroa noticed then that some of the humans had not left. Zooming in, the holo careted several vehicles and humans that had taken up positions along the main thoroughfare through the upcoming population center. The tactical computer identified the combatants and their vehicles as irregulars. Militia or civil defense.

    ?Grontroa nearly spat in contempt. Militia! He?d hoped for a real fight. Still. At least he would have one story to tell his hatchlings. He flipped his com switch to raise the rest of his lance. As he did this, he switched to a contour map of the area. The place was extremely flat, but there was something of a dip in one of the crop tracts to the north on approach to the settlement.

    He spoke into the com circuit: ?Human militia. 4 vehicles. 15 combatants or more?? the rest of his unit were looking at the same hologram, so they knew the enemy?s position. ?Unit Mreetak will hook right through this depression and come up on the flank of the enemy position?? Unit Mreetak designated the rear four Ghosts in the formation ?Unit Grelnomm?? The first four Ghosts ?will tighten intervals and lay down fire from the front once in range. Once Mreetak reaches rally point cresst, all fire will cease to allow Mreetak to flank and nullify enemy resistance. Unit kwexz?? the Spectre ?will provide additional fire with Unit Grelnomm. In three? two? one? Execute.?

    The four ghosts to the rear of the formation broke off and headed towards the depression. The forward unit and the Spectre slowed and moved closer together. The human settlement was just becoming visible.

    LPC: Ray Atkins, Drywall installer, Lewisville Indiana

    Through the slightly fish-eye view of the binoculars, Ray Atkins watched the purple alien vehicles as they advanced, hovering above the ground. He clutched the .30-06 rifle closer. His hands were clammy. He knew, deep down, that this was almost certainly the end. It had been a rough time. Extremely rough. The stagnant economy had meant fewer houses being bought, and fewer houses meant less contract work. Less contract work meant less money. Less money had meant more worry, and trouble with Tabitha.

    More booze though. That helped.

    But they might?ve made it. Until these A******* decided to come to earth. Within a week of the President?s address on Thanksgiving day. Tabitha was gone. In her place, was an acid ?Dear John? letter. In which she said that Although humanity may have little chance against aggressive aliens, she would have no chance sticking with a loser
  24. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    Date: March 7th, 2009. Time: 18:50 Location: Wright Patterson, AFB, Ohio.

    It was past sundown and VMM-268 was approaching Wright Patterson's airfield for landing. Their mission complete at Indianapolis after some late changes in the mission had turned it from an insertion into Indianapolis, to a supply run for the Indianapolis branch of the National Guard, stationed at Indianapolis International Airport. That done, he, the Marine Force Recon and Navy Intelligence Speciallist Personnel flew to Wright Patterson where their base of operations would be for the interum. In the mean time the 8th SOS Blackbirds had brought in SOCOM's DEVGRU, then later SFOD-D out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It was looking very intense at he Oval as it was now being called, where the Covenant had landed and was building up it's numbers for a big push. With tilt rotors angled to the verticle, the Valkries landed. Soon they were being refueled and inspected for any needs before the next mission by ground crews. More equipment was being brought nearby for loading. He knew he'd have to get in a solid eight hours of sleep before he took off again on his next mission. Todd walked briskly to report in to command and hopefully to turn in and get some rest while he could. Connecky walked along beside him.

    "How much longer before the big push starts?" he asked.

    "Soon enough I would imagine," said Todd.

    They both looked blankly at the progress on the construction of high towers set in formations of three legs to maintain stability for holding the radial sphere like construction of four foot long stainless steel tubes. These were arranged in a spherical formation to insure maximum surface area with the tubes aligned to radiate outward like the rays of the sun. Even now welders were working around the clock, nonstop to fabricate these electron shield emmiting projectors. Well, thought, if the russians can do it so can we.

    After their reports were turned in they headed to their designated apartments and turned in for sleep, not knowing that the Big Push had commenced already.

    TAG: Sanc, Deiskrad, Anybody.
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    Mar 9, 2003
    IC as Major Todd Stephon Michaelson:

    He woke with a start, Todd had a bad dream and it woke him up. He heard the Air Base's warning sirens that and the sound of F-22 Rapters launching at full combat thrust. Something was very wrong he felt it! He looked at his watch. Todd hurriedly dressed in his fresh duty uniform. Six hours had passed since he turned in. Then he'd heard them, faintly at first like something screaming from far away. He heard the sound coming nearer. Banshees! Banshees and something else. He pulled out his cell phone and called Connecky. Surprisingly enough Jerry answered on the first ring.

    "We've got trouble meet up with the others at the squadron's flight line. We'll need to help with anti-aircraft duty. Now move!"

    "Yes, sir," Connecky answered.

    "Major Michaelson dashed out from his apartment, jumped in his SUV and spun his wheels towards the flight line. The Fighters that were already launched engaged the enemy aircraft. There were new ones coming in with the Banshees! They were bigger too! Michaelson drove up the ramp of his Osprey got out and manned the ramp gun and started targeting enemy aircraft with his M-134D minigun. Others from his squadron approached. Some of the covenant aircraft began to bare down on them.

    TAG: Deiskrad, Sanctimoniously, Others.
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