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Thriller Halo TODAY: Crossroads of America

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Deiskrad, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    OOC: Have not forgotten. Just Busy! Will post within 48 hours. Please continue.
  2. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    LPC: Zogar ?Gaharkee, Sangeili Zealot commanding 8th Legion of Sacrosanct Meditation. With Vanguard of Covenant forces, Riley Indiana (less than one mile outside Greenfield)

    ?So. The humans have decided to make a stand here.? Gaharkee studied the sensor data. It made a certain amount of tactical sense. Stand here, the last major population center before the major one of a million humans. But still, with the terrain so conducive to maneuver, it should not be difficult to punch through here. In fact, ?Gaharkee was tempted to simply bypass this settlement and continue to move. But If he was to have any political clout afterwards, it would be undercut by those that cried ?coward? at his first major engagement. That he chose to bypass than fight these primates? No. He would blood his troops here and now. In any event an attack would not allow the humans to withdraw to yet another defensive position.

    ?Gaharkee stepped out from his Command Spectre to see the battlefield himself. He had multiple cohorts along the main wheeled vehicle trail, and several more that pushed through the fields for several miles alongside. Though the humans had given his forward forces a bit of a thrust earlier, his forces had been uncoordinated and overconfident. No more. This time he would take the fight to them in full force.

    ?Full attack.? He ordered over the comlink.

    Across the fields and roads west of Greenfield, Shadows, Spectres, ghosts, and their accompanying lances of multi-species infantry began moving forward. A dozen Vampire aerofoils whooshed overhead, spraying the city with their heavy needlers. Clots of banshees moaned to the air in overwatch positions. Far to the rear in Cambridge City, two dozen Wraiths turned their main guns skywards and burped off four rounds each from their plasma mortars.

    In a matter of seconds, the city was hammered by the nearly simultaneous slamming of plasma artillery, the massive needles, and the fuel rod missiles. Greenfield rippled and gouted and flamed under the barrage. National guardsmen and regular troops alike hunkered in their fighting holes or in their vehicles, grimly clenching their sphincters and grinding their teeth; awaiting the barrage to abate.

    Meanwhile, the Covenant troops advanced.

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  3. Great_Divide

    Great_Divide Jedi Youngling

    Dec 20, 2008
    OOC:Hey guys, sorry i left so sudden. I was selected to attend OCS this year summer, so i got awfully busy. Everything's slowing down. I can re-enter if you wouldn't mind me.
  4. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    OOC: Sure, Great_Divide. Jump on in. *points to Greenfield* The enemy is that way.
  5. Great_Divide

    Great_Divide Jedi Youngling

    Dec 20, 2008
    OOC:eek:kay, let me read whats been going on
  6. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Lartimus "Laaht" Aravii
    Age: 24
    Service: USMC
    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): ODST Prototype Soldier, Serving in Marine Recon
    Rank: Captain
    Weapons: Modified Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (Silenced) SMG (Silenced)
    Bio: Laaht joined the USMC as soon as he could, but due to slight mental instability, was sent into the ODST Testing unit, his training and exercises showed him to be a expert shot with a sniper and to have advanced recon and infiltration skills, so he was posted with the Marine Recon in Greenfield.

    IC: Laaht - Greenfield Marine Recon Unit

    Lartimus had been out on his own, a command from his Unit Leader had described for him to go out alone to see any movement from the Covenant forces, he knew that there would be no warning, no breath before the plunge. These were aliens, lead by an Elite, rightfully given that title by the humans. He traced along the tree line, SMG in hand, he was too far away from Greenfield for the Covenant to form ranks near here, so he kept moving, getting as close as he could and yet as safe as he could.
    He spotted an Elite burst from a Spectre, the Elite had the armor of a Commander "My Enemy" he whispered under his helmet, he placed the scope of his sniper to his visor, taking a good look at the Elite. He radioed in to command "Sir, the head Elite just-" he was cut off by the hum of motion, and looked up from the radio, just in time to see the aerofoils ravage the city "I know" came the reply down the radio, It's begun. Get back here Laaht!"
    Lartimus stood and began sprinting down the long stretch of trees, holstering his sniper and SMG, he held the radio close for any incoming orders.

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  7. Great_Divide

    Great_Divide Jedi Youngling

    Dec 20, 2008
    IC:Second Lieutenant John Fort. Force Recon, USMC Greenville

    John stood against the brick wall of CVS, his hawk eyes surveyed the city streets for hostiles. His m16a4 drooped to his lower abdomen on his 3 point sling. Across the street his 3rd squad were munching down on MRe's and cleaning their weapons.
    His RTO, a PFC by the name of Edison was crouched beside him, fumbling with his field radio. Different battle sounds could be heard on the various frequencies. Edison stopped on an frequency that blasted an odd whirring sound. He made a move to switch to a new one before John quickly stopped him "Hold on Ed..Stop at that one".
    Edison looked up at his Lieutenant and adjusted his glasses "Sir? are you sure? i mean theres nothing on this link.

    A squad of marines jogged up towards John and posted beside him. John recognized them as 1st Squad,headed by his old friend SGT. Rogriguez. Sure enough,Rodgriguez showed up, grinning widely. He had enough to be thankful for. A Covenant mortar hit his humvee last year and burned his right leg and right hand off. Thanks to medical science he gained metal limbs that functioned normally. "Sir,we encountered no enemy hostiles in the vircinity."Reported Rodriguez,motioning for his three team leaders,all Corprals to rally on their Platoon Commander.
    "roger that marine. any word on 2nd squad?"
    "Negative LT, last I heard they were posted on the outskirts of the city,making some makeshift OPs." replied a CPL named Perrira

    "Staff Sergeant went with them too sir" Chimed in a small Lance Corpral.

    "Roger that- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT DAMNED Whirring sound" Barked John, looking at his RTO
    "I dunno sir, the radios in decent condition".
    Raider 6 Leader, THIS IS RAIDER 5 Come in, COME IN" The radio crackled
    "Thats Staff Sergeant"Said a private in a hushed voice. "RAIDER 6 LEADER, THIS IS RAIDER 5 COME IN!!"

    Snatching the mike from his RTO, John bellowed into the phone "Roger, this his Raider Lead, come in"

    Gunshots and explosions wafted through the radio "SIR.-ARTILLERY!!!!!!!!!"
    Everything else that the staff sergeant said was echoed out as numerous explosions erupted thoughout the city streets, hitting the side walks, parked cars, and streetlights.The explosion blasts knocked John off his feet and threw him and others inside a deserted building and his eyes went black as he slipped away.

  8. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    A four legged Scarab strode westward on old US 40 with three Indiana National Guardsmen temporarily stationed out of Camp Attabury, Indiana on board. Sargent Gregory "Jack" Jackson had been coached on how to drive this puppy and found it practically drove itself with an occasional adjustment from the steering yoke and its lateral thumb levers for sideways travel. Force Recon had flown out ahead on board the Spirit transport with its three Shade turrets held between the transport's structural forks. The shades were sitting up right and were also manned by three members of Red's Recon Platoon. Red gambled that perhaps with sufficient fire power from the Shades, they would make it past unfriendly ground and air forces and on into their own territory. As the Spirit Transport neared the outskirts of Greenfield, Indiana, Red noticed a barrage of what looked to be plasma and needle artillary fire coming from far to the rear. There were Banshees flying overwatch, Vampires straffing the ground and Spirits, Spectors and Ghosts bringing troops in for an infantry assault against Greenfield, even as it was being hit by the Plasma, Needles and Fuel Rod Missle Artillary. With Specialist E-3, Tip Perry's help they were able to surmise that the Scarab was probably going to be thermonuked on command by remote so they did a Jerry Rig to delay the inevetible outcome of their likely demise. Sargent Jackson knew they'd have to make their final BIG shots really count. Thus it would require them to position their Beast right in the midst of the Covenant Forces and thereby take out as many Covenant assets as possible. As soon as they shot at the lead transports with their bow cannon the rest would temporarily bottle neck then the dorsel plasma cannon would similtaneously strafe along the rear line of transports as far as they could. Then they would pull the core's magnetic bubble and localized big bang. They knew that this was a one way ticket and so they had readied themselves to whatever death held in store. They figured they couldn't out race a thermo nuke going off anyway. Better to go out on their own terms, not the Covenant's. Jackson steered the Scarab closer to the echelons of troop transports heading towards Greenfield. As he merged with their formation a com indicator lit up demanding a response. Jackson knew the clock was ticking and that they would have their remote distruct finger hovering over their remote destruct button. Once they found out that it was comprimised they would rush to acquire his Scarab's silouette for orbital target practise, but not before attempting to divert as many troup transports away from the Scarab as possible in order to save them. That's where the sacrifice would have to be played out to the end.

    "For God and Country," he whispered.

    He thumbed the firing button on the joy stick and strafed the lead transport's skirmish line from end to end as far as it would reach, resulting in incindiary explosions. Simultaneously 'Doc' the dorsel gunner, fired the now rear aimed dorsel plasma cannon at the rear echelons from one end to the other in a wide arc of sweeping green death. Bruce pulled the plug on the magnetic bubble. THE SUN ROSE IN THE WEST BEFORE THE COVENANT SIGNAL TO SCATTER COULD BE GIVEN.

    The Covenant skirmish lines' dimise was legendary. 'Jack', Bruce and 'Doc' were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor post humisly. With National Guard and Regular armed forces hunkered down in their fox holes avoiding the Covenant Artillary, casualties were suprisingly light.

    Red knew what Jack's plans were and had raced along until he'd crossed into American held territory. Then and only then did he contact Wright Patterson and down load the data base they'd acquired from the modular heavy factory. He felt badly that Jack and the rest of his team had to die to fulfill their mission. He was just starting to really like him. War really was hell sometimes. Because you lost so many good friends
  9. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Sharén - Greenfield Base/Treeline

    Sharén was almost to the Base when he heard it, the mechanical and plasmatic din from a Scarab. Sharén span quickly, raising his sniper rifle to his shoulder, he saw it...going toward the Covenant "What is it doing?" he asked, hesitating slightly to fire at it.

    His hesiatiton was rewarded, as the Scarab opened fire on the Covenant transports, tearing through their armor like bullets through flesh, he was amazed, and yet puzzled. He lowered the sniper and held up the radio "Do you see that, Sir? the Scarab" he said, before returning to his scope to further witness the magnificent betrayal. He then turned back to his radio, changing frequency in an attempt to find a channel that was discussing the absurd behaviour.

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  10. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Red watched from behind the US Skirmish line as Jackson's acquired factory fresh Scarab nearly trotted towards the covenant's Transport echelons. He knew that it wouldn't be long and so grabbed his mic and broadcast an emminent nuclear event warning on command frequency-as per his training-his first ever under combat conditions.

    "May day, may day, may day! Leautenant Bastin of Force Recon Bravo Team. Emminent nuclear detination! I repeat emminent nuclear detination! National Guards have control of the Scarab and will detonate it's core! Disengage from the transports! Clear out from the Scarab! It's going Kamakazi against the Transports! Withdraw! Withdraw! Withdraw!"

    Red repeated the message until the screen darkened from extreme duel polarization. He could still see it as the dome of white hot ionized plasma instantly formed out to a five mile radius faster than the speed of light and yet abruptly stopped at its limit. In the center was a zone of darkness with white spots. Bastin knew these were stars from an artificially made worm hole that the thermonuclear detonation ripped open. It worked as nature's safety valve. The dome maintained its form for several minutes then gradually disipated. The rift closed. There was no mushroom cloud, only deathly calm where once there was an army of aliens attempting to kill Greenfield's defenders.

    "Goodbye, Jack. You, Doc and Bruce gave 'em hell. We'll take it from here."

    Red felt the hot tears flow down his cheeks. Red weeped for a while then returned to his duty and contacted those who remained alive in Greenfield.

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  11. Great_Divide

    Great_Divide Jedi Youngling

    Dec 20, 2008
    OOC: man, that had to hit the covenant hard huh?

    IC:Second Lieutenant John Fort. Force Recon, USMC. Greenfield.

    John awoke to utter darkness and an eerie silence."WHAT.THE.HELL" he managed to say in a mixture of a roar and a cough.His ears were ringing madly,his body felt weak and numb:but he was alive. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion.

    A hacking cough coming from the other side of the pub immediately gained John's focus. It was PFC Edison, crawling from behind the pub, clearly wounded. "ED!!,'re bleeding."coughed John, the room heavy with smoke and fire. It was true, the young marine's lower body was drenched in blood and dirt,blood John hoped it wasnt his.
    As John tried to stand up, his right leg screamed in pain, and sent him crashing to the oakwood floor. "DAMMIT" Roared john,trying his best not to pass out.

    John crawls towards Edison,grabbing the marine to brace him.
    The pub door swings open and a marine staggers in,blood running down his arms

    The Corpsman,appearing unscathed rushes into the room, followed by two other corpsman,the latter carrying a stretcher
    The two medics precede to cut away the young marine's digitals and inspect his injury:A huge piece of shrapnel,probably from a exploding car embedded in his waist. "Jesus,don't touch it, just stablize it" the lead corpsman barks.
    The juniors nod and place the PFC on the strecher.

    The senior looks at John and says "Sir, where do you feel pain? is it dull or sharp?"
    "I-I I don't feel any pain" coughs John,trying to remove his body armor,making the corpsman stop him.
    "If your numb, then thats not a good sign" replies the medic.

    John is placed on a second stretcher,his M16A4 placed on top of him."EDISON WHAT THE HELL DID THAT ARTILLERY COME FROM?"
    he managed to yell between coughs.

    "It wasn't artillery...It was a bomb. We were on the backskirts of the city underground when we heard it go off. We heard your brief radio message, so we figured we would try to link up with you".
    "My...platoon..where?"whispered john,clutching his rifle so hard his knuckles turned white.
    The medic was silent,and placed a handful of bloody dogtags on john's chest: 38 dogtags.John and the RTO were the last of platoon.

    No one said a word as they continued to carry the two wounded marines back to the underground shelter. "Poor bastards" one of the corpsman whispered.

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  12. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Sharén - Treeline/Stationary

    Sharén finnaly found the wave he was looking for, he heard Scarab, then it followed on about transports "What the?" he said to himself, he realised he had tuned into an evacuation sequence "you're not going to..." he looked at the Scarab. "Bye beauty" he said, lowering his head at the moment the Machine exploded, its white light streaming past his figure, he waited until the light had died down, after a minute or so. He then looked up at the would-be battlefield, now a blackened mess "What a waste, of Macnine and life" he said, tuning into the evacuation wave again. It had stopped "Anyone there?" he said, sitting watching the rest of the glow fade away "What was that?"

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  13. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    IC: As Lieutenant Michael "RED" Bastin of Force Recon Bravo Team.

    "This is Lieutenant Michael Bastin of Force Recon Bravo Team. Is anyone out there? Please report. We're offering Evac to anyone in need, over."

    Mike slid the Shade Turrets off of the forks and opened the deployment doors for his acting gunners to come back in by. He then began repeating his offered evac, message.

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  14. Great_Divide

    Great_Divide Jedi Youngling

    Dec 20, 2008
    IC:Second Lieutenant John Fort. Force Recon, USMC. Greenfield

    As the morphine began to flow through John's bloodstream, the world began to slow down, his vision darkening.
    He wanted to shout, fight ,kill.Anything that would bring his men, his brothers back home. As john laid on the stretcher staring in the smoke filled sky he reflected on his life and his decisions.He thought of his wife and son,thought of all the people he failed to protect. Guilt and sorrow filled his heart as fast as blood pumps.

    The senior corpsmans glanced back towards John and made a move to say something but thought better of it. The evac message crackled though the medic's shoulder mic "Lieutenant this is carebear 4, we have two critically wounded personnel, need immediate evac over

    "good luck marine" the corpsman said simply, and the morphine consumed John and left him to his slumber.

  15. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    "Lieutenant this is carebear 4, we have two critically wounded personnel, need immediate evac over."

    Mike thumbed his mic and answered.

    "Roger that carebear 4. Can you give us your twenty? We're using a captured Covenant Spirit Shuttle we acquired behind enemy lines. We can take you to Wright Patterson along with captured Shade Turrets, we're bringing in for analysis and back engineering. Do you request a pass word for confirmation, over?"

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  16. Great_Divide

    Great_Divide Jedi Youngling

    Dec 20, 2008
    IC:second lieutenant john fort.Force Recon,USMC. greenfield

    the three corpsmen continued to jog,weaving in and of the half-destroyed streets.John's vision began to swirl and blacken. An ill feeling crept throughout his body and rose to his mouth.
    pools of blood crept out of his mouth and all over his body armor

    The senior looked back with "aw ****"
    "sir, he's going into shock" yelled the juniors

  17. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Half hour after the detination of the Scarab's Fusion Reactor Core. March 9th.

    The Spirit Shuttle was in the center of what was left of Greenfield, ID. Its cargo of Shade turrets relocated with it and placed strategically around it in case of airial attack from whatever remnents of the Covenant's Banshees, Vampires, etc., etc. Mike had called in his 20 to the Navy Corpmen and was waiting for their arrival.

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  18. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Sharén - Greenfield Base

    Sharén had made his silent and lonely way back to the Base, seeing a man laid on a stretcher, the look of morphine about him. Sharén worked his way to a implanted radio, and scanned through stations, an evacuation message was being broadcasted on most channels, Sharén took up the offer, to attmept to spot anyone on the battlefield with his scope, as his leader was no-where to be seen. "Hey, can I have a pickup? Greenfield base, see if i can help your search. Over" he waited for a response.

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  19. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    LPC: Field Master Zogar 'Gaharkee, Commanding 8th legion of Sacrosanct Meditation. Ruins of Riley, Indiana.

    'Gaharkee popped the seal on the hatch of the Command Spectre and emerged to the blasted landscape. IT had been nearly half-an-hour since the Scarab had appeared, deviating from orders, rammed itself into his forward echelon, and then had a critical fusion bottle failure and wiped out almost 70% of his committed force.

    FAR too coincidental.

    A staff officer jogged up to report in person. Comm signals were sketchy in the EM insanity following the explosion, and since the remainder of his first cohorts were now in defensive positions (only for the moment, he hissed to himself), they could get no line-of-sight for tightbeam communications.

    "Honored Elder, we estimate that first echelon's offensive capacity is nearly gone. We could hold off a counterattack, but offensive operations are out of the question until..."

    "WHEN DOES THE SECOND ECHELON ARRIVE?" 'Gaharkee bellowed. he was more frustrated than at any other time in his military career.

    The staff officer blinked, then touched a button on his pad.

    "One kellicycle, honored elder. I shall handle the disposition, if you wish. We received a signal a Vitcycle ago. Fleetmaster 'Hadaspree wants you to report to him on Perennial Lament. About the explosion..."

    "I'm sure he does." 'Gaharkee fumed. 'Hadaspree was being political: Demanding an immediate answer, summoning a Field master to report would remind the Prophet of Hope and the others that the blame for the disasters should lie at 'Gaharkee's talons. Well, he'd see about THAT.

    "Response." 'Gaharkee said. "Unable to comply. Organizing attack. Cannot leave the battle area at this time. End."

    "Yes, honored Elder."

    "Further, signal the second echelon's cohorts to deploy to battle line upon reaching phase line Glaivin. They are to be comitted to the fight as breakthrough elements immediately."

    "Yes, honored Elder." The Staff officer sped away on his Ghost when 'Gaharkee dismissed him with a gesture.

    Stepping through the blasted land, observing his remaining troops struggle to order themselves, 'Gaharkee considered his options. With his attack forces reduced by nearly a third, his second echelon would have to be comitted against the humans before they were supposed to. It had been believed that the first echelon would break through the human lines, and then be overtaken by the second echelon later on in the campaign. However, now it looked as though the remains of First echelon would have to act as a mobile reserve and "stiffen" the second echelon Cohorts here and there. 'Gaharkee was still confident of victory. After all, the humans had to be running out of cowardly tricks. But he was beginning to be convinced that his name would not ring through history as a great conqueror. A bungler was more like it. It was unfair, but he knew it was true.

    He re-enetered his Spectre and closed the hatch. His Sangheili driver asked for orders.

    "I need to see." He said. "With my own eyes. When second echelon arrives, move us into a position so I can see and direct the battle personally."

    Meanwhile, the cohorts of the Second Echelon were just passing Cleveland Indiana. They would be in position in less than fifteen minutes.

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    OOC: Ok, this time, there WILL be a real battle at Greenfield. ;-) I suggest you make use of Google maps in your plans and descriptions, as I am using it to plan the attack.

  20. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    35 minutes after Scarab's Core Breach. 3/9/09

    Spirit Shuttle just after lift off from central Greenfield, ID.

    Mike Responded.

    "This is Marine Force Recon, Bravo Team. Yes we can get there in five hold tight. FYI we've captured a Covenant troop shuttle and are using it as an emergency transport for the interum. So please don't go shooting us out of the sky as we have wounded on board already and are enroute to Wright Patterson. My pass word is Karioki repeat my pass word is Karioki. Do you have that?"

    Mike released the button and waited.
  21. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Sharén - Greenfield Base/Spirit Schuttle

    He listened to the rely "Karioki" he muttered, before turning from the radio and walking outside of the reletive bunker he was in. He looked up, and began looking toward Central Greenfield and, sure enough, a spirit was emerging from the smoke and dust. He tapped into his radio "Im at Bunker 057452" he said, pausing a moment "Karioki" he finished, and watched the Spirit.

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  22. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    LPC: Field Master Zogar 'Gaharkee, Sangheili Zealot. Commanding 8th Legion of Sacrosanct Meditation. Ruins of Riley, Indiana

    The blips on the holomap showed the vanguard of the second echelon of 'Gaharkee's legion moving into the area. Shadows carrying infantry, and Spectre and Ghost fighting vehicles hummed towards Greenfield. Banshees in overwatch were arrayed in the sky. Several Spirit dropships on standby set down in Riley itself, on call for special duties, should they arise. The Cohorts were changing from march formation to attack formation.

    'Gaharkee himself was pleased at the disposition. He'd trained these troops hard, and it had paid off. Now the cowardly humans were out of silly tricks. He rather hoped they had enjoyed their small victory, for it would be the last elation of their pathetic simian lives.

    He quickly careted several sectors of the city and assigned various cohorts to take them. He decided to go with the same fire plan as before with the artillery and the air support. They were competent, and the only part of the First Echelon attack that worked. He made one small tweak however: This time the artillery and air elements would hit only in the last kellicycle before the second echelon reached Phase Line Mefrett; the outskirts of the settlement. That way the humans would be pinned just as his troops made their assault. Those first echelon remnants would be his reserve, to augment the attack where needed, and serving as overwatch units during the approach.

    With a tap, the orders were sent. The Cohorts began responding immediately, deploying to his liking. Already he heard the Spectres and Shadows beginning to fire their plasma cannons now that the city was in range. 'Gaharkee was pleased: morale was not at all affected by the disaster. If anything, they were furious and would fight twice as hard.

    "Driver, Take me to this point. I shall observe the battle from here."

    'Gaharkee's Command Spectre lifted and sped away. The Covenant second echelon began blazing the city of Greenfield in earnest as they cantered to the attack.

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  23. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003

    "Got it," answered Mike into his microphone as he approached the designated bunker from the center of Greenfield. Minutes later he had the Shade Turrets off the forks once again and raised the access doors, so that the troops inside could assist in loading the wounded Marine into the troop carrying bay. Within minutes the access doors were once again lowered and the men and turrets were again slid into the hollow between the two fork tines of the Spirit. The turret operators scanned the surrounding countryside for enemy tagets as the Spirit rose up into the air. Those with Red Cross Training watched over the wounded as they came about and headed towards Wright Patterson at all possible speed. Red had the access door open to the flight deck so that anyone could come up to his station of operation in front.

    "Hold onto something sturdy everyone. We're going to be flying low and fast to avoid contact with the second string that's bound to be filling the gap that Jack, Bruce and Doc made a little while ago with that Fusion Core Breach. By any chance did you see it when it occured? Because I did and it was definately far more powerful than an 'A' bomb going off."

    The ground started racing towards and beneath the transparent window as they accelerated to greater and greater speed. All the while flying no more than feet off the ground when possible. Red's spotter, Pfc Tim Hutchinson came up and helped with what he did best.

    They traveled parallel with old US 40 about half a mile to it's south for reference passing Riley where they saw ships landing, followed by Stringtown where a large echelon was coming up to fill the empty void from earlier. Then came Cleveland where they started from followed by more combat vehicles.

    "Not good," said Hutchinson.

    "No ***t," Red responded.

    On they went further east past the remains of Knightstown, Raysville, Ogden, Dunreith, Lewisville, Straughn, Dublin and Mount Auburn. All trashed by the Covenant. Then came Cambridge City.

    "Sir!" piped Hutchinson. "Check to port!"

    Red looked. Covenant Artillery! Red knew he had one more surprise for the Covenant before he went to Wright Patterson. The Artillery had to be taken out. He knew if they tagged his shuttle as rogue before he could wipe them out. They'd probably all die. But thousands more would too if he didn't attempt this counter thrust against their artillery.

    "Gents we have a little side mission to accomplish before we finish up with Indiana. Those guns have got to go!"

    All of his men said "Yo!"

    OOC: Will continue at the crucial point when the order is given to open fire against Greenfield.

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  24. Master_Dmentae

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    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Sharén - Spirit Transport

    Sharén heard of the Covenant Artillery from the man he had heard over the radio, and made his way to a gap in the ships armor where he could place his sniper and its scope through the hull "Sir, order to ingage?" he asked, his crosshairs fixed on the fuel port on the main artillery unit. He turned his head from side to side to release tention in his muscles, and tapped his helmet - secure, incase he neded to go ground side in any escape pods these things had, as his unique training had prepared him for. He felt his side, and ran his hand ove rthe familiar shape of his SMG, the extended barrel due to the integrated silencer. "Im ready"

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  25. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    IC- Dennis H. Gunter

    "FRAK, those dang shields stop almost every round. And those Jackals either smell me or see me a mile away... or both." Gunter said to his spotter. All in all he was doing good, about 3 Elites, 14 Jackals and 22 Grunts.After his last shot the elites saw his position and began scrambiling banshees to kill him, or worse capture him. this was Gunter's second spotter, the first one got himself carved right in two, by a black armoured elite with some kinda glowing sword, gruesome. they began retreating through the city streets like rats in a maze, except the prize wasn't cheese, it was your life. their radio was silent, had been since that Covie Carrier had come by and dropped of that guy in the grav chair. Gunter had no idea who he was, but he was important, because he was surrounded by the white Elites, gunter hadn't ever seen them before.they reached a small sewer line hopped in and made camp. they were resting for the night, then Gunter state, "F.U.B.A.R". the spotter just laughed and nodded.

    Tag: Anyone

    OOC: sry havent posted in a while, been busy with work and a new baby. Will try to be on more often, anyways, thisis the Chicago skirmish right.
    P.S. Given anythought to Covie Players.
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