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Science Fiction Halo TODAY: The Pacific Campaign.

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Vangarian, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Lt. Colonel Marcus McNeil
    Andersen AFB
    Hangar 21

    Marcus circled one of the new prototypes and let out a long whistle. "Well Admiral, I see the Rear Echelon's are still keeping secrets." He eyed the barrel of the beast before him, he knew what a coil gun was, knew the basics of the science behind its operation. But most importantly, he knew the things could do more damage at a longer range then a standard Abrams M256 120mm Smoothbore, and that would come in handy. "So.. Three miles you say? I think I may have an idea..."

    He turned to the General, "If we can get these out down by the International Airport, spread them out, keep them guarded and hidden, when the enemy finally gets the balls to come up and face us we can hit them long before they think we can." Marcus flipped up his left wrist and looked at his watch, "Speaking of the Airport, Second and Third squads should be moving out to secure it now..."

    Second and Third Squads

    Like the well oiled mean green machine that they were the Second and Third Squads of the 597th's First Company started off to the south right as the Lieutenant Colonel was saying this. The seven HUMVEEs five with heavy 50. calibers and two with TOW rockets tore down the road from Anderson towards Antonio International. It was a 30 minute drive taking the aptly named Marine Corps Drive from Andersen to the International Airport. By the time they got there the first planes would be arriving there and at Orote Field. South of there the Amphibious landing craft would be inserting in Apra Harbor. Then the real battle for Guam would begin.

    USS City of Corpus Christi
    South of Guam

    Commander Robert M. Gaucher had a nice view of the ass end of Guam where the aliens were setting up camp via the periscope of the Corpus Christi. The USS Huston and USS Buffalo were off to the port and starboard respectively as they waited to plan their assaults. "Lieutenant, are the SEAL teams ready?" The young Lieutenant looked up from his status console, communications headgear and all. "Yes Commander, they're in the ASDS and ready to deploy on your command." Robert nodded and looked back through the periscope. "Good, we'll deploy as soon as we start seeing the bombs drop, tell the SEALs to get ready."

    Tag: GM

    Thought I'd go ahead and cover the SEAL's getting ready and everything. Be through.
  2. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Sargent Leigh "Aussie" Smith
    interior Covenant tank
    Andersen air field

    Aussie callout out down from the commanders seat to Bull "Did you get it running yet?" he said as he studied the holographic display of the battle raging around the fence line. "Yeah!!" the Ox like operator called out from the gunners compartment. All of a sudden Metallica's 'seek and destroy' began booming out of the the machines external speakers, "YYYEEWWWWW!!!" came Tex's call from the drivers side as he picked up the pace of the tank as it screamed towards the maelstrom of fire. "Targets aquired" came the call "Take'em" came the terse reply as the ex cuvvies tank unleashed its full compliment of weaponry into the densest concentrations of enemy, many cuvvies were simply obliterated as they took direct hits from the tank. It skillfully glided across the ground avioding the worst of the return fire as it poured in more and more fire, sometimes at several targets at once, "search aaaaaand seek and destroy!!" aussie sung to himself as he searched for and engaged targets, the tank, now covered in U.S air force makings slammed into the cuvvies advance, sending them reeling. Plasma blasts gouged deep holes in both the earth and enemy lines, burnt and hideously wounded covenant struggled back from the sudden onslaught, many being cut down by more blasts. "Command this is Delta 63, sorry we're late...Tex lost the keys" he said with a laugh as he pictured his friends expletive filled response and continued engaging targets with Bull.

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  3. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    "Copy that Delta-63. Be adviced when enemy is Deep-Sixed, bring the Master Blaster into Hanger-7, located toward the northern end of the airfield past the control tower. Just follow the red colored cardboard direction signs well be putting up for you. There will be a debriefing after that. Knock-em dead. Command, Out."

    To the SouthWest well beyond Guam by 112 miles [link=] something very large [/link] came out of the sky. As it slowed there was a large crack of thunder from the cavitated atmosphere returning to fill the void created from the ship's hypersonic passage. Soon the huge craft slowed further until it was subsonic it altered course and headed towards the vicinity of Challenger Deep.

    OOC: More posts forth coming.

    Tag: Morkai, Kahn_Iceay, Deiskrad.
  4. SnipeHunter

    SnipeHunter Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 30, 2005

    Name:- Captain Jacob "Wild Card" Reilly
    Age:- 25
    Service:- Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS):- Captain HMAS Rankin (Collins Class Submarine)
    Rank:- Captain
    Weapons:- The Browning Hi-Power 9mm, Bowie Knife.
    Bio:- Jacob joined the RAN as an officer when he turned 20, he initially began as a helicopter pilot and quickly gained a reputation as a great pilot. After 3 years he was offered a chance to become a submarine captain of the youngest submarine that the RAN had in active duty, He jumped at this opportunity and spent a further year in training and over the past year has become a great leader of one of the largest submarines made. He is expected to be given the job of captain on the experimental new submarines that Australia is developing based on the Collins submarine.
  5. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Date and Time: April 3rd, 2009. 14:00.

    Location: Pacific Ocean, Marianas Trench Subduction Zone Near Challenger Deep.

    The colossal craft decended to the water's surface and splashed into it's vastness with a resounding smack.
    Brtak ?Hadaspree, Sangheili Zealot, commanding third arm of the fleet of Joyous Purification, was seated in the command center when the splashdown occured.

    "Activate external defences. Raise all turrets up to their operational positions. Signal the tuggs to return at the end of one cycle. They are to stand by in case of need until then. Operations Officer activate station keeping as soon as it is confirmed that we are directly above the origination of the tracked signal," ordered Brtak.

    Sullack 'Phercodapak spoke to his operations crew, then turned to Brtak with the news.

    "Honored Superior. It is confirmed. We are above the target location of the signal's origination at this time. Station keeping is engaged," responded Sullack.

    "Good. Communications officer Rackidi. Signal Field Master Zogar 'Gaharkee. When you have him on line pipe him through to me."

    Moments later Zogar's face was on the holographic screen. A surprised look on his face followed by one of dread. "Fleet Admiral. I live to serve," came the intonement.

    "Be at ease Field Master, 'Gaharkee. We have acheived arrival of our recovery installation and have become fully operational," said Brtak. "We will now become intersupportive of one another's respective locations until the recovery is complete. I will be sending three more Cohorts from the Heavy Mechanized Mandible. I want that Island at least half conquered in two rotations after their arrival and placement under your command. By no later than four rotations I want that Island totally subjugated. You have full cooperation from this facility to draw whatever resources you deem necessary should you meet with unexpected resistance," he said.

    "It shall be done as you command," answered Supreme Zealot, Zogar 'Gaharkee with bowed head.

    OOC: Heads up, Gang! Hell's coming.

    Tag: Morkai (Go ahead and finish up with the east fence battle.), Kahn_Iceay (Finish up with General Ruhlmann and commence with fortification efforts.), SnipeHunter (Your sub's passive sonar room has picked up the sound of the splashdown.), Deiskrad...(Hello? Hey bro. Send me a CS application. OK?)
  6. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    WW II 03:20 August 23, 1943.

    Repair work on the Tokai Maru was gradually coming along. It required some of the steel cargo delivered to Guam from Nippon by the frieghter to seal the damage done to it by an earlier American submarine's torpedo strike in January. Lieutenant Isao Karibayashi smiled as he looked on. It had been a cunning game of hide and seek that he'd played with his superior. Always he'd had to think at least one step ahead of Captain Ishiro Kotto in order to succeed in his effort to send the object back to Nippon and get the credit for having found it. He'd finally come up with a plan that worked in sidestepping the issue altogether. Protocal required any defective war material that couldn't be made functional at the delivery site to be returned for technical repairs back in Nippon. Isao paid off a repairmen to condemn one of the delivered depth charges as damaged from the earlier torpedo strike due to impact when it hit the deck. Then he had the innards removed surepticiously so as to make room for their replacement with the alien object. It was sheer genious the way he'd pulled the wool over Kotto's eyes. Isao reached for a cigerette, taping it down before inserting it in his mouth and lighting it. He took a long hit off of it, savoring the moment. His evening walk had taken him to the end of the dock. The weather was warm and there had been moderate rains that came and went over the past few months resulting in a population explosion of mosquitoes. He looked foreward to when the Tokai Maru would finally be underway sending his prize back to his famiy's associates and allies. Then he'd finally be off this damned Island when it was revealed who discovered the object in the first place by his family. Suddenly an explosion rocked the frieghter followed by two more. Isao dropped his jaw. No... Another explosion occured to the frieghter Nichiyo Maru anchored near the Takoi Maru. Munitions onboard both frieghters cooked off over the next few hours before the Tokai sank into the deepness of Apra harbor. The following year Isao was killed in action defending against the Americans who'd landed and later retook Guam back from Japanesse posession. Deep in Apra harbor an alien object slept unconcerned waiting for a wakeup call that only it could understand.

  7. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Sgt Aussie Smith

    Wraith/ fenceline

    The covenant slowly began to break off, under the combined, concentrated fire of the defenders the were being pumelled into submission. Tracer and plasma fire criss crossed the skiy in a deadly and beautiful display as explosions ripped across the front of the covenant as the defenders fire poured in. Aussie, Bull and Tex were enjoying themselves as they unleashed huge explosions into the remaining ranks of the enemy, the three operators calling targets and information to each other as they rampaged across the battlefield. Soon the tattered remnants of the enemy attack force began fleeing the battle, harried on their way by the vicious fire of the jubilant defenders as they ensured the cuvvies were we'll on their way before they got to clearing the smoking body covered battlefield.

    "Alright lads, lets put big bubba here to bed" Aussie said as he confirmed the wraiths leaving with the local commander, the tank glided manacingly back over the churned up ground of the recent battle back into the main base. soon the tank slid into hangar-7 and gently settled onto the ground, with a hiss the crew compartments slid open and the three SF operators jumped out. Silently they readjusted there chest rig's and checked their weapons as they moved towards the largest concentration of spooks "Man ah hate ***damn poges" Tex said as he looked over the clean pressed clothes of the scurrying researchers and rear echelon soldiers, "yeah...but they're so pretty" Aussie said as he blew a kiss at a young soldier who looked equal parts scared and bewildered by the three hardened and muscular troopers, All three shared a laugh as they turned to look for someone who was in charge.

    TAG: Van

    Xan Edit: Can't say that word. Come on guys, you know where the list is.
  8. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    OOC: I don't even know if Sanc even bothers to check this forum any more, but I'm certain he's a Saints fan. So, this Indianapolis resident offers a full and honest congratulations. Your team won and deserved it.

    But this would never have happened if the Covenant had glassed New Orleans like in this RPG. :)
  9. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Name: Jake C. Tidwall
    Age: 30
    Service: CIA
    MOS: N/A (Equivalent) Regional Operations Trouble Shooter North Pacific.
    Rank: N/A (Equivalent Military Rank) O-6.
    Weapons: Smith & Wesson (manufactured under licensed contract) silica nitride ceramic semi-automatic
    pistol. 9x19mm 'Rhino' Ammo. 7 rnd. single collumn mag.x4, plus a hold out for backup same
    used. Other weapons include AA-12 Auto Assault Shotgun, FN SCAR in 7.62x51mm with silencer.
    (Usually for but not limited to field operations)
    Equipment: An assortment of CIA communications equipment, nonferros ceramic multitool (silica nitride) and
    others too numerous to mention usually found in his 'Bugout Bag'.

    Bio: Born March 2nd, 1979, Jake Carl Tidwall was the first born of John Frederick Tidwall and Marcia
    Andre Tidwall. Jake's father Had been serving in Vietnam from 67 through the declining years
    of the war working in intelligence. After the war he found a carreer with the FBI and made his
    nitch in the anti terrorist division. This move on his father's part influenced Jake's carreer choice
    later on with an open door policy and connections that his father had made during his own carreer.
    jake joined the Navy right after his 18th birthday. After an extended tour in the Navy's intelligence
    division, Jake joined up with the CIA and did field assignments in Afghanastan, earning himself notoriety
    as an adventurer. Jake holds the rank of certified instructor or shidoshi in Ninjutsu under his sensai
    Masaaki Hatsumi. Jake maintains an excellent physical condition, a prerequisite for field assignments
    behind enemy lines.


    OOC: So as to get things rolling, we'll just say that Aussie and company had a nice straight and
    simple debriefing. With Big Jake and the boys from the 'Company' and have been releaved of the
    burden of having to guard the Covenant Tank for now. SOCOM has since come in and issued an order
    for the gang to assist a spotter towards the south end of the island who's currently observing Covenant
    movement at the southern shore of the Guam. The Group will include Jake Tidwall. He is hearby placed
    under your control, Morkai. The equipment included will be two M-107s with plenty of ammo and special
    observation equipment, (NV/IR, with digital recording instrumentation) for studying the Covenant Forces
    and to better call in Naval gun, Marine artillary and mortar strikes. Morkai, if its ok with you
    could we have your post be with your team on board the MV-22B Osprey heading towards the north side of the
    southern hill country. The flight altitude will be below the horizon relative to the enemy's beach head
    where its Shade Turrets will be. This will be an effort to head off the Covenant's attempt to encircle
    then conquer the hill country at the south end. The Spotter is PFC Chafai Husto at the Mount Lamlam
    bunker network. I know your going to love this! Thnx!


    PS: Sanc! Well it was a long time coming. Congratulations on the Saint's winning. Deiskrad. Indianapolis
    gave it a really good shot. Maybe next year.
  10. SnipeHunter

    SnipeHunter Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 30, 2005
    IC: Jacob
    Somewhere off the coast of Guam

    Jacob was leaning back in his chair catching some shut eye. He had been told about a new passive sonar signal that had been picked up not far from their current position so he had given the order to get closer and to do a sweep of radio chatter to see if anything could be picked up, all that they found was the tail end of a fire fight on Guam itself. Just as he had drifted off to sleep his second in command knocked on the door ?Come in? he called out groggily. In came his second lieutenant and his sonar and communications officer.

    ?Sir? they both called saluting him, as he stood he saluted back, ?What is there to report?? the two officers turned to each other and then the sonar officer started talking ?Sir we have picked up a couple of things, first we have pin pointed the location of the strange sonar reading we picked up about an hour ago, and now it has been accompanied by the sound of covenant heavy machinery being lowered into the water? Jacob snapped his head up and looked at his second lieutenant ?What's the distance?, and have they noticed us yet?? his second in command smiled ?Sir We are practically breathing down their thoughts, they are roughly 300 meters away and they haven't given any outward appearance as to knowing we are around at all. Jacob grabbed his jacket and walked out of his small bunk and desk space and headed towards the bridge pulling his jacket on as he went. The two officers followed, and as Jacob passed his men they stood and saluted him while he passed, as he reached the bridge one of the men called out ?Captain on the bridge? and everyone stood at attention.

    ?As you were men? Jacob called out as he sat down in the command chair ?I want an exact fix on the covenant machinery that is in the water? one of the men called out ?Sir targets locked what are your orders?? Jacob looked at the his men ?Fire torpedoes and get everyone to battle positions? The sirens went off all over the ship as a single torpedo screamed towards every covenant vessel in the sea. ?Good work men now bring us about I want to get to our friendlies at Guam before we take on damage?

    TAG: Any, GM
  11. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Brtak ?Hadaspree, Sangheili Zealot, commanding third arm of the fleet of Joyous Purification. Currently manning and overseeing the recovery platform's operations. The first surface convoy ships carrying prefabricated Wraiths were being offloaded two at a time. They formed up when the last pair hit the water. A Banshee escort was circling overhead to ward off any comers should the humans try anything. Comfirmation was given to the convoy that the delivery was a go. All six of the heavy haulers departed in formation at about 35 knots. Six underwater contrails of bubbling fizz appeared along the ocean's surface and seemed to arc towards the departing haulers. After fifteen seconds of the first initial spotting of the torpedo's exhaust, the lead hauler errupted out of the water then collapsed back down, totally being engulfed by the waves as it sank. Five seconds later another hauler was upended, then another until they were all sinking into the depths. The Banshees circled and swooped down in search of something to intercept but found nothing. Meanwhile on the bridge of the recovery platform, Brtak was stunned at the turn of events.

    "Lower the sonic array down beneath the water's surface and discharge it so as to acquire an image of the vessel that fired those underwater missles!" he bellowed.

    The array was quickly lowered. Soon it was able to be charged up for the loud blast of sound. Two minutes later it went Whoom!

    "Honored Fleet Master, we have acquired a target at a lower level. Had it not been for the sonic array we'd never been able to learn its position," said Sullack 'Phercodapakee, Brtak's second in command. "It is currently heading towards the island were Field Master Zogar 'Gaharkee is stationed," he finished.

    Brtak thought then spoke.

    "It is to be pursuied and destroyed. If it can do that to our convoyes then it is too dangerous for our surface water transportation efforts," he said. "Recall the heavy lifters. They can take the place of the water born transports."

    "Yes, Fleet Master," answered Sullack

    Soon the heavy lifters returned to the site and at just the right moment they began immediately loading the next echelon of Wraithes to be delivered to the south beach head of Guam Island. Once loaded they lifted off above the waters and then departed for Guam.

    TAG: SnipeHunter, Kahn_Iceay, Morkai, Other's
  12. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    IC: Staff Sergeant Graham Gibbons, bunker in peak of Mount Lamlam, Guam

    Staff Sergeant Gibbons was tired.

    Sucking on his camelbak, he burst through the door of the bunker and into its relative safety. He'd just ran flat-out the last few hundred meters of the mountain as the only survivor of his squad, whose Hummvee had been ambushed by alien fighters. He'd lit out on foot, jinking left and right, clothes and hair singed by plasma, and had just made it to the bunker before they'd turned him to carrion.

    His thighs trembled and twitched uncontrollably, he gasped for breath, and his rifle felt like a bar of neutronium. But he'd survived while everyone else sent to reinforce had not. The few other men in the bunker looked over at him. There was an artillery spotter and a radio operator, and a couple of guys on SAW's or M3's.

    "where's the rest of the squad?" demanded a full sergeant of the shuddering, sweating, and heaving figure that was Graham Gibbons.

    "Didn't... make it. Got... ambushed. They're dead."

    "Right, well. Man that sector. Shoot anything that's not from Earth."

    TAG: Husto or whomever is up here.
  13. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Date and Time: April 3rd, 2009. 14:00.

    Location: Guam Island, Mount Lamlam Bunker Network.

    IC: Marine PFC Chafai Husto.

    It was huge even from as far away as it was. It had to be a Covenant ship or something like one. Chafai watched it with fascination as it streaked along a shallow angle of decent. Then it slipped below the horizon to the southwest. Chafai was prone on the top of the upper observation deck's roof. The wind was blowing lightly out of the west when Chafai heard Covenant and Military gun fire from out of the north. Chafai crawled quickly towards the north end of the roof with his White Feather slung to his back. It was another Marine squad getting cut down by an ambush file of Covenant Grunts and Jackels that had been laying in wait. This time they were out from cover and commited, vulnerable to his M-25. There were only two of the Marine squad members left. Probably the relief that was coming from Andersen AFB. He scanned the area to the northern end of the mountain chain. There! On the northwestern side was what was left of the squad's Hummers now burning from enemy fire. Private Husto saw the source and brought his White Feather around from off his back with practised ease, he began wrapping his forearm in the rifle's shoulder strap to still the heart beat in his arm that would other wise interrupt his aim. The angle wasn't good for bipods or sandbagging as he came closer to the edge and changed his firing position. So he did a left hand over right shoulder tuck after rising into a near lotus position. He had to be quick or their wouldn't be anyone left to save. Just then one of the two remaining Marines bought it. Damn them Jackals, he thought. Chafai let out his breath halfway. His White Feather spoke. A Jackal fell with its brain pan holed. The lead Jackal didn't notice as one of the Hummers flared from an abandoned ammo magazine cooking off. Chafai took a breath then adjusted his aim for the second Jackal. He sighed out halfway then squeezed the trigger. His White Feather spoke again. The second Jackal's chest seemed to spasm. He coughed and looked down at his side uncomprehending at first, then shocked at the relization that he was dying. The Jackal slumped and rolled over face up, his jaw slakening in death. One of the little Grunts took notice and warned his fellows. The Covenant File went balistic and fired furiously up towards his direction. He had the advantage of height and distance over them. Husto began firing along the line of Covenant Grunts aiming for their air processors. Bam...boom, bam...boom, bam...boom, bam...boom, bam...boom. Five Covenant Grunts stopped breathing their natural atmosphere then they died as well. Chafai, satisfied at a job well done lay prone and reloaded his M-25, then crawled back towards the southern end of the upper deck's roof top. He pulled out his ear plugs and heard Sarge grumbly greeting the lastest of the arrivals down below. He resumed watching the fabrication facility along the southern shore. Suddenly Private Husto heard a distant sonic boom.

    Tag: Kahn_Iceay, SnipeHunter, Morkai and Deiskrad (When you got time.)
  14. SnipeHunter

    SnipeHunter Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 30, 2005
    IC: Jacob

    ?Sir, we've been pinged? Called out the sonar operators on the bridge. Jacob looked up ?Are they still getting a fix on us?? the sonar operator looked at her instruments ?Does not look like it sir? Jacob thought for a moment ?Dive to 300 ft, and take us to 60 knots hard starboard turn.? ?Dive 300ft, 60 knots hard starboard, eye sir? retorted the man controlling the speed and depth controls. Jacob looked at his communications team ?Quick send a signal to the other ships in the area alert them to what we have found so far, unknown blip in water covenant want it? the radio operator called out ?Eye sir as he sent off the quick transmission to the boats and the human installations on the near by island.

    TAG: All
  15. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: Sorry for the long wait, I'm quite sick. Still am. But I was feeling a bit better today so I wrote up a post. Infer any bits I missed, only skimmed over the bits and pieces and going on what I remember from PMs from Van

    - -

    Lt. Colonel McNeil

    Andersen Airforce Base

    A couple of hours had now passed since McNeil and the General had talked inside Hangar 21. And in those two hours the entire 597th Battalion had landed upon the northern half of the island and was preparing for their first counter offensive. Marcus himself was now stationed inside the command structure of the AFB and was working on issuing out commands and taking in status reports from the forces all along the island. His hopes of launching counter offensives against the invading forces within the first quarter day were coming to fruition, now all he had to do was make sure the offensives were a success.

    "Status reports incoming Sir." Owens began, not really looking up from the map or taking off his headset. "Orote field is secure, all forces are deployed and the perimeter there is secure. The International airport reports the same, Calvary units are moving into position as we speak. Offloading at Apra harbor has taken longer then expected but Forces are expected to be within position within the next half hour."

    "And the New Jersey?"

    "The New Jersey reports that they should be on station within the next half hour as well."

    "Good, tell them I'd like cover bombing from them while we begin the assault. Keep them in contact with the spotters, the more fire from more directions we can keep on the enemy the less likely they are to be able to properly mount a counter attack. Have the force who are going to take the Magazine move out in fifteen I want them in position by the time the shells start falling. Get on the horn with the Corpus Christi, tell them to be on the heads up to deploy their teams once the fireworks start."

    "Sir I have been in contact with the Christi and while they are prepared, they have something to report."

    "What is it?"

    "A Sub with the Royal Australian Navy has reported to them of enemy activity at Challenger Deep."

    Marcus put a hand to his face and rubbed his eyes. "Ok, once all the orders are issued get on the comm with Command find out whats going on over there, but tell them that they shouldn't expect much help from us right away, we got an Island to secure before we can go about helping other places."

    "Aye sir, right away."

    Tag: Van, others
  16. One_Man_Army

    One_Man_Army Jedi Youngling

    Feb 18, 2010
    OOC:to late to get in on this?
  17. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Brtak ?Hadaspree, Sangheili Zealot, commanding third arm of the fleet of Joyous Purification.

    Brtak turned to his second, Sullack 'Phercodapackee then spoke.

    "Dispatch the Submercible Hunters after that vessel that attacked the surface transports immediately. Order them to pursue it, then destroy it!" he yelled. Brtak then turned towards the communications officer. Signal Field Master 'Gaharkee that his opinion of the humans is proving to be very accurate indeed even truthful and as a result of that we are forced to transfer supplies to him by the Heavy Lifters that we used to assist in our decent to the ocean's surface earlier

    Thirty seconds later, there was the sound of three more splashes as new underwater pursuit craft joined in the fight against the human submersible vessel.

    Tag: SnipeHunter


    Field Master Zogar 'Gaharkee, Sangheili Zealot Commanding 8th Legion of Sacrosanct Meditation.

    Field Master Zogar 'Gaharkee paced along the beach then turned back towards his Command Spectre. His second sent him word of an incoming signal from Fleet Master 'Hadaspree.

    "Patch it through to my command car," he ordered as he trotted back to his personal Spectre. Zogar reached the assault vehicle and entered just as the video link resolved into Brtak's second. Zogar listened to the news of Brtak's awakening to the Monkey's trickery and adaptability. Oh, so now my superior is realizing just what it is he's facing. How nice to know that he can taste the bitterness of defeat at their hands if only this once. Zogar almost smurked but held onto his dicipline. He ordered personel to be made assured that though the new heavys that were enroute would arrive later they would still begin the assault upon the hill country immediately.

    Covenant troops mounted up on their combat vehicles in preparation of the assault to take the hill country. Within a cycle the three echalons were on the move and shooting at anything that moved on the hill country. The assault to take out the hill bunkers was on.

    Tag: Deiskrad, Morkai, SnipHunter, and Kahn_Iceay.
  18. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    OOC: Hey. Congradulations on breaking the 40 post barrier! Included in this post is the up dated [link=] view [/link] of the Covenant and Earth Military positions.
  19. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    IC:SGT Leigh "Aussie" Smith

    Southern hills

    The chopper reverborated with noise, both the engines and the sounds of pantera live 100% proof, the three men in the back nodded their heads as a new level started up. Following the fight at the airfield Aussie, Bull and Tex had been hurriedly debriefed and retasked to help defend the southern hills. Most soldiers would be forgiven for wanting atleast a little down time before they left, but the three operators had simply grabbed a sandwich and re bombed with their mission specific equipment. Bull had taken his usual SAW "ain't nothin this baby caint do main" he drawled, Both Aussie and Tex had taken M-107's and scoped m4's along with their sidearms. The chopper banked as it began its final approach to their LZ as Aussie silently re-tied his dark green bandana and spat out his gum, all three men were stripped of all identifying material, flags, names, dog tags even their cams were meerly the jungle green of vietnam, their chest rigged webbing was what anyone could by off the more expensive companies online. The only personal touches the men carried were the Gurkha Kukri Aussie had strapped to his leg, Tex's cross worn around his wrist and Bull's Elvis sun glasses, even though Aussie had successfully "lost" them several times, the giant southerner always managed to sniff them out.

    With a blare of power the chopper flared near the groung and the three men leapt clear and into the long grass that decorated the area around the near invisible bunker. Hunched over the three men spread out and economically searched for the entrance, Soon Bull signalled the others and the three slipped in with the barest rustle of the surrounding grass. The harried looking soldiers manning the bunker turned with a start as the three materialised behind him. "G'day lads, names Aussie, this is Bull and Tex, dont mind the smell Bull at a cheese sandwich before and he'll probably gas us to death" Aussie said with a wink. Aussie and Tex unpacked their M-107's and started scoping for fire lanes, " looks like you've been busy so how about you fill us in on what you've seen so far?" Aussie said as he put more gum in his mouth.

    TAG: Van

    OOC:sorry bout the absence, ironically enough i've been away doing jungle training ;)
  20. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Location: Pacific Ocean southwest of Guam.

    The Covenant underwater craft glided in formation with two others through the water 1000 feet down below the surface. All three of them used motivators fasioned after the lateral fins of a Mantaray giving the three craft the apperance of flying underwater rather than just swimming. Each had a set of turrets that were contoured to reduce each craft's drag coefficient and at the same time pack a powerful punch for any target within range. They were hunting. Hunting for a human craft that had performed the heineous crime of attacking their transports sent to assist the land forces on the nearest island to the northeast from their location. They were on passive sonar. Listening for any sign of the enemy. Their prey had virtually vanished into the depths. They in turn were at their greatest depth down and dared not dive any deeper.

    Tag: SnipeHunter.

    Location: Guam Island, foot hills leading towards the southern hill country.

    Many Covenant troops had been dispatched by the Sanghilee Zealot Zogar 'Gaharkee in the hope of catching the few military personel off guard that had remained to defend the hill country north of Zogars landing. The hills between them and the rest of the Island to the north. Finally the angle of the climb up the southern face of the hills became too steep for their troop carriers to navigate without being caught in a cross fire and whittled down to size. The Shadow troop carriers had been the first of many to bring up the Covenant troops into attack positions. Soon they had encircled the entire section of the hill country. Grunts and Jackals had been rushed foreward into battle in order to catche the Humans unaware. They had failed in their initial attempt since the spotters had spied them approaching their way. Private Chafai Husto, had spotted them from the roof of his hidden bunker. He picked a lead target and sighed out half a breath then fired. Tango down. Rinse and repeat...

    Tag: Deiskrad and Morkai.

    Location: Andersen AFB, Guam Island.

    Troops and supplies were coming in at a well orchestrated pace from out of Japan, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand and from America's west coast. Each of the sites of importance (Anderson AFB, Apra Harbor, Orote Air Field, the Naval Magazine near Apra Harbor and the International Airport) were now effectively secured and ready for the next stage of the operation to save Guam from invasion. The USS Blue Ridge sent word that the New Jersey was back on station and ready to start laubing 16 inch shells into enemy positions.

    Tag: Kahn-Iceay:

    Location: Central-southeast of Guam Island's hill country.

    Agent Jake C. Tidwell was decked out in full camo. He had appointed himself the task of observing the strategy and tactics to be used by the Covenant in their bid to invade and conquer Guam Island. He was now in position to study how they went about it and to act as a backup Foreward Observer and Joint Terminal Attack Controller if need be. More than anything else Tidwell wanted to see how well the new experimental Abrams Tanks did in direct confrontation with the Wraiths. This was going to be an informative battle regardless.

    OOC: Post when you can guys.

  21. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Upwards they stalked in silence making no noise as they progressed through the grass in alternating waves. Their was evidence that there had been modifications to the geography of the island along the slopes that they were surrounding for conquest. The Elite Shadow Warriors scanned and altered their course towards the new reading from their scanners. They were seeking out hiding places where the humans might be so as to eliminate them from attacking Covenant Warriors when they arrived upon the battlefield. This time they were on to something big and were out to confirm what their scanners indicated. With their stealth fields activated, they drove themselves onward up along the slopes towards their intended target of exploration.

    Tag: Morkai.
  22. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    IC: SSgt Gibbons

    His finger twitched. Palms were clammy. Mouth dry. He watched the line of stumpy aliens as they moved up the face of the mountain. He picked one out on his scope and waited for it to come in range. It seemed like forever, but finally it was within 200 yards. He compensated and gently squeezed the trigger.

    The weapon's buck surprised him. He reacquired the target, which had fallen to its knees, clutching at pale fluid splashing out of its suit. Gibbons shifted and found another target, this one raising its weapon. He fired immediately, four times, more than necessary out of fear, and laid low another alien. He dropped back and down just as toroids of plasma smacked into the rock. Bright spots appeared on his cornea, and vaporized rock scratched at his lungs. Gibbons coughed, crawled a few meters to a new firing position and popped up again. He fired more aimed shots. Some of the small aliens had broken and run, but the majority continued to advance, laying down suppressing fire as they came. They'd now moved into the 150 meters range. Gibbons adjusted his aim accordingly.

    A sizzling hot beam from a beam rifle removed the head from the rifleman to his left. The body went slack and fell towards him, the neck spritzing him with blood before the body realized it was dead. Gibbons stuffed that horror away for another day.

    If there was another day.

    He picked out a different small creature, one that ran from one section of aliens to another. It wielded a large translucent energy shield like the greek Aspis. He fired, the round glanced off the shield, and the beastie dove for cover behind a boulder.

    Tag: Anyone.
  23. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Marcus McNeil
    Andersen AFB

    Marcus looked over the current strategic map of Guam. Information regarding the Enemy positions was scarce, what they had was from spotters mostly, but it would have to do. Everything else was in place. All the positions they needed for the assault were secured, everybody was geared up and ready. He looked over at Owens, who gave him the thumbs up. The New Jersey was back, and it was time to unleash hell. "Send the order Owens. All fire stations, open fire on confirmed enemy positions, then react accordingly to return fire."


    On the souther outskirts of Andersen the ARCHER units of the 597th Battalion's turrets shifted to the south. Spotter information came in and the data was fed to the guns, and from the guns to the Excalibur rounds held inside. Computer controlled hydraulics and actuators made minuet adjustments to the firing angles, all the guns aligning to the confirmed enemy presence furthest north.

    Antonio International Airport

    A group of M109A6 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer stationed at the Airport took up positions near the north western section of the compound. The Paladin's were one of the best defenses against the Covenant counter strikes, as they could move almost immediately after firing. By the time their shells had hit and the enemy fired back the Paladin's were another location setting up to fire again. A proverbial game of hide and go boom that McNeil was planing on giving them the advantage in distraction so the SEAL team could get in and disable that fabrication facility.

    Orote-Apra Firing Line

    Like at Antonio, the Orote-Apra firing line was built of Paladin's supported by Abrams, in turn supported by ground troops. They're target was the area around the fabrication facility, which they would bombard for 10 minutes before moving on to outlying enemy units as given by spotters.

    Naval Magazine

    The Naval Magazine was the wild card. Intel hadn't been able to confirm the contents of the Naval Magazine and as it stood the forces at the facility were ordered to use what they could, save what might be useful later, and destroy what they couldn't Nothing was to be left for the enemy to find and use. Every bit of military intelligence the enemy got was a crippling blow, and the sole purpose of taking the Naval Magazine was to make sure nothing from there fell into enemy hands.

    USS New Jersey

    With the orders from McNeil in the New Jerseys heavy guns took aim. Though targets were at captains digression McNeil had sent a request to lay heavy fire on the area of the Fabrication Facility till the SEAL team confirmed insertion. Dealing as much damage to the area before the SEAL team arrived would mean less opposition for the team. The Jersey's secondary target was that confirmed walking tank of theirs.


    All over Guam the horizon lit up as dozens of guns from multiple positions opened fire on the southern half of the island. Four land and one Naval position all unleashing a massive barrage of high explosive and various other shells. The Military of Earth was raining Hell down on the Covenant. The Ultimate Exclamation point on the statement 'you will not take this island. You will not take this world.'

    USS Corpus Christi

    The Captain of the Corpus Christi watched through his periscope as flashes of light lit up the island. Gaucher turned to his second in command and gave him a nod. It was go time. The Command was relayed back through the sub up to the ASDS, the SEAL insertion vehicle. Almost in unison the three ASDS of the Christi, Hudson, and Buffalo left their mother ships to for the southern shore of the island. The insertion had begun.

    Tag: Van, All
  24. SnipeHunter

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    Aug 30, 2005
    IC: Jacob

    As the rankin got to a depth of 1200ft Jacob ordered the sub to slow, inorder to make them practically invisable to anything but active sonar and even then it would be hard to find them. "Sir we have picked up three unknown signitures entering the water" the sonar opperator called out and continued saying "They have dived to a depth of 100 feet and holding sir" Jacob thought for a moment "What direction are they from us?" the sonar opperator looked as his instraments "20 knots off our port side sir" Jacob looked around at his crew and smilled 'so the enemy wasn't expecting this attack from the outlook since these vessels only came into play after the sonar blast' He thought "Well men it looks like we finally will have some fun in this war" He stood "I want a nice game of cat and mouse, I will leave this to you men but I want those vessels delt with, get to within 50 ft then send some torps down their throughts." Jacob then walked out to his quaters to write down his findings about the covernant not expecting subs in battle and leaving his battle plan to play out"

    TAG: GM, Any others who will be affected by this

    OOC: My comp has been playing up and is currently down for a couple of weeks I will be back to regular posts when i get it fixed thank you for your patience. also I appologise for and spelling mistakes since I haven't had the time to put this through a spell check and I know my spelling sucks.
  25. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    LPCs: Lieutenant Steve H., Gieger and accompanying Platoon. Recon.

    Lieutenant Gieger stepped up and saluted then offered to shake "Aussie's" hand.

    "A pleasure to meet you, Sargent...Smith. We were sent to reconoiter the wereabouts of the Covenant Forces and send back information on their positions and numbers. We met up with a bunch of the short ones and their accompanying shooters and shield holders. When we couldn't hit past their shields we hit them with our M-203s and disengaged in the confusion. We had some help from the shooter up topside who's on watch right now. He took out quite a few of the little jerks and prevented them from recovering from the grenades before we were cleared out. What part of Australia do you hail from?"...


    IC: PFC, Chafai Husto.

    He'd been watching and paying particular attention to the change in the thermographics from below in the tall grass. Even of more concern, the forms were approaching the Bunkers. Husto clicked his radio's mic twice as a signal to the rest of soldiers holed up below.

    "Heads up we've got Cuvvies on inviso power coming our way from down hill. Set your Scopes to Infra-red if you've got that option. If you've got infra-red binocs that's a plus. I'm counting as many as 12 of them so far. It would appear that they're strictly recon so far."


    IC: Lt., Steven Gieger.

    Lieutanant Gieger snatched his mic and whispered into it.

    "We've got some friends who've just showed up with some serious long reach. Want them topside?"

    "Send them up to the roof. I can use the company," said Chafai.

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