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Science Fiction Halo TODAY: The Pacific Campaign.

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Vangarian, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Location: Directly over Challenger Deep.

    Time & Date: 14:30, 4-3-09.

    IC: Brtak ?Hadaspree, Sangheili Zealot, commanding third arm of the fleet of Joyous Purification. Currently commanding on site of the fleet's newly constructed recovery installation. The Aquatic Hunters had limited depth capability and had been called back towards the facility by Brtak. It was enough that the human vessel had been sent scurrying away for now, for the installation's shields had been brought on line and further shipments of troops and munitions were being sent towards the largest Island to the northeast. Sangheili Field Master Zogar 'Gaharkee reported the beginning of his second-in-command's journey having begun early. His last act of bravery was noted and placed him on the recipient of honors post humously. Orbital observations had indicated a large flotilla of surface vessals inbound towards the installation's position from an Island off the coast of the largest land mass of the planet. Others were forming up from the northern portion of the same land mass and converging with the first one. Apparently the humans were now talking to one another and becoming more cooperative amongst themselves. Brtak made note of this too. If the humans had in fact settled their own internal squabling, then it was just possble that they might become more of a problem if united...His second signaled him of a status change.

    "Honored Senior, the claw hoist is being lowered even as we speak towards the target at the bottom."

    "ETA to the bottom?" asked Brtak.

    "Two tenths of a cycle so as to avert possible damage to the target's structure, Honored Senior," answered his second, Sullack 'Phercodapackee.

    Brtak turned to Sullack and gestured his approval.

    "Well and good. You have the bridge until I return in two tenths of a cycle, signal me if anything outstanding should come up or if either the Prophet of Hope or Field Master 'Gahrkee should contact this station requesting further resources" he announced.

    "As you wish, Honored Senior," responded his second.

    Brtak strode off the bridge and headed towards his quarters. Inside he was seething at the joke that this campaign was turning into with the Prophet of Hope micro managing his war efforts against his portion of the planet's surface at the third largest continent. His interferring was only going to serve as time extensions to the humans in their efforts to repell their righteous conquest of this world in their search for more Forerunner artifacts. Surely even the Prophet of Hope could see this. But no the idiot was a blind fool pretending to be one with sight! Not for the first time did he feel like slashing the fool's throat and throwing him out a convenient air lock! At the last intersection Brtak changed course and headed for the exercise area. He was letting the situation get to him. He needed to give vent through exercise. Perhaps a few rounds with the equipment was called for. Yes! that would do nicely...He could pretend that the dummy was the Prophet of Hope, as he slashed and pulverized it.

    Meanwhile deep down below, a corrupted AI awakened and ran a series of passive local sensor sweeps analizing its surroundings and its environment sounds were occuring from above and it had taken notice of this. 337longsword began bringing the ship back up on line to see what was afoot. It had been a very long time...very long.

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  2. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003

    Hear ye, hear ye. One and all Gamers. The call is going out for the first time to players interested in creating Covenant PCs for the insertion into the Forerunner Heavy Cruiser that landed into the Pacific Ocean near Guam as a side adventure. Please send me your PMed CSs. I'll need two Elites (senior red armor, junior blue armor), two Hunters, four Jackals and four Grunts. Your interest would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003

    Halo TODAY: The Pacific Campaign, is entering into the next segment of the forum. In this segment I'll be requesting players to send in new PC CSs for Game, specifically based on Covenant PCs instead of Humans. They will be heading into a captured Forerunner Heavy Cruiser that had crashed into the Pacific Basin thousands of years ago and is being raised back up by a Covenant built recovery platform. It will definately have a Horror aspect to it, though I'd rather not go into too much details as it would spoil it for the players. I figured it would make a nice change of pace for those who have been following this forum but felt that it was too military for them and not enough Sci-Fi to participate. So there you have it.

    PCs would fall into the following categories: Elites, three at the most.
    Drones, four at the most.
    Jackals, four at the most.
    Grunts, eight at the most.
    Brutes, Two or more as reenforcements.
    Minimum of five, one of each species.

    These would make up a Reconnaissance team sent into the huge recovered craft in search of what happened to a missing group of Engineers with a security escort of Brutes sent in earlier with whom contact was lost.

    CS is as follows: Name of Covenant operative: Given cultural name. Google for
    ideas and examples.

    Race of Covenant operative: Sangheili (Elite), Yanme'e (Drone),
    Kig Yar (Jackal), Unggoy (Grunt),
    Jiralhanae (Brute).

    Rank of Covenant operative: Ranks of Elites
    Red Armor ? Elite Major
    Blue Armor ? Elite Minor
    The rest will be Non Coms if not an

    Equipment: Equipment will include scanners
    based on motion detection. Inviso
    Field Generators (suit mounted),
    Plasma cutters, Communicators with
    network capabilities, Multi Species
    Medkits, Kig Yar Shields, Armor,
    Rapel Lines, Illumination etc.

    Weapons: Plasma Pistols, Rifles, Heavy Rifles,
    Grenades, Flechette P,R,HR, Gravity
    Maces/Hammers, Vibro-Axes, etc.

    A Brief Bio: Optional.

    My heart-felt thanks to those who have made the Halo TODAY: series of RPG forums as popular as they have been. I hope this change of emphasis and orientation will breath a new breath of life into this Game and thus make it even more enjoyable.


  4. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Addendum for Personnel, Equipment and Weapons: Offered by Kahn_Iceay. Thanks Big Guy! :)

    Species: Kig Yar (Grunt Skirmisher) same species as a Jackal, but more physically/close range oriented.

    Equipment: Energy Garrote (Sangheili only)
    Holo-Drone (limited, Elite only)
    Sangheili Combat Harness
    Sangheili Commando Harness (High Ranking Elite Only)
    Sangheili Flight harness w/ Under Water modifications (Standard Flight Harness with 'thrusters' modified to aid the user under water, suggested be limited to just one player)
    Unggoy Combat Harness

    Weapons: Type-31 Rifle (Needle Rifle)
    Energy Cutlass (Jackal or Skirmisher only)
    Type-52 Special Applications Rifle (Jackal or Elite only) for CQB.
  5. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Ingame Update in Story Mode:

    Time: 2/10 of a cycle later.

    1st Officer Sullack 'Phercodapackee who'd been monitering the decent of the Claw to the bottom of the underwater trench, slowed the decent further so as to allow for more time should he need it in the event of a possible collision with the forerunner ship. The Claw's Arc lights were activated and lit up the surrounding aquatic environment. It had already passed beneath the deepest limit where life could exist. There no longer was any signs of motion from any living creature this far below the surface of the ocean. Gradually something huge began to resolve on the image screen from below as Sullack watched in awe. It was bigger than the recovery platform in length though smaller on the other two dimensions. Sullack beheld the darkened form of a Forerunner Heavy Cruiser. He adjusted the Claw's angle and depth to allow a better view. As the scene changed, Sullack took notice of damage done to a central keep in the behemoth's structure. There had been a hole punched into ship's upper hull clean through from stem to stern, nearly decapitating the keep's neck which had attached the bridge to the rest of the hull. The Claw would have to be reconfigured to handle the excess length so obvious to this Forerunner Steller Warship. They would have to improvise on how they would raise this ship from the bottom if the Claw wasn't equal to the task. Just then Brtak stepped on the deck of the bridge. The Security Officer, a broad shouldered Sangheili noticed and announced, "Fleet Master on the Bridge". Everyone who'd not been standing now was.

    "At ease. Return to duty positions," Brtak ordered. "Status report. What do you see down there?" asked Brtak.

    "Sir, We've made contact with the target and have it on screen," said Sullack, as he swung it around for his superior to see.

    "Now we see a glimpse of their wonderous glory," Brtak intoned.

    "Lower the backup Claw to assist the first one so that the Heavy Cruiser's superstructure doesn't break. Look for hard points then attach to them. We'll give it a light tug and see how it works."

    Five Cycles later the Forerunner Ship was cradled in the adjustable dry dock of the recovery platform's-now-split superstructure. A team of Engineers was pickeed to investigate the interior along with an escort of Brutes for their protection as they sought out its secrets. Three Cycles later they lost contact with the expeditionary team.

    OOC: I'll be receiving CSs of Covenant PCs now. If you'd like to participate, feel free to send me some applicantions. Thanks! :D

  6. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Name of Covenant operative: Vtas 'Hatumee

    Race of Covenant operative: Sangheili

    Rank of Covenant operative: Sangheili Ranger

    * Elite Personal Energy Shield
    * Antigravity Packs
    * Assault Harness/Flight
    * Communications Systems Hardwired into suit
    * Standard Sangheili Cloak

    Weapons: Type-1 Energy Weapon (Energy Sword)
    Type-51 Carbine (Covenant Carbine)
    Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol (Plasma Pistol)

    A Brief Bio: The Writ of Union

    On the blood of our fathers... on the blood of our sons,
    we swore to uphold the Covenant,
    Even to our dying breath,
    Those who would break this oath are Heretics,
    Worthy of neither pity, nor mercy,
    We shall grind them into dust,
    And continue our march to glorious salvation

    This is the standard rhetoric of all Sangheili soldiers within the covenant military. Its words, its meaning, lost to the Unggoy, ignored by the Kig Yar, and incomprehensible to the blundering Jiralhanae, and only partly understood by the Mgalekgolo. But to the Sangheili, to Vtas 'Hatumee, it is life itself. Without honor one is without life, without life, one is meaningless. Honor and life, of service, of combat, of following the richious path.

    Vtas 'Hatumee is a former member of the Sangheili special operations and a current member of the Rangers. Formerly assigned to the Fleet of Profound Solitude and the CCS-class Battlecruiser Ascended Intercession. Recently transferred to the fleet over the Heretical planet Earth Vtas was specifically trained to utilize a modified Ranger flight Harness that could function not only in vacuum and within an atmosphere but within the oceans on the surface.
  7. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003

    Still Room for more Gents. Don't be bashful now, come on down and give it a go.

  8. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Time: 14:25.

    Date: 4/3/09

    Location: Andersen AFB, Guam, underground facility.

    General Phillip M. Ruhlmann and Hisashi Mori were in deep discusson over the details of the likely relocation of Sprite174 and Mr. Mori to another location deep in the western united States called the Groom Lake Facility. Sprite174 noticed a change in the electromagneto ether and began monitoring the status of it. Something familiar had started to arouse from its slumber not very far away. The corrupted AI from the Heavy Cruiser she'd evaded many years prior to now. It was preparing for an unwelcomed boarding and had already acquired new crew members of a sort from previous boarders. It was aware of her. It gloated at her...anticipating the battle to come and the eventual enslavement of this world, followed by a return of its masters.

    "General Ruhlmann, sir. Hisashi San. I'm detecting a dangerous move being made by the Covenant C/O the infected AI that was in pursuit of my vessel long ago when I first arrived on your planet. The Covenant has been busy. They have acquired that vessal to learn its secrets. They are woefully unprepared for what they will face within that vessal. Unless they are stopped, they will unwittingly release a great danger upon your world that will make themselves seem insignificant by comparison," said Sprite174. General Ruhlmann looked at Sprite174 then at Hisashi Mori.

    "Is this alien device programmed to make jokes, Mr. Mori?" he asked.

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  9. litterlad

    litterlad Jedi Youngling

    Oct 1, 2009
    Research Facility, Guam

    "Is this alien device programmed to make jokes, Mr. Mori?" General Ruhlmann asked.

    Hisashi ponders for a moment, then looks at General Ruhlmann.

    "General, it is in earths best interest that we deal with this situation immediately. I suggest we deploy a full nuclear strike within the belly of the beast. As there isn't sufficient time to develop a biological contagion that could wipe out this unknown enemy and the covenant that dwell within." Explains Hisashi

    Hisashi stops and looks over at Sprite 174

    "Sprite, how do you know this? Are you in contact with the enemy vessel in some way? If so, what more can you tell us of this new threat. Is there another way of solving this without destroying such an invaluable asset?" asks Hisashi.
  10. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Sprite174 stared unblinking through her one occular video receptor at General Philip M. Ruhlmann then pivoted back towards Hisashi Mori.

    "Hisashi San. A feature of our technology allowed our creatores to monitor us under any and all circumstances in the event of our programming being subverted by the Flood or other antaganists. It is a feature that ability to maintain control over a situation that involves a fallon AI. The only way that it could be thwarted was by the infected AI shutting itself down to minimal power levels. This AI did exactly that and simply waited while it played dead. That and the fact that it was so deeply hidden under the water's surface partially hid its signature until it was removed from its resting place by these interferers who've acquired our technology from other locations where our former masters hid away their installations, repositories and archives. Tactically you could use a simple fission device and eradicate the recovery installation or perhaps simply invade the installation and set one of its fusion reactors to blow. I predict that at least one from your numbers will have to sacrifice himself to carry this out. That and possibly a large number of interdictors using a Covenant transport for carrying troops to the facility's location in order to by pass the shields," said Sprite174.

    Tag: litterlad, others.

    OOC: Hint, hint...can we say battle plan boys and girls? Somebody please...please...please, show some initiative and interest! [face_whistling]
  11. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    OOC: I've been given temporary control of Captain Reilly for the next phase until SnipeHunter can get back on line.

    In Game:

    IC: Captain Jacob "Wild Card" Reilly and his exemplary crew of the HMAS Rankin (SSG 78). The Black Knight was under way after receiving orders from Royal Australian Naval Command to head to the aid of Guam. With this change in assignment, Captain Jacob Reilly ordered the Black Knight to Guam at all possible speed and prepared for an all out fight. The Rankin had gone through emergency improvements that were deemed top secret at the time of its refit. The Deisel electric generator system had been scarapped in favor of an oil free power source using a set of all neodymium magnet motors from South Africa. They had been bench tested at 11,300 shp. All other aspects of the system had been kept intact holding to the philosophy, "that if it wasn't broke not to fix it."

    The Rankin was making 38 knots when it was nearing the vicinity of Guam's southern coastal region at 100 feet depth.

    "Helm. Slow to on quarter speed. Bring us up to periscope depth," ordered Reilly.

    "Slowing to on quarter, up bubble to periscope depth, aye," responded the helmsman.

    The Black Knight leveled out at periscope depth and Captain Reilly raised the periscope for a look about. In plain view was the southern shore of Guam three miles inward. He was just in time to see a large facility on the beach go up in an explosion as figures in rubber rafts headed out at speed away from the shore. Just then his Sonar man called a contact of four objects, three were indentified as American Los Angeles Attack subs. The fourth was an unidentified that was moving eastward and gradually changing course northward apparently moving parallel with the shore line.

    "Com. Patch us through to Command ask if our American friends would like a little assitance on that unidentified that's heading parallel with the southeastern shore," said Captain Reilly.

    "Aye, Sir," responded his radioman. Reilly lowered the periscope.

    "Helm adjust our course to 50.460 degrees. Increase foreward speed to half."

    "Heading, 50.460 degrees, foreward speed to half, Aye," responded helm.

    Moments later Command responded. "Destroy the unidentified by all possible means."

    "Helm. Flank speed."

    "Flank speed, Aye."

    "Captain. the unidentified is increasing its pace and heading northward towards the shore,"

    "Weapons officer. Load tubes one, two and three with torpedos. Load tubes four, five and six with Harpoons, ordered Captain Reilly. The torpedo room acknowledged and complied.

    Sonar as soon as we're clear of the eastern most American submarine signal helm. Helm, at that time bring us about directly towards that unidentified. Reilly brought the periscope back up to see what was happening. The Rubber raft boats were being recovered along with the figures that were on board of them by a surfaced American Los Angeles attack sub. As the Rankin cleared them, Helm brought them about towards the new target. Torpedo room siganled locked and loaded. Just then a large object was clearing the water and climbing up towrds the surf.

    "Weapons enable tubes four, five and six. I'm downloading the image of the target now,"

    Out it crawled on four legs clearing the shore. Reilly captured its image and relayed it to the weapons officer.

    "Target acquired," he called.

    "Open outer doors of four, five and six."

    "Doors four, five and six opened, aye."

    "Fire Four..."

    "Fire Five..."

    "Fire Six..."

    Three Harpoon missles streaked towards their intended target as it made every effort to escape its fate. Zogar 'Gaharkee witnessed yet another setback for his tight schedule as his special Scarab suddenly errupted into an explosion, and another and another as three human manufactured missles ripped into the scarab's hull causing it to scatter in very small pieces. Zogar was shocked.

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  12. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game: Concurrently with the Scarab kill on the east side of the Island.

    The Battle of Mount Lamlam:

    The last of the five Spirit Shuttles swooped past laying a suppressing fire over the area as Marines dove for cover with some not making it in time. Their cries of agony puncuated the fact that this was still not a milk run for the operators on site at mount Lamlam. Private Husto pivoted around tracking the Spirit looking for a soft spot to hit and gain the upper hand. The anti-grav pods glowed a dull ultraviolet beneath the two fork branches. Chafai started on one of them and emptied his ten round magazine into it. That one popped and crackled then went out. The Spirit began to list towards the direction on the same side as the apparent damage to the damaged pod. Quickly he inserted another magazine chambered and continued firing on another pod beneath the same fork tine as the spirit's plasma turret began to swing around for another volley, this time in his direction. It took another magazine to do it in quick succession, but that one fizzled and popped too, all the while the shuttle loomed closer at an alarming rate. Just then the big shuttle slammed into the roof of the shooter's nest with a thunderous crash that rattled Chafai's teeth. This up ended the forked hull on its side. It then vaulted over and past the top of the concrete block house, all the while the shuttle's plasma cannon was firing wildly in a last ditch effort to hit something vulnerable on the inside of the bunker. It did when a chance plasma stream burst through one of the gunports of the bunker. With a massive boom the window ports and entrance way gouted a wave fire mixed with plasma and noise as the roof snap bulged upward from the interior forces trying to find relief anyway they could. Chafai was catapalted off of the roof. Man, gun, sack and ammo with an assortment of others all flying in the air and off to the side of the now totaled primary bunker of the Mount Lamlam outpost. He hit the sandy ground with a woosh of air being knocked out of him and tumbled down the slope with pieces of concrete rubble raining down around him. Finally he rolled to a stop spitting out dirt and dust. Get up...Get up! First the gun. Find it. Then the ammo reserves. Hurry, hurry, move. Private Husto crawled about slowly at first then finally found his 'White Feather'. It's not over until it's over. he thought. Next he found his sack, then finally some of his magazines. He inserted one and chambered his 'White Feather' for another go at it. The Main Bunker at Mount Lamlam was trashed though there might have been some who escaped further in and back along the tunnels where other bunkers were interconnected. Husto looked about for survivors and was surprised to see the SF operators still alive. The last of five Spirit Shuttles lay upside down beyond the ruined block house. Its forked framed snapped in two. This was a Red Letter Day!

    "I got ten american dollars in my pocket that says one of you crapped your pants," he said with a grin then passed out from delayed shock.

    Tag: Morkai.
  13. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game: Concurrently with the Battle of Mount Lamlam.

    Time: 14:30 hours. Date: 4-3-09.

    Andersen AFB and Won Pat International Airport were taking in as many C-17s, C5s and other assorted heavy lifters that could come with tanks, troops, munitions and other supplies to carry out a campaign against the Covenant's bid to throw human inhabitants off of Guam. McNeal had planned for the battle to be very bloody and very hard win or lose. He had also planned brilliantly for out manuevering the Covenant forces by making use of the cleared beach from which the Covenant forces had been swept off. After the SEALS had taken out their wounded and the Covenant prisoners the Marines landed and made use of it. The hill country of Southern Guam was not taken yet. Not by a long shot. Temporary adjustments were made with fabricated grid work for resurfacing the beach for Harrier IIs that would shortly be coming in. Two could play at the game of taking a beach and the US Marines were exemplary at doing just that.


    The old Naval Air Station's landing strip at Orote Point had been getting a cleaning and a face lift with some special quick drying synthetic cement for any cracks that had shown up over the years since its earlier closing. That done, the newly reopened air strip was ready for its next installmant. Fresh from Davis Monthon AFB by way of Hawaii came the 357th TFW. The A-10 Warthogs of D.M. had come to roost at Orote Point and they were hungry for a kill.


    Apra Harbor was bustling with Marine and Navy activity as ship after ship came in with more and more Marines, Hummers, Strykers and M1A2s from the 4th Marine Division. They were up to about half strength now. The goal was to be up to full strength and fully engaging the enemy by dawn the next day. Improvements had been built into the tanks fire control and new ammunition had been purchased from Isrial-shortly after the Covenant Scout ship and its crew had been captured-with new features for delayed detonation plus compound warheads for better penetration past Covenant armor. At least, it was hoped so. There was a new annodized coating for the Abrams and Strykers armor that was being introduced. It had shown promise in the labs and field tests back in the Michigan General Dynamics' proving grounds. Now Technicians were applying it to each tank and stryker that was unloaded. Even Hummers were getting a treatment of it for protection from the lighter plasma rounds of Covenant infantry fire.


    The Paladin, Archer and other artillary units were repositioning for another ten minute barrage. An alarm went up when the radar net picked up a massive arial group approaching out of the south. Banshees were coming in low to the ground and at speed though not low enough to evade the radar net. AA batteries were engaged and began firing at the incoming flyers even as they in turn began firing at newly acquired ground targets. Archers that had been preped for AA duty supplimented the rising wall of flak like obstruction that was eroding the numbers of Covenant aircraft speeding in for vengence against those who'd struck against them moments before. Plasma round streaks filled the sky as the Covenant's ground attack aircraft strafed the ground hitting many of there intended targets only to find that many had already moved to a new location. Still they raced about in search of where they relocated to. Andersen Air Force Base's Raptors met the challenge head on taking out several Banshees then lead the Seraph escorts on a merry chase up into the clouds for yet another go at hide and seek, while Vampires took up the slack to guard the Banshees from being harrassed by the F-22s. The Raptor pilots changed tactics and fired missles to keep the heat up on th
  14. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Lt. Colonel McNeil

    [link=]Guam, night.[/link]

    McNeil stood atop one of the towers of Anderson AFB and surveyed what sections of the battlefield he could. Sections of the ground were aglow bright green and blue from plasma and 'fuel rod' strikes. Assets burned, but much fewer assets than were expected. The enemy's counter-attack had been fierce, but off target. And that was two of the reasons why McNeil smiled briefly.

    First: He had managed to out think their battle tactics forcing the enemy to engage areas where there were not targets opening them up to counter-counter-attacks which were severe and deadly. So much so that the enemy had be routed and driven back to their current staging area just south of the hill country.

    Second: It was a counter-attack. McNeil had forced a technologically advanced and better equipped enemy into a defensive position. Forced them to adapt to his fighting style, forced them to concede resources and strategic locations to him in order to maintain the status quo. He had by both luck and design over came their surprises, with the assistance of the navy of Australia, and the US, and forced them into a virtually surrounded position where he held the high ground. In essence He had won the battle, he was simply going through the motions of letting his enemy know it.

    Redirecting his attention McNeil watched as a C-130 prepared for take off with two F-35B Lightning II's prepared to run escort little brothers of the F-22 the F-35B had the lift fan that made them STVOL craft like the Harrier II, but being so few in number the Harrier II was still the workhorse, but that was semantics for another time. With the C-130 starting its run down the tarmac it was time for McNeil to return to station, and finish this damned battle.

    All around Guam the advancing armor and infantry units came to a halt. Over the night, through the bombing and counter attacks they'd been encircling the enemy, roughly. Poised behind the hill country was a fresh set of Paladin launchers poised to strike. The enemy was cornered, the death blow prepared...

    ...But McNeil knew a cornered animal was deadly, so he would give no chance for the beast to strike back. Real time data streamed in from UAVs, UCAVs, Satelloons, every information base the military had in the area was pointing at the enemy's location, communications personnel fed the information straight to the Archers, issuing commands. Looking at the real time feed McNeil saw his little chess pieces fall into place.

    "Engage Operation."

    [i]At sea[/i]

    The New Jersey, Corpus Christi and company, opened up. 16 inch shells, BGM-109 Tomahawks, and 5 inch shells sored over the horizon aimed at a finely corralled target at the southern end of a certain island's hill country. A naval bombardment of the sorts not seen since World War II would soon fall down on the heads of the Covenant, a history remembered they would soon not forget.

    [i]At Land[/i]

    Archers and Paladins unleashed a barrage of sub-munitions and Excalibur rounds illuminating the night as they rained down hell upon an enemy not of Earth. Most of the lights of Andersen were out, but the base was alight with the strobing glow of cannons as the volleys arced through the night.

    [i]At Air[/i]

    F-22 Raptor engines screamed through the dark as they tore through clouds in the direction of where the always waiting Saraphs struck from. A tease, to gather attention. They banked and turned, redirecting back towards Guam their exhaust a tantalizing target to lead the Saraphs to their fall, like the similarly named angels of biblical lore. The Raptors AN/APG-77 Radar scanned the ground as they passed high above relaying relaying real time data to the M1A2 Abrams.

    The M1A2's opened fire HEAT and other goodies streaking down from the hills into where the Covenant was holed up in whatever form of prefab bunkers they erected. It didn't really matter, because as the cannons silenced capacitors charged, apexed, and discharged. Magnetic fields switched on and >
  15. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    OOC: Another post will be forthcoming in a few days. Darth RL has been rearing his ugly head as of late. ;)
  16. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: SGT "Aussie" Smith

    The three SF operators shambled up the slope towards Husto, Their clothing ripped and bleeding in several places as they cleared the imediate area around the now destroyed bunkers. They collapsed into all round defence as they took in the scene around them, the sky was lit up more than any new years party any of them had ever seen, Aussie could hear husto calling in rounds from a nearby ship. Aussie reached into the marine daypack and pulled out a lazer designator, he wiped blood away from his eye, smearing it across his forehead. Aussie gestured to Tex and Bull, the other two following him down the hill, the three men melded in with the landscape as the pyrotechnics overhead cast eerie shadows across the landscape. With alittle work they got close enough to begin painting targets with the lazer designator, the next couple of hours passed as the three man team fixed the position of more and more of the covenant AA tanks, each one being hammered with massive shells from the nearby battleship. The men were covered in blood, grime and dirt as they snaked their way across the slope, sometimes darting between enemy tanks aas they tried to help stem the break through, Aussie only hoped it was enough.

    TAG: Van
  17. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Location: Guam Island.

    Action: Operation Thunder Ball.

    IC: As Field Master, Zogar 'Gharkee, Supreme Zealot of the Legion of Sacrosanct Meditation.

    Where were the reenforcements promised by Fleet Master 'Hadaspree? He'd called in for them in plenty of time for this travesty to be averted. Not one replenishment had come through! Why had he been abandoned thusly?? This was nothing short of treachery! It could be nothing else. File after file and Lance after Lance was being eaten alive by the human artillary. Some how their accuracy was being guided in, even though Files of Elites had been sent out to eradicate the human's observation posts to either side of the hilly regions. All the while as the humans hammered his Wraith's positions the humans had located Artillary pieces behind him along the beach he'd taken only that previous morning. Now the tables were turned and they were getting hit from freshly landed cannon emplacements now located there. They were animals no better than the worms who'd seen reason and surrendered to the righteous cause of the Covenant. If only he'd had access to the promised reenforcements this move by the humans would have been thwarted!

    Zogar signaled the crew of the last remaining Scarab to stay hunkered down until an opportune time otherwise it too would become yet another victim needlessly to the human's indirect fire power. The planned use of Scarabs was usually for long distant fire but the hills tended to block their plasma beams and thus they would have to be relocated closer. But not yet. He'd pulled it out of the way well clear of the rest of the Legion and ordered the crew to activate the tunneling sequence of its operation so as to protect it from bombardment by artillary.

    Wait! He had to wait for the opportune moment, when they'd think they'd won. Then he'd strike with all the pentup fury that they'd so richly deserve from him and his ravaged Legion!

    IC: As Marine Private Chafai Husto.

    The word was given to all surviving foreward fire coordinators to hit the dirt. A MOAB was in bound in five minutes. Chafai turned to the others further in towards the battlefield who were spotting and painting targets for the incoming artillary.

    "Hey guys they're dropping a freaking MOAB on the center of those Wraiths in five! Get back up here behind the ridge line! Those things have a serious shock wave and shrapnel delivery when they hit!" he yelled.

    Elsewhere the call went out, but those who'd it been meant for, were in a fight for their very lives against Covenant Elite Infiltrators and did not hear the call to take cover.

    Down, down, down it came. Like a giant stick of TNT with fins and a pointed head, it fell towards its intended target with surprising speed as the nearest and biggest cluster of AA Wraiths was singled out and targeted for execution from above. By the time Covenant fire coordination was able to identify it as a threat, it was way too late. BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!! The blast had hit the concentrated Dunce Pack of AA Wraiths like a bowling ball hitting all ten pins for a full strike. Many of them then became secondary shrapnel against their fellows as a ring of destruction was formed surrounding the crater where the MOAB had hit. The Covenant 'Wagon Wheel' of AA Wraiths had been destroyed, and a good chunk of their standard Wraiths as well. Few to none had any functional crews intact! Only out lying Spirits, Spectors, Shadows, Ghosts and other Covenant craft remained but few to none of the Wraiths were even operational, let alone manned by living crews. What did remain was vulnerable to the M1A2s, M1A4s and Strykers with 105mm cannons. It was show time!

    Tag: Kahn. Morkai! Your team will be getting a drop of medicinales before your next round. Even if I got to cram some PJs down your throats. Because in the w
  18. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Colonel McNeil

    [link=]The Battle of Guam[/link]

    The explosion lit up the night sky, the bright orange cloud silhouetted the hills and low mountains surrounding the detonation point as dust and debris littered the area. The blast wave from the massive detonation washed over nearly the whole of the small island. Trees lost leaves, small structures shuddered and collapsed but the marines perched high in the hills looking down on the devastation hunkered down eyes and ears protected by goggles and plugs.

    As the dust cloud subsided and things began to settle marines sprang into motion; magazines were slapped into weapons, charging handles were pulled, safeties switched off, and night vision goggles toggled - a well-rehearsed concert of preparatory clicks, snaps, and whines that echoed through the suddenly still night. Down below the indiscriminate growls, howls, and yells of an enemy corralled and wounded answered the marines call. Neither side was willing to ask for quarter, and neither would give it.

    Behind the marines Mortars set up to provide supporting fire instead unleashed a different type of barrage. Flares arched over the hill tops bursting for a single second of bright illumination before dying out. Apparently. In actuality the slow burning flares were releasing near infrared light, light invisible to the naked eye but perfect illumination for the Night Vision goggles the marines were currently using.

    As the invisible light washed over the covenant encampments the M1A4's and M1A2's opened fire on wraiths that came into sight just to make sure whatever was inside was a good dose of jelly from the physical shock of the impacts. Before the heat from the tanks barrels could even fade however the first group of marines, hundreds strong charged. Rushing down the hill, no battle cries were heard, only the silent determination of men of many nations, states, religions. all united in a singular goal. To liberate Guam, and then Earth, of an alien infestation.

    To Be Continued

    Tag: All
  19. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Location: Guam Island.

    Action: Operation Octogon.

    Date: 4-4-09. Time: 06:00, Dawn.

    IC: As Marine PFC Chafai Husto.

    It had been a long night with combat that could only be described as bloody, savage and unique. McNeal had relayed what he wanted his troops to do in no uncertain terms. After the initial shock had worn off from the silenced attack used by Marine infantry, the covenant responded with their own Elites adjusting their light bending technology and sending out more of what remained of their infiltrator files. Quickly the word was out and the Marines switched tactics by listening and using smoke grenades that served as a good indicator of the light bending phenomenom when it was activated. Sooon both Marines and Covenant forces were roughly on equal terms in the battle field. Spotters and Shooters from the outer edge of the battle field helped to make a difference in whittling down the numbers of the Elite Infiltrators. Having done what they could Husto and the three SF Operators were being tended to by US Air force Para Jumpers that had been forewarded from Andersen AFB and were assisting the US Navy Corpmen acompanying the Marines. The cuts, scrapes, gashes, puncture wounds and slashes had been sealed, stapled and stitched. Rehydration, sandwiches and vitamin shots were issued by the ParaJumpers after the worst of the wounds were taken care of. You would have thought their day was done. Then came the call from SOCOM. There was trouble at the Bunker complex on the far east side of the Field of Battle were another spotter team was not responding to quiries from command. Another Air Force Para Jumper Team had been sent in only to be silenced like the initial spotters that were there to begin with. Something was up and SOCOM wanted answers.


    IC: Supreme Zealot, Field Master Zogar 'Gharkee of the Legion of Sacrosanct Meditation was furious at how the humans had been so clever during this battle as opposed to the previous one back at the main land continent to the far east of the ocean basin his Legion was located in. What had turned them into the battle field monsters that were chewing his crack troops up and turning them into nothing more than casualties! He'd made an urgent call to the Prophet of Hope for an orbital bombardment only to be rebuffed. When he demanded a reason why, the only answer he was given was that the Prophet of Hope had other more pressing matters to concern himself with! Zogar direly wished he had the Prophet of Hopes neck within his grasp that he might crush his throat so as to end this farce that the expedition had become.

    "Initiate the Scarab crew to action in one twentieth of a cycle!" he roared. Indentify all of the prize targets they have and eliminate them when the Scarab is introduced into the battle.

    "When those targets are annihilated then turn the Plasma beams upon their infantry in a sweaping motion and reduce them to ash with extreme preudice! Upon finishing that you'll continue northward and finish your assignment of genocide against this Island's remaining human populace. Is that clear?" Zogar demanded.

    "Yes Field Master!" snapped the Scarab's Comand Officer.

    Tag: Morkai.
  20. litterlad

    litterlad Jedi Youngling

    Oct 1, 2009
    In Game:

    Location: Remote north-western shore, Guam Island

    Date: 4-4-09. Time: 05:37

    IC: Hisashi Mori

    Hisashi stood there on the beach barefoot, waves sweeping over his sand covered feet. The orange glow of the sun peered over the horizon, washing over him. It was quiet that morning...

    "For too long have I stood by and watched so many suffer, bloodshed over rituals & regulation..."

    Hisashi looked down at his watch, it was almost time, the soft azure glow of the beacon light was activated. He could see them in the distance, hulls as black as night, the silent engines teal glow, the stubby rectangular shape of the turrets.

    Within minutes Hisashi's forces have arrived, travelling in secrecy under the ocean depths from his main facility in Japan.

    1,500 "ironman" units, 250 "Chimaera" units, 5,000 automated A.I. "Viking" units programmed with the bio-specs of the covenant.

    Hisashi was afraid the rest of the world would be afraid or angry with him for producing a Japanese military, but going against treaties and the secret orders he received from home, he decided this was the right thing to do. He always loved reading comic books, the heroes, the villains, the story... but this was no story, and no caped crusader will be coming to our rescue.


    Technical Specs

    IronMan- Based off the popular comic idol Hisashi came to adore as a youth.

    *Height: 7'
    *Weight: 500 lbs
    *Omni-eye: equipped within the tri-ocular unit houses over 20 visual sensors, enabling varying forms of 3 dimensional sight
    *Powered by the Magnoline core, the electro-thermal bands within the lining of the suit makes movement a breeze in the heavy armor.
    * 1/16" Plasonic armor(body): The plasma bonded armor oscillates at 10,000 cycles per second, enabling the repulsion of foreign energy/matter.
    * Hadron(x2 forearms): Like the famed Hadron collider, this device launches standard projectiles similar to bullets. But unlike the standard the device sends a second shot of charged particles toward the first projectile, once contact is made the two materials react causing fission. Length- 1'6"
    * Magnoline(back/chest/thighs/ankles/shoulders): Using introverted magnetics, the waves repel the suit itself. With programmed directional bursts, the suit is enabled to fly giving it unsurpassed maneuverability.

    Chimaera- This half tank half fighter jet makes for a devistating combination.

    *Height: 8' 6"
    *Width: 25'6"
    *Length: 20'
    *Weight: 72,000 lbs
    * 1" Plasonic armor(body): The plasma bonded hull oscillates at 100,000 cycles per second, enabling the repulsion of foreign energy/matter.
    * Hadron(x1 starboard/x2 aft/x2 bow/x1 port): Like the famed Hadron collider, this device launches standard projectiles similar to bullets. But unlike the standard the device sends a second shot of charged particles toward the first projectile, once contact is made the two materials react causing fission. Length- 8'6"
    * Magnoline(starboard/aft/bow/port): Using introverted magnetics, the waves repel the unit itself. With programmed directional bursts, the unit is enabled to fly, giving it unsurpassed maneuverability.

    *Height: 3'
    *Width: 4'6"
    *Length: 3'6"
    *Weight: 375 lbs
    *Omni-eye: equipped within the tri-ocular unit houses over 20 visual sensors, enabling varying forms of 3 dimensional sight
    * 1/16" Plasonic armor(body): The plasma bonded hull oscillates at 10,000 cycles per second, enabling the repulsion of foreign energy/matter.
    * Hadron(x1 starboard/x1 port): Like the famed Hadron collider, this device launches standard projectiles similar to bullets. But unlike the standard the device sends a second shot of charged particles toward the first projectile, once contact is made the two materials react causing fission. Length- 1'6"
    *Powered by the Magnoline core and mounted on 6 independent legs, the electro-thermal bands within the lini
  21. SnipeHunter

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    Aug 30, 2005
    OOC: Hey there guys the drama that has been getting my computer fixed has finally finished and as such I will be posting as soon as I have read up on what has been going on, I am so sorry for the delay.
  22. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Correction Post: At end.

  23. Deiskrad

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    Sep 22, 2004
    IC: Staff Sergeant Graham Gibbons, Mt. Lamlam, Guam

    "Frag out!" Gubbons said, nearly coughing on the ozone.

    The explosive bounced and rolled behind a rock. There was a shriek and a shield carrying alien and one of the panicky monkey-like aliens rushed out. They were quickly iced by SAW fire. The Grenade explosion was almost desultory.

    Though they were holding their own, mostly thanks to accurate and continuous artillery, the position might be lost anyway. So many plasma rounds had hit the bunker and the mountain around it, that the rock had slagged and toxic gasses were filling the bunker. Three men had already puked and a wounded man had succumbed to the gas as well.

    Gibbons ejected his magazine and checked his load:
    two full magazines and the rest of this one. One grenade.

    He looked at the other men, faces smeared with ash, coughing and frothing, and as desperate as he was. They were sitting in a bunker in a speck in an ocean, fighting a war against an enemy that they barely understood. And their slap-dash bunker was about to collapse, or bake them alive, or suffocate them in gaseous rock.

    "Well..." gibbons said hoarsely, allowing a gallows-humor grin to pass his face "At least we'll already be buried."

    A couple of grim laughs in response, and then it was back to firing.

    TAG: whomever
  24. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    The Battle for Guam Island:

    In Game:

    Action: Operation Octogon.

    Date: 4-4-09. Time: 06:10.

    The ground around an isolated corner of the battlefield began to churn and move as something from beneath emerged into the surrounding atmosphere of noise and violence. first one leg then another and another thrust through the rocky crust of earth, punctuating its determination to surface into the field of battle and change the outcome that had been foreseen as a certainty. She was the Queen piece of Zogar's chess set. With turrets front and rear for numerous targets and the fire power to take them out...

    Marine PFC Chafai Husto Saw a flash of intense light and almost dove for cover out of reflex thinking it was a nuke going off. He chanced a peek from the lip of the ridge and spotted it. A huge articulating legged machine with two turrets mounted on the fore and aft of its framework. It had just fired on a wedge of Abrams that had broke throught the covenant line Shadows, Ghost and other ground combat vehicles that the aliens had arrayed for the Island's invasion. He called it in. Shortly SOCOM responded to his call and Husto signaled the three SF Operators. SOCOM had them a mission.

    Tag: Morkai, then SnipeHunter.


    Morkai: I realize that you must be busy again, so give us a post when you can, Thanks! :)

    SnipeHunter: Your sub and three American Los Angeles Class ones are up for a go at taking out a another Scarab. This one will be harder to kill. Since the Covenant has adopted to that tactic. But at least you'll distract it from mopping the floor with the Marines for a while. Please engage it. The targeting will come through by Australian Naval Command, as you'll not be able to see this target directly when you fire your Harpoon missles.


  25. SnipeHunter

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    Aug 30, 2005
    IC Jacob

    Jacob sat in the commanding chair on deck looking at the readouts being offered to him when his communications officer came running into the deck "Sir we have received orders from home, They have been monitoring the situation and have worked out that the yanks need some assistance, they want us to fire everything we have at the scarab then head back to the refuelling station there we will be held for a while as the brief you on their next move." Jacob looked at his men and smiled "So they finally decided to let us act how I said, Very well" he stood and held onto one of the pipes above head "Battle stations" he yelled as a siren started chiming through out the ship "Load first wave of Harpoons." As the orders were given the fire control sent them bellow deck, The men here loaded all six tubes then exited the room to get more missiles."Fire!" Jacob yelled and the missiles were on there way, this then continued for 3 move waves.

    As the last missiles left the sub they began to dive again and turn towards a island that looked to the outside as empty and devoid of life, but on this island a small Australian base had been made as the Rankin left to this island a helicopter had begun its decent towards a heli-pad and 4 C-17 Globemaster III aircraft were heading for the islands runway carrying classified equipment. Australia had finally decided to join the fight against the Covenant.

    TAG: GM
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