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Solo Han Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer #1

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Anthology - Spoilers Allowed' started by Darth Chiznuk, May 8, 2017.

  1. Darth_Hydra Jedi Grand Master

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    May 14, 2001
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    It might but I seriously doubt it. From October until the end of December Disney would want the attention on Coco, Thor: Ragnarok and TLJ. I think this timeline is more likely:

    TLJ Teaser 2 in July during D23 or SDCC
    Han Solo Teaser during late August
    Force Friday II on September 1st
    TLJ Trailer sometime mid to late October(during Monday Night Football when tickets go on sale)
    TLJ commercials on TV from mid or late November until the premiere.
    Han Solo Teaser 2 sometime in mid or late January
    Han Solo Trailer in late March(along with ticket pre-orders going on sale)

    This would give each trailer enough time in the spotlight before each new Star Wars trailer comes out and leaves September 1st for Force Friday II. It also starts the advertising for the Han Solo spin-off early enough but not too late. If we don't get the first Han Solo teaser during August they might have it in late September after the hype from Force Friday II has died down some.
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  2. Darth Downunder Chosen One

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    We should expect the first teaser quite soon. The TFA trailer timeline was:

    Teaser 1: Nov 28 2014.
    Teaser 2: April 16 2015.
    Trailer 1: Oct 19 2015.

    Teaser 1: April 14 2017.
    Trailer 1: ??

    So the pattern is a teaser released in April - 8 months prior to release. If we work backwards from that, given the May 25th 2018 release date that should mean a teaser for Han Solo this month! But, with TLJ trailer coming up (probably in October) will they want to release two major trailers within a few weeks? That's the tricky part when you have two movies set for release within 6 months of each other.
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  3. B99 Force Ghost

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    Nov 10, 2014
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    Yeah, not sure how the marketing is going to work out... I wonder if they would wait till after the main run of TLJ to release it. Like around Jan or Feb.
  4. my kind of scum Jedi Grand Master

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    I believe that @ManaByte was saying that the first trailer (teaser, perhaps?) would run with TLJ.
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  5. Django Fett Jedi Master

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    Because the premier is next summer instead of the following Xmas they're looking at the trailer being released with TLJ, I thought that was pretty much known now?
  6. ManaByte Chosen One

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    Aug 20, 1998
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    If Han Solo remains in May, the first teaser will be with TLJ and then a longer trailer in March.

    If they move it to December the first teaser will be in April right after TLJ hits Blu-Ray.
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  7. LittleDefel Jedi Knight

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    Jan 17, 2012
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    That's interesting. Is there a chance they might move it to December 2018 now? I thought that was ruled out because Disney does not want it to conflict with Marry Poppins?

    Frankly, I don't like the May release date because it's only three weeks after Avengers and only one week before Deadpool 2 (and only a few weeks before Jurassic World 2 and Incredibles 2). I believe it will make a lot more if it is moved to December. If it's released in May, I think 400 million domestic is the goal. If it gets a December release date, I think it has a good shot at Rogue One money (500 million plus for domestic).
  8. Gigoran Monk Jedi Grand Master

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  9. Lord-Skywalker Jedi Master

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    How incredible would that be, the audience would lose their collective minds, but unfortunately it will debut online because it all about the 'hits'.
  10. Darth Chiznuk Superninja of New Films - On Vacation

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    Oct 31, 2012
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    Oh would you shut up already! :p
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  11. Gigoran Monk Jedi Grand Master

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    Dec 2, 2016
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    Take comfort in the knowledge that I was your first disciple in support of the August Doctrine, and defended you at every turn. I am simply affirming my faith by continuing to believe that new Star Wars trailers will eventually be released this past August. You were once the most devoted August Guardian of them all. Will you not lead us once more?
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  12. Leoluca Randisi Jedi Master

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    Jun 24, 2014
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    Plus rumor has It Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom's Teaser Trailer Is slated for December 13th and Jurassic World FK's trailer Is also supposed to be with TLJ! that would be awesome!
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  13. CarboniteSolo Jedi Knight

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    I think it will be with TLJ, then be online soon after. It's perfect marketing and it's 6 months away.

    They don't want to take away from TLJ, so they will wait until TLJ is released, then start marketing Solo.
  14. grungebunny Jedi Master

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    It will be with TLJ. There is no distraction, its the cherry on top of the marketing cake. No one is going to say, 'oh Solo, not going to see TLJ then'. It will remind everyone not only about Solo but that there is a Star Wars movie in 2 weeks or so.
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  15. DARTH_BELO Jedi Grand Master

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    Nov 25, 2003
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    I would actually be more inclined to compare the marketing for Solo to how they did it for Rogue One, rather than the ST.

    That said, if I'm not mistaken we should be seeing a trailer sometime soon-although I doubt they'd want to do it before year's end, so as not to distract from their marketing for TLJ. That's why they said they weren't releasing a trailer a year out for TLJ, since they wanted Rogue One to have its spotlight before they start turning people's attention to TLJ.

    They will kind of have to do it that way for Solo, seeing as how there's no Celebration here this year, and SDCC is well after Solo is released. They missed SDCC and D23 last year, so that now means magazine articles and trailers and such will be just about the only platform they'll have at their disposal for marketing, until release!

    Then again it seems like the whole craze of releasing trailers a full year+ out before release seems to have died out really...
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