Speculation Han with Kids after Indy with Kids?

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    I agree. Star Wars and Indiana Jones are two different stories played by the same actor. As long as it is a good script, Ford should do it regardless of his past films. He should not part just because he did a film similar to this. Ford should realize how important he is to the franchise and legacy of the Star Wars story. He is like Batman and Luke Skywalker is like Robin, or is it the other way around?
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    Im sure Ford knows how important Solo is to Star Wars, but it seems like he has alway kinda felt like the character was mis-used to some degree. That being the case, I could certainly see him not liking the idea of Solo kids regardless of Indy.
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    Since the OT fanbase love musical numbers in their films, they should have Han's sons form a band.
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    MMMBop, no thanks!
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    Don't know you personally, so I can't speak to what your relationship experience is, but I can tell you that many healthy relationships have that kind of bickering and back and forth in them. When my wife and I were on our third date, a couple at the restaurant asked how long we had been married. We told them it was our third date and they couldn't believe it - they even said, "you bicker like you've been married for years." Well, we're celebrating our tenth anniversary this year, and have the strongest relationship of anyone I know. Bickering is just caused by sexual tension - and trust me, after a while, something happens to make that go away. ;)
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    Thanks for pointing that out while not calling me a noob or anything! Strange, I've gone on dates too and that's never happened to me lol! Maybe it's my personality, or maybe I haven't found the lasting one? Cool stuff man! No wonder the love story for 5 was written so well.
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    Hey maybe Shia LeBouf will be Jaina Solo Fel in this new trilogy!
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    Nah it's gonna be like Kindergarten Cop with Han in this one.
    "Ah the Falcon is out of fuel again."
    "Maybe it's a gas leak dad?"
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    Yeah the last thing we need is a Jedi constantly combing his hair!