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I.E., CA Happy Anniversary Mike and Sheila!

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by jangosmom, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. jangosmom

    jangosmom Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2005
    Congrats!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful day! [:D]
  2. jedi_onasi

    jedi_onasi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 3, 2006
    Awww [face_love] Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

    Hope it's a wonderful anniversary. [:D]
  3. delta_1138

    delta_1138 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 17, 2006
    I hope you guys enjoy your anniversary!
  4. han-shot-first

    han-shot-first IEFF President & Minister of Propaganda star 4 VIP

    May 6, 2006
    So today 9 years ago (we've been together for 17), I met my bestest friend and married her. We were married at the Disneyland resort. I made a bet with a friend of mine for a $100 the day I met Sheila that I would marry her one day. Well 8 years later, my friend Glen in Utah, paid up! Here's a pic from our wedding...

  5. jedifan77

    jedifan77 Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 19, 2006
    It took ya 8 years to convince her, huh? :D

    Think of how much more fun the wedding would have been with all of us there!

    Seriously, congrats! You two seem like such a great team and totally made for each other! It's fun to see you guys in action!
  6. Symina

    Symina Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 2006
    It's belated, but happy anniversary! I hope you have many more years together!
  7. han-shot-first

    han-shot-first IEFF President & Minister of Propaganda star 4 VIP

    May 6, 2006
    Thanks for the nice comments. We went to a few places on Saturday for our anniversary. I've tried to attach a few pics from each place but for some reason the pics won't show, just the stuff from copy + paste. So sorry. Here's what we did though. I'll see about pics later.

    Trump International Golf Club in Palos Verdes. This place was awesome and open to the public. It only costs a few hundred bucks to play a single round of golf. This has a state mandated public access trail that goes along the rim of the cliffs looking down to the ocean (which you can go to), and the course on the other side of you. Oh yeah, mansion after mansion across the way.

    A couple of miles up the road from where we started and is called Wayfarers Chapel. As you can see from the pics, it is quite beautiful and serene. Built in 1951 this Chapel is in the trees with the ocean below. They do weddings here year round, five on the dya we were there, with Sunday services and much more. They even filmed a Sprint cell phone commercial here.

    Then we went to a place called Pointe Vincente Lighthouse and Interpretive center. It has a free museum with many trails to go on. This was the where Marineland used to be which closed in 1987. This had really beautiful views of the ocean and the museum was very informative, very cool indeed.

    From there, we went to Santa Monica Pier which was about 40 minutes from where we started out in the day. We ate at Bubba Gumps and rode the roller coaster, big ferris wheel, and carousel. We stayed until sunset, which was perfect. Great place to people watch for sure as there were lots of them.

  8. HanChewie

    HanChewie Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2006
    I know this is very late, but Happy Anniversary to you both. Sounds like you had a great time for you anniversary. Now I know why Disneyland is sooo special to you both. It's a great place.
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