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Oceania Happy Australia Day!

Discussion in 'Oceania Discussion Boards' started by Adalia-Durron , Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    The Spirit of Australia.....not just Qantas (who have their own issues! tongue ) is what we celebrate today! The last few weeks of our countrys history have been filled with termoil, heartbreak but above all, the true heart and soul of what it is to be an 'Aussie' has shone through. I am proud to be an Aussie, not just on Australia Day, but every day of the year.

    [link=]I am Australian....[/link]
  2. Norrad_Roff

    Norrad_Roff Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 26, 2001
    And for all us non-Australians.

    Happy Wednesday!!! [:D]
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