Lou, KY Happy Life Day Maker!

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by jedimika, May 14, 2014.

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    Happy birthday to our Uncle George.
    Thank you for everything and enjoy your retirement.
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    Wow... I totally missed this one. Someone get the rope. [face_dunno]

    Happy belated life day Uncle George!! Your niece owes you one. [face_clown]
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    I'm reading library copies of the newest "Making Of" books. Must reads by the way! Just too expensive for me right now. Man, the things George went through to get the first three films made. It just makes me want to cry, really. Bankrupcy twice, a failed marrage, trips to mental hospitals.... stang. There was a quote from him from Jedi were he said something like "lets just finish this one so the fans can have the full story." In the end, of course, all his hardships paid off (as they do for all of us). But, poor guy!

    I know we all have our issues with the new leadership-- but I am so happy for Lucas to retire, have a new wife, and maybe make those weird indy films he wanted to do. Like he said, he is excited to see a star wars movie and try to see what the fans enjoy so much. I hope he does. I hope he enjoys the universe he created as much as we do.

    Happy Birthday Flanneled One.
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