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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by LeiaHair, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    Harry Potter: Feather in the Foxhole

    The birds chirped a loud warning over the swift breeze that swept through the old, withered trees. The shadow of a man pushed away the reaching branches as fast as he could. Time was running short. His large, violet eyes searched the edge of the thicket as he pushed through the last of the branches, revealing a small golden clearing. Sudden movement to his left caused the man to jump, clinging to the seemingly empty grey bag under his arm tighter.

    ?Damn rabbits.? He hissed under his breath as two large rabbits bounded off into the shadows of the trees. The birds suddenly stopped their chirping, and he knew they were close. Without further hesitation, the tall man ran towards the middle of the clearing.

    A large stump suddenly appeared as he pushed through the waist high grain. Its squat little figure sat on top of what seemed to be a small mound. The ground between the two largest roots seemed to burrow deep into the ground below.

    The echo of a twig snapping caused his round face to snap towards where he had come from. Cursing, he reached his long arm deep into the abandoned foxhole; stringy, grey hair falling around his face and chin. Highly excited to find nothing living, he sat back up and reached into the grey bag he had brought with him.

    Pulling his hand out, a glimmer of sapphire blue filled his vision. Between his worn fingers he held a long, blue feather with great swirls of silver and black covering it. There was an unnatural glow about the feather and it seemed to radiate heat between his fingers. Quickly, he turned it over into his palm and inspected the back. A small gold line ran down the vein of the feather. Squinting, the man was pleased to see small letters forming the line.

    Hurriedly, he shoved the priceless feather deep into the foxhole and double checked in the bag. Content that the fake replica was securely in the bag, the man forced himself to his feet, all the joints in his body popping as he did so. Old age, he though, had caught up to him faster than he thought.

    Not looking back, he disappeared into the woods.

    Voices quickly approached, echoing as the twigs beneath the newcomer?s feet did.

    ?I think we lost ?im!? A squeaky voice exclaimed, as a flash of deep red pushed a few trees out of place.

    No sooner had the man said this, there was a loud thump as the running man tripped over a root not to far ahead of the red blast.

    ?There he is!? the voice called.

    Flashes of light quickly filled the dark shadows of the trees. Some now burned as spells collided with their branches.

    With all his might, the old man dove behind a tree and leaned his head back against it, breathing hard. There was no way he could make it out. There were four of them and he was well into his sixties. As he listened to the birds frantically trying to get into the air, he made up his mind.

    ?Forgive me, Luna.? He whispered as he ran at the men with his wand up and calling out various words. Silver and purple lights shot from the end of the wand. The surprised looks on the other?s faces made the man?s heart smile one last time. One of the four dropped to the ground with a large thud.

    But without warning, the man suddenly was hit dead on his chest with a green flash. Like a rag doll, he crumbled to the floor.

    A short, fat man quickly ran over to the body and snatched the grey bag from the dead hands. ?Good riddance, Mr. Lovegood. May you find your imaginary beasts in Death.? His squeaky voice carried throughout the woods followed by a horrible sort of laughter as he spat on the dead man?s face. Turning back to the rest of his gang, he held it up in the air. ?Go? it.?

    ?Good, let?s get out of here before they track that spell down to this place.? Said a deep, rich voice. By the way he held himself, you knew he was the leader. ?Leave him.?

    The third guy looked longingly towards the fourth guy who laid dead at his feet. With a frown, he sat up. ?But if they identify ?im, then they?ll know who we are.?

    With a fl
  2. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    Approved by myself

    Name: Josephine ?Jo? Weasley
    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    House: Unsorted
    Year: First
    Relationships: Charlie Weasley?s daughter (who married a woman named Mary Ann Moore who also attended Hogwarts around the same time as Charlie.)Has and older brother, older sister, and younger brother (Arthur II *4th year Griffyndor*, Candice *3rd year Griffyndor*, and Liam *9 years old*)

    Magical Abilities
    Magical Understanding: Average
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Poor
    Dueling: Average
    Best Class:
    -Above Average at Potions
    -Excels with magical creatures

    Hair Color/style: The Weasley?s red hair, worn long and keeps it curled in loose spirals
    Eye Color: Blue
    Build: tall and lanky
    Out of School clothes: blue jeans and a simple t-shirt
    Wand: 10 inches, cherry wood, heart string of a Welsh Green Dragon
    Accessories: None
    Pet: Grey cat with blue eyes named Aria

    Traits: Personable, usually positive (except when stressed), but has quiet the temper towards those she doesn?t like. Procrastinates, but ALWAYS gets the job done.
    Likes: Just having a good time, and maybe creating a bit of trouble.
    Dislikes: Fake people and their fake agendas
    Habits: When nervous, she talks a lot and really fast.


    Growing up with a man of dragons and a woman who is the head for the Ministry of Magical Creatures, Jo naturally grew up with various kinds of experience with Magical Creatures. While her cousins, older brother (Arthur II), older sister (Candice) and younger brother (Liam) played tricks on each other or zoomed around on their brooms on their family reunions at their grandparent?s, Jo was always capturing the local creatures to study and keep as pets.

    Josephine?s parents were excited when their oldest child got her acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Unfortunately for Jo, it meant leaving her young Welsh Green, Frank, at home.

    Although her family is not as poor as what Charlie had grown up in, Jo did grow up in a slightly tight budgeted family. She wears hand-me-down clothes from her cousins, but nothing to ratty. New clothes, although not common, is nothing big for her family.

    All set with her school gear (new robs, a wand, new caldron, new and hand-me-down books), Jo awaits her first day of class with excitement? and dread.

    [b]Name: [/b]Victoria ?Tory? Riddle
    [b]Age:[/b] 11
    [b]Gender:[/b] Female
    [b]House: [/b]Unsorted
    [b]Year: [/b]First
    [b]Relationships: [/b]Granddaughter to Tom Riddle (Voldemort), but lineage was hidden from Tory?s father until after Harry?s second defeat of Voldemort, when he changed his name to his father?s rightful last name after being asked not to out of spite. Tom Riddle didn?t even know of his child, for the mother hid in fear of him after finding herself pregnant with the man?s child.

    [u][b]Magical Abilities [/u][/b]
    [b]Magical Understanding: [/b]Average
    [b]Quidditch Skills and/or Position: [/b]average, could develop into a decent player.
    [b]Dueling: [/b]average, but has quite the room to grow!!
    [b]Best Class: [/b]
    -Excels at the Defense against the Dark Arts.

    [b]Hair Color/style: [/b] long dark brown hair with long side bangs that she allows to hang over her left eye.
    [b]Eye Color: [/b]large sad blue eyes
    [b]Build: [/b]average height and build
    [b]Out of School clothes: [/b]blue jeans and dressy t-shirts
    [b]Wand: [/b]15 inch, oak, unicorn hair
    [b]Accessories: [/b] thin glasses, that she hates wearing
    [b]Pet: [/b]A brown and white owl named Vinny

    [b]Traits: [/b]Quiet, and used to being by herself. Isn?t shy, but is used to people hating her for who her grandfather is. She?s actually very nice and quite observant.
    [b]Likes: [/b]Reading and watching people
    [b]Dislikes: [>
  3. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    GM Approved.

    Name: Amarantha Williams
    Year: 2
    Age: 12 (birthday is October 13)
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown?straight, waist-length, worn loose or in a braid.
    Physical appearance: Slender, average height. When not wearing Hogwarts uniform, typically wears jeans or a long skirt with a blouse or sweater.
    House: Gryffindor
    Relatives: Not related to any canon character?Muggle-born
    Favorite Class: Charms, Transfiguration is close second.
    Personality: Very quiet, shy girl, but generally friendly, unless given reason to be otherwise. A bit of a loner, and tends to keep to herself. Studious, but not overly so.
    Pets: a [link=]Singapura[/link] (a short-haired, small breed of cat) named Nina.
    Wand: Maple and phoenix feather. 11 and 3/4 inches.
    Bio: Amarantha was born an only child to Muggle parents Felix and Hortensia. Though several strange incidents hinted at her raw magical talent, her parents did not consider the possibility that their child was a witch until she turned eleven and received her Hogwarts letter. Amarantha excelled at Hogwarts, and her first year was fairly uneventful. Nonetheless, she is looking forward to her second year.
  4. godofwar1233

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    Jun 22, 2007
    OOC:Alright Im interested in this though I was not in the last Harry Potter Rp
  5. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: We'd love to have you, godofwar. My PM box is always open for character sheets.

    A few things I noticed that I missed on my opening post. Scorpius Malfoy is a first year as well. If anyone would like to play him, they are welcome to decided who his mother is since they never said in the book.

    Also, just for the record, Teddy Lupin was raised by his grandmother Andromeda Tonks (who's still kickin')... but he visits the Potters (and the Weasleys) quite a bit.

    Neville never got married, but there are rumors of a romance between him and Luna Lovegood.

    And Kingsly is STILL the Minister of Magic.

    And Percy is only temperarly (which means untill they release him... heheh... never... kidding) holding the Position of Professor of Muggle Studies. If someone plays him, they can decided what he wants to do.

    ... I think that's everything I forgot to mention.
  6. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    Returning character :)

    Name: Kendrix McCully
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    House: Ravenclaw
    Year: 7
    Relationships: Aiden McCully (Wizard father) Heather McCully (Muggle mother) Daisy (McCully familys golden labrador)

    Magical Understanding: Superior
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Average, Ravenclaw goalkeeper
    Dueling: Average
    Best Class: Defense against the dark arts/Transfiguration

    Hair Color/style: Dark Blonde just past shoulder length, naturally curly, usually tied back
    Eye Color: Blueish gray
    Build: Small for her age, average build not to big not too skinny
    Out of School clothes: Comfortable hooded top, jeans and baseball style shoes
    Wand: Rosewood 9 1/2 inches - unicorn hair
    Accessories: Quidditch broom, silver bracelet with a moonstone charm, journal
    Pet: White and gray owl called Starr
    Traits: Studious, friendly and approachable, quite shy (especially when it comes to guys), spirited and determined, dry sense of humour, protective of her friends
    Likes: Reading and drawing, Quidditch, swimming (is a strong swimmer)
    Dislikes: Bullies, backstabbing, people using magic for malicious purposes, smoking
    Habits: Chewing on her nails when thinking or nervous

    Biography: Kendrix's was born in the north east of England in the outskirts of a large city. The child of a magician and a muggle, Kendrix was very gifted academically, which sometimes led her to be shunned by her peers. But despite that she lived a fairly uneventful life unaware of her magical heratige. But at times Kendrix was sure she saw strange things happening at home whenever she was around her father (who was a former ravenclaw). They were dismissed as an overactive imagination by her mother

    A week or two before her 11th birthday. Kendrix heard her parents arguing about "telling Kendrix the truth" And everything came out in the open soon after. She recieved an acceptance to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry on the eve of her birthday. Her mother was against it but her father convinced her that it would be the best thing for Kendrix. After a lot of thought, Heather agreed and Kendrix left for hogwarts.

    Upon arrival the sorting hat chose her to be in Ravenclaw. After a few unsteady weeks, Kendrix eventually settled into Hogwarts, making friends and adjusting to the wizarding world, and her natural academic ability helped her greatly through her classes.

    Now beginning year 7, Kendrix is a capable student, especially in defence against the dark arts class and transfiguration. Her main aim in life is to become an auror, and she is always on hand to help a student who needs it, eg, help with their studys or if they just need someone to talk too
  7. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    OOC: Darth Brutus, make sure you have anything on my sheet, that is necessary, on yours. To keep things consistent.

    Both GM Approved.

    Name: Albus Severus Potter
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    House: None
    Year: 1
    Relationships: James Sirius Potter, Harry James Potter, Ginevra Molly Weasley, Lily Potter, Ted Remus Lupin, The Weasley Family

    Magical Understanding: Average
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Average
    Dueling: Superior
    Best Class: None

    Hair Color/style: Black
    Eye Color: Green
    Build: Slightly Athletic
    Out of School clothes: Jeans, a Black T-Shirt and a Green Jacket
    Wand: 13 in, Willow, Phoenix Feather
    Accessories: Invisibility Cloak (Shared with James Sirius Potter)
    Pet: Snowy Owl named Hedwig (after his father?s)

    Traits: Quiet except when angry, Compassionate, Curious
    Likes: Quidditch, Exploring, Avalon Delos Carter
    Dislikes: Sorting Ceremony, Pumpkin Juice
    Habits: Grits his teeth when he is angry

    Biography: Albus Severus is the son of Harry and Ginny Potter. He was born at St. Mungo?s and lived in #12 Grimmauld Place. He was very curious as a child, often exploring the house and getting lost. When he got his first broom he stopped crawling around and started flying around. He would ride the broom everywhere. He continuously begged his parents to let him fly it outside. They didn?t relent until he was 9. Harry took him flying outside and he proved to be very capable.

    He is good friends with Avalon Delos. They met at 7 and their parents became friends. They spent a lot of time together from 7 on.

    Albus went to buy his school equipment with his brother, James, his cousins, Hugo and Rose and his friend Avalon. His parents allowed him to get a pet and he chose a snowy owl like the one his father had owned. He named it Hedwig, for his father as well, in remembrance of the one that was killed by Voldemort.

    [b]Name[/b]: Avalon Delos Carter
    [b]Age[/b]: 11
    [b]Gender[/b]: Male
    [b]House[/b]: None
    [b]Year[/b]: 1
    [b]Relationships[/b]: Vale Thorsen Carter and Liv Aidyn Carter (parents)

    [b]Magical Understanding[/b]: Superior
    [b]Quidditch Skills and/or Position[/b]: N/A
    [b]Dueling[/b]: Average
    [b]Best Class[/b]: None

    [b]Hair Color/ Style[/b]: Metamorphmagus, Generally: Black with Red Tips/ Chin Length, Choppy, Parts on his left side
    [b]Eye Color[/b]: Solid Black, Orange Cat-like, or Gold
    [b]Build[/b]: Slight
    [b]Out of School clothes[/b]: Jeans, a black shirt and a Red Jacket
    [b]Wand[/b]: 12 in. Sequoia, Thestral Bone Shard
    [b]Accessories[/b]: (Brooms, special cloaks, personal items, etc.)
    [b]Pet[/b]: Black Eurasian Sparrowhawk with Red Underside

    [b]Traits[/b]: Has changing moods, he is very loyal and responsible, slightly loud unless the need for whispering comes
    [b]Likes[/b]: Scaring Muggle children with his eyes, Albus Severus Potter, Learning Spells
    [b]Dislikes[/b]: Stories, History of Magic
    [b]Habits[/b]: Drums on desks, rolls coins on his fingers

    [b]Biography[/b]: When he was born his eyes changed to a gold color revealing he was a Metamorphmagus. Avalon young life was in the same neighborhood of Grimmauld Place. His parents became friends of the Potters. From when Avalon and Albus were 7 they were nearly inseperable. They spent nearly every day at each other?s house. They began to explore both of the houses and found many hidden rooms. One Christmas the carter?s were invited to the Potter?s for dinner and they met a large group of the Weasley?s.

    Avalon is an only child and went with Albus and his cousins and brother to purchase their school items. His father bought him a hawk that was trained to send messages. He has an extremely strange wand that is supposedly one of a kind.>
  8. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006
    GM Approved
    Character Sheets

    Name: Alexander Nubis
    Year: 1st
    Age: 10 Birth day is December 7th
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Long and Dark Brown
    Physical appearance: Short and skinny he was very white skin.
    House: N/a at this time
    Relatives: Merlin, Godrick Griffyndor.
    Pureblood/Halfblood/Muggle:Halfblood wizard Halfblood Druid
    Favorite Class: Unknown for the moment
    Personality: Very Friendly but seems shy
    Pets: a Phinox named Dawn but unlike most it's more blue then red, A Raven completly black named Dusk (young), and lastly he owns a Naga named Midnight.
    Other: As a half Druid he can shape shift into any animal but can only do so for no more then 3 hours a day. If he does this though he can not perform any magic for 12 hours.
    Wand: Elder wood with a Chimaera Scale (orginally merlins but passed down)

    Bio: Born from a Druid Father and a witch in Scottland. Alexander has been able to do magic with his parents permission for years. Now due to his mothers wishes he shall be attending Hogwarts for the first time in his life and has also recieved his mother's familly heirloom. The wand of Merlin but what house he attends is unknown for his mother never got the chance to attend Hogwarts for the women in her familly where not allowed to leave the home for long periods of time.


    Name: Basil Fenris
    Age: 76
    Gender: Male
    House: Ravenclaw
    Year: Teacher of Transfigeration, and Head of Hufflepuff
    Relationships: Tom Riddle (distant cousin), Albus Dumbledor (second cousin), Lucius Malfoy (cousin), and Black familly.

    You can be superior, average, or poor in these abilities, but you can only be superior at one.
    Magical Understanding: Superior
    Dueling: Average
    Best Class: In Order
    D.A. the D.A

    Hair Color/style: Long Black Hair falls just past mid back but has 2 white streaks in it.
    Eye Color: normally light violet but turns red when when angry
    Build: Athletic Slim
    Out of School clothes: Dark dress clothes
    Wand: Dragon's bone(instead of wood) with nightmare's hair.
    Accessories: A silver dagger that once belonged to Ravenclaw herself. Also he has a ring of
    animal speek.
    Pet: 2 Horn tail dragons(mid age located in the forbidden forrest) and a basilist(no eyes and very young located normally with him)
    Traits: Charming and Polite. Also very strik when it comes to studies and learning.
    Likes: Those willing to learn and give there all to there studies and magic. Also loves those who are flirtatious. He likes seeing confidence but hates over confidence
    Dislikes: Slackers, bad food, and those weak in magical potential. Over Confidence
    Habits: Cunstinly studies ancient magic and creating new spells. He also cracks his nuckles when bored.

    Biography: Born in America Basil Fenris is a decent to both Salavir Siltherian and Rowina Ravenclaw. Raised as one of the wealthiest wizards in the world he enjoyed everything life had to offer. He is amoung the few non-english wizards to have attended Hogwarts. While at hogwarts he meet a boy named Tom Riddle. Having like minds the older Basil decided to Become friends with Tom. The two spent years learning dark and forbidden spells. Basil also learned to become an animagus in his second year but did not register until he was of age. His animagus form is of a raven with two streaks of white one it's head. Upon leaving Hogwarts Basil became an auror but left shortly after to wander the world instead. Eventually he made his way back to america where he became a seeker but once again this lasted only a short while for he wished to continue his exploring. In his wondering he had many adventures. He has had many famous writters make novels of his journeys. Sometime in his late twenties Voldermort sought him out and upon finding Basil Fenris Voldermort asked to join him on his quest as one of the first death eaters. Fenris declined the offer but agreed to support V
  9. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: Everything is looking good thus far. I'm going to go ahead and list the characters that we have thus far.

    First Years
    Alexander Nubis--Unsorted
    Albus Severus Potter--Unsorted
    Avalon Delos Carter--Unsorted
    Josephine Weasley--Unsorted
    Victoria Riddle--Unsorted

    Second Years
    Amarantha Williams--Griffyndor
    Antares Black--Griffyndor
    James Potter II--Griffyndor

    Third Years
    Now avaliable to play.

    Fourth Years
    Adam Guild--Griffyndor

    Fifth Years

    Sixth Years
    Maya Yubari--Ravenclaw

    Seventh Years
    Kendrix McCully--Ravenclaw

    Baris Fenris--Head of Hufflepuff and teaches Transfiguation

    I will be playing as Headmistress Minerva McGonagall when needed, but all other teachers are avalibale to play if you so wish. And I have opened up third years, so if anyone wishes to play a third year he/she may do so.

    It makes me so excited to see this number of responces to the game, and I can't wait to get started! Go out there and tell everyone you know about the game! The more players we have, the better this will turn out!


    NOTE: When making a horizntal rule, please use the tool bar HRULE or type in (hr)... but use [] instead of ()... this will keep the size to fit the window and we won't have to scroll back and fourth. Thanks.
  10. LightWarden

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    Oct 11, 2001
    OOG: Uh, guys... for those of you who haven't read the books... the Riddles are a Muggle family. Specifically, a very dead Muggle family. Voldemort made a personal quest out of wiping out the brood because he hated his deadbeat Muggle father (not that there was much to take care of, Tom Riddle Senior being the only child of Thomas Riddle and Mary Riddle, and having never remarried). It's the Gaunt family who's directly descended from Salazar Slytherin (Voldemort being Slytherin's last living relative).

    Admittedly, close breeding has made many of the [link=]families[/link] distant cousins. The Blacks, the Potters, the Malfoys, the Weasleys, the Longbottoms, the Lestranges, probably even the Gaunts if you go far enough back.
  11. Randy1012

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    Jan 26, 2007
    OOC: That's right, Tom Marvolo Riddle was a half-blood, the son of pureblood Merope Gaunt and Muggle Tom Riddle. As for being related to canon characters...yeah, it's not really necessary, but it's fun. My first character was going to be a member of my own original pureblood family, but then I fell into the "ooo, canon relations!" trap. [face_blush] Anyway...


    Name: Antares Black
    Year: Second
    Age: 12
    Eyes: Gray
    Hair: Black
    Physical Appearance: Antares is tall and handsome for his age, and athletic, though he's slightly ungainly as his body is still maturing. He has a long (about collar length), thick mane of wavy, jet-black hair, and sea-gray eyes.
    House: Gryffindor.
    Relatives: Antares is related to the Black family through his great-great-great-grandfather Phineas Black, who was disowned in the early 20th century for supporting Muggle rights.
    Blood Status: Half-blood.
    Favorite Classes: Arithmancy and Charms.
    Personality: Studious and focused, Antares takes his education very seriously. He has a keen interest in Arithmancy and the Muggle discipline of Egyptology, and dreams of working for Gringotts as a curse-breaker when he grows up. When not immersed in his classwork, Antares is an active and adventurous boy, and likes to goof around and have fun like most kids his age. Like his father, he hopes to redeem his ancestors. Antares is an avid Quodpot fan, and hopes to someday form Hogwarts' first official Quodpot team.
    Pets: A majestic, black-feathered owl named Horus.
    Wand: Rosewood, 14 1/2", very supple, griffin feather core.
    Bio: After he was cast out, Phineas Black fled to America. Far away from his family and everyone else he'd known, Phineas eventually married a Muggle-born American witch and had a family of his own. The American Blacks prospered over the next century, hearing the tales of Voldemort but never having any part in either of the Dark Lord's wars. Only a few months ago, Antares' father uprooted his family and returned them to England for the first time in almost a century, desiring to return to his family's home and redeem the Black name. Antares, who had just completed his first year of wizard schooling in America, has found the transition to life in England and at Hogwarts difficult, to say the least.
  12. Vectus

    Vectus Jedi Youngling

    Apr 21, 2007
  13. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: LightWarden, I do understand your concern about the Riddle family. Any character related to a "Tom Riddle" (either through the Gaunt family or because they are the decendent of Voldermort) is written as being related to Tom Riddle because it is the name he was born with. I asked for relatives so that we may know who is related to who. And while we are playing Cannon characters, we can't possibly know who's related because of the long years of interbreeding amongst the wizarding families.

    If you have further problems with this game, you are to PM me instead of publicly annoucing your problems with a game you have not joined. I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

    Also, I have forgotten to post my pictures for my characters with their character sheets. Here they are:

    Victoria Riddle:

    Josephine Weasley:
  14. Randy1012

    Randy1012 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 26, 2007

    Name: Marius Black
    Year: Second
    Age: 12
    Eyes: Gray
    Hair: Black
    Physical Appearance: Marius is Antares Black's identical twin, and would be indistinguishable from him if not for his hair, which, unlike his brother, he keeps trimmed to a more proper length.
    House: Slytherin.
    Relatives: Marius is related to the Black family through his great-great-great-grandfather Phineas Black, who was disowned in the early 20th century for supporting Muggle rights.
    Blood Status: Half-blood.
    Favorite Classes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions.
    Personality: Marius is Antares' double in looks only. While Antares is playful and fun-loving, Marius is fastidious and level-headed. Like his brother, he takes his studies very seriously, though his interests are quite different. He is not heartless or particularly cruel, though he does not think much of his twin, and believes Antares is sullying the Black name with his antics. Marius is extremely proud to be a member of the House of Black, and like his father and brother he aspires to restore his once-noble family's former glory.
    Pets: A sleek, black-furred cat named Isis.
    Wand: Ebony, 12 3/4", strong and rigid, dragon heartstring core.
    Bio: See Antares Black's bio. Unlike Antares, Marius is extremely happy to be back in Britain, the ancestral home of the Black family, and looks forward to studying at arguably the greatest wizarding school in the world.
  15. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    GM Approved

    Name: Aurora Morley
    Year: 3
    Age: 13 (birthday is April 12)
    Eyes: Violet
    Hair: Light reddish-blonde, waist-length, straight, usually wears a headband.
    Physical appearance: Caucasian, slightly pale. A bit thin, average height. When not in uniform, wears jeans and a nice shirt or sweater. Has a thin scar running along the side of her nose.
    House: Gryffindor
    Relatives: Not related to any canon character. Father Antony, Mother Ariadne, sister Avira (all deceased, killed in car accident).
    Heritage: Pureblood
    Favorite Classes: Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies.
    Personality: Friendly most of the time. Responsible. Gets very quiet if she?s angry or upset.
    Pet: Siamese-tabby mix kitten named Cricket?a stray she recently found wandering the streets.
    Wand: Mahogany and phoenix feather. 11 and ¼ inches.
    Bio: Born into a little-known but wealthy wizarding family, Aurora is the eldest of two daughters?her sister Avira was five years younger. She led a fairly uneventful childhood and received her Hogwarts letter when she turned eleven. Her first two years at Hogwarts were without incident. Just this past summer, however, Aurora, her parents, and her sister were involved in a motor vehicle accident with several other cars. Both of her parents and Avira were killed, but Aurora escaped alive, though with several fractures that have since healed, and a cut on the side of her nose.
    Having no other relatives, Aurora was sent to the local orphanage, where she now lives. As the start of her third year approaches, Aurora is looking forward to even temporarily leaving the orphanage and returning to Hogwarts.
  16. Darth_Brutus666

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    Dec 25, 2006

    Name: James Potter
    Year: 2nd
    Age: 12
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Red
    Physical appearance: Greatly Resembles Harry, but has Ginny's Eyes, and Hair
    House: Griffyndor
    Relatives: Parents are Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, brother is Albus Severous Potter, sister to Lily Potter, Aunt/Uncle- Ron and Hermione Weasley (I'm not putting every relation)
    Pureblood/Halfblood/Muggle: Pureblook
    Favorite Class: Defense against the Dark Arts
    Personality: Brave and Cunning like his father, but a praticle joker like his Uncle George
    Pets: Owl named Pongs
    Other: Father secretly gave him his Mauraders Map and Invisibility Cloak
    Wand: 14 1/2 Inches Long Oak with Phoenix Feather Core
    Bio: James is the eldest son of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, and is the namesake of his Paternal Grandfather. James acts very much like his Uncle George, and late uncle Fred. James wants to become an Auror when he grows up. James also like to tormet his younger Brother Albus about what house he will be sorted into.
  17. Fanficfan

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    Jul 12, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Adam Guild.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    House: Gryffindor
    Year: 4th year
    Relationships: Parents - David and Susan Guild (both magic)

    Magical Understanding: Average to Superior (Better than Harry, not as good as Hermione)
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Average, trying out this year.
    Dueling: Average
    Best Class: Charms

    Hair Color/style: Brown, hair does it's own thing, which usually turns out ok. about 3 inches long
    Eye Color: Blue
    Build: Slight but with implied strength in his frame
    Out of School clothes: Jeans, funny t-shirt.
    Wand: 12 inches, willow, Unicorn hair
    Accessories: Firebolt, Collection of Weasely's Wizard Wheezes (WWW) products.
    Pet: Brown and white owl named Wiggan
    Personality: A bit of a prankster but he wouldn't do anything to intentionally harm someone.
    Traits: Tries to lighten up serious things with jokes, positive and friendly with almost everyone, always there for his friends.
    Likes: Practical jokes, interesting people, Charms
    Dislikes: Stupid people, people who can't take a joke, deliberately malicious people. History of Magic classes.
    Habits: Discreetly setting off WWW firecrackers in History of magic to liven up Proffessor Binns droning.

    Biography: Born into a pretty average Wizard family, Adam's parents were delighted when he got his letter for Hogwarts. They weren't so pleased when they saw his conduct report after his first year, but his marks nearly made up for it. In a subject he finds interesting Adam will go all out to be good at it, if there's nothing to interest him he's more likely to muck around and set of firecrackers. Even in subjects he doesn't like he manages at least a pass.
  18. Darth_Brutus666

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    OOC: When are we planning on starting?
  19. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: Probably this weekend. Maybe even friday night.
  20. LordDarthUmbrus

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    LeiaHair Approved! Thanks LeiaHair!!

    Name: Rubeus Hagrid
    Age: ? As old as Tom Riddle would have been
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black
    Physical appearance:


    Though grayer now

    House: Gryffindor, Professor of Care of Magical Creatures
    Relatives: Fridwulfa (Deceased), Grawp (Half-Brother)
    Pureblood/Halfblood/Muggle: Halfblood
    Personality: Big Hearted. Has a special attachment to the Potter Family.
    Pets: Norberta - a Dragoness, Witherwings (Buckbeak) - A hippogriff, Fluffy - A Hellhound, Fang - A boarhound, Aragog (Deceased) - an Acromantula, others to be revealed
    Other: Hagrid is a half-giant approx. 11 feet tall.
    Wand: Broken, hidden in his umbrella

    [link=]Wikipedia for Hagrid[/link]
  21. fille_de_selene

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    Jul 24, 2007

    Name: Jacqueline Reneé Weasley
    Year: 1
    Age: 11
    Eyes: large, deep blue eyes
    Hair: strawberry blonde, the perfect combination of Weasley red and Delacour silver
    Physical appearance:


    House: ?
    Relatives: father- Bill Weasley, mother- Fleur Delacour Weasley, sister- Victoire Weasley
    Pureblood/Halfblood/Muggle: pureblood
    Favorite Class: n/a
    Personality: Jacqueline is a shy and quiet child. Though she comes from the enormous Weasley family, she is much more reserved than some of her family. Most of her friends are her cousins, but even then she is shy. Jacqueline enjoys herself most when she is reading with her puffle at the family?s quiet summer home called Shell Cottage.
    Pets: a pet puffle named Achilles
    Wand: willow with hair of veela, 9 ½ inches
    Bio: Jacqueline is one of the many members of the Weasley family. She lives with her parents and older sister in a small wizarding village, but they spend most of their time together on holidays at Shell Cottage. Victoire is six years older than her, but the two enjoy time together listening to the Weird Sisters on Wizarding Wireless Network (WWN) and gossiping about the happenings of Hogwarts. If all of Victoire?s stories are true, Jacqueline has a feeling Hogwarts will be more entertaining than the Muggle soap operas her Grandfather Weasley watches on his contraband television.
  22. DarthTK42-Wan-

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    [hl=limegreen]GM Approved[/hl]

    Name: Adrastos "Mac" Deo McClanahan
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    House: Slytherin
    Year: Third
    Relationships: Son of Demos McClanahan (Pureblood) and Aithne Kaie (Pureblood). He has a younger brother named Ajax McClanahan (11 years old... but attends Durmstrang like his father had). He is a distant relative of the Blacks and the Malfoys

    Magical Abilities
    Magical Understanding: Above Average (but with Great potential)
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Average- Beater for Slytherin
    Dueling: Above Average
    Best Class:
    -Top of his class at Potions
    -Performs well in Transfiguration as well

    Hair Color/style: Dirty Blonde, nose length hair that is unkempt
    Eye Color: Left one is Green and right one is black due to an early potions "experiment" gone wrong
    Build: Fairly tall, well built, but with arms like an orangutan (long and lanky) with burn marks all over his forearms from his many potion experiments
    Out of School clothes: khaki pants and a T-shirt
    Wand: 13 1/2 inches, Ebony, Basilisk Fang
    Accessories: Random potion ingredients
    Pet: Tawny Frogmouth named Odessyus

    Traits: About as easy going as can be; rather unmotivated, except when it come to trying to invent new potions (unsuccessful with any significant inventions) and highly competative when it comes to Quidditch--but in a good-natured sort of way
    Likes: Likes having fun and causing a little mischief here and there
    Dislikes: Charms, History of Magic, anyone witgh an ego
    Habits: Pops his knuckles absentmindedly when nervous or bored or anytime generally; also has occasional twitches from magical "shell-shock"


    Mac grew up in a well-to-do wizarding family. His family's estate, located in Northern Scottland, is (to the muggle passer-by) mear ruins of a once grand castle... but to any magical visitors, the grand castle is thus restored to it's former glory, which has been passed down from McClanahan to McClanahan for many generations.

    The young boy had nearly everything he could possibly wish for, but he occupided the majority his time doing expereiments in the lowest dungeon of the castle or chasing after his younger brother, Ajax, on his broom. The two boys soon noticed that they both had enherited their father's Quidditch skills... both looked to be promising beaters.

    After many cauldron implosions and copious amounts of burns, Mac was sent off to Hogwarts by his mother's request to learn potions from the old family friend, Horace Slughorn. Although his father was slightly resentful of Mac's mother's choice of school and, for a short while, took it out on the boy. But, after Mr. McClanahan came down with a nasty rash (which ironically was the same kind of rash caused by a potion that had some how managed to dissapear from Mac's collection... he always assumed it had been his mother's doing), Mac created a slimy green potion that cured it. There was no longer any question as to which school Mac should attend.

    Mac proudly attended Hogwarts his first year, and was quite excited to be sorted into his mother's house; Slytherin. After many detentions for catching his dormitory on fire, Mac's experiments reached a new peak of chaos; self destruction. Although it was purely accidental, somehow he managed to create a mix that would not boil. Curious, Mac peered a little too close to the neon brown concoction when a bubble decided to pop close enough to get into his right eye. He woke up three weeks later with a pounding headache and his right iris incurably black. He bares this proudly.

    His second year, the Slytherin team captian asked Mac to play as the second beater for their team... under the condition that Mac would sware not to attempt to create any kind of potion that "attempt to further his playing skills or that of his team during the season". This measure was taken to protect his teammates as well as himself from Macs many "ideas". To the capt
  23. Darth_Brutus666

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    OOC: At the rate we are going half the rp characters will be first cousins with each other.
  24. NickLitYouAFlame

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    OOC: LDU, Hagrid would be 19 years older than about 60. So around 80 to 85. Just in case you wanted to know.

    Also, welcome to the boards, fille_de_selene. Good to have you here.
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    OOC: Alright! We will begin now! Teachers will be tagged in part two (which I hope to get finished tonight?). If it?s not up tonight, look for it sometime tomorrow afternoon!

    I am so glad to have everyone in the game! And yes, we are still accepting character sheets!

    [b][i]Hogwarts Express[/i][/b]

    With a great whistle, the Hogwarts Express began to crawl forward out of Platform Nine and Three-quarters. Ever so slowly, parents? smiles and waves disappeared behind the train and green trees replaced them in the windows. The train ride marked the beginning of yet another year of classes as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as it had for many generations of students.

    An elderly witch slowly made her way from compartment to compartment with a cart of goodies (some of which seemed to have a hard time not jumping off the cart) and returning students pushed their way past her, looking for their friends. Scared looks seemed to be common amongst the young looking first years who sat quietly in a compartment, hoping to make a friend or two before they got to the school.

    Prefects made their way through the halls, scolding students who were out of line and greeting the new students as they made their way through the train. [b]Kendrix McCully[/b] had already taken a pocket full of gags and tricks from a group of Ravenclaw fourth years towards the head of the train.

    Although she was busy keeping the peace, she did find it a bittersweet feeling to look about the train; this was, after all, her last time on it. Memories floated around her mind as she continued down the halls.

    In a compartment just ahead of her, four third years sat in a compartment chatting away about Quidditch, the wizarding sport. [b]Aurora Morley[/b] was digging through her Bertie Bott?s Every Flavored Beans as her friend [b]Adrastos McClanahan[/b] slapped Aurora?s fellow Gryffindor, Neal Smith (a chaser for the house), on the back. With a chuckle, Adrastos, or ?Mac? as everyone knew him as, boasted on how Slytherin was most definitely going to win the house cup this year. The Gryffindor Seeker rolled her eyes just as [b]Elysium Weasley[/b], a beater for Ravenclaw, entered the compartment with her hands full of candy. His brown eyes widening with excitement, Neal put a hand out, silently asking for a piece. The Slytherin beater quickly pushed Neal out of the way and looked to Elysium with a puppy dog face that made everyone laugh.

    In the next cart down, the first years of the ?Weasley clan? (as it was beginning to look like with all the kids running about Hogwarts) sat nervously in their own compartment. [b]Jacqueline Weasley[/b] and [b]Josephine Weasley[/b] both sat next to the windows in silence across from each other. To Jacqueline?s left [b]Albus Potter[/b] quietly whispered something to his friend [b]Avalon Carter[/b], who sat on the other side of him.

    The nervous tension in the room was suddenly broken as [b]Victoria Riddle[/b] opened the door. Behind her was another first year by the name of [b]Alexander Nubis[/b]. Victoria and made quick friends with Alexander when she had accidentally bumped into the boy while putting her luggage in the storage car.

    ?I?m sorry to bother you all, but we are looking for a cart. All of them seemed to be full.? Her voice was quiet, yet strong. ?Do you mind if we join you??

    Everyone in their room shook their heads and Josephine put her feet on the ground so that there was room on her bench for the two of them. Victoria and Alexander quickly sat down and the six of them sat in silence for a moment before Albus spoke up.

    ?My name is Albus Potter.? Quickly, everyone around the room spoke up.

    ?I?m Jacqueline Weasley.?

    ?Avalon Carter.?

    ?Josephine Weasley, but you can call me Jo.?

    ?Nice to meet you all.? Victoria said with a smile. ?I?m Victoria Riddle? or Tory.?

    ?And I?m Alexander Nubis.?

    Suddenly, an unnoticed grey cat leapt from the door way onto a cage at Alexander?s feet. The Sparrow inside fluttered frantically as the kitten?s paws slipped>
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