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NYC, NY Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by LadySith, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. LadySith

    LadySith Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 5, 2000
    If I had to sum this movie up in one word I would say...uninteresting.

    I won't write any spoilers but let me just say...

    They add stuff not in the book-stuff that would be pretty crucial had it been there.

    They waste time on nonsense and the stuff that is amusing in the beginning soon becomes distracting and annoying. Imagine you friend saying something really funny, over and over and over again until you want to bludgeon your friend with a blundt object.

    If you think you will learn anything about Tom Riddle of importance forget it. I don't know how they will make any sense of the last book and it's events since nothing is set up here.

    The Half Blood Prince and who that is is adressed in one line at the end of the film. They kids seem less than interested in who it may be and almost no focus at all is on the identity of half Blood Prince.

    People walked out of this movie. Others kept fidgeting, leaving their seats, etc. I don't blame them. I found myself yawning and checking my watch 40 minutes into it.

    The ending was anything but moving. People were laughing and joking. I think because the movie was so confused as to what it was trying to do and the type of movie it wanted to be the audience was confused as to what they were supposed to feel.

    As usual this movie is beautifully shot and I have no problem with any of the performances. As a movie it's Ok as a Harry Potter movie it's weak.

    No one in my party thought it was great not even my daughter Victoria who uis a totla Harry Potter Head. We all agree, Star Trek is still the best movie we've seen this year. Mario tought it was OK, Tori said it was good, I say it was nothing special and our other friend disliked it.

  2. Meriwyn

    Meriwyn Former RSA star 4

    Mar 22, 2002
    I also found it to be somewhat "meh"

    I realize it's difficult to keep every single part of a novel in a movie adaptation, but the actual PLOT would have been nice. They spent too much time on the romances and not enough time on Voldemort's background. There were A LOT of pensieve scenes that were totally left out...such us the origins of his mother and how his father was cruel to her, his curmudgeon of a grandfather, etc.

    And yes, finding out who the Half Blood Prince was was pretty much the other main plot in the book besides Voldy's background. So when Snape comes out at the end and says "yeah, it's me", the audience is left going "huh, ok..."

    Not one of the better outings for Potter films.
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